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  1. I think certain people should be able to have higher permissions on the forums. At the moment in certain factions, once an application is complete it just stays there until someone higher up moves it into the archive. For example there are two pages of applications at the moment and it it hard to shift through them to find certain ones. It could also include locking and pinning certain posts. This could be done via application or by rank within factions. They should only be able to control certain places on the forums so no one changes anything anywhere else.
  2. Attention all applicants, Please do NOT post your applications here, please post them in the Recruitment Applications sub-forum. Thank you. Sincerely, Management.
  3. I can do tomorrow. Don’t know what time as I am waiting on a loan. Should be done tomorrow.
  4. Wow, why do you want this so much. 660k and free taxi rides in any vehicle from me.
  5. Ok, I have found a company that does mortgages, mind if I ask you what the address is? Also I will buy out at 600k.
  6. Thank you, will be sure to check them out.
  7. I would love this house, how about I buy it out but I may take a day or 2 to get a loan or while I sell my car. I will also give you free or dramatically discounted taxi rides when ever I am on duty, which is very often.
  8. I am looking to buy a house and I recently spent all of my money on a car, I have a stable job so I can definitely pay back any amount. Please submit offers for me below.
  9. Yeah I understand, I will find I loan later today or tomorrow but this house will be great for me as I work at the DCC right around the corner. Or I have a car worth 700k.
  10. Would you offer money instalments? Like 50k a week? If not I will get a loan. I could go higher on the instalments if needed.
  11. Give me a day or 2 and I will definitely buy this, 550k
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