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    Wall of Scammers

    Hello there I want to put Harry Dumpling in here, I wanted to buy his Black Cavalcade for 50k. We went to the HE but it was full and he couldn't put it in there, so we decided that I hand him the cash and he will give it to me, so I trusted him and I gave him the 50k that we agreed to, after i gave him all the cash, he just took off.
  2. 2mil but probably Einaras will get it
  3. So as we know the maximum objects amount of the house area outside, can be only 15 objects, so I suggest that maybe in future there, there would be possible way to pay for every extra 5 objects and the maximum amount would be for example ''50''. So I wanted to suggest this, because I started to build some cool things around the house and then I reached my maximum object count, which is 15 and I realized that I need more objects, to make my house look better, probably some other people have same thing. Not sure in what prices that would cost but i will just leave some examples for you down so you get the point. 1. Level +5 objects 100k or 500 credits. 2. Level +10 objects 200k or 1000 credits.
  4. how much you looking for ?
  5. I would say +1 because some houses are really huge and turns out they are only 3G and when you compare that 3G interior with the house, it doesn't fit sizes at all.
  6. Well okey, thank you anyways.
  7. @Yputi Hey could i reach you some how ? since you know these Vinewood mountains so good.
  8. Maybe i would accept in Chumash, but that depends on the house.
  9. @Yputi Ohh thank you very much, but somebody must bought it already there is another another 3G in that area but its for 2mil
  10. I can say these guys put a lot of effort and they're souls into all this thing, been growing and getting better and better in experience, I can see a very positive and successful future into all this, keep up the work and don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great. With all do respect Ray Broker.
  11. Broker

    Can close this

    found him, can close this
  12. @Osvaldon Yeah just saying, maybe for the future plans would be possible to make specially for Electric cars some charger stations around the city, that would be cool.
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