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  1. On the highway 175km\h and in the city around 200km\h
  2. Hello I am selling my Maxed Gauntlet Classic At Paleto High End Marked for only 170k
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  5. Sorry that you think that way but we do deserve second chance no matter what, we didn't know that this could happen with firearms licenses in future nobody did, and of course the people who know the rules after the new firearms permit importing in this town they will think different, but for us who have been here for longer time, its just unfair for us.
  6. That is for people who haven't convicted serious crimes or the ones who have lost they're firearms license. ''You must be able to pass a background check. If you have been previously been convicted of any of the felonies from the list below, you are permanently disqualified from reapplying for a personal firearms license regardless of time passed.''
  7. Yeah specially for people who have been staying out of trouble and working legal for very long time. Yes we all do mistakes but its not fair that its going to be denied forever.
  8. '' This was your choice last year they gave people a chance and some people took that chance and some people just didn't care.'' Well back in that time there was no such things as Firearms License, so people didn't know about what they can risk off, I'm assure if people would know that there would be Firearms License and rules about not getting them, they wouldn't risk and do that kind of stuff what could not getting those licenses.
  9. I'm sorry that you think that way but I guess if you would be in our situation you would think differently, that people who actually spent lot of time to be legal and stay out of trouble, they deserve second chance.
  10. I mean yeah that would be fully acceptable to get firearms license, if you did your crimes before new Licensing Wipe, since we who did crimes didn't know about risking for obtaining it in the future, so I think that's a bit unfair that we didn't know what will await us in the future.
  11. Yes people make mistakes but that doesn't mean that now we are cursed for rest of our lifes. And for example if people wish to join Police Department or Sheriffs Department or own a Gun Store we just are not able to do that.
  12. Hello, so I will tell a bit of story from my side and I assure I'm not the only one with same problem. So first when I came to this town was 2019 January, I met some guys and got involved in some gang affiliated things and I had to do everything so I could get they're respect and survive and of course I had to be involved in some shootouts and stuff and get to sit in a prison cell, once I understood that I really don't like this all. I just left and started to do some legal jobs, because once you didn't taste things by yourself, you would never know right? So, I had a taste of being a gang and I really regret it, because from my old sins I did back in 2019 January, I can't obtain my personal firearms license even if I am been clean and legal working citizen for 1 year and 4 months. Yes, I know it was a mistake but I think we do deserve second chance and possible way to get legal gun license, if we haven't been charged for really long time. We need this firearms license for our protection specially in our days it’s really needed and I don't want to carry illegal gun on me while I work in Government Job. So, with this message I hope to make some changes about firearms license, because I know there is more guys like me which are legal working citizens but can’t obtain legal firearms license which is really unfair.
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