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  1. This rebuttal doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I don't understand why one-of-one cars should have ever been a thing if I'm being honest, and I don't see why poor decisions relating to the server economy in the past should stop us from making decisions in the present. Placing the price of these stock vehicles at tens of millions of dollars will not depreciate the value of the supers already on the server (especially seeing as how almost nobody sells their supers unless they're planning on leaving the server). In what world does a city have tens of cars that are 1-of-1 in the world and impossi
  2. +1 Doesn't make much sense that the only market for supercars is resale. Exorbitant price as it is, 15-30mil is on par with the current state of the economy imo and makes sense. It might not have made sense to see everyone rolling around in supers back in the day (at least that's why I heard they were removed from dealerships, since it was way before my time on the server). At this point though, given how much time some players have been given to accumulate wealth, this option would not only be a good money sink but also a realistic option for the server.
  3. Current wording: No leaning forward or backward on a bike during a pursuit, as it provides an unrealistic speed boost. New wording: No leaning backward or wheelieing on a bike during a pursuit, as it provides an unrealistic speed boost. Rationale: Wheelieing is the only unrealistic speed boost at play. Not only does leaning forward only provide a marginal boost in speed compared to wheelieing, but it is also realistic in that people do it in real life and that actual aerodynamics supports a boost in speed from doing so. See the following video (at the proper time stamp) for evidence
  4. Date and time (provide timezone): November 18, 5:00am and 4:30pm UTC Character name: Baxter Verstetten Issue/bug you are reporting: I logged out at Paleto Parking at 5:00am to go to sleep, then got on during my break at work later in the day to check something and was spawned at Eclipse Towers apartment 50. Expected behavior: I should have spawned where I logged off in Paleto. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: I've heard of this happening to multiple people by now and it unfortunately seems incredibly random for when it happens and therefore hard to tr
  5. Internal Affairs ((IC & OOC)) Have you had a poor experience with an employee at Los Santos Customs? Not to worry, we have a terrific Internal Affairs team awaiting your report! No employee of LSC is exempt of a report, from Trainee to High Command, and every report will be handled with a full investigation and no bias at all. The reporting party will be kept anonymous throughout the investigation and will be contacted only to notify that the report is being looked at and to be asked for more information if necessary. Here at Los Santos Customs we strive for excellence, and we t
  6. Simple suggestion here - re-open transfer request archives for public viewing. Reason - There is no way to confirm if someone is telling the truth when being asked to assist in a transfer request.
  7. While I sympathize with the issue here having started playing at the beginning of June this year, it's just the nature of markets run almost entirely off of resell. It's why we see cars that can still be bought in dealerships remain at relatively stagnant prices on the used markets, but residential and (especially) business properties continue to inflate indefinitely in price. If there's not a constant supply of a good to meet the regular influx of new players on the server, then prices will only continue to inflate - even more so when you consider the fact that supply is actually decreasing g
  8. Really just sounds like you're here to shoot and grief, not to RP. Moderately sized -1
  9. Guess I never really considered the burden of remembering to "t/me turns on the dash cam {enter} t/time {enter}" for every tow truck spawn and clogging up storage space on my drive with screenshots as a matter of IC balance, but I appreciate the new perspectives for sure. Is it safe to assume you didn't see the first bulleted caveat as enough of a counterbalance to this change then?
  10. Fairly simple suggestion here - I propose we remove the requirement for RPing the turning on of dash cams while in any government spawned vehicles (this includes any vehicle spawned by LSPD, LSSD, DOC, Gov, DCC, and LSC). Note: The requirement of RPing saving the footage would still be necessary for IC evidence. Rationale - in real life, I don't have to physically turn my dash cam on as it turns on automatically when my car starts. As a mechanic, all this currently does is clog my shadowplay folder with screenshots of me turning on the dash cam with how often we spawn and despaw
  11. So uhhhh are we just gonna ignore burnout's D10 then?
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