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  1. HaHa Hey guys Check ouT this CRAZY video of some racing on ECLIPSE RolePlay you fuckin' HOSIER EH!
  2. Was a hell of a ride. Hope to be back one day.
  3. Best of luck guys, first group I can confidently say I look forward to interacting with!
  4. Both of these just come off as supporting 1-dimensional characters. It makes sense to me that PD players don't see the need for this because PD consumes so much of your character's time for any kind of progress. As a high command member of LSC AND a member of the business licensing bureau, I am unable to join a hobby faction like Burnout or LSMC, or in my unique case, will have to choose to drop one of these two jobs if the faction that I'm working on making official gets there. How do you justify an IC reason to quit a job when it's literally just because the script prevents me from being in
  5. If this suggestion were to be implemented, then cops would have to start RPing that these vehicles aren't road legal and impounding them on-sight. You sure you want this?
  6. -1 My Neopets are likely rotten and decayed after dying from starvation by now, no soup kitchen meal can fix that at this point. I'd hate for this to happen to my character if I decide to stop playing this server at some point. big props to whoever chuckles at this deep cut of a joke.
  7. Suggestion is all in the title: Remove the limit on the number of official factions players can be in. Not entirely sure why people who are involved with multiple groups must choose which two faction chats they wish to be a part of. It might not affect many people on the server, but there are people who may be trying to grow their own faction into an official one while also working 2 government jobs and will be forced to choose to leave one of those jobs on purely OOC reasons thanks to this limitation if they find success with their own faction. EDIT: To consolidate my respons
  8. No, this rule is not saying that large gangs would have to disband, it's just saying you can't bring the whole squad out to a lab to hold it down. The overall gang still exists, but each criminal operation would be limited to 5 at a time.
  9. +1 This rule works incredibly well on other very popular RP servers, namely because a response limit also applies to LEOs at the same time. Large-scale gangs still operate on them, it cuts down on advantages brought on by time-zone differences, and PD still have a a perfectly good chance of catching crims due to being allowed slightly more numbers than crims. -1 PD have dumped a lot of resources into organizing massive response units over the past year that would likely be deemed against the rules with this, which would lead to a lot of rightfully upset people in those factions.
  10. This is a suggestion that I'm very hesitant supporting. I love all of the pros listed, however the Flatbed's ability to pick up vehicles is a very forceful script that I think needs to stay locked behind being a member of an official government faction to ensure that RP standards are upheld with it and that Powergaming does not ensue. Picture this: There's an ongoing vehicular chase. The person being chased has the brilliant idea of parking their car up in a mule to hide and get away. They radio their friend to set it up for them. They roll up to the mule and their buddy is sitting i
  11. Big +1 Would be sick to be able to upload an image file into modview and have it act as the "crew" emblem. Script limitation is likely very large as you said though.
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