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  1. Good luck guys. Always a fan of your RP !
  2. Finally !!!! Congratulations guys !!! You are really delivering real RP so this is so well earned !
  3. +1 for both suggestions. To support these ideas i would like to give also an eg. for each : Drug lab timers: In the last 2 days OOCly (referring to the moment I post this) there were labs which were down for 12 hours in a row. Raided 2 times consecutively. Also, having 2-3 labs down in the same time at high peek hours is trash. Suggestion: Maybe only 1 lab can be down at a time ? Jail Timers: Operating chop - 3 hours in jail, because you will also get evading and so on. Shooting cops - maybe the same or less !? Where is the balance? Just think about how much time an average person spends in the city ? 3-4 hours in a day ? What is his experience encountered for trying to have some fun as a criminal ? Loosing his whole day staring at a wall for a 3k car.
  4. Guys you are probably offering one of the best RP, so keep it up and hope more and more people will follow your example. It is something that this town needs, something different than the regular shootouts. Keep it up ! Appreciate your hard work
  5. Prozacel

    ID 29 NCZ

    This report is a grey line and I don`t like to argue in general. I gave you my opinion and I don`t like reports to be like novels. The story behind is that we encountered some of those people before at chopshop and that`s why i decided to rob them. I made sure not to be in a marked NCZ, also I`ve seen that before done there by others with more experience than me, so I was pretty sure I was covered by the rules. If the decision is that there is a NCZ then is fine , I take the punishment because I never reported someone especially for not braking their experience in town for little mistakes, so if his experience in town was disrupted by my actions then I can understand this. As the rule says: .... it is up to administrator discretion if your actions are in violation of NCZ rules. So I agree with whatever decision will be taken, no hard feelings
  6. Prozacel

    ID 29 NCZ

    ID 29 here , as you can see also from the video of the reporter that is not a NCZ zone (is not marked). I don`t have any more details to add because is pretty obvious. The others decided to comply, he didn`t. I've seen this situation multiple times. All government offices, law enforcement offices, hospitals, banks, and the blocks around them. That means the office by itself (like when you are inside of a the bank for eg) and the block around meaning, sidewalks, at Sandy is the parking in front, the dirt area around. But starting from the street I don`t see a NCZ tagged. Under the same NCZ rule invoked there is a line which says: The /NCZ command and HUD notification are indicators of being in a protected area although it is up to administrator discretion if your actions are in violation of NCZ rules. I am constantly watching the reports forum and in this type of cases, because there is a script which tells you when is a NCZ and when is not , always that was taken in consideration, the script. Thank you.
  7. Prozacel

    Vdm id 23

    So, let`s not make a novel and stick to the point. This is the POV and this is what happened there. Other scenarios are useless to bring upfront. Thank you.
  8. Criminal life needs a boost and this is one if its pain points. +1
  9. Prozacel

    The Misfits

    Good luck guys
  10. Prozacel

    The Rooks

    Thank you guys for your appreciation. It counts for us.
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