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  1. Hello, ID 60 here. Everything is well said in Enzo's response. As we were raiding the place and found items that were irrelevant to us we dropped them on the ground. I never placed anything on the ground on purpose and I believe the only items I had dropped were a couple of briefcases that happened to be in rooms that were not approached by anyone meaning it did not cause any harm what so ever. We desired and asked for equipment to open the locked safes like thermites but we got rejected. We were discussing other alternatives but we couldn't think of much and in the middle of this
  2. I trully believe you are confusing me with the player Frank Fog because I have no clue how can I be notorious for breaking this rule. Before it started snowing, I was always driving Haikuchou Drag and only then decided started hopping into cars and since then I only participated in two shootouts (including this one) while there have been drive-by actions involved so I am more than confused with the accusations. That is just a pure exaggeration from his or his allies' side.
  3. Hello, ID 114 here! I would like to thank GiorgosK for taking care of this report. First of all, I‘d like to take responsibility for the second entrance back to the lab as well as stalling while in the car which is the main purpose of this report. I also encouraged the passenger to shoot even though it was a poor decision. Because of these actions, one member of the opposite gang was severely injured and the other one badly hurt. The plan was to enter, drive-by a little and then get out of the vehicle to continue the shootout but that was cancelled as SD were close. However, it ended with
  4. Hello, ID 178 here! First of all, I‘d like to address the same argument that Marcel had presented in his response. It is natural to use text instead of VOIP during such scenarios especially if you don‘t have any enemies around you, therefore you are not under fear-rp and it most definetely happens during most shootouts and I do not recognize a big issue. If I spammed maybe I could consider it to be a an action of breaking the rules, however, it didn‘t happen. I do comprehend the fact that using /s in the same scenario is a rule-break but I have never been told nor I have seen anywhere wri
  5. Hello! Frank Gurino here. Why did you bring an illegal weapon on yourself into an NCZ and to discuss illegal activity and bag's content, as suspected to have illegal items, inside the NCZ? I was in pursuit of the player that was carrying the bag, we had their radio frequency for a very long time listening in onto what they were doing. It came to all of our conclusion that they were either robbing a bank/store or picking up an illegal drop. We knew it had illegal and good value inside, I did not expect myself for them to go inside a NCZ so I simply followed in to see what were they plannin
  6. Hello! I was involved in this particular situation so I will just provide my POV to give a better comprehension of what happened here. https://streamable.com/iv3x69
  7. Hello, Frank Gurino here. (ID 287). https://streamable.com/a98r15 In my POV it is obvious that as we were approaching the enemy group, demands were shouted and given by three individuals to them. I fired my first bullet whenever I noticed a foe aim a pistol at my allies which gave me DM rights and from then on the shootout begin. Since at that point the shootout had already been active I continued to shoot the enemies. I fired at the second guy as he was shooting people from my group and then at Sarah because I knew she was an enemy. At first I didn‘t see her with hands up but as I w
  8. Appreciate every moment spent here, the people met and epic moments that had occurred. Nothing lasts forever and I am glad I had the chance to be part of this Family. Much love
  9. Everything is done so precisely, video is trully magnificent. Let's hope the quality of this thread transfers to the quality of your roleplay. Best of luck in the future.
  10. Love this car, beast for racing. Good luck on selling.
  11. 1 has been rented, one more is still available (same interior and view).
  12. For rent: 20'000$ a month ((1 week irl)) Location: right nearby the parking lot, exactly in the city centre. (Renting 2 apartments) Contacts: #3491941 Photos: https://imgur.com/a/ClsphkR
  13. Currently at Los Santos HE going for 590'000$. Can sell for 560'500$ at bank too. Not afraid to go with a trusted middleman. 2/2 turbo, maxed.
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