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  1. Can't wait to see where this goes, good luck Matt!!
  2. Hi @CalvinKlein, the group is based off the Dark Army featured in the series Mr Robot. The group is run by the upper class in China through businessmen with disguised identities; the organization is a front for turning political decisions in their favor. As so, we have our hands in everything- the drug trade, electing leaders in our favor, etc. We aren't a street gang, therefore we have zero need for weapons when we are not conducting business. We do not need to carry guns on a daily basis as there is no one to defend ourselves from; our identities and association with the group is unknow
  3. I'd like to respond to address how I disagree. To begin, my first warning for disconnecting was after an active shootout where I was told by another player to logout in character. In that situation, I had plenty to lose, my car, weapons, etc. That was a completely different situation where I returned and died at the scene, not to mention my first punishment that I've ever received. Even if it was six seconds, it still appeared that the reported party was leaving from my point of view. Memory wise, I agree, I hadn't thought of it that way- yet I wasn't aware of what had happened at that sc
  4. Character name(s): Hina Okibi Admin who issued punishment: Dalvichan Date of punishment: 1/3/2021 Punishment received: Combat Logging #1 Reason given for punishment: Disconnected from active RP while enemies were around here/to give more time for medics to respond later. Your explanation of what happened: I was injured in an accident unrelated to a shootout which had taken place close to me- I was unaware of the shootout and therefore logged off due to players appearing to drive away from me. In reality, these players had just killed my allies and believed I had
  5. I acknowledged that I should not have logged off that soon due to you expressing your intent on, "not allowing any further roleplay." I never went offline on Discord, nor am I in any discord related to my allies as I have left my gang (TRCC). I received no messages from you on Discord, or made any attempt to appear offline. Due to my injury, I had already been looted and my bike stolen, this was in no attempt to keep my belongings, I did not have a weapon or anything of value on my person. You also mention my involvement in the shootout, which I had zero involvement with (I was not awar
  6. Hi, ID 131 here. This situation had initially begun due to me being run over by a random civilian, leading to them taking me to MD and back. During this, I witnessed Gabriel Barr radioing in my injury, leading to me texting an ally about this and the possibility he would attempt to pin my vehicle. Due to this, some of my allies came to the incline, seeing my bike getting pinned. (I’m not sure why they would do this on a populated road for no apparent reason.) I can’t remember witnessing or even having knowledge of the gunfight (all I heard on the radio was that they needed backup) besides
  7. One of a kind supercar, asking 100k a month ((week)) or other offers. Chop fees and repairs free of charge. Contact 3593630.
  8. Hi, ID 357 here. In my provided POV, I shot specifically at ID 161, who was firing before I had shot at him. I then shoot at ID 59, who was in his vehicle attempting to leave an active shootout- therefore not complying with demands. Finally I shoot at ID 381, I wasn't sure if he was an ally or not, my POV showing myself waiting for a 100% guarantee that he is firing at me before returning. https://streamable.com/ufysgf https://streamable.com/qcrofc Regarding holding up the meeting, our group has had many issues with current gangs in this alliance, both sides frequently living t
  9. Hi, ID 47 here; I have no POV as I was never told to save it. My ally, ID 42, had repeatedly told ID 175 to stop yelling insults towards us, yet he decided to continue. 42 then initiated the robbery as 175 did not comply, which caused me to exit my vehicle and help him move 175 to a more discreet location. I was simply assisting my friend just in case the robbery would be interfered with, 175 still continuing to taunt us while under gunpoint. My robbery interaction with ID 175 began in the alleyway and ended in it, therefore not being in a public area. Everything else regarding this interactio
  10. Players being reported: ID 59, 173, 175, 199; various other gangs who had baited the shootout. ID 186 and 21. Date of interaction reported: 11/08/2020 Unix: 1604859283 Your characters name: Hina Okita Other player(s) involved: Triads, Irish, various other gangs. Specific rule(s) broken: 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s safety and life. Examples where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger may include: • When you are on foot or bike and a weapon is
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