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  1. 日菜 大喜多 知识 Hina Okita is an 18 year old girl of European descent with long black hair and dark blue eyes. She is 162 CM, with light skin and no tattoos whatsoever. Hina grew up in a wealthy suburban household in Los Santos, her father a police detective and her mother a housewife. She was raised with values of respect and loyalty, these qualities ingrained into her through her father and mother. At the age of 14, Hina’s father was murdered in the line of duty. Left without a father figure, she aspired to fill his gap: to become a detective, attending college to major in cri
  2. Players being reported: ID 42 Date of interaction reported: 10/18/2020 Unix: 1603074603 Your characters name: Hina Okita Other player(s) involved: Jeff Kong, various other gangs Specific rule(s) broken: 15. Player Theft, Prison Breakout, and Kidnapping Robberies should be conducted in a realistic manner with reasonable in-character motive using secluded areas. Players should not conduct minor robberies in situations with high risk involved. How did the player break the rule(s)? Concluding a gathering of gangs at the Grove Street store, Jeff and I headed
  3. ID 298, Hina here. In all honesty, I wasn't really paying attention to what was happening as I was completing some work out of the game. I simply exited the vehicle, aimed the gun, then reentered the vehicle. In my footage, as well as Valentina's, you can see me putting my gun down as she mentioned desync, attempting to enter my vehicle with my friend and leave. Throughout the day, there had been ongoing conflicts between Triads, Irish, Aztecas and GD, leading to us (Triads and Irish) taking over Azteca's HQ and taking one of their turfs. You had not just come back from Paleto, you had c
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