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  1. You thinking they killed off any gang is laughable. I still see Irish doing just fine. FSO/Triads (whichever you think is the 'dragon gang's) disbanded for OOC reasons that have nothing to do with his gang or any gang. The only thing I've seen the behavior you are advocating for kill is the collective motivation to create stories and roleplay fairly. If you want to tell people to get good go play Rust or COD. This isn't about winning all the time it's about telling good stories that EVERYONE can enjoy and interact with. Hilarious you think people who are advocating for fair play are "hiding" I
  2. While I agree there is alot that /could/ be clarified the problem is that the more you clarify the more people try to find the loopholes out of what is not shared. There is a mentality of "well this one example wasnt listed so it must be fine." I would love a future where there could be less rules - but that would require people to look at their gameplay and ask "Is this fair and balanced for other roleplayers on this server or am I just trying to get a win?" and I am not optimistic of that at this time. Honestly the rule that was added was a breath of fresh air after enduring people clai
  3. I think this is a really cool idea for businesses and other civilians to show a "business card" for for that I give a +1. For criminals I would have to say -1/or withold. The reason being not all criminals will want a tangible tie to the fact that they are a criminal and further if I wanted to show a signal, a tattoo, etc I could do so using /do command instead of a new command needing to be coded in.
  4. If not a grave...opportunity. The plane had barely landed when Chi had zipped off towards her apartment. Well moreso the apartment she had shared. It was however the place that felt home. Her brain was racing with thoughts and questions. The past months had sped past her. Meetings, tense discussions, training, business dealings had all been mashed in at a ridiculous speed. She had arrived in China months previously to talk to her superior, Lin but she had left the day before with advice from her now equal, Lin. At first, Chi was sure she was going to see the end of a gun barrel but w
  5. A majority of servers with large player bases have similar rules and they are doing fine.
  6. I am not missing this part. I am stating that at some point groups should naturally limit themselves to a smaller number for greater more varied rp for the good of all. That is my point. Not that it should be a rule that is limited and enforced by staff but that gangs could operate smaller for better overall story and play for all on their own. I've been a part of two LARGE gangs that have gone through those process to grow slowly - I after much deliberation and looking on my history in the server and in gangs. I had MORE fun, had MORE rp, had MORE freedom, when both of these gangs were i
  7. There has to be regulation of rp. There is no way to have /no/ regulation. However regulation of RP can only be loosened up when players can be trusted to play fairly. We are not at that place yet. Also Los Santos is relatively small there is NO need for people to be having these huge gangs it's unrealistic, it leads to alot of these issues. Imagine if there were more smaller gangs there would be so much more vibrant RP vs the same big gangs fighting all the time. No gang needs to be an empire ruling the entire city. That mindset needs to stop imo. At least the empire style we've s
  8. I do want to say that Revelt when you were in FSO you always gave the best of RP that you could to every situation so you are right in saying that. When I say what I say it is broad strokes over the whole of the criminal community and not aimed at any single individual or group. I also want to say I understand what you are saying Bobby. I just think there is a fundamental misunderstanding as to how criminal rp is supposed to work (from pretty much everyone) and its either a willful misunderstanding or just misinformed. The video that you share - yes that would fly in Mexico. That wou
  9. With all due respect, and I mean that sincerely because you have always been fair and even minded when it comes to matters of eclipse. Look at Rooks, look at LNF, look at FSO (prior to having to defend themselves from a not needed conflict). I think those groups specifically the first two do a pretty good job of roleplaying in a more balanced way. And what they get is disrespect from other crims telling them that their RP is not valid "Crim RP". For example FSO had such a huge emphasis on laundering from a legal front and events - and we were constantly told by other crims that we were a
  10. The explanations of LA and all that is so fundamentally misleading. I loved in LA for 25 years and I NEVER saw gangs in mass numbers with heavy weapons all wearing the same colors in the same colored cars grouping up. Even out in the boonies. Are the cops in the US outnumbered? Yes. Are they outpowered? No. And when gangs kill cops and the NG get involved do criminals ever win? No. They might escape down to Mexico for a bit but when criminals mess up and kill a cop they are in jail eventually. I really do understand the frustration with PD, I do. The prison times are too long and t
  11. I suggest temporary repair kits that you can use on your vehicle if it is permastalled. The effect would be to render it able to drive at an extremely slow speed (or to be pushed perhaps) for a certain amount of distance or a short about of time. I personally suggest the time frame option. Make it long enough that you could push/drive it to a mechanic shop but not long enough to go through a chop process. Why do I suggest this? It so frustrating when you are a new (or established) player starting out and you have 1 vehicle and it gets stolen and perm stalled on the side of the road. You c
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