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    Hello @DiBiase214 Thank you for making this post. If you go to the following link: (https://eclipse-rp.net/) and scroll down about halfway to the section that says "download and play!" it will tell you the steps you need to take to join the server.
  2. No problem! Now that is has been sorted I will go ahead and have this thread closed. Have a wonderful day.
  3. Hello @Vova Rudoj Thank you for making this post! This will be pending admins who will need to handle unlinking your account to allow you to relink it. Please be patient while the staff gets to it as fast as they can.
  4. I see that you were able to post an appeal! So I am going to go ahead and have this post closed for now as you will have to wait for the appeal to run its course before the rest of your account issues will be sorted. Best of luck!
  5. Thanks for making the thread! These are usually handled in batches so please wait patiently for staff to get to it as soon as they can.
  6. Thank you for your request, these are usually processed in batches by an admin so please be patient while staff works through these requests.
  7. @AimCex Thank you for making this post. Please remain patient while staff get around to looking at it and providing direction on where to go from here. Just a few notes from me: What exactly prevents you from posting an appeal? Are you unable to access the board? The more details make it easier for staff to help come to solutions to assist you. If you are able to post an appeal even on this account my suggestion would be to do that here. Make sure to read the requirements and completely fill out the appeal (make sure to list the accounts that are affected (all of your game accounts)) and as much information as you can. That being said if you are unable to access the board or start a topic to appeal then your next best option is to wait for a staff member to respond here with direction on what to do next. Last but not least I wanted to clear up what might be a possible confusion on your part. You state "Can a dev please unban that email, I'm not banned in game or on the server" I just want to educate in case there is confusion that bans are intended to cover ALL accounts that you might have. This is because it is not the account that is being punished - it is the player who has been determined to be in breach of the rules. You are able to appeal these bans/punishments however you cannot create a new account and then have it be punishment free and dandy. If you were banned on one account then ALL of your accounts are linked. Creating a new account and playing on it to get around a ban would be very much against the rules. So what you need to do is appeal your ban/punishments and then if/once that is lifted that will apply to all accounts that are affected. Just make sure to disclose ALL accounts affected (and that are you) in your appeal. That's all the troubleshooting I have for you initially I will leave the rest for higher staff to look at. Best of luck working towards your appeal! Have a great day!
  8. Thank you for your request, these are usually processed in batches by an admin so please be patient while staff works through these requests.
  9. Thank you for your request, these are usually processed in batches by an admin so please be patient while staff works through these requests.
  10. krooks365


    The Four Seas Order went into a season of dormancy with many taking the chance to hang up their criminal jackets and seek a quieter less risky life in the city. Without a head of the family actively leading while former leader, Chi was out of the city it didn’t make sense to continue going through the motions with the fate of the whole group up in the air. Therefore word was sent out that the members were free to do as they liked and that FSO would be no more. Chi, fully expecting to die in China, found herself in an interesting situation. She was sent back to Los Santos to continue the work and to extend it even further, the council was impressed with the extent that FSO had been able to launder money through their legal ventures. After a short stint working with leaders in Philadelphia and New York on their legal ventures and after countless meetings Chi found her ass on a plane ride… back home? Could it be called home anymore? What had happened to the members? Were there any even still around in Los Santos? One long plane ride later she arrived home to her apartment and sat down to call every single person on her contact list. She sighed as she deleted contact after contact. Many faces that she had known for years were no longer in the city. She began to face a new question… Did she fit in this new city? Could she adapt? Could FSO? She met up with a trusted old friend, Red. They had often found themselves on opposing sides of conflict and just as often on the same side. The two of them though went far back all the way to the old council. Reminiscing about the way things used to work in the city they came to conclusions that one had to adapt. That the old ways of respect no longer stood and that one had to forge a new way in the city. Red for herself had forged a quieter, more peaceful life - Chi respected that of her. She didn't know if such a path was for her. Chi met up with old members of FSO that were still in the city. Most had joined Irish and some had left the criminal life altogether. Nonetheless they were all welcomed for a warm bowl of noodles down at the restaurant. In meeting with other leaders of gangs in the city Chi got a feel for where things were at in terms of relations. Lola and Irish had kept Little Seoul protected as they had promised and for that Chi would be eternally grateful. Speaking with a member of Rooks she also confirmed goodwill and heard about what had gone on in the city when FSO had left. Everytime Chi started to wonder if FSO had a place in the city someone would ask earnestly when they were coming back. There had been a delicate balance of respect and power before FSO left and it seemed that the balance had tipped in interesting directions before leveling out. A group meeting was called amongst all the ex members of FSO that were willing to meet up and options moving forward were discussed. There was a good amount of discussion about the business opportunities that had never been able to be pursued on account of the previous conflicts happening out of the blue. There was energy and excitement to be able to pursue these opportunities again. There was also excitement to work again alongside allies for whom we held great respect With a new beginning came restructuring. There would be a new way to go about things within the group that made more sense for the goals laid before the group. The Dragon - The Leader of the Order. The Dragon’s Wings - This is the leader of legal/business operations within the gang. They coordinate and work directly with the leader on all legal ventures of the gang. The Dragon’s Claws - This is the leader of the illegal operations within the gang. They work directly with the leader on all workings of the gang. --- The Command Council / Dragon Guard The Command Council is made up of 1 (one) member of each family and the Dragons. This is usually the head of the family but in some cases can be a member that is voted as the representative of that family. This council dictates the direction and workings of the Order through its monthly council meetings. The speaker of the council is voted on at those meetings from those representatives. This position is one of high respect and honor and highly sought after by all families. The Entrepreneurs / Cranes The Cranes are those who operate, hire, train, and run legal to legal-ish ventures for the gang. They enjoy putting on events, running businesses and the social aspects of representing FSO. Yellow Crane - Experienced Cranes who have been given trust and freedom to manage/run businesses. [ex. Restaurant manager, dojo manager, events coordinator] White Crane - A newer crane who is either training to move to Yellow Crane OR enjoys working at events/businesses. The Muscle / Tigers The muscles are those who are out there doing the work on the streets, keeping Little Seoul safe, operating illicit operations, and altogether repping FSO. Red Tiger - These are the ‘generals’ under the dragons who make field decisions and work directly with the dragons to make sure that the Tigers are doing what they ought to. Golden Tiger- These are seasoned and honored tigers who have shown their loyalty to the gang. Black Tiger - These are newer tigers who have just been confirmed into the family and are looking to prove their place. The New Fish / Koi Green Koi - These people have proven themselves to pass their trial period however they have either not been accepted to or have not decided whether to take the path of the Crane or the Tiger. Blue Koi - These are the trials of the gang who are working hard to pass their trial and be invited into the family. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Family Loyalty Family is a huge part of FSO with several family lines stringing through it [Lau, Liang, Volkov, etc] Thus the power of directing the gang was placed in the hands of the families that make it up. The council is made up of members of these family lines to ensure that the interests of each family are honored and represented. Each family might have a different focus and goals for themselves and advancing those goals are of top priority to them. Furthermore, since only families have representatives on this council, those who are without a family have little recourse to represent their own interests. Members who are not a part of a familial dynastic line are referred to as the ‘nameless’. It is in every member's best interest to either create a family or be adopted into one of the current family lines. Those seeking to create a new family line must petition for such a right from the command council. Each existing family has different criteria for whom they might adopt and some are not open to adoptions at all. Each family has their own individual goals however as an organization there are a few simple goals. - Expand the Noodle House to additional locations. - Open a Dojo within Little Seoul where ‘Flying Dragon’s Martial Arts’ can come to life. - Re-establish a presence in Little Seoul and reconnect with the members of the community. - Re-establish good relations with most groups in the city - Re-establish Little Seoul as our home. - Expand to further business and event opportunities The Four Seas Order is a group of people who are united under the goal to faithfully roleplay a chinese criminal syndicate (like the Yakuza and/or the Triads) from inception to completion of the story, whatever that may be. We hope that all RP that we organize and put out is engaging to us, other players, and also advances the story of our group. Although we all are roleplaying a criminal faction at the bottom level we are a group of friends who play a game together to have fun. What's the point if you're not having fun? If this sounds like roleplay that would be fun to you then you are more than invited to ICly figure out how to get involved. A word about story driven roleplay: Everything that every member of FSO does feeds back into the story of this gang. Remembering that a story must be well balanced when thinking about your actions and character that you might want to bring in to join in on the story. Things that you do today could have a profound effect months down the line - you never know. Think about balance - what positives AND negatives can your character bring to the table? What areas of relationships, conflicts, drama interest your characters and its goals? We have gone to great lengths to create a lot of areas for interesting conflict and dynamics within our gang [families, voted rankings, roles, paths, etc] and if leaned into they could be really fulfilling to the story and provide awesome roleplay for not just yourself but every member. And that’s just /within/ the gang. That being said: on an OOC level we are open to those who are veterans and those who are newer to the server and roleplay. We do take into factor admin logs and knowledge of the rules for every possible recruit. We want members who will engage with the story and provide awesome roleplay for us (and the greater community) to enjoy.
  11. I'm confused as to why you keep coming back to reply. If you think the server is all garbage RP then let just go? You've said no less than 3 times that your leaving but you keep coming back to reply more. You don't want to report or go through any of the proper channels to see any actual change. You just wanna complain because you lost a situation and when MULTIPLE staff tell you their POV you whine more cause they don't agree with you. Insinuating that people are stupid or blind cause they don't agree with you is hardly valid rhetoric. Whether or not it was NRP (and imho suck it up and take the L like we all have had to do many times.) this is not the answer. Frankly I am here to say 'be an adult, get over it, and move on'. If you feel that cop rp'd invalidly and you don't want to report it and of the proper ways (either through IA or the report section) then your only option is to try avoiding rping with him in the future - EZ. Not sure what you hoped to accomplish here. If you don't like the RP you are experiencing here, if you don't want to participate in the proper systems and processes to address issues you come across and help improve the server for everyone, and if all you want to do is complain in a general forum then let me show you to the door and wish you a nice journey.
  12. I would counter this and say it would be AMAZING if there was a little more script support gambling options outside of just the bars Tequilala and elsewhere. It would be really cool if you could get the slots machines or poker tables and operate gambling establishments (whether legal or not and pay the rp consequences if you are found out). While there is nothing to stop you from doing this RPly its just really clunky and boring to do over dice rolls. Anyways its a long shot but it would be a really cool mechanic.
  13. This has been resolved. Thank you
  14. I need my account to be unlinked so that I can use the #verification channel to relink my account to the discord. Please and Thank You.
  15. You thinking they killed off any gang is laughable. I still see Irish doing just fine. FSO/Triads (whichever you think is the 'dragon gang's) disbanded for OOC reasons that have nothing to do with his gang or any gang. The only thing I've seen the behavior you are advocating for kill is the collective motivation to create stories and roleplay fairly. If you want to tell people to get good go play Rust or COD. This isn't about winning all the time it's about telling good stories that EVERYONE can enjoy and interact with. Hilarious you think people who are advocating for fair play are "hiding" I seriously think this is either not the game you think it is or you are just trolling. Based off your name I'll assume you are trolling. You want my respect as a gang? You want me to say that your gang was great and awesome - Don't get banned for massive rule breaks directly following disband, be known for the quality and in depth of your RP not how many times and how well you can shoot. FSO disbanded of our own accord and I don't know of a single FSO member who mass DMd to "go out in a blaze of glory" after. Can some of you others say the same? If not ask if what you were promoting/ or even just allowing in your factions was positive and healthy for all or whether it just was to shoot. If that's all your concerned about this is not the server for you.
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