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  1. amazezzz


    I loved every last second of the small amount of time I’ve spent with this faction in the past and I’m sure Chi is gonna make another wonderful experience for everyone this time as well.
  2. nice post dude, good luck!
  3. As @jasonsaid let’s keep the topic off PD vs Crim as the topic isn’t about that.
  4. You can rob as many banks as you want a day, you are just limited to one hostage situation a week, you don’t need a hostage to rob a bank.
  5. The PoliceForce is supposed to be large and overpowered, when have you seen a situation in IRL where 4-5 criminals 5v30 the police force and win? Or when have u seen only 4 cops respond to a bank robbery???
  6. You’re going off topic but however if the problem is “money” maybe run criminal events such as underground fight clubs where you’d charge 2-3k per person per entry or chop cars, or find evidence of someone commuting a crime and blackmail them, maybe run a underground gambling for people where you would once again take a percentage of the money etc. the options are endless
  7. That’s not true if you take the time to plan it out it pays very well, I myself have made 65k from a bank robbery before along with 5-6 others, other time I used to make 30-45k once again along with 5-6 other, this has been in the past and I’ve been unable to play the server however I do not think anything has changed.
  8. The rule was made to stop 30 hostage situations a day from occurring, you have to look at it from a Police Officers perspective it gets pretty annoying to have to deal with 10 hostage situations a day where it takes so much time and effort and people to control it, sometimes there could be low amount of Police on duty where hostage situations are not able to be dealt with as it takes a lot of effort and etc, the rule was implanted so you could still have the hostage rp but also put some time in between it, if you’re not comfortable doing a bank robbery stores are always a option so are car chopping and many other options the server can offer.
  9. We’ve been through this I think 10 times now, the server isn’t just scripts you can create your own type of rp by thinking and doing it, it’s not holding you back from doing so.
  10. +1 if the handling was nerfed to be more realistic then at least buff the speed since it’s a drag bike it should be faster than 190 miles per hour on a straight line.
  11. I had a lot of fun moments with both this faction and chi! Thank you for everything and take care!
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