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  1. -1 people worked way too hard for them just like drags, for them to just drop in price?
  2. I was thinking and during the time of being a player in the eclipse community on the daily basis (especially for criminals) it was a regular job to text out frequencies, locations, and other types of stuff that’s were individually sent to multiple people. So what if there was a group chat that was implanted into the texting option of the phone where you can text the same thing to multiple people at the same time, this will make it easier for a lot of people not just criminals but everyone. It would also be really cool if there was a camera, a camera roll and a option to send pictures to other
  3. +1 it would be great to be able to make our own homes and houses / other types of interiors.
  4. This idea is good but depends on the severity of damage your vehicle had taken for example if your vehicle is above 200 HP you could repair it but if it’s below 200 a mechanic should be required, but overall I like the idea of this +1
  5. I wish everyone a amazing new year! Hopefully we can leave this not so fortunate year behind and start a much better one!
  6. As good as expected Keep up the good work!
  7. Love the posts, keep it up!
  8. Okay, show me a rule that is stated in the rule book that does not allow me to use your accent as IC knowledge if i am not asked to stop by you oocly.
  9. The reports you have just linked literally stated this 'I have decided to rule that there was no metagaming here, or at the very least no metagaming can be proved. As insults occurred IC'ly I have decided to rule that no rulebreach occurred here, as doing so would set a very relaxed precedent for the metagaming rule. Proving the OOC motivations of the reported party behind his IC insults is going to be something that is very difficult to prove and without solid evidence it is not something I'd rule in favour of, otherwise we'd create a precedent that would lead to a flood of reports anytime so
  10. accepting this report would set a precedent that would open up the flood gates, mimicking someones accent is, and should always be IC.
  11. Hey timmaayy, just wanted to clear somethings up I am pretty sure this is simply a revenge report, as we had just reported Bernardo for DM, he simply decided to make this almost 48 hours after our situation. That is DM report against him which is just obvious DM, this doesnt mean I did not do anything wrong, my demands were very very dodgy and could be invalid, I am sorry for it. Eclipse-RP - GTA V Roleplaying Server (eclipse-rp.net)
  12. I mean I dont even know what to say, its just pure IC shit talk this is probably the most petty report that has ever been put up, nothing there was meant oocly, I had stuttered a couple times and instead of saying you sound like you're from egypt I had said you live in egypt which was just because how fast I was talking, I also stuttered once again and instead of saying you are from a third world country I said you live in one.
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