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  1. Will hold a massive amount of Respect and fond memories of being a part of this faction and working along side them! 'West Coast is the Best Coast'
  2. Shootout in Kyoto Continuing to grow from strength to strength, The Dojin-Kai gained the attention of another Asian organisation, The Los Santos Triads. The night started off as a normal night, the vehicles had just returned to the Dojo from unloading at the foundry and everyone was beginning to wind down. The increase of Triads moving into the area went amiss. I approached a triad who was mounted on a Hakuchou Drag, the man riding it was known to me and I started a normal conversation with him, he replied 'I cant talk to you'. Knowing something was up i radioed through announcing that something was about to go down. This radio transmission was followed by one of the Triads shouting 'Red Niggas hands up', I began to run towards my car for cover drawing my Pistol .50. Paleto boulevard turned into a war zone, the Triads were mounted on top of opposite buildings from the Dojo and put up a heavy attack. The smoke settled and the sheriff department had arrived on scene, I had taken a round to the chest whilst killing the 'Triad' that was opposite me. The Meeting After the random attack I made my way to The Triads operating base, I was surrounded by men with white masks and one with a grey camouflaged one, I asked what was the reason for the attack, the reply i got was 'y'all are free 50's', I responded to the man telling him our situation and what we are doing, he didn't care and from the looks of things fell asleep during the meeting. On the return journey i was followed by a convoy of Triad cars, I was told by the same man who fell asleep that he wanted 100 pistol 50's or they will keep hitting us. I returned to the Dojo to gather the family for a meeting. I informed the family about what had happened in the meeting, I instructed them that demands of that calibre would not be met, the soldiers had a sense of confidence after standing victors from the first assault. Round Two I informed the family to sit outside of the Dojo in vehicles and prepare for another attack, I wanted to adopt the tactic of keeping us moving as we didn't want to fight them as I knew what would come of it, It didn't take long, The Triads had returned in similar numbers to the first attack, this time a member of their Higher up's approached my vehicle and we began to discuss the current situation. Feeling optimistic on improving our relations with a natural ally of the Yakuza, we were told by a Triad mountain master that they had issues with the colour of our vehicles and mask, and that if we change it, the Triads would stop their attacks. I discussed the issues with the High Command of the Dojin-Kai, we held no attachment on the colours of our vehicles, or our masks so the option the mountain master gave us was one we could follow. The Dojin-Kai turned to Black. A Time for Games Two days after changing to black the Triads pushed again, constantly scouting our headquarters looking for an opening. The Oyabun James Sakamoto returned to the Dojo after dealing with business in the city, he was met by six Triads on the roof of the Dojo with a gun to his partners head, the Triads took the Oyabun hostage, during the hostage situation, James was told that the reason we are being hit was because of the movie IP man, a fictional action film amongst other reasons. A few days after the Oyabun was taken and another string of hits by the Triads, the Oyabun decided to go to Triad HQ to try and find the actual reason for the attacks, he was met by a higher up called Vince Draco, he stated that the newly purchased building we had acquired belongs to the Triads and they were scammed out of it, so whilst we own the building we will always get hit, James asked for the reason we were being hit before we purchased the building, He was told that the Triads are the only Asian gang in this city... Is this the real reason? You don't want smoke, You just pick and choose. The construction of the new Dojin-Kai Dojo was well underway, a couple of our members were around the back of the building fishing, our backup word was shouted over the radio, it was Triads robbing those that couldn't get into vehicles in time. I was having a rough day to begin with and this was the icing, I instructed the family to arm themselves the next attack from here on will be met with gunfire. The attack in question happened little under fifteen minutes later, the Triads had amassed and were heading for our Dojo, they were greeted by an overwhelming number of Dojin-Kai, they began to fall back and unknown to us, called for backup from their allies 'The Los Santos Zetas', having only one encounter with the 'Zetas' (being a bad one) I knew they were a force to be reckoned with, I called off the stand as I knew it would of been a massacre now that the Triads had called their ally. That evening the 'Council' declared war against WCA, a group that has been their for Dojin-Kai on many occasions, a High command meeting was held and the decision was made, the Triads have been unreasonable and are giving us the impression there isn't a way to stop the random attacks, so we decided to join in, in-favour of our friends in green. The Unlikely Friendship To be Continued....
  3. Looking good guys, Good luck!
  4. Good luck, Looking forward to seeing you In-Game!
  5. West Coast is the Best Coast, Huge Congratulations guys! O7
  6. Everyone with a legal one (like myself) wouldn't need to scratch them off, IRL you buy an illegal firearm the serial number would be scratched off already. I've seen countless documentaries of gang busts where the pistols have had their serial number removed.
  7. +1 For both topics, ammo is scarce on the server, getting in a massive 30+ person shoot out sometimes with police coming into the scene, one gun lasts one maybe two firefights, then you buy a new gun because of how limited ammo is. As for weapon serial numbers getting scratched off, it's a thing that happens IRL, it isn't winning a situation and eliminating RP (it's adding it), police will have to find weapon trafficking networks, instead of just running a couple of serial numbers through the MDC, it would lead to more detective roleplay, rather than a simple search anyone cop can do. Could perhaps add another charge for a weapon with a defaced serial number.
  8. Big +1 I feel like this needs changing asap
  9. @glixPlease refrain from commenting on reports that have nothing to do with you. To all parties, let's not get into a back and forth, it just makes @MarcoD job harder in concluding this report. Thank-you Support Jones42
  10. Lots of love for this faction, yall have been RP Role models in this community, keep up the great work guys! Big Fan!
  11. Jones42

    Fear RP 126

    I lost control of the vehicle yes (Game Mechanics, it can go either way), a 4-5 tonne truck would of just flattened the bike not lost control, but I've also stated my intention wasn't to ram, i tried to go around you, but you pulled forward. My footage would of shown that but you failed to notify me of a report coming my way. I will not reply further, unless instructed to by the member of staff dealing with the report. Thank you for replying Meowksius.
  12. Jones42

    Fear RP 126

    Hello ID 126 here. Thank-You for taking time to create this forum report, Unfortunately I wasn't informed I would be getting reported and didn't save my footage. We were being ambushed at 'Mors Insurance', I took the opportunity to drive up onto the overpass to disperse the group that was up there firing down at us, My intentions were to drive through the group to disperse them, upon driving through the group (and as seen in the reporters footage) the bike moved into the path of the 4-5 tonne+ truck, causing it to unrealistically flip onto its side and roll off the freeway. I made an attempt to move around your bike, which i could of showed you, if you had given me the opportunity to save my footage, I personally don't believe a rule break has occurred, realistically my truck would of flattened you and your bike and not flip into an unintentional barrel roll. I apologise if you feel like your Role-Play was ruined by this as i'm only here to have fun and promote good role-play, but the situation was out of my hands after the contact with your bike. I would like to thank in advance the member(s) of staff that takes this report.
  13. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Dave King. Character to Transfer To: Jaykae Jones. Requested Transfer: Asset #1 Sultan RS (Credit Vehicle) Reason for Transfer: Dave King has decided to move back home to the United Kingdom, exporting his pride enjoy Sultan RS would cost too much, so he has decided to gift it to his cousin Jaykae Jones. (( I understand that the vehicle needs admin intervention to be transferred, so i have not made this request lightly. I cant stand playing on Dave as he hasn't really had much of a story ark or character progression, unlike my alt who has bucket loads of it, so i am retiring that character. I sincerely request having my Sultan Transferred as it is my favourite vehicle and would like to continue making use of it. )) How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? I would need a Developer to transfer the vehicle.
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