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  1. - I have Removed this statement because even if the officer was breaking a rule, i don't want anything done about it, i would just like this ressolved.
  2. I apologise for my late response to this report, I was having technical errors whilst in the store, my guy was glitching out, I had the SMG out before I cameout the store and then it put away, I know that we had a guy in the car aiming at the officer, I really don't see how I'm fearing for my life, when we had A Micro SMG pointed at the officer the whole time, a discussion has already taken place OOC about this with the officer that is reporting it and he seemed happy with what he was given, I really didn't expect it to escalate to here. When you have a firearm drawn and are facing the other person before they attacked By the time he aimed at me regardless of the technical crap I was experiencing in the store where I could /stopgrabcash or move, I'm facing the man with a bigger weapon, I didn't hear him say anything to me, I've also seen FearRp reports where someone has held up a man told him to drop his micro SMG, they have pulled it out and killed the person and it not be fear RP No one died, no one lost anything, I belive the police officer might have been NonRPing, I just don't see myself ID 153 breaking a rule.
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