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  1. Arian

    Remove the minimap

    When I am travelling and am on foot, I always have the minimap up until I reach my destination irl. tbh I just think this is way too unnecessary.
  2. Arian

    Remove the minimap

    ^ -1
  3. Arian

    Speed cameras

    Uhm I meant to vote for no don't know why I votes yes lol pls take my vote as 'no' which would result in 140 yes and 141 no. Thankyouverymuchxoxo.
  4. Arian

    Removing the weight system

    That would get rid of my point which says it's unnecessary, but the system as a whole I believe would still be problematic.
  5. Arian

    Removing the weight system

    Well I mean it is not only unnecessary but also problematic . I lost over 40 Bobby pins when I searched a car which was frustrating and that's not just it I've lost many other stuff. I think it's better if they limit players to carry 1 heavy weapon on themselves or something like that for different stuff; that would be way less problematic and even more realistic.
  6. I think the weight system is just unnecessary and really problematic, and not many people like it. Please state whether you like it or not, it might just be me who really finds it unnecessary and problematic.
  7. Arian

    Cadet #6444 (Stranger 2829_6150) (6.6 Non-Roleplay)

    So you're telling me driving like that when responding to an emergency call is non-rp? Oh boy... Does that mean every single person that was charged for recklessly driving should get a major non-rp punishment?
  8. Arian

    Gas Stations and Gun Stores Tweaks.

    +1 Fuel -1 Weapons
  9. Arian

    VOIP & screen-freezing problems

    @NobodyLTU I have the exact same issue. I was told by Osvaldon to tag you as you might be more likely to help me. Whenever I disable my MICROPHONE and not my speakers, the freezing issue stops, but for some reason, I can't hear anybody, regardless of whether they are using normal voice chat or the radio; however, I can hear the music playing in my car, gunshots, and every other thing. The game has basically become unplayable for me and it's really inconvenient.
  10. Arian

    Triple 7 (Stranger 4020_5474) VDM

    I sincerely apologise for commenting but haven't other players got punished (banned) for accidental rulebreaks? If they have then I don't see why staff should be any different only because they have the "Staff rank".