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  1. Arian


    You still lookin for one? @Malcolm Carter
  2. @Dqniel are you alright dude? That's not even me Edit: My Mistake (XposeD)
  3. You were typing? Well done. But I dont see how that matters. You didn't answer my /do.
  4. You didn't answer my /do bro I waited 25 seconds
  5. I waited 25 seconds for you to RP your injuries, but you failed to do that. Therefore I forced a command on you. We got called to the scene regarding a man with SMG on his back, but then the server restarted, and then once we were all back, we waited over 10 minutes for you, but you were just leaving and coming back without informing anybody
  6. It was simply an accident. We got reports that shots were fired from the store, and my intention was to block the entrance of the store. I physically couldn't stop the vehicle as he ran out of the store, considering the speed I was approaching the entrance. I tried solving this with the reporting party, but that didn't work out.
  7. +1. Coma needs to be removed. It's absolutely unnecessary, and its just a pain in the fucking ass when you get DM'd by someone and your recording software decides to not record. This leads to severe frustration as you 1. Get DM'd and lose all your stuff. 2. Have to spend 10 minutes dying in the injured state. 3. Spend another 15 fucking minutes being in "coma".
  8. Account name: Arian Character name(s): N/A Admin who issued punishment: ItzKnights Date of punishment: 1st September 2018 Punishment received: 2 warning points which never expire Reason given for punishment: Spamming Your explanation of what happened: I commented on an appeal that had nothing to do with me, got 2 warning points that never expire. They should have expired around 4 months ago. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because spamming warning points should expire after one month. Post any evidence or further details: https://gyazo.com/4c353fb74ae32b559824593e7f1c13d5
  9. Text me, we can negotiate.
  10. Selling a maxed out Schafter V12, text me #2334621
  11. When I am travelling and am on foot, I always have the minimap up until I reach my destination irl. tbh I just think this is way too unnecessary.
  12. Arian

    Speed cameras

    Uhm I meant to vote for no don't know why I votes yes lol pls take my vote as 'no' which would result in 140 yes and 141 no. Thankyouverymuchxoxo.
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