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  1. Richard Langston, I like your hair x
  2. Arian

    Farewell from Chaza

    You'll be missed ❤️
  3. What's your phone number @GabeWad? I am interested.
  4. Buying a 1G house, any price - Text #2334621
  5. Got a fantastic offer. Email me: Arian#[email protected]
  6. There have been multiple occasions where I have witnessed burnout desyncs even after the update. +1, I believe the system should be reverted back.
  7. Arian

    ID 114 (FearRP/VDM)

    Oh no, I am not saying I made the right decision by going back, but I don't believe it violates the FearRP rule. Besides, when I drove back, I was not being fired at. I started being shot at when I was getting out of the car, obviously I am going to take my Carbine out and open fire. I am not going to stay in a vehicle with a stalled engine when I am being fired at. All of that aside, I deeply apologise, from the bottom of my heart, that I used the term 'clap'. Let me rephrase it: I managed to take two of you down. I hope I didn't offend you with that use of terminology Dardan. I really do.
  8. Arian

    ID 114 (FearRP/VDM)

    I see where you are coming from, and clearly I was mistaken. However, the Carbine Rifle is made for this typeof situation where you are heavily outnumbered, and when I went in, Martinez wasn't injured yet. This leaves 3 threats overall for each of us, and the SMG is to be used when you are in a 1:4 situation. Please don't lock this thread just like any other player report, as questions may arise and I might need to comment again.
  9. Arian

    ID 114 (FearRP/VDM)

    First of all, it's not VDM as I only attempted to hit you once with my cruiser and I managed to clap you. I also had KoS rights as you already began firing at my fellow officer. Furthermore, regarding the FearRP accusation, I went back to the scene as there were only four people on foot and I was in a cruiser, I clapped two of them, leaving two hostiles. I got out and took my Carbine Rifle out once I was already being shot at, therefore I don't see how I really violated the FearRP rule.
  10. Arian


    You still lookin for one? @Malcolm Carter
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