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    are you a guy or a gal
  2. Cops can't survive 3 headshots in 2019 either, so not everything is realistic. I (for the first time) 100% agree with @alexalex303 here. -1, once again another retarded suggestion. What's your next suggestion gonna be? "Remove drug labs because they're illegal"? Yeah because that's what you actually would suggest.
  3. Arian


    Equally, we could allocate a certain company to distribute nword passes. For example, in order to get a nword pass, you must go to DNP (Department of Nigga Pass), pass a test which asks you how you should deal with nwords publicly, and then be granted the nword pass. We should also make it so that cops can suspend your nword pass for no longer than 2 days. (credits to @Tomvd682)
  4. Sweet Jesus. PD and SD already utilise drags and super cars (e.g T20) in order to catch up with criminals. Besides, you have XRay which is something that no criminals have access to? Oh and let's not talk about the Crown Vic, which goes over 240 sometimes eh? -1. This is pathetic. If anything, PD/SD should stop using supers and drags that they never paid for. They already have a crown vic and a heli. That's more than enough.
  5. -1. You're off duty for a reason. Whats your next suggestion gonna be? Receive salary whilst being off duty?
  6. I apologise for commenting; but I really need to ask this question. Are you trying to be annoying and daft or are you just naturally daft? You said "hans" 34 times in 19 seconds.
  7. After reading some of these comments, I'd like to mention that you could use the excuse of "Thorough investigation was conducted and we successfully identified the suspect" and just use someone's ID to put it on the MDC and get their record up. I'm not saying anyone has done this, but I am saying it's possible.
  8. I think you're making a mistake here my man. There are many officers who abuse it, but as long as I am aware nobody would go around and publicly announce that they abused the MDC. Just because you have "never seen anyone use this", doesn't mean nobody has ever used it.
  9. As a PD member I am going to mention two things: + We have had situations where higher ups in the PD referred to the ID as the "license number" over the radio rather than just spelling the person's name out or even saying what it is (including sergeants and some above), which I always found to be ridiculous and thankfully there is now a protocol placed against it; however, I still believe that there are officers that do metagame and identify you using your ID. - Sometimes it is much easier to type someone's ID in order to get their record up if you know them and can identify them ICly. For example, it is much easier to type the ID of someone named "Nikolas Papatriontukapoulus" (or something like that. This man actually exists and plays on the server and I encountered him yesterday) rather than typing his entire name out due to spelling mistakes and the time it takes. Furthermore, as others have already mentioned, in real life you would type someone's name ("Nikolas") and there would be suggestions and records of people who are called "Nikolas [whatever]" and you can choose to select the record you would like to look at and/or amend. In conclusion, I am going to support this suggestion.
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