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  1. Account name: ImChazaa Character name(s): Chaza Williams, Charlie Williams, Charles Williams Admin who issued punishment: Lewis Date of punishment: 19/MAY/2019 Punishment received: Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment: "Not here to RP." Your explanation of what happened: I wasn't enjoying being part of the Police Department anymore for many reasons so instead of resigning, I decided to explore some roleplay options of what my character would do. I knew that I was going to get myself fired and I thought that it'd make things interesting for everyone involved if I went out with a bang, whilst abiding by the server rules. I asked a senior moderator to watch over me during this period to ensure that I did not break any server rules and everything was done legit. They agreed to do so and watched me as I began my roleplay. I was suspended from PD and went into the locker rooms, not being escorted by any members of their department and I was just left. My character got changed out of his uniform and then I had the senior moderator watch me go to the desk and role play retrieving a pair of keys for a vehicle that is owned by the LSPD. Next, I went to the side of the department where the car park is and role played taking a 'Bati' motorcycle which the police use in pursuits to get away from the department. I asked the member of staff if he could spawn it in for me as role play wise I had taken it out of the garage, however they enlightened me that only admins are able to do this. This meant that I had to spawn it in from the front of the department after already having completing my RP around the side of Mission Row. I must have had admins who were in the PD watching me as the second I spawned it in, I had lights and sirens chasing me, almost instantly which to me is extremely coincidental. After fleeing from them and heading up towards the Vinewood Hills, I managed to get out of sight, hiding with my lights and engine off, inside of a large bush, not visible to anyone just driving or walking by unless they really looked. I was looking around when I saw an officer head straight towards me as they had clearly seen the ID number above my head which is metagaming but we can let that slide, they may be a new player. They pointed a gun at me but I managed to drive further away, crashing my bike and then getting up and withdrawing my own firearm as my life was at risk. The officer began shooting at me so I returned fire, which is when I died after taking shots from multiple angles. Out of frustration, for the first time ever, I combat logged as to be fair, I did have stuff to do IRL that could not wait so I wouldn't have been able to continue with the jail process anyway. I accept this punishment, not when it is given twice though. I'll put that in another appeal but after this situation, I thought that was the end of it and I could go on to have an in depth story about being the most intelligent criminal in Los Santos after having consumed so much information about the LSPD after being a Sergeant. I could have formed a gang of high intelligence and performed only the best role play situations for criminals but as I tried to log in, I noticed that I had been permanently banned by Lewis for "Not here to RP." This is absolutely disgraceful that just because I didn't want to be in the Police Department anymore and didn't leave via resignation, I get a permanent ban? I did nothing worthy of a permanent ban and anyone who knows me, knows that I do a lot of in depth role play and take pride in it at that. To say that I'm not here to role play is unbelievably inaccurate and this needs looking into ASAP. Prior to this whole fiasco, I had a squeaky clean record and the only thing on my admin logs should be "Non-RP - Combat Logging #1," that's it. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I should have my appeal accepted because the punishment is completely incorrect and the staff member whom awarded it should be looked into for abuse of their powers. Post any evidence or further details: I do not wish to name the Senior Moderator who witnessed these events, however if necessary, I may.
  2. Afternoon guys, Today I am finally deciding to leave ECRP. It's been coming for a very long time but I still wanted to come on and play here and there. I joined back in June 2018 and had a lot of fun for the first couple of months that I played. I made a lot of friends along the way and some of you I'll still keep in touch with. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on "Chaza Williams" as an LSC mechanic and then leading one of the most successful gangs in Los Santos, The Syndicate. Playing this account brought a great amount of laughs and it was honestly the best time to be on the server, especially compared to the way gang life is now. My alternate character in the Police Department "Charlie Williams" was also fun to play and I met some great people there too. I may come on from time to time, however I no longer enjoy the server and I think it's a good time to say goodbye. Shout out's to: Tom Daniels Lewis Miller Dwayne Smith @XposeD Jimmy Pegorino @DDevastatedTV Ollie Higgins (The Cleaner!) Matt Trustson Helene Charbonneau Logan Cross James Sardinsky @heartgg Walt Kozak Xoza Shadow @Xoza Jay Bacon Gouden / Sylvester Groot Micky Reefer Andor Rootman @Andor Bradley the nooter Bonquasha Quonde Ryan Torres Richard Langston Ilai Daniels / Yuval Gotlin Simon Bluman Jake Lawson Hoxton Curry And many more that I could mention I had great times with! Special mentions to: My boys Pedro Luis, Sergio Canio and Elliot Gibbs Everyone that was involved in The Syndicate Tommy Vangore, Dale Manning, Nootinator and all of my friends over at The Shadow Cartel If you guys wanna ask questions as to why I am leaving the server or just want to reach out in general, feel free to contact me on Discord: #Chaza6275 and on Twitter: @ImChazaa All the best everyone!
  3. @Logan_Black I'll offer $3,500,000 for this property
  4. Not worth anything more than 450k but keep dreaming 🙂
  5. Still for sale? @Logan_Black
  6. I won't be of interest then if it's for such a high price, best of luck.
  7. Just checked out the house, looks rather nice, I'd like to place an offer of: $500,000 - Charlie Williams
  8. @dEMZYYY I'll take it for 400k
  9. A big ol' -1 from me From someone who has been heavily involved in criminal RP and alternatively with Police RP, I can safely say that this whole fiasco about the Police Department wanting to "win" every situation is just absurd. Many points have been raised by people such as @MrSilky and if you want realistic RP, they should remain to be accessible for the Police on the server. I could make an extremely long post regarding the whole fiasco of "PD always win" and "PD is overpowered" but it's just not worth my time because until you've spend 8+ months in the PD and played as a criminal, a gang co-leader at that, you won't realise how much we have to hold back as members of the PD. Whenever I am playing and I notice a criminal is doing some very in depth roleplay, I reward them and I know a lot of people that do. STOP viewing the server like it's cops vs robbers. If you aren't in the PD, it doesn't make you a criminal, you can be a civilian. Improve your RP and create your own story for your character.
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