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  1. Chaza

    The Syndicate

    Moving this to the archive to create a new one, more professional and story changed slightly 😄 Keep an eye out
  2. Chaza

    Selling Maxed Hakuchou 2/2 Turbo at STOCK PRICE

    Is this still for sale @diplodorkk? If so I'd like to purchase it as soon as possible. My number is #5177199 if you'd like to get in touch, many thanks.
  3. Chaza

    The Syndicate

    ** RESERVED **
  4. Chaza

    The Syndicate

    The Syndicate was a gang formed by group of five close friends in the month of August 2018. After being unfairly dismissed from their positions at Los Santos Customs, the former mechanics and experienced members of the management team felt mistreated and had a cynical change of mind to seek revenge. Causing trouble in the city was what the group came accustom to doing and eventually they realised that money was a problem and they'd need to find a way to generate themselves an income to keep any hopes of a gang a reality. Gun sales started off slow as illegal weaponry became fairly common but after changes by the government, this changed very quickly. Attracting interest from most criminals in the city, we grew in numbers rapidly and looked to dominate Los Santos. The only problem which occurred was not being able to manage everyone and keep a close eye on them to keep up the standards and maintain the morals we built ourselves on. Acting on these problems, we set up a plan to merge with veterans of "The Lost Family" as they could bring the money whilst we'd bring the skill and knowledge. Unfortunately, both organisations could not see eye to eye and the guys from "The Syndicate" travelled back to Croydon to see to their businesses back home. Dominating the mechanic warehouses alongside the black market over in Croydon, England, Chaza Williams and Pedro Luis returned to Los Santos on a short trip to see what opportunities there were to be acted upon across the pond. After retrieving their cars from the impound from months ago, they drove around and noticed how new people were to the city, already subconsciously making plans. Driving throughout the city, they took some back roots and discovered the old "Benny's Original Motorworks" garage that had seemingly been abandoned. Williams and Luis phoned back home to Roberto Sanchez, Elliot Sanchez and Sergio Canio and discussed the potential of business if they were to re-open the garage and make it their own, with an illegal twist. The organisation plans to keep numbers small for now with possible recruitment in the future. The main idea is to run the gun market and gain extreme profits by taking advantage of other gang's mistakes. After all being mechanics previously, everyone has the ability to hide weapon parts in areas of the car and traffic them across the border without anyone batting an eye. Importing illegal yet highly expensive weaponry and drugs is the main goal, running as a business by day yet criminals by night. We became fully aware of people that go around in clown masks trying to establish "Benny's" as their own, but we know that we have the utility, experience and superior skills to be able to overrun them, putting them into their place and once again establishing ourselves as number one. Importing illegal yet highly expensive weaponry and drugs is the main goal, running as a business by day yet criminals by night. Chairman Directors Executives Representatives Interns
  5. Is this for sale? I'm still interested and ready to negotiate
  6. Chaza

    [Selling] Turismo R Supercar !!!

    That won't sell for 6m, try adjusting the price if you still wish to sell
  7. Nobody will be paying 3m for a house that has been sold on twice for 1.5m and 1.8m. I buy and sell houses and have had a lot of experiences with pricing in the real estate in Los Santos and this house is my dream house even though it's definitely not the most expensive. 1.8m is a generous offer and we can negotiate but you will not be getting 3m out of anyone, I am sorry to be the one to tell you that.
  8. I'll pay 1.8m today for it, dream house and wouldn't be sold on
  9. Chaza

    Mask 8107_7450, Mask 3797_7496, etc DM, FailRP

    Really is unbelievable huh? You care so much about the fact that I called you out for targeting someone? Yikes. You must clearly have an agenda if you're willing to pull up old videos from over three months ago to stake a claim that the metagame. If they do then they deserve the consequences that comes with breaching the rules, however their discord is monitored by staff. You don't need to highlight in red by the way I can understand a format of your writing without having to use a different colour. Jump down off of your high horse, make a report and reply respectively. Don't just go at people for their opinion.
  10. Chaza

    Mask 8107_7450, Mask 3797_7496, etc DM, FailRP

    Okay well I do have to say that I am trembling from the OOC insult and you've really affected me. You can say I have a low IQ all you want but if your grammar was even a little accurate then maybe I would take you seriously on that. Anyway, I have made my point very clear. There is nothing wrong with them being in a third party communication programme together. Both the Medical and Police Department do it but you haven't moaned about that yet? If there is sufficient proof of them gaining an advantage from talking in a third party communication software then make the report. Stop talking about it and showing how much it bothers you when you could save yourself a whole lot of drama, comments and stress by making a report and not reading the comments because you clearly feel very strongly about this.
  11. Chaza

    Mask 8107_7450, Mask 3797_7496, etc DM, FailRP

    Nothing of what I have said is invalid. I have given an opinion and I have probably saved the staff a lot of time. By you saying "I wanted to stop, but you just keep commenting" seems like you are defeated because you didn't "want to stop" when you were going at Jay and targeting Bitsy before anyone contested you on it.
  12. Chaza

    Mask 8107_7450, Mask 3797_7496, etc DM, FailRP

    So the question I have is, are you calling me "REAL DUMB" ? Because I am pretty sure that in the rules that'd be OOC insults but I'm not petty enough to flip this report for a third time onto you guys. Anyway, I never said that I condone it, I never said that it is a great thing to do but I will make it clear that I said it is not against the rules. If you wanted to, your whole gang could sit in a channel together and play. As long as you aren't doing anything that would give your character an advantage then that would not be metagaming. It's easily understandable in my opinion, but maybe not for others.
  13. Chaza

    Mask 8107_7450, Mask 3797_7496, etc DM, FailRP

    Be careful I am not involved? This is a public post, Donald Trump can comment if he see's it and wants to give his two cents? If I wasn't involved and not allowed to comment then I wouldn't have. I'm doing nothing wrong here but giving an opinion and what is the most likely outcome of any punishments. If you don't like the heat then step away from the kitchen because we are eating good tonight my friend.
  14. Chaza

    Mask 8107_7450, Mask 3797_7496, etc DM, FailRP

    If you think that I am defending someone, then that is your own view, not fact. I am commenting on what I see in the clips and on the report. Bitsy has done nothing wrong here and it seems that you are trying to flip the report onto the people making the report. Instead of that, I would wait for an admin or moderator to reply and you can state your case when needed. If you would like to have them investigated, make your own report on them. That way things can be a lot clearer for the people dealing with the report rather than bickering.
  15. Chaza

    Mask 8107_7450, Mask 3797_7496, etc DM, FailRP

    Well targeting someone that is not even that involved in the report makes it seem otherwise. I'll take your word for it though. Anyway, did you know that the PD use teamspeak? The biggest faction in the game. That doesn't mean that they metagame. If she said what you said in your quote which I am pretty sure is incorrect if you watch the clip back, that could've been someone wondering what happened. If the person who asked what happened then turned up and had an impact without his character knowing anything of the situation, then yes that is metagaming. This shows nothing that would replicate anything of a rule breach