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  1. @nukkie I'll make an offer on your house if you're willing to sell?
  2. Take it then, because no sane person is going to offer you that here.
  3. @Critcoz Well keep me updated and then if his deal falls through, I remain interested in your property.
  4. I'll offer $1,200,000 as I don't see someone paying the 3.2 million that you said they have offered. Let me know! @Critcoz
  5. If this house was able to store four cars in it's garage then yes, maybe the price would be justified. However, due to it only being able to house three and from past experience in buying and selling properties, especially in Vinewood, I wouldn't value this house close to what you've listed it at. I'm just letting you know in advance because you'll get a lot of people attempting to haggle you for a lower price and that'll be why. House prices have risen but this is hopeful. All the best!
  6. 8 Million? I want whatever you are smoking
  7. From my perspective, Harry Davis shoots you guys because you are very close to the characters shooting back at the cops. Yes, you may have been trying to escape, but it seems very suspicious that you would be not far behind a shooter and as they had just arrived, they had every reason to believe that you we involved and had already killed cops or were attempting to at the very least. In real life, you'd be shot at immediately for trying to flee from a scene such as this because it would give the police an impression that you're involved. If you had done nothing then you'd peacefully put your hands up and stand next to your vehicle because you would fear for your life. Additionally, you would not start shouting, calling the SWAT officers "Stupid fuckers" and consistently shouting to them after being shot in the upper part of the body by a sniper rifle.
  8. Chaza

    The Syndicate

    Moving this to the archive to create a new one, more professional and story changed slightly 😄 Keep an eye out
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