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  1. It is entirely upto you whether if you want to post the faction thread or not, although we just ask that you remain patient until this appeal is reviewed.
  2. Pending @Serthon, please be patient as this is being reviewed.
  3. So, if you've ever been arrested on the server, or had any involvement in the arrest itself, you know that all of the items taken from a player being arrested will usually end up being deleted through the despawning of a cruiser, RPly it will be placed in an evidence room and whatnot, but at the end of the day. All items, legal and illegal will be taken away most likely forever from the arrested player. Although in real life, the inmate's belongings are usually taken to a storage area usually referred to as "Intake & Release", where it is locked up in respective lockers/containers until the day or time the specific inmate is released at. My suggestion is that DOC, SD, or PD will be able to have a command usable at Bolingbroke, the command can be similar to this, /prisonstorage FNAME_LNAME which will open an inventory up, where the specific prisoner's belongings can be placed at. The script would then simply have that person's belongings spawn back on him when he is released from prison. Different volumes can be set up in different locations, for example, Mission Row and the Sheriffs Station can both have a storage volume for 20 Vol. per person, while Bolingbroke can have a storage Vol. of 50 per person. If an inmate also has a phone him, it can be RPly placed in the storage room as well, making the fact that you can't use phones in jail make more sense. To better show why I believe this command can be useful, imagine that the following situation is taking place: Jonathan_Mercer is arrested by 2 cops, while he does have an AK and an unlicensed pistol on him, which are taken due to obvious reasons. He also he 2 burgers, and a bag with 3 radios. As they bring him to Bolingbroke, they are able to hand him over to the guards which will take his belongings away and proceed to place him in jail, starting the prison time. Then, they'd be able to walk to a separate room in which the command can be accessible at, and RP placing Mercer's belongings in his own storage compartment, and can then do the command, /prisonstorage Jonathan_Mercer which would open the inventory up for that specific person's storage, a bag of sorts. They'd be able to place all of the legal belongings in it and then continue to RP the storage compartment as locked until the person's release. When the time comes and Mercer's released from prison, the items placed in the prison storage, Intake & Release or whatever you wish to call it as would spawn on him. I also believe this can pave the way for more roleplay opportunities, with corrupt Correctional Officers or Cops having the ability to take the belongings out of someone's prison storage for their own use and etcetera, Although putting themselves at risk of an investigation on where the belongings went to and etcetera. As well as less frustration when once's released from prison without anything on him, completely stranded until he gets a ride from someone on the highway.
  4. Pending @Chrisy, please be patient as this is being reviewed.
  5. @Yputi do you want this report to be completely dropped off and archived, or do you still wish to report ID 38? And if so, what for? I can't seem to find the reasoning to including his ID in this report. - HaminLord & Donovan
  6. Hello and thanks for reporting @Copperhorse! Davy_Williams (ID 37) @David9675 has 24 hours to reply with his side of the story. I'd also like to ask both parties to stay respectful and to avoid any further commenting on this report unless asked to by a staff member of if they have important un-edited evidence or statements to add to the report that can affect its verdict and conclusion. On the same note, @Copperhorse, do you by any chance have a longer clip of this situation? As 10 seconds is not alot to base a report on, a longer clip will be appreciated. - HaminLord & Donovan
  7. Hello and thanks for reporting @Tripcee! Bronson_Chime (ID 95) (notified in-game), Adi_Cohen (ID 181) @ADHD, Charles_Luijang (ID 202) (notified in-game), and Tj_Caj (ID 188) (notified in-game) will all have 24 hours to respond with their side of the story. I'd also like to ask all parties involved to avoid commenting on this report unless asked to by staff or if you believe you have any important statements to add that can help decide the outcome of this report, any further videos or evidence of this encounter will be gladly appreciated as long as it isn't edited in any shape or form. - HaminLord & Donovan
  8. Please stop further commenting on this report unless if you have any evidence you believe will be useful for review. - Hamin
  9. Hello and thanks for reporting @Wolokai! ID 171 | Kronos_Bronx (notified in-game) has 24 hours to reply with his story and as to why he performed the actions seen in the video above. @Wolokai Do you by any chance have evidence of you waiting 15 minutes for ID 171 to return from his timeout at the Parking Lot? If so, please post it here. - HaminLord & Donovan
  10. Hello and thanks for reporting @Hoxton_Curry! Do you by any chance have footage of the incidents which took place after the end of this video? (The part in which the reported party is shooting at you inside the Massacro) - HaminLord & @Dqniel
  11. Pending review, please avoid further commenting on this report unless asked. - HaminLord & @BrockOlly
  12. Pending @Lewis as this is a support staff member.
  13. HaminLord

    ID 196 NRP

    Pending review. - HaminLord & @Dqniel
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