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  1. Date and time (provide timezone): 14/Mar/2019 Character name: Ilai Daniels Issue/bug you are reporting: While using the large MDC every key you use also does other features, (example, typing I in the record search will also open your inventory.) Expected behavior: Large MDC has not done this in the past, I believe it's a thing since today has NBDY implemented some new fixes. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Simply open the Big MDC either by typing /mdc, doing ctrl + m and pressing 0 on the numpad. Or opening it with ctrl + p Vehicle license plate number*: N/A
  2. Issue Being Reported: A few days ago I left the ECRP discord. I rejoined it today and attempted to verify my account. However, the bot simply replied with "Could not authenticate your account." after I typed in "!login *My username* *My Password* Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): The entirety of the 8th and 9th of March, GMT+3. Your characters name: Ilai Daniels, Jonathan Goldstein, Jason Nightwood, Rose Martin, Noam Gotlin. Other player(s) involved: N/A Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: Left the server and joined a day later, attempted to verify my account with the ECRP Discord Bot by doing the correct command with the correct details. Simply received the response of "Could not authenticate your account.". Attempted to leave and re-join the server over 5 times since did not work a single time.
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  4. Did someone say free gun? How do I apply? Fuck it, just accept me I can't be arsed... Too sick of makin' those damn LSDs and shit. Sign me up. - Jason Nightwood.
  5. I can tell you that the reason isn't necessarily the number of medics that are on, or off duty. It is more about the calls they receive. 90% of the calls MD receives are usually duplicate calls. Unlike calls that the injured person made themselves which close themselves if he is brought to MD/dies. Duplicate calls remain active until a medic actually closes them. This not only wastes a large amount of time for medics by driving to each call's location. But also adds to the frustration and boredom of being a medic. Now, to the injured people themselves. most players on this server, usually enjoy earning more. And not roleplaying more, this comes into the form of ridiculous bad RP in most of the medical roleplay that is made every day. An example can be easily given, this being the "broken leg". As you, and I'm assuming many other players know. The typical roleplayer in ECRP will most of the time avoid giving detailed /do's and /me's. And would rather give one-line answers to any roleplay medics attempt to do with him. This is another factor which adds to the frustration medics experience most of the time. While you or anyone may think this cuts down the duration of time it takes for each medic to finish a simple roleplay scenario like this. It does not, as usually. The people that do so, take their time with their roleplay. As slow as it may be. This, alongside the previous factors I've mentioned. Really take the fun away from being a medic. Don't you think? In short, players would rather stand afk at a drug lab to buy that AK of theirs, then roleplay. On a roleplay server. To your suggestion (increasing their salary). I don't believe it is necessary. From my experience, most medics joined MD in the first place for the roleplay. Not the pay, in the first place. This is a Role-play server. Not a "Money-making server". None the less, you'd be surprised to know. Medics make a nice amount of cash, they receive an extra 200$ for each player they bring to MD. So, let me sum this up: MD's problem is not within it internally. But mostly due to the players that play on ECRP. From constant stalling to no knowledge in /do's and etc. Increasing MD's faction treasury so it may increase it's employee's budgets, will not help. They already receive more than most factions. If you really believe MD won't come for you when you're injured, why do you risk yourself constantly and end up injured? If you think MD is doing a bad job, maybe try to join it yourself. Try and change things up, see how it is from their perspective. I'm sure you'd enjoy the duty of responding to 8 calls, attempting to respond to each one as fast as you can. Kind Regards, HaminLord.
  6. ID 12 here, Jason Nightwood. I also want to mention something that @Hoxton_Curry did not, this being ID 131 power gaming. The power gaming rule is as follows: 6.4 Powergaming 6.4.1 Forceful roleplay, that does not give the other player a chance to roleplay their own response is considered powergaming. For example, a player may attempt to knock the other player unconscious by roleplaying it (using the /ME command),however the other player must be given a chance to roleplay the outcome of that action. 6.4.2 Roleplay of unrealistic actions is another form of power gaming. For example, roleplay of having superpowers, driving a vehicle while your character is handcuffed, shooting a weapon while your character is injured. 6.4.3 It is not allowed to input false information or lie in /DO as this roleplay command is used to explain the facts of a roleplay situation. For example, if your character is hiding a pistol and another player makes an attempt to search you, if the outcome of the search is successful, you must use /DO to state the roleplay fact that the pistol had been found. 6.4.4 Forceful server commands, such as, /HANDCUFF or /MUG are exceptions to the powergaming rule. During the video, it can be seen that ID 103 did the following in /do: Shortly after Hoxton's recording is finished, ID 131 continued by doing ridiculous /do's. His first one being something along these lines: "no, he can't search me as I kick his balls". (Again, this wasn't exactly what he said. Yet he said something along those lines. However, due to the new Unix time staff can easily see his chat history.) We attempted to explain to ID 131 that what he is doing is wrong, yet he completely ignore us. Not only did he break FearRP, yet he also breached 6.4.2, as he was IC'ly on his knees, making it impossible for him to "kick us in the balls so we can't search him" A few moments later when cops arrived, he got on his feet. And began shooting us. Still having an AK pointed to his head. Now, to ID 105. After the situation was concluded. I, Tom, Henk, and Lucas all returned to the scene. Only to see ID 131 and ID 105 (there were perhaps more, yet I am not sure) standing outside a house's doorstep. They both entered the house, a few seconds later. ID 131 got out of the house, we aimed our weapons at him (2 AKs, and an SMG) yet he simply got back into the house, locking the door as he does. Then, ID 105 got out as well, we once again aimed our weapons at her head. Yet a second later, she started walking off, shortly taking her pistol out and attempting to shoot us. I believe one of us had a video of the incident, and I will try to put my hands on it so I can post it here. Kind Regards, HaminLord.
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