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  1. Date and time (provide timezone): 18/Sep/2019. (Bug's been all day, maybe even earlier then it, no specific hour or minute) Character name: Jason_Nightwood Issue/bug you are reporting: Marijuana seeds plantation zones not showing up as they used to in drug labs after the option to display them is selected. Expected behavior: The plantation zones should have large white boxes indicating to players where they can plant and where they can't. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Simply walk upto any drug-lab menu and press the "Display markers" option, it'd notify you that the plantation area's been marked with white boxes, however no markers or white boxes are present. Vehicle license plate number*: N/A
  2. As per the title, make it so that /cuthair will require some form of OOC consent, whether if it just consent soley for the command or for torture as a whole. As of now, almost every robbery ends up with the robbed party having its hair cut, while it is extremely minor and only serves as a visual feature really, the idea that every robbery ends with the robbed party going bald seems kind of stupid for me. This doesn't contribute at all to the roleplay in most if not all scenarios and incidents, as people usually just meme with this command leading to people constantly going to the barber shop and spending 1k or so retreiving their old haircut. While again, it is quite minor, it doesn't serve almost any meaning in most if not all situations and soley exists as a meme in most situations, I myself have never heard of a robbery in which the robbed party had its hair cut off. At the moment it simply serves as another way to piss someone off or meme about, having no benefits to a person who cuts the hair of another person other than a few laughs. Feel free to share your opinions, but the suggestion itself is quite simple, make it so /cuthair would require some OOC consent (torture, etcetera) from the party it is being used on.
  3. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Ilai_Daniels/Jason_Nightwood. Character to Transfer To: Jason_Nightwood/Ilai_Daniels. Requested Transfer: 1x Hackucho Drag (From Ilai to Jason) 1x Furore GT (From Jason to Ilai) Reason for Transfer: IC Reason: Jason and Ilai have both been interested in investing in different car brands and models, wishing to flip off certain vehicles in order to either make profit or find a new vehicle to suit their ever-changing needs. They've agreed to trade 2 High-End vehicles between one another, with Jason handing the Furore GT to a middleman from Vice City who has signed a contract in regards to assisting with the trade, and Ilai handing him an Hackucho Drag. Two vehicles who's value roughly average at around 235k US Dollars from Vehicle Dealerships. OOC Reason: Just wish to try the vehicles on the two different characters as I don't tend to use them as much and feel like they can be put to more use on the other character, asked around whether if such a "trade" is allowed which is why I'll be posting it as a transfer request to be sure, as both vehicles are valued around the same value making this less of a transfer of funds/assets. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? With the help of a trusted friend.
  4. HaminLord

    Gang Wars

    No, if you really want wars to be valuable as they used to be then the re-addition of turfs can help, but encouraging permanent KOS for the duration of the war will not help the roleplay quality but just decrease it by a massive extent. It wouldn't help the OOC relations between players either, and will most likely drop those relations by a ton, warranting more reports, false or not. Oh wait, what's that? There's already something like this on GTA! https://www.rockstargames.com/GTAOnline/
  5. First of all, there already are strict policies and rules regarding this. Second of all, sure, I have your number, what can I do with it? Text you for that Dukes you put on High-End? If you remove the feature, not only will it affect tracing which happens rarely than you'd expect, but a large part of the LSPD's tasks, including but not limited to finding stolen vehicles and contacting the owner(s), finding stolen firearms and contacting the owners and etcetera. If you truly have, file an IA report regarding the number, if its from unkown, you're more than welcome to ask a staff member so you may file an OOC IA report or even a forum report for not conducting faction duties. I find it hard to believe someone would do this without a valid cause, and I'm also sure that if you take action against it by looking for whoever did it and making sure you forward it to his superiors he will be punished accordingly.
  6. Sorry but what randoms traces are you talking about? I've never seen anyone "abuse" or "conduct random traces" in the LSPD, there is no benefit to it nor is it allowed. And quite surprisingly, I'm rather inclined to -1 this suggestion, the reason being to it is that RPly San Andreas is a police state, meaning that it wouldn't be that far fetched to imagine the government would have some sort of logs as to who bought what phone with what number. Even with this information, there is nothing I or almost any other member of the LSPD can do, we can text or call you sure, but at the end of the day the only people who can do anything with your number are members of IB, who have their own set protocols and procedures which to what I've heard, are taken seriously and strictly. On the other hand, I'd be totally down for something such as burner phones and whatnot, ones you could perhaps order through imports or simply buy from certain locations for a higher price than that of a standard phone which would have its own number, one that is not visible on the MDC while searching one's name.
  7. As far as I know, you can with any Senior Admin+'s permission.
  8. Looks nice, looking forward to seeing your interactions with other factions on the server!
  9. HaminLord

    ID299 ( NON-RP )

    https://streamable.com/ii1bb Pending Response.
  10. HaminLord

    ID299 ( NON-RP )

    Hello and thanks for reporting @domis! In the video, it can be seen that ID 299 | Jacob_Jordan @JacobJordan speeds up on an off-road hill, which leads to him flying with his bike high in the air for a few seconds before landing back on the road with full speed. Due to this, he will have 24 hours to respond with his side of the story. - HaminLord & @Zemaitc
  11. Pending @Dqniel, please be patient as this is being reviewed.
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