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    Praise Be the Bitch - Amelia Johnson

    *fortunate son* starts playing
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    Hello I'm Samo!

    Oof, welcome back.
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    HaminLord - Jason Nightwood (Metagaming appeal)

    I would simply tell a player who is breaching rules the rule he is breaking and how to stop doing so once, if he'll ignore me then I would simply /report and continue RP as much as I can. This was mostly done due to frustration, I did not want to waste my time on a forum report. A thing that happened anyway. Thanks for taking a look at this. Once again, I can assure both of you I will not repeat the same mistake.
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    HaminLord - Jason Nightwood (Metagaming appeal)

    Again, I had no intention to PM Steven Carwyn to get any sort of help. However, I will not argue further. I fully understand my mistake. And will make sure I will not repeat it in the future. The reasoning to me PM'ing a staff member was due to the same staff member being present in a scenario a second earlier while in /aduty. I can fully assure you @BallinByNature I will not repeat this mistake. Since my 2nd breach of metagaming, I've tried to avoid metagaming as best as I can. The entire appeal was made due to me thinking I'll receive a normal punishment. When I received the punishment and saw it was a minor one, I knew the appeal shouldn't have been made. I'm very aware of the metagaming rule and its definition. Which is why I was so afraid I'll receive a normal/major punishment when the information I sent in an OOC way was so minor. I am not blaming Steven Carwyn for not coming either, my intention was for him to help me explain to the reported party that their actions are not allowed. As at the time he had an alternate character in the same group as them. And I believed that if he would tell the reported party that, perhaps they'll listen out. Nothing more I can say, I understand my punishment and will make sure it will never be done again.
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    Dynamic Fishing

    If I'm not mistaken this was brought up a few weeks ago as well. With no doubt, for me this is a +1. Actually, I've never fished in ECRP when I first started off playing. The first and last time I was fishing was when I had 100k xp on my character and robbed a guy on the pier. This is the exact problem why Fishing needs to change in my opinion. And as of now, I believe the current system should change. Here is the current state with fishing for players who are unaware: The fishing job, located at the Del Perro Pier is perhaps the riskiest and annoying job in my opinion. Most of the time, it is even riskier and dangerous than the Farming Job. It does not pay that amazing and players can easily lose all of their progress. The reason is short and simple, while fishing players have no way to retaliate, fishing is usually done by new players and is a known location. Any man can drive up to the pier in his car, walk up to the fishing area and draw a gun out. Next 5 minutes and he'll have another Pistol and 6 fish on him. I myself have seen countless videos/in game situations in which fishermen get robbed and lose fish worth of 50 minutes. This is by no means hard to fix. In my opinion, it is actually really easy, and a not too complex system can be built. My suggestion is a direct expansion to Jay's short suggestion, but with a few features and ideas of its own. I believe that the pier location should stay. However, a welcome addition would be a "fishing shop" nearby or directly at that location. At this "fishing shop" players will be able to purchase fish bait, hooks and containers for the fish. From different bait to different hooks. However, if a player wishes to fish at the pier he can do so for free. However, put himself at a much higher risk of being robbed. Once in possession of a hook, bait or containers. Players will have the option to fish at any deep water location, this can include locations such as the following (Just a few examples. More can be added if the need arises): Alamo Sea Paleto Cove Procopio Sea Tataviam Mountains (The small lake near the dam) Vespucci Beach Mirror Park (The lake) Port Of Los Santos Chumash Beach Zancudo Beach Vinewood Lake Each one of the locations would have its own few fish, and they're rarity. A good example of this would be the following: Paleto Cove = Rare but expensive fish, your chance of catching them would be extremely low, using specific bait would increase your chances. Alamo Sea = Cheap fish, easily catchable. Procopio Sea = All kinds of fish, some being expensive which can only be caught with the use of high-quality hooks. As well as some low-quality fish, that will be easily caught and can be sold for low prices. To make sure players can't afk farm at one location and stockpile on hundreds of fish, players would have to buy expensive hooks and bait in order to have high chances of acquiring expensive and valuable fish, some of the fish types. Would also require special containers that can have higher item volumes to balance the stockpiling of fishing up. This can be expanded even further, but feel free to upvote this if you think this is a good suggestion.
  6. Account name: HaminLord Character name(s): Jason Nightwood, Rose Martin, Ilai Gotlin and Noam Gotlin Admin who issued punishment: @ChuckM Date of punishment: 6/1/2019 Punishment received: 3rd breach of Metagaming Reason given for punishment: (Chuck did still not add this to my panel however I will quote what he said on the report) "He also PM'd Steven Carwyn asking him to come back to where he was which is Metagaming." Your explanation of what happened: After me and my friend crashed, I relogged only to see the members who were chasing me using my crash to give them an advantage. I informed them over /b that this is not allowed and asked if we can please go and continue RP from the point when I crashed. Unfortunately, This did not work. A few seconds later, Steven_Carwyn who has an alternate character in the same group as them pulled up and said that it is indeed not allowed. Steven then sped off and was away from the scene. I believed that perhaps they will listen to him due to his alternate character and proceeded to PM him and ask him to come back. The reason I did this was due to how the Report Guidelines tell you to try and resolve the situation in OOC manners, and if that doesn't work to procceed into a report. I didn't want to waste time on a forum report so I asked Steven to come back in /PM to tell them that this is not allowed a 2nd time, as perhaps then they would've listened to him. Steven did not come, not benefiting any of the parties. Why should your appeal be accepted?: It was never my intention to make Steven come and assist as I was being robbed. But instead help me tell the reported party that their actions are not allowed and that we must resume RP from the point in which my crash gave them an advantage over me. Post any evidence or further details: The report that resulted in me getting a metagaming punishment. The evidence I sent to Chuck involving that report can be obtained by reaching Chuck or me (Hamin#0420), I have no problem sharing it with other staff.
  7. First of all, happy near year everyone. Jason Nightwood here. Lemme give you my side of the story, which I believe is important as well. The entire situation started as in the video, Hoxton planned to meet and sell 2 shotguns to Stranger 5369_2124 during the trade, the other 3 players which are involved in this report pull up in a Schafter V12 and tell Hoxton to as I quote: Hands up or die like a bitch. The reported party then begins to chase Hoxton and Lewis on the eastern highway all the way up to Paleto Bay, then Lewis and Hoxton timeout. Now, lemme show you why your attempts at making yourself clean in this report aren't going to work. Let me start with this, I'm assuming you know how to use Discord right? Well, as u can see when he tabs out his Discord username is as following: wesseltjuhh Weirdly enough, the same username is deafened in the very call u can see on screen. So, how exactly is he metagaming here? Now here's the other thing. U can see in the video Hoxton informed me through IC'ly manners that he was located on the eastern highway and was going north towards Paleto Bay. I arrived shortly after they both crashed. However, I did not know that both of them crashed and in my eyes it seemed like u shot the 2 of them and took their weapons. I proceeded to hide inside Paleto Bay with my Massacro and look at you driving forward and backwards on the street. I was looking at you and trying to figure out if u really did shoot Hoxton and Lewis, it is then that I saw Lewis reconnect and realized both of them crashed. U took his shotgun and shortly later drove off in the Pfister and Schafter, it is then that I drove towards Lewis and saw another person approach him. I believe it was Michael_Hazel however don't quote me tho. Anyway, as Michael approached Lewis he offered him a spot in his vehicle and the 2 drove around only to notice another one of the reporting party roaming around the street on foot. The 2 proceeded to chase him on foot. I was near them on the other side of the street, then. Lewis and I shot the man and finished him off. This brings up my question how did u know "your friends" were there in the first place? He had no way to tell you this through IC'ly means due to the NLR rule nor did u notice me hiding and watching you from Paleto Bay. Now, to my other point. I find it very suspicious that the player who u say had no connection to you repeatedly texted shortly after u began chasing Hoxton and Lewis. And no, it was not only the text u sent to Hoxton. U sent around 5 texts in the span of 2 minutes, As u can see in Hoxton's screenshots. It is alot more than the texts he received from you. Aside of that, throughout the entire day I saw 4 people in the same Schafter v12, however for some reason during the deal the same people with the same clothes I've seen earlier that day were missing one person. I assume its pure coincidence? Now, to my third point. As u may know the 7.8.2 rule states the following: 7.8.2 In a situation, where a player’s game crashes or the player is kicked from the server, they should be allowed to have the same advantages as they have had before their leave. Now u may ask yourself, why did I bring that up? Well, its because I believe u didn't fill in @MusketDeezNuts with full information about the situation. As u said yourself and I quote: "you crashed into a wall then went offline" Now lest think logically here. Would Hoxton drive into a wall on his own? Would he crash on purpose when being chased by 3 people and having valuable and expensive equipment on him? The answer is simple: No. Its clear that u knew the crash resulted in the timeout of @verydoge12 and @nukkie however, u chose to ignore it and to what I believe. Tell Musket only part of the full story. That part being the crashing of Hoxton and Lewis into a wall and only then the timeout. Now to my fourth and final point. It is clear that no one of the players who were inside the Schafter v12 informed each other of their plans to rob you. I believe that you were all metagaming using a third-software party. but as I know, metagaming is almost impossible to be found guilty of without solid proof. Which is why I don't expect anything to come out of my accusation. I would also like to remind Mask 6169_3000 to make sure the players he attempts to rob can hear him telling them to "put your hands up or die like a bitch". In case Hoxton roleplayed rolling his windows up there could've been a chance IC'ly, he would've not been able to hear you from the first place. Nor would he be able to hear any of the others players that were inside the Schafter V12. I'd also like to suggest to all 3 of you to improve your robbing RP, coming up to someone and telling him to put his hands up is no rule break. However, as I and many others view it doing said action is Poor RP at its core, no criminal will come up to his victims on a public street and give them demands under gunpoint. I've said what I believe I should've said. I'd be more than happy if @MusketDeezNuts handles this report due to him being present half-way through or any other staff member as this report remained open for some time now, and I'd like to see our shotguns returned to us. Once again, I wish everyone involved or anyone that is reading this a happy new year. Yours, Hamin.
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    All information written in the following post is to be taken OOC'ly only, using any of the information provided here in an IC'ly matter would be considered mixing and meta-gaming. Shortly after the disbanding of Amnesia, Tom Daniels along with Lucas Daniels began to stockpile on weapons on drugs. While their third mate Hoxton Curry would go and join Shadow Cartel, the 2 brothers began to work on their own. Raiding houses, drug labs and ensuring a large stock of heavy weapons. It is then that the 2 brothers met Jason Nightwood, the brother of Shadow Cartel board director Jax Nightwood. Jason Nightwood, unlike his brother aimed for a more legal way of life. After failing his first interview Jason joined Los Santos Customs and progressed his way until he became a Roadside Trainee, shortly after joining Los Santos Customs. Jason met Tom and Lucas once as he was servicing them. From their first interaction with one another, the 3 became close friends. He later learned through the history of the city after hearing stories from the 2, on how once the 2 were a part of a group called Syndicate and on the re-organizing it had into Amnesia which later collapsed. Through them, he would understand how easy it is to earn money through illegal ways in the city. It is then when he met Hoxton Curry as well and learn on how Hoxton was wanted for more than a month at the time of their introduction. After a 3 days' time, Jason would be fired from LSC due to accessory to robbery, looking for the right time to turn his legal life into a more illegal one, Jason used the chance to contact Tom and ask for assistance in escaping imprisonment at Bolingbroke. As the cruiser stopped at the Pillbox medical center Tom and Jason both escaped the Police and drove north, then Jason decided he had enough living under the tyranny of the current government in Los Santos and not having the ability to stand up for himself in the city. Jason, alongside Tom used his connections to acquire an arsenal of heavy weapons. Which would later server purpose in acquiring narcotics which were used to fund Jason's illegal way of life. While this was going on, Tom Daniels and Lucas Daniels were expecting one of their family relatives. Houston Daniels, to arrive at the Los Santos International Airport. Meeting with their brother, Tom and Lucas helped him establish a few connections in the city alongside an arsenal of weapons and narcotics he would sell for extra funds and assets. Now, with the right tools and motivations for a criminal life. Jason, Lucas, Tom, and Houston met each other. Looking towards the future of their lives, the 4 agreed to form a small group of their own. They'd call the group "Authority". The mantle was simple: They don't get orders. But instead, enforce their policies and demands on rival gangs and groups. Using their arsenal of weapons and money they made from supplying the less known criminals of Los Santos with heavy weapons and drugs they began to raid houses and mess with gangs four times larger than their size. A couple of days later, Tom would contact one of the old members of Syndicate before the re-organization: Arian Grayston. And would soon inform him about their plans, joining without a doubt. Arian was the 5th member to be a part of Authority. The following week would be a major success for Authority. Together, the 5 members managed to acquire themselves more heavy weapons. From a sniper-rifle they later sold to 12 more AKs which would be acquired by Jason after the raiding of a house in Sandy Shores. Authority began to sell their stock of weapons and by doing so would build up funds for a massive order of factory-new weapons that would be bought directly off one of Shadow Cartel's imports due to a contract signed by Tom Daniels and a high ranking member of Shadow Cartel, the contents of the order would be around 800k worth of weapons, who would be stored up in a remote safehouse who's location was known only to the members of Authority. Shortly later, Flip Daniels. Another member of the Daniels family would arrive in town and would meet up with Tom and Lucas, shortly later. He would be the 6th member of Authority. Now, Authority looks to increase its numbers and achieve an even larger scale of weapons trade and narcotics sales all across the city. As of now, Authority is spending most of their time acquiring an even larger stock of weapons by raiding houses and drug labs in coordinated attacks, they roll around in a group and always inform the others on the radio if any potential rewards can be earned. Most of the time the members of Authority go around and chill, some would call their behavior "childish" and "immature" whether if that's true or not. Whenever Authority receives information of possible heavy weapons or large amounts of narcotics that can be acquired they focus and become as much serious as they can. Aside from that, Authority is also reaching out to possible new recruits into the organization, however. Authority focuses on quality over quantity. By no means is Authority's goal to achieve the largest number of members. The process of recruitment into Authority is not a short and easy one by any means, Authority makes sure that any recruits that join are heavily equipped and know how to handle themselves. This comes into play in a couple of forms, one of them being how Authority frequently tests out its new members by getting them into troublesome situations and seeing how they handle in them. Finally, Authority is going around and making sure that their presence in the city isn't one to go un-noticed. Whenever a person messes with one of the members of Authority. The rest gather up and make sure that the person will not do so again, sometimes this is done by force. And sometimes, it is done with friendly communication. However, Authority always looks for a way to make gains and profit from any situation. The main goal of Authority currently is to be one of the largest weapons suppliers in the city. With its large supply of heavy weapons Authority aims to make a large profit from the buying and selling of weapons. Currently, Authority has already begun to do so. However, it aims to reach much greater heights then it currently is at. The second goal of Authority currently is to make itself known. While some of the members are already known throughout the city and different criminal organizations, Authority seeks to make everyone know that they should not be taken lightly. While some people might consider them weak due to their small number of members and lack of response times at some hours of the day. Authority can pack a punch, and it aims to let everyone know that messing with Authority will ensure the people doing so will feel suffer, agony and pain due to their actions. Authority is by no means against everyone, they attack only those who attack them. While they try to keep everything peaceful Authority provokes other criminal organizations if they think that any sort of profit or gains would be acquired from the situation. However, Authority is actively looking for a close ally. One with the same ideology and goals as Authority. - We always follow the server rules and try to give the best RP experience to ourselves and everyone who is included in said RP situation. - Long-Term Inactivity is something we do not tolerate in Authority. Members who will be inactive for some time must inform the other members of this. - We always try to make gains from any situation we are in, if no profit is gained in said situation. It is best if we do not spend time that can be spent on other actions that can come in shape of any sort of reward. - We keep our friends close, but our enemies closer. If someone interferes with our operations and actions, we don't let this go un-noticed. We make sure that the individual knows not to repeat the same mistake again. Authority is by no means lead by one man, everyone can share their opinions and what actions they believe should be done in specific situations. Therefore, Authority does not have a single "leader". However, Authority's older and more experienced members are the ones usually calling out the shots in most of the situations. When a member of Authority breaks one of the rules or goes against what Authority believes in, causing major problems to Authority in the process. His future in Authority would be discussed between the oldest of oldest members in Authority. While in the city, the members of Authority usually hang out at select locations throughout the city of Los Santos and its outskirts. Authority usually focuses on waiting for the right moment to strike. And whenever that moment comes they group up and focus their skills and equipment in a situation where they see major rewards in. If one of the members of Authority is being robbed, threatened or shot. The rest group up and speed of to assist the member who requires the help. In case they are too late or arrive when the aggressors have already run away. Authority seeks out the people that caused the aggression and makes sure they will never do so again.
  12. Hey, sorry for not sharing the video here. Just contains a bit of stuff from my irl life. I'd be more than happy to pm you the video on discord. Feel free to add me, Hamin#0420 is my username.
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    Jason Nightwood / HaminLord (Invalid VNN)

    I don't really understand how I may know this rule, it's not written in the official rule book of ECRP and isn't written in the F6 Menu. http://prntscr.com/lxywty http://prntscr.com/lxywxd
  14. Account name: HaminLord Character name(s): Jason Nightwood Admin who issued punishment: @Aldari_Tagril Date of punishment: 21/12/2018 Punishment received: Invalid VNN kick (yes, I am aware it is supposed to act as warning but I don't think it should have been given in the first place) Reason given for punishment: "Invalid VNN", Aldari kicked me 3 minutes after I bleeted the following "Jax is a fat boi" A minute later, Jax_Nightwood (My IC'ly older brother) bleeted the following "At least I'm not Jason who did a threesome with somalian alah gang" Your explanation of what happened: The last 2 days me and Jax were having a laugh using the bleets, we were making jokes about each other. For example, a day earlier I bleeted the following: "Looking for a drag, holla at me with offers 3321507" Jax replied with his own bleet which is the following: "Don't buy from my brother he scams peoeple" Why should your appeal be accepted?: I don't really see why this kick/warning (however u would like to call it) should have been given in the first place, as in that bleet I have not violated the 3.4 rule which is the following: 3.4 Global announcements 3.4.1 Global announcements cannot contain offensive content (both IC and OOC). 3.4.2 Global announcements must only contain IC content. 3.4.3 Global announcements cannot be used to advertise illegal merchandise or activities. Post any evidence or further details: Picture of the bleets I was kicked for
  15. I've PM'd you on discord with the footage.