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  1. Wow! Really enjoying the roleplay these last three people have been posting! Keep it up!!!
  2. Known people in Triads for such a fair bit now, sad to see this happening. Thanks for all the fun experiences.
  3. Date and time (provide timezone): 28/OCT/2020 5:30 PM UTC Character name: Ilai_Daniels Issue/bug you are reporting: Whenever the Crown Victoria is taken out (/fspawn police), it seems to get the flat lights change into the bulky lights after being spawned in, something which wasn't the case prior to the new /modview update. Expected behavior: Should sometimes spawn with the bulky ones and the flat ones, staying with each respective version and not changing as it did so in the past prior to the update. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to repli
  4. Hey, I'm just going to say that I'm sorry. This was never my intention and I didn't mean for you to think that, it's a sad reality that this is a real-life police tactic which I simply RPed due to you running away and honestly, I simply wanted to RP something I would've done with anyone. If you'd know me OOC'ly, I can assure you that you'd be able to see just how much I despise stuff like this, and how this was not directly targeted at you, or any of Shamel' stream viewers. I didn't expect for that to be taken into consideration really and I only realized that Shamel was offended by that
  5. The issue with that's that most people RP shit that will never lead to their death, i.e a broken leg, road rash, a few cuts, and etcetera.
  6. Somewhat recently reinstating into the Los Santos Police Department, Ilai Daniels was more than stoked to see what became of some of his old colleagues and friends, whether if they remained around, and if so, what has become of them and their rank. While on a standard routinely patrol, by Del Perro Beach, Ilai received a radio transmission from an old friend of his and another reinstatee to the LSPD, Detective Mike Adams. The two have known each other for sometime, and used to patrol together very frequently back in the day, as such, it wasn't a surprise to see the two under the same unit
  7. Title says it all. Don't think it makes any sense to see someone have a macro set up that will have them RP taking out a Micro-SMG, M4 and a kevlar vest in less then just 5 seconds. I don't see a single reason to really be against something like this, the timer doesn't have to be long, it will simply create a few moments in which PD/SD or even DOC can take a few more moments into planning and setting up instead of just having cruisers rush in one after the other creating an unrealistic incident while making sure people actually put in effort into their RP and don't just automatically se
  8. As the title implies, the suggestion's fairly simple - Remove the protection new players receive on their belongings upon death. I.E a new player is shot while having a stolen .50 on his person, should he not be looted before he fully bleeds out in the injured state the .50 would re-spawn with him in MD. This creates an awkward situation in which effort is being put into keeping new players alive for longer just for the ability to loot them before they bleed out. This shouldn't be the case in my opinion, I've seen countless situations and incidents where the above happened (Whether if i
  9. HaminLord

    Los Zetas

    Just going to leave this here, a picture I helped Zetas take for its first version of its faction thread on its 1st or 2nd day on the server, it was taken on the 21st of September, 2018. I think it goes without a say that this has been one of the most successful factions on the server, and I've nothing but respect for everyone who was both a member and a higher-up in this group. From being just a member of another friendly group back in the day, then one Zetas' faction management handler during my time as Senior Support, and even a trial for a few days I've nothing but appreciation for
  10. HaminLord

    Four Seas Order

    Recently returning to Los Santos, Jason Nightwood was looking for an opportunity to return to his old ways of life and secure a stable way to acquire funds and make a living. After meeting with a few old Triads, he was told of The Four Seas Order, and after speaking with Jae, he was gladly accepted in. Although Jason very recently got himself a job at Bayview Auto Center, he was more than happy to be a part of a crew again, especially one where he knew the majority of members. After his long absence, Jason knew that some of his weapons and equipment wasn't in the best shape,
  11. Very noticeable improvement, the Walton Crime Family one is a great video to be honest. Probably one of the best I've seen made on Eclipse as a whole.
  12. Although I've not seen the faction in-game for the last 2 or so months (Due to some obvious reasons), I think the recent frequent & detailed role-play posts on this thread have been amazing and constantly held up-to a very high standard of writing and storytelling. Looking forward to read on future posts, all have been great in my opinion.
  13. I'm in your sig 😄

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