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  1. HaminLord

    Mask 8107_7450, Mask 3797_7496, etc DM, FailRP

    Listen. If u want me to show you how dumb what you are saying is. Let me do just that. If u look at the most recent report I made one of your friends breaks FearRP. 20 minutes before that entire scenario me and Lewis_Miller witnessed as you metagamed by grouping up at a random location without saying anything on the radio. How do I know this? Because ur nametag never switched to an orange one nor did u even type in chat. And dont tell me u always meet at that place as you frequently changed locations while we followed you. And dont tell me this is a lie, I have the footage but I rather not get involved in a report against so many people. This is exactly what you are blaming them for. Which compared to you, didnt do. I wont be commenting more on this report as I dont want to recive 20 warning points. I'm extremely fine with reciving the warning points for the messages I've already typed. Good luck to everyone and hopefully we can all end this maturely and in a friendly way. No need to blame each other and be aggresive towards each other.
  2. HaminLord

    Mask 8107_7450, Mask 3797_7496, etc DM, FailRP

    I'm gonna write this again. This attempt to target Bitsy is just stupid. Why even mention her when u can hear at least 7 other people "metagaming on discord" in the video Jay sent? I can tell you this now. As someone who is in the Zetas discord I never see them in the voice channel metagaming. When they are in it what do they do? Listen to music and chill together. If u have proof and u think they are make a seperate report and let staff handle this one without going through the many replies u made in order to blame them for things they haven't done.
  3. HaminLord

    Mask 8107_7450, Mask 3797_7496, etc DM, FailRP

    I'm not involved in this and I totally agree with staff giving me warning points for this. But this? This is just complete non sense. Putting a 3 months old video of Bisty and calling it "evidence" is the stupidest thing I've seen this month. It is just an attempt to put blame on Zetas. Were she actually metagaming? Thats a seperate topic. And how is it connected to this? Even if she metagamed it doesn't mean she still is, we all make mistakes and usually we don't do them again. I'm 100% sure that Bisty didn't metagame in this report. Focusing on her sighs is just an attempt to accuse her. Why was it so important for you to say she spoke when so many others spoke too? And whats this thing about the path? We all know it takes time for the Contender to turn, and at the speed Jay was going I think we both agree he couldn't take the 2 other paths u guys showed. To me this seems like a false accusation u guys are making on Zetas metagaming. Think they are metagaming? Make ur own report about it no need to spam this one with bullshit claims. We all know about the radio glitch and I had it today when I logged on. Now stop targeting ur enemies ans trying to sound smart. This was simply a glitch.
  4. HaminLord


    Early morning in Sandy Petting the city wildlife @MusketDeezNuts Early night at Lumber Mess with the best die like the rest
  5. HaminLord

    Mask 9976_7869 (FearRP)

    First of all, thanks for the reply! Now let us get to the report itself and why I made it. At 3:09 I pull my pistol out and aim directly at your head you put your hands up, I then give you 2 warnings by telling you "come on get ur hands up and get on your knees" u ignore this command. I then give you the second warning, this time by "on your knees on your knees come on" once again u completely ignore the demand only then u start to walk towards the front of the contender. I then fire a bullet at you for not complying, your response? You completely ignore it and continue walking normally. Now before u say my VOIP was down here is a quote said by staff: "For future reference please remember to use /b /o or /ooc to make all parties aware if you can't hear one another to avoid this situation in the future." If my VOIP was down, why not just tell me in OOC chat earlier? Now to the next thing. At 3:54 we do take our pistols off ur head, but they are still in close proximity to you, the FearRP rule states: 7.1.2 Examples, where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger: • When you are on foot and a weapon is aimed at you at close range; And yeah sure, our pistols weren't on, yet still we we're at close proximity and it would take us less than a second to aim them at you and shoot you in case you pulled your own pistol. Furthermore I want to ask you for your opinion, if a man gets shot in the chest would he be able to walk and aim normally? Furthermore I am 99% sure that a player with the amount of xp you have knows to use the /down command. May I ask you why crouch? did u really not know the command or did u just want to buy time for your friends to strike?. I would also like to adress how u leave the server a second after both of us respawn in MD, like you thought staff was coming and u were guilty? or perhaps u needed to relog to fix your voip? I would also like to adress how u said "Hujetos" at 0:09. And I'm sure both of us know that Hujetos is a word in Lithuanian and not in English. any reason for that? I'm not a lithuanian speaker but I know that Hujetos aint a word in English. Thank you for reading this. - Hamin
  6. HaminLord

    Mask 9976_7869 (FearRP)

    Player(s) being reported: Mask 9976_7869 Date of rule breach: 13/11/2018 Time of rule breach: 5 PM UK Time Your characters name: Yuval_Gotlin Other players involved: Nicholas_Pandolfi Specific rule broken: 6.6 Non-roleplay 6.6.1 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. 7. PvP rules 7.1 Fear roleplay 7.1.1 Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s life in situations where your safety is in immediate danger when the attacker is in a position to quickly end your life at will. This can come in a form of having a weapon aimed at your character’s head at close range, where reaching for your own weapon would result in you being killed instantly, or where your life is in direct danger and any attempt to resist would result in your immediate death. 7.1.2 Examples, where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger: • When you are on foot and a weapon is aimed at you at close range; • When the engine of your vehicle is stalled and a weapon is aimed at you at close range; • When the attacker lowers their weapon to write a roleplay response, your life remains in direct danger; 7.1.3 Examples, where your character’s life is NOT considered to be in direct danger: • When you are in a vehicle which engine is not stalled; • When you have a firearm drawn prior to the other person aiming their weapon at you; • When the attacker’s view is obstructed by an object or when they are distracted and turn their back on you; 7.1.4 As a victim, whose life is in direct danger: • You must display reasonable value for your life and comply with the demands of your attacker; • You cannot call 911, call your friends or allies to aid you, because that would be failure to comply; How did the player break the rule?: After surrounding him and hes friends me and the rest of Mercia (basiclly everyone that wore gray) along with David_Quattro and Aleksey asked them to get out of their vehicles and put their hands up. After the trophy truck rammed all of us half of us started having a gunfight with the people that stood on top of the north drug lab. I remained behind the contender and aimed a pistol at the reported party telling him to put his hands up and get on his knees. He doesn't listen and starts moving towards the front of the contender, I give him a warning shot which he ignores ICly not roleplaying any injury and crouches by holding C. He then procceeds to tell me my VOIP is down in /b which doesn't make sense as till now he heared me completly fine. I put my pistol down and type "ON YOUR KNEEES", meanwhile to keep him at gunpoint Nicholas aims his pistol at the reported party, I then quickly look towards the gun fight that is happening as we are doing this. Then the reported party continues to walk while on gunpoint by Nicholas and takes his pistol as he starts shooting us. Shortly after we all re-spawn in MD, I ask him in OOC why he did that but from what I think he combat-logged so that I cannot save his ID or tried to avoid an admin in case one was present there. He then returns a few minutes later and starts telling me "why forums u little baby". Evidence of rule breach:
  7. HaminLord

    New Business Idea

    -1. Food and ETC is perfect as it is. Letting more people become richer and own these "burger joints" will just break the economy and inflate the prices. If u really want to have more player owned buisness then let convience stores be ownable. However if that will be the case, make the import prices of differerent items high to balance the economy out.
  8. HaminLord

    More Citybee Locations

    -0 As someone that worked in DCC and currently working on another character I know how annoying Citybees are for taxi drivers as they literally take all the calls. In the current state taxi drivers spend 60% of their time standing in 10-9 locations (locations where they wait for calls such as The Los Santos Bank and ETC) adding more Citybees will raise that number to 75% or even more as many of the calls taxi drivers handle are High End and Low End calls. On the other hand what u said is valid and true as many times there are no taxi drivers online and working and it can be a pain in the ass looking for a ride. Therefore I am staying neutral on this suggestion.
  9. HaminLord

    Stranger 4269_2983(6.6.1,5.3.1)

    Not involved but I know both of these players and I see them frequently. If @MusketDeezNuts approves is it possible for me to help them transfer the items due to how different their timezones are?
  10. Gas Stations Currently in order to fuel your car u must have ur engine off and hold the O key, while this sounds fine and normal its super annoying due to some players doing other actions that stop the fueling such as: using chat, sending texts on the phone, Alt+tabbing and ETC. I belive this needs to change, my suggestion for this would be to have a command that players can use to set amount of gas they want to fuel in their vehicle, an example of this would be as following: /fuelgas 50. This would still require the car to have its engine off and while fueling the car cant be turned on. It would still take time for fuel to go up and at any point a player can do a command to stop this such as: /stopfueling. This can let players do other tasks meanwhile and just avoid the usless time spent holding the O key. My other suggestion for Gas Stations is to have the ability to select the amount of fuel a gas can would have. They would be more expensive than fueling gas normally (owners can set the price) and players would be able to select how much gas they want to put in them. An example would be as following: if I want to buy a gas can with 50% fuel and the normal fuel price would be 10$ per gallon I would pay 15$ per gallon (owners can set their own prices) yet it would be stored up in the gas can and can be used later at any place or time. Gun Shops My gun shops suggestion is less than a tweak and more of an added feature. My idea is to add "Weapon Tints" which are already available in GTA V story mode and GTA Online. The weapon tints could be easily bought and installed on pistols in gun shops for prices the owners will decide. It doesn't have to be custom tints either and a small selection of the original weapon tints is enough. For heavier weapons my idea is that when buying multiple tints players would have the ability to merge (for example) 5 normal blue pistol tints into one blue ak tint. Further more u can add a crafting system that will allow multiple tints to form into one tint if the colors match and make sense (especially the tints from the Doomsday DLC for GTA V Online). Please leave ur thoughts about this with a +1 meaning u want this to happen and a -1 if u disapprove of this. Also please let me know why u are against it if u decide to reply with a -1.
  11. HaminLord

    [ACCEPTED] Mask 5300_1732 Non-RP, FearRP

    I'm not accusing you I'm just pointing out facts. If the mod that reviewes this will decide to give me warning points I have no problem, but I belive an investigation should be opened as currently all evidence points to you ban evading.
  12. HaminLord

    [ACCEPTED] Mask 5300_1732 Non-RP, FearRP

    Again. He is not me neither is he @verydoge12's friend. We are simply stating facts showing how u Ban-Evaded so mods can be aware of this and make sure this server wont be full with rule-breachers. Of course if u have solid evidence ur not b3paulius then its all good. But rn? Its pretty obvious ur him.
  13. HaminLord

    [ACCEPTED] Mask 5300_1732 Non-RP, FearRP

    Its the exact same time.. And how is your voice so similar to the voice heared in videos that belong to b3paulius's plays tv account? Are u family or just a considence? We are not accusing you and I dont know the guy you are reporting. And yeah sure he broke FearRP yet you Ban Evaded which is even a larger rule breach.
  14. HaminLord

    [REJECTED] Mask 5747_9863, Stranger 2051_5734 (DM)

    First of all, you can clearly see in your evidence that Stranger 3221_495 is not aliased by you, and with your experience in the server I'm 100% sure you know to use the /alias command. Second of all, how do I know your actual friends? do u have any evidence that occurred before this scenario? if so feel free to put them here so you can have a valid point. First of all, I didn't point the weapon at you with intentions to rob or put your lives at stake, you can clearly see that I point the pistol at you for only a second and in case I really did want to injure you/damage your property/risk you lives by robbing you, wouldn't it make sense for me to keep you at gunpoint? I aimed towards you for a second to see who it is and if u propose any danger to us, which at first glance u didn't as Shayan spoke with you and you were calm. Second of all, you are saying I didn't comply with your demands when I didn't have a reason to as FearRP was not enacted due to you being in the car and simply telling us to stop. U are saying that if I tell someone to dance and he doesn't dance I'm able to shoot and injure him? of course not, there was no reason for me to comply with you as I faced no danger at that time. Once again, Do u have any proof of that? and if they really are your friends why not shoot us when we had a small gunfight? First of all, Mercia had nothing to do with this as this is the first time I'm even involved with a report against you or against Merica. So please keep un-needed chatter out of here. Second of all, DM is one of the worst rule-breaches in my eyes as it can waste a large amount of time of the player's play time. Third of all, you saying I don't care about which rule was broken and that I only want my enemies to leave the server is just one big lie. I make reports only when people Rule-breach. I was never involved with a report against you or a report against my friends. So once again please keep the unwanted stuff out of this report and stick professional. I'm not wasting people's times yet making sure that no Rule-Breaches take place in order to not hurt another player's roleplay experience. Not adding any more replies until staff review this. Thank you.
  15. Player(s) being reported: Mask 5747_9863, Stranger 2051_5734 Date of rule breach: 1/11/2018 Time of rule breach: around 10 PM UK Time Your characters name: Yuval_Gotlin Other players involved: Shayan_Klep, Stranger 3221_495, Mask 6497_522 Specific rule broken: 7.2 Deathmatch 7.2.1 Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player (or damaging their property) without a proper roleplay reason. An attempt to break this rule will result in a temporary or permanent ban. 7.2.2 Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to harm, hurt you or damage your property (or if they attempt to do the same to your friends or allies), this also includes an attempt by the police to arrest someone; • If they report you to the police for a committed heavy crime, however, if someone reports you for a light crime, such as illegal parking, then the reason is insufficient; • If they are not in compliance with the demands or if they attempt to escape or call other players for help; 7.2.3 A player cannot kill their victim, if the victim is in compliance with the demands. 7.2.4 A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands and warn the victim more than one time, if the victim is too slow to respond or react to the demands. 7.2.5 A player cannot force their victim to kill someone, if the enforcer does not have a valid reason to kill that someone. How did the player break the rule?: We we're robbing a guy that refused to go from LSC, then they pulled up and told us to not rob him (they did not knew him and he was not his friend). We ignored them until they talked with Mask 6497_522 who later pulled a pistol at them telling them to "Fuck Off". They drove a bit foward and then procceeded to shoot her, Shayan_Klep started to shoot in response in order to help Mask 6497_522, after Mask 6497_522 became injured Stranger 3221_495 ran and grabbed her stuff, I shot him duo to him not complying with our demands of telling him to get on his knees and not move or talk. Then I was shot by both of the reported players with no reason to KOS, as I never threatend their life nor did I actually damage them or their property. Evidence of rule breach: