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  1. Ever since the latest update (2.4.0) thirst and hunger have been introduced and added into the server. While I understand the reason and goal of this feature, and how it's meant to overall increase Roleplay by making it more realistic for players to eat and drink to not simply "heal" themselves, I'm not sure about the exact times until the hunger and thirst meter take to go completely down without eating or drinking anything. But from what I can only assume, it is around 15 minutes (Don't quote me, I'm only assuming from personal experience). Which in my, and many others (from what I have seen) is extremely fast. An example I can give is this: Police are chasing a criminal around the map, the pursuit takes around 10 minutes. And eventually becomes a foot pursuit, which later becomes a shootout. Overall, the entire situation takes roughly around 30-40 minutes (And maybe more if you include the actual scene that PD will manage after everything has calm down, treating the suspects, cuffing and etcetera). Due to the fast rate in which the hunger and thirst meters go down, both the criminals who are being pursued and the police officers who are pursuing them will need to stop mid-way through, and stand still. Eating or drinking during the situation as a whole. Another example I can think about is a simple traffic stop, sometimes. These traffic stops take around 10-15 minutes, and it is very possible in one of these traffic or felony stops. A certain suspect or cop would already be in need of food or water. This means that if both parties don't want to ruin the RP in a very non-realistic way (The death of the officer, or suspect due to them not eating or drinking) they would both have to OOC'ly drink or eat midway through the RP in order to keep it going. Overall, I believe (So do many people I have spoken about the recent update with) that the speed in which your thirst and hunger meter go down should be much slower than it is now. Not too slow, yet not too fast. I would say that around 1-3 hours, or even 4 hours for your thirst and hunger meter to go down fully would be a fine amount of time. As it would not take priority over some RP situations, nor would it be too slow to completely ignore. I understand that this is a very recent and new update and that some things will be possibly changed. So I'd thought I'd make this suggestion to bring up the idea of this being changed as well.
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  9. There is a system put in place for this, I will not go into it as it's quite complex. Yet, we were more than certain one of the suspects from the original scene was inside, after seeing he wasn't. We were about to leave and simply checked the bag before doing so as the entire shootout involved heavy weapons. It is then we found the stash and its illegal contraband, in case we wouldn't have found anything illegal in the bag. We would've simply left the house without taking any further action. At the end of the day, however, this is an IC problem. So, as you said yourself. Will have to be taken IC'ly through Internal Affairs. And as I said earlier, and now. We were more than certain one of the suspects ran into the house, seeing as we were wrong. We did not proceed to raid the other 2 apartments due to fear of breaching protocol. Instead, I detained the person and simply asked him a few questions. Resulting in us deciding if a suspect was present in the area, he wouldn't have been in the 2 other apartments.
  10. Hello! ID 145 here. Before I start the reasoning to the raid of your house, I just wish to add. That I and another Officer instructed 2 of your group's members (I do not know the names) to IA report both me and Marco. I provided the 2 with our badge numbers and instructed them to report us both if they believe we went against protocol as at the time, and even now. I believe this is mainly an in-character issue. With that said, I'll move onto the reason me and @MarcoD proceeded to raid your house. The entire situation began after a short raid of the mansion began, a few moments after it began. Multiple people from Los Zetas arrived at the scene and engaged the officers on the scene in a shootout. If I'm not mistaken, 3 officers died. With another 2 injured. After a few minutes of shooting, most of the shooters were down. With a few driving away, and a very small amount of them running into the mansion's property. Hiding in bushes and to our suspicion, the 3 apartment rooms. As we began rounding the bodies and injured people up, I began chasing a Bifta that was on the scene driving around with my Insurgent. It is then that I saw a man in a sand camo outfit run towards the house. And lost sight of him the second he passed a Dubsta that was parked outside, I quickly mentioned that on Tac. And proceeded to meet with Marco and ask him if he wants to go inside the house and check. As I was more than confident the man ran into the house and was involved in the shootout, I asked Marco permission to go inside and check. And so we did. Inside, we found a bag lying on the floor. I proceeded to check it quickly, looking to see if it has anything inside, it is then that I found the stash itself. Which in it, had multiple illegal weapons and contraband. As you can see in the same video you posted yourself, I detained one of you after seeing you run around, going through the normal procedures and checking if you were wanted. Which you weren't, without anything illegal on you. I simply let you go, without investigating the 2 other rooms. Believing that you wouldn't come outside if those were truly the houses you were hiding in. I want to clarify to you all, that Marco never hopped on /aduty throughout the entire situation. And that the raid itself was RPed fully, by both me and Marco. From /me's detailing me shooting the door's locks with breaching rounds to ram through it, and /me's detailing us taking the contraband we found in your stash. I do not fully understand how you would call this Powergaming, yet I believe this can clarify the entire situation for you guys. I'm sorry if you got the wrong impression from me and Marco, as we truly did not mean to put this impression up of us simply raiding your house and your house only. I hope you understand our reasoning to the raid now and hope I cleared your suspicions regarding Marco Metagaming and Powergaming. If you have any questions, please tag/quote me!
  11. Lets keep this sort of messages off from both sides, if you have a problem with @alexalex303's comment, please forward it to Lewis. As per our Player Report Guidelines, please avoid further commenting on this report unless if you have more evidence to show, or if asked by a moderator+. Thanks in advance!
  12. guys have u seen this 


  13. The LSPD Public Performance Survey's main goal is to receive some feedback from the general public. In the form of this questionnaire, the LSPD will be able to track down issues members of the public have, identify any potential mistakes we’re making and most importantly work out how we can better serve our community by continuing to protect and serve. The LSPD would appreciate if those willing to submit the questionnaire could please give us as much detailed feedback as possible, the main goal and purpose is that the Office of the Chief wishes to review the Los Santos Police Department from the view of the public, and accurately measure and identify the key metrics where we need to improve. All feedback is welcomed. In addition to the above, to show an appreciation to all citizens who take the time to complete this survey, we will be giving a cash prize to one lucky participant which will be selected at random of $55,000. (( We will completely ignore all troll comments made on this survey. We ask all who take part in this survey to provide answers in a respectful manner. As the survey will contain both IC and OOC sections, we ask you to answer as your character would in the IC sections. )) Message from Commander Lewis Langley, Bureau Coordinator of the Professional Standards Bureau and Commanding Officer of the Internal Affairs Division. "In an effort to serve the community and make all Los Santos and the state of San Andreas safer, we are requesting your assistance by providing the Los Santos Police Department with feedback about your experiences with the Los Santos Police Department. Your responses to the following questions will enable us to make better strategic and enforcement decisions about our policing approach. You may submit your response to this survey anonymously. " The LSPD Performance Public Performance can be found by pressing anywhere on this text. Commander Lewis Langley, Professional Standards Bureau Coordinator Los Santos Police Department's Public Relations (213)418-9838 - [email protected] Captain Jay Bacon, Commanding Officer Los Santos Police Department's Public Relations (213)516-1554 — [email protected] Police Officer III Ilai Daniels, Spokerperson. Los Santos Police Department's Public Relations (213)308-6997 — [email protected]
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