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  1. Seems like this issue no longer occurs. Post can be archived, thanks!
  2. There are currently over 15+ faction vehicles of MD, PD and SD roaming the map, the blip count is 68. Map still fails to show at least 1, other than the one I'm currently occupying.
  3. Date and time (provide timezone): 16/February/2020 Character name: Ilai_Daniels Issue/bug you are reporting: LSES Units (Cruisers/Ambulances) won't show up on the mini-map and pause menu map as intended, even without current blips reaching their maximum number of 100 at any given time, or the GPS still being put inside the vehicle's inventory. (Not sure if this is the same for DCC, so if any member of that faction could confirm/deny this, that'd be appreciated) Expected behavior: All faction vehicles should be displayed as long as their GPS' are inside the vehicle, and the current blip number has not reached 100. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Go on-duty in any LSES faction, check the mini-map or the normal map while faction vehicles are spawned in with GPS' inside of them. Vehicle license plate number*: N/A.
  4. Date and time (provide timezone): 11/Feb/2020 6 PM UTC Character name: Ilai_Daniels Issue/bug you are reporting: As per the title, the range for the /jail command is currently bugged. Expected behavior: You should be able to /jail people quite easily, as long as they're in the cell, as it always has been from what I remember it to be, yet since as of late the person you are trying to jail has to stand awfully close to the cell's door, as provided in the evidence below. This issue applies to all the 3 cells from what I've seen and experienced. After typing the command, they'll usually end up stuck in the bars and would be TP'd out of the cell shortly after, requiring them to go back into it manually with help of an LEO player to unlock the door. Quite minor, yet none the less should be an all around easy quality of life bug to fix as far as I know. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Simply attempt to /jail anyone who has active charges on him (For less than 45 minutes) in a prison cell at Mission Row/Sheriff's Department Station at Paleto. (Was told this issue takes place there as well by @RedHot, but can't confirm it myself) Vehicle license plate number*: N/A.
  5. pretty sure u misspelled support bro
  6. HaminLord

    Wall of Scammers

    I'd like to vouch for Harry Hornsby, known him for a bit now, overall a good and trusted person, has helped me in the past on multiple occasions. Other people who I believe can be vouched for include Joshua White @Charlie34, Chi Fang @krooks365, Jason Castillo @Dqniel, Li Kwang @Metrooo, and Jacob West @JakeInnit_. Who have all helped me in the past with transactions and whatnot, proving to be trusted individuals.
  7. 粘接 It was finally time for the Triads to gather together again, but for once in some time, it was for family, friends and love. The Triads' Dragon's Head and a Black Tiger were involved in a romantic relationship for some time, on the 7th of December the two have legally become partners for life, marrying each other during the early hours of the night at the Triads Island which has recently seen a new renovation to suit the event. Different allies, friends, members and more of the Triads have all arrived to be present at the bonding of the two, while three specific members of the Los Santos Triads were quite upset over the fact no Rabbi was brought over to address another present religion and make the wedding valid to them as well, the overall mood and feel for the event was high, everyone was happy and excited, all present in formal attire of different kinds. Drinks, snacks and music were presented to all who were present, keeping the event running until the late hours of the night. As the night ended, and the different people returned to their own accords and doings, a member of the Triads accompanied by an ally from Los Zetas began a quick lab run, going through the different narcotic labs throughout town in hopes of finding easy targets for some quick cash and reward. Their first location was a small abandoned liquor store by Sandy Shores, home to a small lab that served the local populace as their daily source of money and funds for their living. Upon arriving, the two quickly found another member of Los Zetas, injured close to the lab itself. With fears that perhaps the man was robbed and had the radio frequency of the group compromised, the two quickly checked up on him, ensuring he received help from medics shortly after. After running through the other narcotic labs throughout the county, the two decided to return towards Los Santos to regroup with the other Triads. With strong numbers being present, the Triads used the opportunity to conduct their regular meetings with the other criminal organizations and groups in town, starting with the group going by the name of Ballas, then West Coast Assassins, and finally The Outcasts. The results of each meeting were successful and efficient, relations were kept to a good and positive standard, with each group respecting one another and communicating in a friendly and honorary manner. Members from each group were introduced to one another, with a few phone numbers being exchanged. Overall, the entire day was great for the Los Santos Triads in all aspects, from their standing in the city, to their own personal relations with one another and the other groups that resided within Los Santos.
  8. With recent tensions brewing up from the on-going conflict with the Wanted and Russian Mafia, the Triads decided to chill around for a bit and pursue a way to efficiently make money without committing their entire day to the search of their rivals, starting their day off, two of the Triads made their way to Mission Row, looking for the keys of Lucy McMahon, who was arrested a day earlier and had them, alongside many other of her belongings, taken from her during the arrest. During their time at Mission Row, the two were met with a person who went by the name of Kalashnikov, claiming to be an old-timer in the city who recently went on a vacation, for some reason or another, the man began insulting and dissing the two Triads present at the station, making many racial and sexiest jokes and statements regarding the two. The two decided to take action and teach the man a lesson, finding him at the bank shortly after leaving the station, the two decided to lure the man to a nearby industrial area where they could attend their matters without the involvement of bystanders and etcetera. Shortly after, the two would tie the man onto a nearby pillar, taking his phone and all of his belongings away before leaving the place. At the time, a few other Triad members arrived into town, wishing to conduct a quick lab run to see if they can make some money, the entire roster that was around decided to meet up at a gas station before moving forwards with the run. The group went through multiple labs, however, once reaching LSD, the group stumbled across a small issue, the lab was occupied with a few members of the Russian Mafia, taking quick action, the group moved in with their weaponry and neutralized the three Russians inside, injuring and shortly later killing each and everyone of them, taking their belongings and money shortly after. Unfortunately for the Triads, a lone member of the group became deceased during the small exchange between the groups, deciding to ensure her bike is kept hidden and not taken to a local chop shop and scrapped for it's parts, the remaining Triads began lockpicking the bike, wishing to move it to a more discrete location. Shortly after, each member of the group headed out to complete his own accords, ending the short run successfully.
  9. Massive +1, never realized we're missing out on so much roleplay.
  10. With Sean Kimber finally arriving into Los Santos, things were looking good, Sean has secured himself a BF400 Dirt Bike and around 50,000$ US Dollars to his name, while it isn't much for the city's standards, it certainly was a good amount to start with. Beginning his day, Sean finally met Shepherd and Samantha Cross, officially fulfilling his goal of joining the group shortly after meeting them. The three would quickly have a short exchange of words between them, discussing what is to be and what they are going to do in the near future, before they could finish however, Sean required to head upstate to his motel in order to pay his rent, ending the first meeting of the three before it could really start, each of them parting ways to return to his own accords. Later that day, Sean headed out in order to get new clothes, stopping by the local Sub Urban clothing store, yet to his suprise, he was confronted with a .50 Pistol that was aimed directly at his face a few minutes later. While the Police did show up a few minutes later, saving whatever remained on Sean's belongings, one of the first Officers on scene, for one reason or another shot a bullet right near one of the victim's legs, missing his toes by a few centimeters, enraged both by this, and the fact Sean and the man, who introduced himself as Jack were both treated as the suspects, being detained and told not to resist, made the two make their way to Mission Row shortly after in pursuit of a Supervisor. Upon arriving at Mission Row, the two found themselves face to face with Police Sergeant I Tom Brown, a man the two knew from before to be a reasonable and respectable Law Enforcement Officer, the two proceeded to explain the situation to him, eventually making him call over the Officer in question over to ask him for his point of view of the situation. The Officer in question eventually arrived, revealing himself to be Police Officer II Jonathan Stryker, while the name wasn't familiar for both Jack and Sean, the two knew they'd remember that name for some time, none the less, the Officer was confronted by Brown, eventually leading Brown to asking both Sean and Jack to leave the briefing room, ensuring them that it will be handled internally within the LSPD.
  11. Right, it's no lie that at as of now prison RP is perhaps the most boring shit there is to do on the server, with all due respect, other than attempting a breakout or just AFKing there's not much to do. Sure, mining is an option, but is it really worth to constantly run back and forth from the mining area, ore drop-off point, and finally the stamp store inside the prison block for at least 15 minutes just to lower your sentence by a few minutes at max? There's of course always the argument of "People can RP whatever way they want, but they must be willing to start it and try something different", something that we all know is extremely hard to do as there is, at the end of the day, not much enjoyment from typing /me's for a total of 2+ hours. There's a few issues currently with prison as a whole in my opinion, and as someone who's been in it multiple times on my criminal character and have been on the other side as a DOC guard and PD officer for round 9-10 months I think there's alot of room for improvement and potential. Let me start with the obvious, stamps seem to be completely useless, as in there is no reward in trying to grind for more and more stamps as two things can happen, either you crash and fall through the interior which usually ends with you dying and losing all of the stamps you've had on your person, or you trade them in for a minute reduction towards your prison time. I personally believe that if stamps are made to be more important, as in them reducing prison times by more than just a few seconds per 100 stamps, as currently they seem to be a waste of everyone's time. Another change which is related to the stamps, is the ability for DOC members (Or any LEOs if there are no DOC members on-duty) to give inmates a certain amount of stamps IC'ly, they could be rewarded for a plethora of reasons, if there are fears of one being OOC'ly corrupt and just giving his friends as much stamps as he can, time cooldowns or OOC script limitations on some ranks can be applied to ensure all players are treated fairly based on their IC actions alone. This will also have the ability to pathe the way to more RP interactions between inmates and LEOs, allowing DOC to for example, conduct a fitness class if there are multiple people on-duty and in prison, with them rewarding the co-operative inmates with additional stamps and etcetera. If that is not possible, a simple time reduction can also be given out for good behavior and etcetera as suggested in the past. Another idea which I've thought of, is to have a /dropbody area in DOC as well, with the script not allowing people who are serving prison time to leave the vicinity of Bolingbroke and the only medical assistance they receive is in the form of RP, not in the form of script assistance just as /stabilize and whatnot. This can easily be solved with a /dropbody location within DOC's medbay which RPly is fully capable of assisting injured inmates and whatnot, of course that MD is always able to also join the RP to make it more realistic and etcetera. Furthermore, there's the poker table, which personally, I've never seen get used. If I'm not mistaken, you require a minimum of 1500 stamps to join in to play and requires you to pay a minimum of 500 stamps every hand, using the same prices as the poker table in Tequila, and has almost no point as said above, stamps are literally useless and serve no purpose with how inefficient they are script-wise for players, barely able to reduce their prison time by an amount which really matters. I personally believe it can be changed to be free of charge, with the currency needed being one based on time, e.g you receive 500 "Prison chips" every 25 minutes or so, then, you could play without receiving any rewards from winning a hand, just allowing you to help time pass by and not get bored fully. Finally, there's a suggestion which I've brought up in the past, the suggestion being for a script that'll allow something such as an Intake & Release (The term given to the storage room and the entire procedure that one's belongings go through once he is brought into arrest and custody, with their eventual return to their owner upon his release), albeit nothing has happened with it, I thought it's worth mentioning here as it definitely relates to this subject heavily. You can find it here if you wish to further read on it. If you've any other suggestions or ideas, feel free to share them below, thanks in advance for any support.
  12. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Ilai_Daniels. Character to Transfer To: Sean_Kimber. Requested Transfer: BF400. 50,000$. Reason for Transfer: IC: With Ilai leaving PD he's been looking for new ways to earn money and increase his overall quality of life, while he is a guard at DOC and earns enough money for a living, he has plenty of assets and funds he is no need off, with him also missing a leg and walking around with a right synthetic leg Ilai's BF400 is barely used, and thus making the money he pays monthly for it's insurance is useless. Wishing to put the bike itself and the money he has into some use, Ilai decided to begin investing in a start-up company which he found online. The company Ilai decided to donate to never existed in the first place, and has been entirely set up as a way to attract donations for personal use by Sean Kimber who recently arrived at Los Santos after some time in Dublin and France, Sean's company is one of the few that received Ilai's donation, with the company receiving the BF400 and a total of 50 thousand US dollars. Only to shut down all of the sudden a day after receiving the donation. OOC: I barely use the bike on Ilai as much as I used to, with Sean's backstory consisting of him already coming into town with some funds and basic assets it only makes sense in my opinion he'd have the ability to own and maintain a basic and cheap bike such as the BF400, and have some money in the first place. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? With the help of a trusted friend.
  13. It was just another normal day for the Triads, albeit with an incident which could've changed the semi-peaceful state the group was in and turn into another period of costly war. Beginning the day off, the Triads made their way to the Mirror Park Tavern in pursue of an event which could help them clear their minds from the conflict they've been in for the last few weeks with The Russian Mafia and would allow for the group to once again focus on making new connections and friends while having an overall fun time. While most of the group's members were at the Tavern, two of the Triads decided to spend the time for more personal benefit in the form of drug making in Blaine County, wishing to avoid detection or any suspicion by Law Enforcement Agencies and Officers along the highways and roads of the County, the two decided to choose a vehicle fitting of the local populace to better blend in. As the two were driving about from lab to lab making as much drugs and narcotics as they could, another member of the Triads was attempting to steal a tow truck at Los Santos Customs, attempting to use it as means of transportation for stolen vehicles. As he was doing so, the Triad was met with resistance from an employee of LSC who was also a member of The Wanted. While it was very clear to all that any aggressive actions between members of the two organizations would be met with retaliation from the other side, the man still aimed his firearm at the Triad who was present, before he knew it, he also found out that the man has informed the Police of his whereabouts and the actions he committed, knowing to a full extent that he is a member of the Triads and the state of neutrality between the two organizations. While the Triad did successfully evade both the Police and the LSC employees present, it was more than clear to all that the Police would be on the lookout for him and the tow truck, another member of the Triads who arrived at LSC informed the rest of the Triads that the employee continued speaking with the Law Enforcement Officers who were on scene, even giving them the man's name. Enraged by this, the Triads who were not at the Tavern decided to reach out to one of the Wanted's higher ups to clear things up and make sure incidents similar to this do not happen again, with Bruce Wong, the Dragon's Head of Triads being occupied at the Tavern, Lu Wong reached out to Michael Reese and informed him of the situation, a meeting place would be arranged at the winery and the two groups would make their way there. Eventually arriving at the location arranged, the Triads which were present quickly informed Michael of the situation, surprised and shocked himself the man reached out to the LSC employee in question which was responsible for the entire mess caused, he was soon later called over alongside other Wanted members who wished to take part in the conversation. It was a quick and efficient, while the Triads, now backed up with additional numbers of other members who arrived wished for additional money to be paid directly from the LSC employee to the Triad who's been affected by the entire situation, the employee agreed, however, the higher ups of the Wanted who were present decided to take things a step further. Angered over the fact one of their members even reached out to the Police in the first place, they took the internal matters into their own hands, robbing the man of his belongings and informing him that he has a day to get out of their color. Shortly after, all other members of the Triads who were still not present, including Bruce and the rest who were still at the Tavern arrived, they were quickly informed of what happened and caught upto date with the recent events. Finally, using the opportunity and time in which most of the Triads' members were located in the nearby vicinity, a quick promotion ceremony was held by the higher ups of the Triads and all members who were present, a new addition to High-Command plus two other promotions took place alongside a few updates and recent news to ensure all of the Triads present were upto date with their information and knowledge of the group's state.
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