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  1. HaminLord

    Police Scanner

    -1 will just result in more police baiting
  2. HaminLord

    Taxi Driver's "Badge"

    well irl people don't walk around showing people verifications they are in a gang it should be more of a surprise don't you think so
  3. HaminLord

    Taxi Driver's "Badge"

    Is that a +1 or -1 then lol
  4. HaminLord

    Taxi Driver's "Badge"

    A badge makes total sense for Police officers and Medical paramedics, but in some places in the world taxi drivers are forced to make a special license which makes sure they are fit for service. In some countries the taxi drivers must show their licenses to the customers they drive around, it only makes sense if taxi drivers would have their own "badge" and would also help PD identify stolen taxis. This can also be used to write a short description and rank of the driver along with their name to make taxi passengers more comfortable. Please if u disagree let me know why.
  5. HaminLord

    New NCZ Rule.

    While the NCZ system works good in most cases, There is a problem with it. During chases and gun fights players have the ability to run into a NCZ and simply hide until danger passes. Something that doesnt make sense from an RP view, and while PD still have the ability to RP and arrest people in NCZ criminals and non PD players cannot continue RP in some scenarios. Example: 2 players begin to have a fight and one chases the other with a car while shooting him, if the player being shot at runs into a NCZ and the player who is shooting continues to shoot he breaks a rule, and can possibly get punished for it, mean while the player who was shot at remains safe and the entire RP scenario was just "trashed" and "erased" from the server. What I suggest is that a new rule will be passed that will make sure players who are in a gun fight cannot escape into a NCZ, and in case they do, they will be punished. This is my first suggestion so im not sure I did everything correct. In any case this is my suggestion.
  6. HaminLord

    Adjustable radio volume

  7. HaminLord

    Car improvements

  8. HaminLord

    [Government Factions] Pay