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  1. Yuhhhh

    1. Chrisy




    2. Tomvd682



  2. Gosh darn i got the whole staff team against me man... well i wish you all a early marry Christmas and a happy new year. See you all in 3 months 😊

  3. Flucifial like honestly man go make songs IRL, you are like a ball of talent suffering in a enclosed box here...

  4. wait so after 2 months you can't appeal. what about perma bans? is it the same?

    1. OBESE


      You can appeal, but the punishment will stay on record. The new rule does not allow to appeal to remove punishments from records.

    2. Femo
  5. +1 i remember using ID's being something totally OOC and it could not be used to refer to a person at all. there would not be a reason to keep the ID as it could be used to exchange information from ooc to ic.
  6.  Shoot I thought I was slick. Just realised My man Osborn is a snake and king at it 

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    2. FatherOsborn


      I'm a King Cobra 🐍🐍🐍🐍

    3. Tomvd682
    4. Tomvd682


      YOOO 🅾️ssie better go and accept my ban 🔨 appeal right now 😡or I'm going to call 📱 my lawyer 👨‍⚖️ and tell him to copy strike ©️  you for your discord profile picture 😤

  7. Sorry im too disabled to be able to write my own appeal

  8. ballin read this:

    how is a player that has been active in the community even when he is banned, has had bad intentions? i literally have been so nice to everyone and everything while i have been banned. you are claiming that i have too many logs, where as more than 50% of them are voided and not valid, even the ones that are valid are very minor things that nor affected the server or the players in general. 

    for your information, i never mass DMed, i never made any huge mistakes and i never advertised.

    you are claiming that i have been wasting staffs time... let me tell you what, ask your staff team and see how many of them actually enjoyed having me around and did not have a problem with me.

    the other thing that i want to bring up is that you might believe that i have no knowledge of knowing the rules, and that might be why i have "too many logs", but let me tell you that the punishments that i have got are for the smallest mistakes that even you, yes even you dear ballin might make.

    with all that said, i still agree that i did break rules but i don't believe that i deserve an actual permanent ban from the community. but for god sake, if you have a personal issue with me, just change the ban reason to "I don't like this guy".

    ps. oh btw i forgot to mention that far too many are 3 rules broken in 3 months. just in case you can't count.

    farewell everyone.

    with all the respect ❤️ 

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    2. BallinByNature


      Femo read this:

      A player that has been active in the community could have bad intentions when they don't play by the rules & show disregard for the quality environment while playing. You might be active on the forums and nice, however those are not the minimum requirements necessary to play here. A player must also read, understand, and follow the rules during their play time. 

      To clarify your statements you had 4 voided punishments, 10 properly placed punishments. Not 3 as you claim. You actually receive more than 1 punishment per month on average and received a punishment every single month except for January that you played here.

      For your information, you may be correct you didn't mass DM or advetise but your'e incorrect that you did not make a huge mistake when you combat logged, lied to staff, recieved ajails and forced to sit out community events for your behavior, non-RP, and other punishments.

      "Small mistakes" might explain 1-3 punishments on someones record. It doesn't explain 10 and an average of higher than 1 per month. 

      I am glad you do agree that you did break the rules so you can then understand that it is not personal but rather my duty to remove habitual rule breakers from the game. Your appeals & this message demonstrate a lack of understanding of the severity of your actions & that you believe your behavior is acceptable / normal / should be tolerated. All of which are not the case.

      P.s. Oh btw forgot to mention that far too many rules broken is averaging more than 1 punishment per month over the span of half a year and getting punished nearly every single month you play. Just in case Femo can't count.

      Best of luck in the future with learning, understanding, and humbly appealing once you are able to demonstrate an understanding and accountability for your own rule breaches.

      With all the respect 


    3. MSJC
    4. Tomvd682
  9. The real question is if Femo is ever gonna come back 👀

    1. xxxJustTimmy


      it's okay bro I'm here with you on deport island for a while ❤️

    2. reeceobz


      deported islanders must unite 

    3. Flucifial


      nah that femo dude is too cocky

  10. how long have u been banned for lol

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    2. xxxJustTimmy


      how is the l00t on deport island? I might be joining you soon bruda.

    3. Femo


      Shit is ill nasty come and grab afew AKs lmao

    4. BrockOlly


      Not long enough 😄

  11. happy birthday daddy ❤️

    unban pls PepeHands

  12. do you guys think i am qualified for support staff? lul

    1. TheCanadian


      Femo for Head admin 2k19.

    2. Tomvd682


      Only if I can join too

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