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  1. Any time! SOLD! To the beautiful lady.
  2. Andy

    Staff list

    The command already exists, /amembers
  3. We used to have this on GTMP did we not? It would be great to see it.
  4. Sorry I am selling this on behalf of my brother, and he is firm on the price of $3.5m
  5. Selling Price: 3,500,000 SMS: 2021988 A. Lost
  6. dis mans a fuckin cutie anyone who says differently will get stabbed.

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    2. Andy


      With a christian blade?

    3. waffels852


      exactly, I call it jesus (its totally not my penis)

    4. Flucifial


      Ight that's a bit too far bud, this is going to be locked now. 

  7. Drop me an SMS and lets set up a meeting. I can show you around the property.
  8. If you had the money and market knowledge you would have already made an offer. I don't doubt you don't have the market knowledge, but do you have the money to back your word? .... and just so it's clear if you were a somebody important I am sure I would have came across you before. But yet I still have no idea who you are, you are probably just someone elses drug mule, like everyone else in this city. Lowballer. ((P.s. That's quite a serious accusation to say, without any proof. Let set the record straight I do not know your character name, neither I have I interacted with you on the forums and I do not have the energy to research who you are. To me this looks like you took the messages/insult on this thread OOC'ly when all communication was IC. Let's keep this thread strictly IC. Thank you.))
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