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  1. Any time! SOLD! To the beautiful lady.
  2. Yes the business is still open to offers. I will be holding the first meeting today dependent on people's availability.
  3. Thank you to everyone for the bids. I will hosting meetings on the 2nd March with the top 3 bidders. Please keep in minds I have had several private bids via email. If I do not get in contact with by the 3rd March that means you have been unsuccesful.
  4. Auto Services is open to offers! Seeking serious offers only. Please email ((Brookie#2001))@eclipse.net to begin discussions. We will then organise a meeting which will be held at Auto Services office. Location: Paleto Bay, opposite Osvaldons Farm. Please take into consideration these are not included in the sale but can be negotiated as part of a package: Private property next door for storage and parking. Database with customer/stock information. ((Discord can be left as it is or wiped clean)) My poster, collection below is a sample of what to expect.
  5. Andy

    Staff list

    The command already exists, /amembers
  6. We used to have this on GTMP did we not? It would be great to see it.
  7. Sorry I am selling this on behalf of my brother, and he is firm on the price of $3.5m
  8. Selling Price: 3,500,000 SMS: 2021988 A. Lost
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