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  1. Hello there, I would like yo make you an offer if this property is still available. $240,000 Please make contact with me on my cell #3214611 H. Olsson
  2. Andy

    Andy [ Power Gaming Warning ]

    Hello, thank you for posting your appeal. From recollection, a report was raised because a player advised that you used /cpr without doing any roleplay prior. From reading the logs I could see that one two occassions that you used /cpr. On the 1st instance you did not do any roleplay before or after. On the 2nd instance you done minimal RP that would barely meet the requirements of using /CPR. I checked with Maria at the time, how she trains players to use the /cpr command. She advised the roleplay must completed first before using the /CPR. My recommendation: The warning remains Active. Pending Senior Administrator+
  3. Andy

    Legal vests for the public!

    I can't say I support this idea. -1 When walking down the street you would never see a civilian wearing a balistic vest.
  4. Ok thank you everyone for the responses and excellent evidence provided. This report will be denied for the following reasons: Metagaming - None took place. Non RP - Related to metagaming, none took place. Fear RP - Jonny did roleplay fear and complied with every demand. On a second note I will punishing Xavier_Defante and Jacob_King for Metagaming (Normal) 60 minute jail. For use of third party software to communicate which gives an unfair advantage.
  5. Andy

    7554_6942, 9417_5598 - DM, FEAR RP, NON RP.

    Thank you for responding everyone, the below is my conclusion: After reviewing all the available evidence, I have come to the conclusion that James and Helen Dubois were NOT in breach of any rules. Deathmatching - You asked James and Helen Dubois to pull over several times. When James came to a halt and stepped off the citybee he already his weapon withdrawn ready to react what you were about to say, which turned out to be a threat "Do not F***ing move" whilst weilding your pistol. His reaction is completely acceptable. Fear roleplay - They did not need fear roleplay whilst you were driving beside them, it was a 2v2 situation. It would be slightly different if you had an entire gang crowding them and boxing them in. Non-RP - I think both parties had poor RP for the most part. I would emphasise to everyone to utilise /me and /do in situations like these. Report Denied and archived.
  6. Andy

    7554_6942, 9417_5598 - DM, FEAR RP, NON RP.

    @2cannnn1 can you please upload the full footage?
  7. Andy

    7554_6942, 9417_5598 - DM, FEAR RP, NON RP.

    Hello and thank you for submitting your player report! @Denise C & @James Dubois could you please respond with your version of events. You have 24 hours to respond.
  8. I would like to make it clear that the people that arrived in the towtruck are not allied with the person you were robbing. They are other individuals that were tracking the grey elegy that you stole previously. Evidence below: And the below video shows them tracking the status of the vehicle: At this point I have sufficient evidence to deny your claims of metagaming and nonrp. I am now awaiting for responses from the below: We will still await for Jonny_Howe to respond with his version of the events. @2cannnn1 I would still like to hear how you were communicating with your partner. (5 minute marker in the video)
  9. Hi there, Thank you for submitting your report. However after an investigation there was no abuse of powers. The only issue with this video is the slight metagame at the end of the video between yourselves. Report denied, locked and moved.
  10. Andy

    Account - Deivis scorpi (Ban Appeal)

    I accepted the report from the players at LSC, who advised that you were VMDing. This resulted in you being shot at by serveral people. Fortunately an off duty admin was on scene @MusketDeezNuts and also witnessed that you were not taking any damage. When I arrived on scene I checked your health data then shot you several times, and your HP was unaffected in the data record. Here at Eclipse we have zero tolerance on cheaters. This will be pending a senior admin. @Lewis @FatherOsborn
  11. Jonny Howe has been notified in game to respond with his side of the story. He has 24 hours from now. @2cannnn1 can you explain from 5 minutes in how you were communicating with your partner?
  12. Andy

    [Xavier Qusta] Warn appeal- Falsely warned.

    Hi Liam, thank you for posting your appeal! I have to admit your appeal is a bit hectic and hard to follow as it doesn't flow all that well. But the below is how you can see my view on the matter. Yesterday you made a report saying that you were stuck in the bollingbroke prison, I responded to the report as soon as I could. You advised what you jumped into the prison by using a BF400, which is frowned upon as the area you decided to do it in is a heavily guarded prison (NCZ). From what I can remember I did clearly inform you the issue and reasoning behind the nonrp warning. I would advise the punishment stays in place, seeing as I already seeked advise from a senior admin, Pending Senior Admin.
  13. Wow what an idea! Fantastic idea, that can evolve over time. +1
  14. Andy

    Ivan_Pavlovich (VDM Ban Appeal)

    Hi Ivan! Thank you for posting your ban appeal. In this case I would advise that the punishment remains active as the VDM rule was broken. I understand Desync can be confusing, but we cannot have any exceptions. Pending higher up.