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  1. Osvaldon

    Collessin Vlad_Jusmanov Bug Abuse

    Appeal lacks information. Give names and dates, time (who and when) transfered you these items.
  2. Osvaldon

    Tavi Patronus (several guns)

    Items have been refunded.
  3. Osvaldon

    billzachos - Bill Zachos (Ban Appeal)

    You have lost connection, because you were detected, kicked and banned. Your character had invincibility enabled, if you cannot explain how it happened, then you will not be unbanned.
  4. Osvaldon

    No Law Zone

    Criminals are allowed to run, if confronted by the police in an NCZ. There will not be any NLZs 😄
  5. Osvaldon

    Lewis Smith - Appeal

    @JackD248 upload a longer version of your video. I cannot stay up at night to moderate this, so please, if the involved parties decide to discuss this appeal any further, try to figure out the facts of the gunfight, who shot who and why they did it and were they allowed to shoot.
  6. Osvaldon

    Lewis Smith - Appeal

    This is not a very productive discussion. PB-AJ, can you explain what specific actions got Lewis Smith banned, so there's a chance for him to defend himself. I know that their group had a reason to KoS a person, who found himself at the Yellow Jack Inn parking lot, the group opened fired on this person and eventually it ended in a large scale gunfight. Jack, please be more respectful and don't start your appeals with accusations.
  7. Hello, ECLIPSE community! The concept art contest took a little longer than expected, but it's finally over. It has been a great pleasure to have that many people work hard and put their heart into their ideas. You are all winners, because you did your best and have earned our respect and appreciation, however, we can only choose a single one. *drums* We are happy to announce that the logo author we chose is... *drums intensify* @gtvsparky , congratulations! Contact @Osvaldon on Discord to claim your prize. We wish best of luck to everyone else in future events! Feel free to check out the designs of other participants:
  8. Osvaldon

    3skimas - Paulius Mehino (Ban Appeal)

    Could you post a link to the report that got you banned for more context?
  9. Osvaldon

    Simon_Reme (Not here to rp)

    @Simon_Reme you were banned for the same offense, but because it seemed like you were streamer snipping. You will be unbanned, but please keep in mind, that streamer snipping makes it look like people are here to cause havoc and not to roleplay, so please refrain from doing it.
  10. It would be possible in the future, but definitely not with the current criminal system.
  11. As Pete said, it's a false positive, you need to allow that file in your anti-virus software and all should be good.
  12. Osvaldon

    Haven't gotten welfare in 2 days

    I would assume the regular jail fixed the issue. @Lunaa
  13. Osvaldon

    Haven't gotten welfare in 2 days

    Ask a police officer to give you some jail time (it must be regular jail time), I think that will do it.
  14. Osvaldon

    Stallin Engine / Mechanic life

    An approximate time frame would help anyway. We will also try one method, that might help reduce vehicle desync and perhaps help out with this issue too.
  15. Osvaldon

    Haven't gotten welfare in 2 days

    @Lunaa ask an in-game admin to jail you for a second, because of a bug.