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  1. Osvaldon

    ooc insults (ballin by nature)

    Since I was tagged, here's my two cents. Stop it, get some help, people.
  2. Osvaldon

    Magicianas - Denis Zharkov (Ban Appeal)

    Appeal accepted.
  3. Osvaldon

    Drake Hudson appeal ( Permament ban )

    Appeal accepted.
  4. Hey Osvaldon how are you?





  5. Osvaldon

    Remove the 30k price for engine repair

    @37hh I didn't change the prices, but they must be based on the value of the vehicle, what kind of vehicle costs 30k to repair exactly?
  6. Osvaldon

    Map: Show True NCZ Reach

    The rules don't say the entire block, also, the whole NCZ areas are scripted now, it's not an NCZ outside the scripted area.
  7. Osvaldon

    Bugged Tyre Smoke [Turismo R]

    @Adrian Johnson /tyresmoke
  8. Osvaldon

    Teleport Menu

    There's a code line that puts the player in the default dimension, are you sure the bug is still there.
  9. Osvaldon

    HP Bar

  10. Osvaldon

    Lights of Vehicles turn off when exiting

    This is not a bug, seems like default functionality.
  11. Osvaldon

    Overfueling gas stations as a VIP

  12. Osvaldon

    Vice Lord Gang (Property)

    The robbers should refund the victims.
  13. Osvaldon


    A couple of updates are delaying the removal of snow, but it's already gone on our test server, sorry for the delay.
  14. Osvaldon

    Increasing the Robbery xp limit

    Here is a package of planned changes: 1. Move new player spawn to a more populated and friendly area. 2. Increase the new player protection experience boundary. 3. Display the status of a new player in their name tag. 4. Scripted inventory and money protection for new players.
  15. Osvaldon

    Verify Country Location; no E-Mail sent

    Everyone should try to log in again.