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  1. I appreciate everything you attempted with this thread. It's sad to see "counterarguments" water down to nothing more than "deal with it, snowflake", "rated M for a reason duh" and "I say these things because I was raised like that." we should strive to be better than we are, not be ignorant to the feelings of groups that already catch enough flack as it is. I personally used slurs, vicious ones, for most of my teenage years, but it took me less than a year to phase them out of my vocab. completely, it's shocking how easy it is when you try. Thank you Bala. You're an inspiration.
  2. Wrong. Try again. EDIT: No one is trying to ban every profanity under the sun. Trying to stop the use of very clearly derogatory slurs, which comes I can count on less than my ten fingers, isn't an issue.
  3. With current DM rules, someone screaming slurs isn't enough to sock them in the mouth as far as I can tell.
  4. This entire post is extremely confusing and flip floppy. Most of this forum discusses how screaming slurs at randoms in public places isn't realistic what so ever and is someone's "OOC behavior". I hate the "waah snowflakes" argument, just because we let everyone scream slurs at eachother in Xbox Live doesn't mean we have to here.
  5. Player(s) being reported: ID 18, ID 81 Date of interaction reported: 15/10/2021. Unix time stamp from HUD: 1634325467 Your character name: Kingsley Fisher Other player(s) involved: ID 101 Specific rule(s) broken: ID 18 Rule 7 - Can be seen saying "save pov", violating the announcement every player has been made aware of consistently. Rule 9 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. misusing expensive vehicles, ID 81 Rule 9. - Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum) ID 18 had just rammed someone off his black defiler in his *very* expensive sports vehicle, then proceeded to step out of his vehicle while carrying a bag and shoot at me. He rolled and all, all the while not dropping the bag. ID 81 came as "backup", yet, knowing they were against police and in a public street in the bright of day. ID 81 used a heavy weapon on police with no mask or anything concealing his identity besides gloves. Evidence of rule breach https://streamable.com/6rkm88 - Not my pov, POV of reported party. NOTE: I have already been banned/punished for my actions in this footage with a DM punishment.
  6. Character name(s): Kingsley Fisher Tom Mathers Jay Mathers Kenneth Chambers Admin who issued punishment: Bakmeel Date of punishment: 10/15/2021 Punishment received: Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment: DM#2 | Re-entering a shootout with his vehicle and using it as a weapon Your explanation of what happened: I was in pursuit of a speeding Black Defiler when the black T20 came and rammed him off the vehicle, I radioed in the situation and brought the pursuit of the T20 into TAC1. I didn't realize this at the time, but as shown in the footage the reporting party is aiming for my tires and causes me to drift back towards him. In an attempt to disable the vehicle/get out I rammed into it full force with my scout and stepped out with my weapon drawn when I couldn't get out with the vehicle. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I acknowledge what I did wrong. I shouldn't've re-entered the situation when I had the opportunity to escape. The reporting party also displayed extremely poor roleplay and possibly VDM. Post any evidence or further details: https://streamable.com/6rkm88 (Not my own POV.)
  7. The main argument I see here against this is "it's 18+" (Which it isn't. It's 17+ per the ESRB.) That's a silly argument at best. The cases of slurs in GTA V are planned and written out by people who get paid to develop characters and write their dialogue, and honestly I find some of the GTA humour itself in poor taste. The community here has shown they're nowhere near the level of aptitude when it comes to actually using slurs in scenarios that make sense. Running up to a random person and calling them "trap" or "tr*nny" in a public place because you perceived a difference in identity is honestly likely to get your ass thrown to the ground. But people do it anyways, constantly, because they know that without "further escalation". Nothing can be done besides OOC.
  8. So someone has to break their immersion and roleplay for some random slur slinger? People abused the leniency they were given with the rule, same as robberies/kidnapping. We adapted before and we can adapt again.
  9. +1 It makes no sense that we require people to ask consent before even spitting on someone but we let people spit verbal venom towards others, very obviously outside of "character development". Honestly in most cases a lot of the things people say would get you knocked out, but no one wants to face consequences for their actions.
  10. My biggest issue is motorcycles are already extremely good game-wise as is. For LEOs and crims, especially something like the BF. A buff may seem good for a civ but may toss that balance off.
  11. Fuel efficiency just refers to the consumption rate. Motorcycles have a much *much* smaller tank than cars. This is realistic.
  12. . These are my last available pieces of footage, I stopped using OBS as it made the game unplayable without knocking my settings to a place I didn't like. RP proof is valid for bodycam in /do's and I've been using that accordingly. I'm otherwise going to refrain from commenting on subjective statements.
  13. @Arrta This response was drafted pre-emptively in response to this report. Tom_Mathers (ID 3) here! Stuart_Large was picking my vehicle on the pier so I had gotten into a physical altercation with him. Mary_Wright in response stepped into her vehicle and pulled an illegal .50 from the glovebox and pointed towards me for extended periods of time, even going as far as to put it away and pull it out again. I considered this "severe hostile activity" as per DM rules. Ironically, Stuart_Large agreed to assist me in the 'payback' against her. Once she had left we got in his vehicle and followed. It was meant to be a quick job but due to a bug it was sloppy and dangerously public. I rammed her off the road in a vehicle much larger and one that was not my own. I fired 22 rounds towards her and likely ten or so hit her while downed in the driver's seat and she did not die. I hid for about 30 minutes and then logged off. If possible, I'd ask that the memory of this scenario and any roleplay derived from that memory of Mary_Wright be voided due to the bug where she very obviously would've died if not for it. For character context: Tom_Mathers is an individual prone to outbursts and has been for the entirety of his character. Although attempting to go legal. He was recently given the go ahead to get off his paroxetine prescription and will likely be returning to it in response to this event.
  14. I don't have POV so I'll just leave it up to whomever takes the report.
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