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  1. You don't get any salary for being in prison and mining gets absolutely draining. I've asked to do laundry and kitchen multiple times and have been denied it multiple times. I've only gotten laundry RP once. Especially at later hours it'd be much easier for these things to be a free money-making method compared to mining when you lose your pickaxe from your OOC death in the medbay.
  2. Introduction/Why DOC sucks for entertainment. I understand that "crime doesn't pay" but you're expected to actively be on the server and sit around for your sentence, this isn't ajail. And it's still a video game. The things you did are IC and you shouldn't be punished with absolute boredom and pain by sitting in there, literally all there is to do half the time is get robbed or rob. Especially on lower player counts, alt RPs are rarely approved. I propose we change that for some prisoners to slave away to the system with a small reward in return! I'm going to list a couple of jobs I've h
  3. Meeting with The Firm regarding business opportunities and possible partnerships.
  4. I call this one, "the portable board room".
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