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  2. +1 Metagaming should only be if people take OOC information and use it IC....
  3. I know i couldnt resist you taking the car keys as i was under gunpoint and you would just shoot me, but you gave me no chance to RP. My pockets could of had zips on them and padlocked (which is highly unlikely but still could of been done) and you gave me no chance to respond to any of your RP. In this situation, a victim could of RPed losing their keys previously or giving them to a friend, which is why "/me takes keys" and no "/do would i be able to ?" is powergaming as you dont give the victim a chance to respond to RP. The rule clearly states "Forceful roleplay, that does not give the other player a chance to roleplay their own response" I dont have footage and didnt include other parts of this situation as it was only you taking the car keys without letting me respond to your RP which bothered me. I understand a lot of people metagame on this server and they do call for backup (ive experienced quite a few other players doing this) but rushing RP and not letting the other player respond is not fair to them. The items i lost didnt bother me at all, after this situation i ran 10 mins down the road to a store to get my radio back and called for someone to give me a lift. A pistol, radio and a bag isnt anything to be "salty" over losing.
  4. Player(s) being reported: Mask 6156_3244, Mask 8881_1195 Date of rule breach:8th Dec 2018 Time of rule breach: 2pm GMT Your characters name:Shannon Reels Other players involved:None Specific rule broken: 6.4 Powergaming 6.4.1 Forceful roleplay, that does not give the other player a chance to roleplay their own response is considered powergaming. How did the player break the rule?: They didnt give me a chance to RP and just took my car keys without asking for success or if there would be any resistance. Their reason for not asking for a response from me was because i didnt have a choice as was under gunpoint . Evidence of rule breach:
  5. +1 it hurts RP for criminals as they have limited things to do once a lab is destroyed... Even PD think there should be a rule for this
  6. Shannon


    I'm sorry you had a bad RP experience with us, what was the situation that happened to make you feel this way? We aim to give people fun RP and it's a shame to hear you've had times where you thought it was poor. Can you please quickly describe the situation you experienced and if you can remember the descriptions of the people there (clothes/ car) so I can make sure that they are upholding good rp
  7. Shannon


    We are a business that is always looking for profit. We get this profit by obtaining information like radio frequencies so we know the whereabouts of certain people in order to repossess their items. Thats why an hour ago, when we robbed you, we tried to get your radio frequency, to which your replies were that you injected them previously. Now powergaming is a common thing in this server, which is why we asked did you have evidence of this previous RP to which you said your friend did yet after waiting a long time an admin decided that without evidence right now, you have to give up your frequency. Just because we robbed you like an hour ago and you were annoyed that you had no evidence of injecting your radio frequency so you had to give it up, doesn't mean you should go slander our forum page. "Had no good RP interactions" well considering you've only ever seen us once, I'd suggest you go find us more often in game and you will see our good RP.
  8. +1 However i dont think the shortcut to transfer items between bags/cars/inventory quickly will be added due to people already complaining that "you shouldnt be able to search/loot that quickly" with the drag and drop feature BUT a shortcut that would transfer items over into the player's inventory that has a slight delay would be nice. It solves the problem of looting people too fast and removes the inventory bug where you drag something in your inventory and then cant move anything else until you relog.
  9. the admins markers are the new houses... they just havent been added in properly yet. Admin marker = future house
  10. -1 Most of the time people change their name and appearance to CK (character kill) If you RP as a brand new person, why would you have charges on your record from a person that existed before? That makes no sense... Im pretty sure you can only get your record wiped if you RP as a new person, which means not being in the same gang / job as before or knowing everyone.
  11. Shannon


    I want to say thank you to everyone that came to our party tonight! I hope you had a fun night, enjoyed the RP and come to our future parties! Images and videos will be added later once edited
  12. Shannon


    Thank you both! We are working on getting the rest of the post updated with the new style
  13. A feature that allows people to actually take car keys would be nice (e.g /takekey ID).. but thats not what you are suggesting. You are suggesting that players can take the keys from the persons inventory. If RP was done (/me searches for the car keys etc) and then you could take car keys like the same way you frisk, /takekey ID then the player has to do /keyaccept ID if they do have the keys and didnt RP losing them beforehand then this would be a great way to fix this issue of trying to steal an injured person's car. But RP needs to be done, having everything in the person's inventory isnt going to help RP at all as people will just run up to them, take the keys and leave with the car.
  14. Thank you for implementing this suggestion!
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