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  1. Shannon

    Home Suggestions

  2. Shannon

    Suggestion: Add more purchaseable houses

    +1 more houses is always a bonus
  3. Shannon

    Increase the amount it costs to fix a vehicle.

    +1, but maybe not that expensive. Going from $100 to 15k is a bit much. +1 on making people with more expensive cars pay more to fix their car/people with cheap cars pay less
  4. Shannon

    Let people go offline in jail

    Why not make people care more about going to prison, apart from wasting 2 hours of their IRL time? A good suggestion for this is to make fines cost a lot more, people would avoid going to jail if they were going to lose lots of money as it takes ages to earn that money. Right now people dont care about going to jail anyways as they just wait till they go to bed to serve their jail time.
  5. Shannon

    Stranger 9271-3675 Fear RP

    Also, in the future could you let the person who is involved make the report and give their side of the story, as noticed it wasnt you trying to gun point me, you were only in that area at the time, but so was other people ( @HiVe_Zoloft was in the area too, but he is not involved in this report) Phil, you were driving away in the Phantom at the beginning of the video, so how do you know what even happened? Cause its looking like you've just made up your opinion about what is seen in the video? Also, Leron (the person who tried to rob me) hasnt said a single word in this report, and i would really like his side of the story and only heard what you have to say for him
  6. Shannon

    Stranger 9271-3675 Fear RP

    so if someone asks an admin about someone potentially VDMing them (example) and the admins says yes they did VDM, go make a report, thats admin corruption? also i brought it up as just wanted to clear things up with you so you understand why the report was made, any further questions about the report, feel free to message me on discord.
  7. Shannon

    Stranger 9271-3675 Fear RP

    Asking you to stay out of it when an admin is asking someone else a question is not an insult, its just saying that you were not the one being asked the question so you do not need to give your opinion at that moment. Not telling you who the admin was as none of your business and people can talk about situations they felt were wrong (aka using the phantom in a shootout) with an admin. Also the report has nothing to do with this one so can we stay on topic and wait for Charlie to respond/give his judgment
  8. Shannon

    Stranger 9271-3675 Fear RP

    Just saw this as was tallying up all the times youve called me a liar in this post so far.... Just to clear things up, I made this report as was speaking to an admin about it and THEY said that i should make the report and find all the evidence i could about it to prevent everyone from abusing tthese types of vehicles in the future
  9. Shannon

    Stranger 9271-3675 Fear RP

    I couldnt hear him over everyone speaking in the radio, i did mention this previously - "As stated before, i couldnt hear him over the radio (did apologise for this as well)" @Phil McGee he was asking me a question, please butt out of it
  10. Shannon

    Nerfing PD is NOT the answer

    The issue with police using TS is that if a criminal gang used TS, had separate channels for the different things they do (e.g. one for drug labs, shop robberies, etc) and it was "enforced by an admin and members" and used the reasoning of "theres lots of people in the gang and if we all go on the radio it gets full of chatter" they would all get done for metagaming. +1 to giving criminals more abilities rather than nerfing the police. The police seem fine how they are with their armour and guns, but criminals should also have access to these things by illegally importing it
  11. Shannon

    Let people go offline in jail

    Added a bit onto the suggestion
  12. Shannon

    Let people go offline in jail

    Quite a lot of over games have an afk feature like energy etc... Where it regens faster if you are in game, yet if you are offline it regens much slower, could do this kind of feature with the jail sentence?
  13. Shannon

    Let people go offline in jail

    What if they made it so if you are online and watching your character, then your time goes down faster? So your sentence is (example) 3 hours offline OR 2 hours in game?
  14. Shannon

    Better nametags

    +1 sometimes nametags get in the way and the ability to disable them or make them smaller (or bigger for those who struggle to read them) would be great!
  15. Shannon

    Let people go offline in jail

    If players could go offline while in jail, then the jail times could be made longer. The reason they are so short now (2 hours is nothing) is cause players have to sit and watch, which restricts them from playing other games in this time period. Im pretty sure if you asked people if they would prefer being able to do something else while in jail (play a different game or go onto an alt) but the jail times were increased vs having to watch your character afk for 2 hours they would prefer the ability to go offline.