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Found 11 results

  1. So, I been on the server for a few days and I like to take a little time to give my initial thoughts on the server for maybe other noobs to see what they're initial impressions are as well. Disclaimer; This is my first ever time on a RP server and knowing I am a much more learn from seeing person than reading it. I mention that because any troubles I mention probably are because of the first two facts stated. 1. The Quiz. I know many don't like it but I actually thought it was a real good one. I was really nervous about it but I realized I not need be. Kudos to who made it. I could say it could even be longer 2 Is this real RP? When i read about this, I quickly thought about some bay area youtubers I watch and I learnt quickly, this is not the same. I realized, videos must take a lot of editing to get that crisp. I have seen very little actual RP in these server. I did get stopped by a Policeman who did a very good job. I will say I apologize to him. I was so nervous my first pull over and didn't even know how to give him my license (more about that later). He was great and showed me but I really messed up the immersion. I feel really bad about that cause he was doing a good job. I know it was my first time but I hold higher standards than that. I logged off later and did more reading cause I wanted to improve. After that, I had an interaction with a medic. That was much better. i RP'ed a concussion. She didn't pick up on it but I still think I was much better than the first time. She did a good job too. 3. First Hours: Good immersion or bad? Here is where I think the first thing I have noticed. Los Santos is a very scary place when you first arrive and don't know what to do. Yes. I was given a forum discussion this one guy posted and that helped me alot, so thank you for that. I bookmarked it for reference. I didn't know commands and I was scared what I can ask on the server and not ask. Am I allowed to ask someone a command? I didn't because I was so nervous to break the rules. Now, being generally nervous is my issue and not on the server, so I take blame for that part entirely. I still am scared to go to a mechanic cause I don't know how to do it. I only do certain jobs because not sure how I do them (No taco truck for me and I think it looks cool) Again, I think directions are good, but seeing something visual is always easier, so I think I will struggle more than most. I am so unsure, so I don't try because I want to respect the server and the community, I wonder if having a walk through trainer on your first day would work or is not knowing just great RP? It could be. 4. Fines and Tickets; The prices. are too much? I think an escalating fine system should be in place. These fines and tickets are a way to keep poor people poor (which may be cool in an RP sense to be honest) When you're learning where they are, they can kill you. 500 a pop for a new player is a lot. I wonder if that can be adjusted, 5. Crime: This is, i have found to be the biggest issue. It's not just a crime problem but also a cop problem. Their is way too many people getting there car stolen and robbed. Why? Is it because cops look the other way? Is it lack of morality in other civs? I do think both. I was robbed and kicked in the streets in the busiest bank in Los Santos and seen three people watching and one with his hands up cheering and taco man kept selling tacos.. Not one helped or stepped in. Is that truly the way life is? I think it can be but i tend to think crime rates on here are way above realistic RP. I have had my car stolen 2 times, robbed twice. Got beat up in a police station parking lot and in front of the busiest bank and not one person said anything. Is this for RP reasons or or other civs just not good people? Making it: My last assumption is how is a person who wants to do is straight and narrow make it? Crime controls everything. Cops are too afraid to do something about the gangs. In both times I was attacked, nothing was done. I had a guy try to run me and two other guys over in a bus in front of a police station. we were told nothing they can do. Is this justice? Is there anyone out there trying to stop these gangs because it makes the experience less fun by a wide margin. I have not put myself into bad situations and still got robbed. Think there needs to be balance to be honest. Harder punishments for being a gang member. I'm talking to you blue car gang. Also, I don't want to turn to crime to make it. Has anyone else made it legit? Let me say with all this being said, I am having a lot of fun. It's cool to see my guy's life play out for good or bad. So, thank you eclipse for all you have done. I hope to continue and create more memories
  2. PainX


    Please, can you just add gloves. Please. for us.
  3. We are proud to announce, the latest, HOTTEST, radio station has now arrived to Los Santos! Welcome to 102.3 Eclipse Radio, a division of Weazel News, proudly broadcasting to the Los Santos and Blaine County communities. List of Staff General Manager of Radio Kenneth Wong Manager of Radio and Media Chicken Chiu Events Manager Zack Stevens How to tune in? Listen live in the city, look out for a speaker near you! Broadcasting the top tunes in Los Santos and area Watch out for Weasel News ads stating what location we are broadcasting at! (( Option 2: Use your browser and connect on the road at http://us3.internet-radio.com:8390/stream )) (( In order to get the best experience, we recommend tuning in with Option 1, listening LIVE with friends gathered around a speaker near you )) (( [Please note, our station is currently only LIVE when a Radio Host is LIVE with you. If there is no Radio Host broadcasting, the station will be offline.] )) Say hello! Broadcasts are LIVE radio hosts, LIVE on location, interacting with the community during radio shows A Radio Host will always announce what location they are at, as well as monitor the official 102.3 Eclipse Radio app for shout outs and requests! Come on down and say hello *NEW* Our station has recently upgraded their phone lines! We now have the ability to receive incoming calls and have conversations with you LIVE on the air Our Entourage Crew have also received business work phones and will report updates LIVE on the scene Join the family! Announcements, Shout outs, Contests, Business Inquiries and so much more! Join the family today and be alerted when our Radio Hosts go LIVE with you! Download our APP today! Google Play: [ECRP] 102.3 Eclipse Radio Apple Store: [ECRP] 102.3 Eclipse Radio (( Verification is required to view the discord, please complete steps 1 and 2 on the "app" to unlock all features )) Partnership Opportunity! Eclipse Radio is currently seeking business partners for upcoming events and contests If you are interested in being a Radio Partner, hosting a joint event, or interested in hearing more, please inquire directly on our website [ECRP] 102.3 Eclipse Radio and a member of our station will be happy to connect with you On behalf of 102.3 Eclipse Radio, we look forward to building our new family with you, here in Los Santos. See you on air! Chris Vincent Owner/Radio Host
  4. I'm having issues where my account says I need to verify it still.. I was able to get logged into the server with my information I created and took the quiz just fine and I created my character I happened to sign out of my account on the website and clicked the link in the 2nd picture that says https://panel.eclipse-rp.net/public/unsubscribe I no longer get the emails to verify my account. I would like this completely removed from my account because it is not working correctly and I don't even use Google Authenticator Also, I have recently completed the Quiz and everything else. I wanted to know how long it takes to get approved and start playing? I stream on twitch and I stream Wednesday - Friday I wanted to be able to get approved so I can start streaming on the server as soon as possible. Thank you to anyone that helps me with this situation!
  5. Issue Being Reported: I'm not receiving an email to verify my in-game account. Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 21:00 PM GMT on 29/JUN/2019. Your characters name: Celt Other player(s) involved: N/A Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: My email service is hotmail.com.
  6. Zoloft


    1920, the harsh lands of southern-eastern France fell a victim to the largest operation the area had ever seen. When a local gang going by the name of Mercia succeeded in doing the impossible: robbing the monarchy vault, a vault that in its iron walls were located $50 Million all belonging to the Royal French family. This day marked the day Mercia became a name to be reckoned with, a gang that soon would grow and would conduct operations all over western Europe. From supplying people with narcotics and trading guns across this region, Mercia would become one of the most known gangs across Europe. The money was used to recruit tens of thousands of men and women to the business. $20 Million would be used for investments around the world. Aiming to extend their reach, Ashley Burton, the granddaughter of the founder of Mercia, left Europe along with a couple of the original Mercia members and headed for Los Santos. Known for its high amount of crime, Ashley thought this location would be perfect in order to gain some new allies and spread their name across the rest of the world. One of these investments was to own Vespucci Canals, a place that the members thought be great for future plans. And now that same place serves at the HQ of activity for the Los Santos branch of Mercia, with goals of Vespucci Canals and beach to be in control of Mercia. And now as the new branch begins to recruit its own members and to build itself up, Los Santos needs to prepare for what will come. Upon arriving at the city, the members of Mercia purchased a gang house in the Vespucci Canals and started to recruit some members. Knowing the city’s reputation, Mercia then set out to find some of the gangs that currently rule parts of Los Santos and talk to them about setting up alliances as history has shown you can't get far by yourself. However, the leaders of these gangs were skeptical about Mercia as they are new in Los Santos but determined to prove themselves Mercia have now made it their goal to become part of the alliance and rule Los Santos besides them. Currently, Mercia is trying to become allied with some of the other gangs in the city by proving ourselves to them. In addition, we are also trying to get our name out there so that we are known by our outfit we wear and the cars we drive. As Mercia is run like a business, we have plans to start earning some legitimate income via security services, as we will need some cover for all of our illegal activities. We will offer these security services to whoever requires them, however they will come at a price. As for the other gangs of Los Santos, our business wishes to run co-cooperatively with them by distributing protection services, weapons, and drugs alongside them Mercia’s main goal is to take control over the Vespucci Canals and beach. Aside of that Mercia's other goals are to leave a mark on Los Santos, by ensuring everyone knows the name Mercia and that's its a force to be reckoned with, as well as, having alliances with the different gangs of Los Santos and control over the drug and weapons trade of the city with them. In addition, we are planning to start real estate in the Canals and beach to help us launder the money that we earn from all of our illegal activities. Mercia is planning to stick to this area as its a good place to start the business as the area is quite small and the houses do not cost very much. As it will be a new business, we will have to start small and Vespucci is the perfect place for this. Mercia will start as a medium class gang, as like the story says its main branches are powerful and rich while the new one that was set up in LS remains poor with some support from the main gang in Europe. Meaning that board members will go around dressed in grey and white suits, while driving sports/luxury cars. Meanwhile medium and low ranks will try to stick to normal cars with some able to use a sports car and a luxury car. If you’re looking to join Mercia, it’s a challenge on its own, we don’t recruit anyone that wants to join, only the best is recruited, our number one rule is to ensure that everyone respects each other and are expected to willingly sacrifice everything for the Family. When looking to join us you must go out and find one of our members, we usually hang out at Vespucci Canals or you’ll most likely find one of our higher ups are always on the poker table at Tequila. We are noticeable by the grey and white clothing that we wear and the grey cars we drive. During recruitment the recruiter will examine the person and schedule a meeting where they will then review them. Here the superiors will ensure that they’re fit to join Mercia and if they are, then will then join Mercia for a week as an intern and only then would they be able to climb the ranks of Mercia and help insure the family's survival and growth. Mercia would focus on the production of drugs and hopefully weapons in the future; while also making sure that our members are being treated with respect. Gangs who don’t respect / are not aligned with us, are against us and we are not afraid of showing this. Mercia would constantly also raid the chop shop and drug labs while also robbing people with no gang, it will put maximum effort into achieving a turf and a warehouse in which they can order guns to help control Los Santos. As an organisation we plan on taking over Vespucci Canals and then expanding our reach to the beach in the future. Mercia is also planning on working on a contract between our business and the gangs of Los Santos, we want this contract so we can work cooperatively and supply the citizens of Los Santos with all there needs. We are also going to strive for all of our members to own a home inside of Vespucci Canals as this is where the heart of our business lies. Another one of our goals is to be respected and recognized by other gangs. Board Director - This is the leader of Mercia, owner of the Los Santos Branch and direct envoys of the main Mercia branch, they take the highest and most important decisions. Alliances, Wars and ETC. No one questions their authority or decisions. They pass their orders to the Board Members Board Members - The Board Member's goal is to make sure all orders that are given by the Board Directors are completed, the Board Members makes sure that no mistakes are made, and when they do happen the Board Member's goal is to fix them. Board Intern - Board Interns manage all workers, they handle orders on the field and make sure no one is stepping out of line, they take direct orders from the Board Members and Board Directors. Their actions are not to be questioned by lower ranks, only by the Board Members and Board Director, Board Interns are chosen by the board as a trial to see if they would be deemed worthy of the rank. Human Resources - Human Resources manage recruitment and actions of Interns and Staff, they make sure everyone are doing their jobs while also promoting Mercia and searching for new Interns, On operations Human Resources act as body guards for high command while making sure everyone are doing their jobs. Supervisors - Supervisors handle most of the Interns and Operatives on operations, they split into small teams and supervise over members of Mercia to make sure no mistakes are made. Security - The personal bodyguards of the high ranks, they have to stay close as possible to Vice Presidents and above, they are experienced members of Mercia. They have to have good aiming as well as good driving for getaways and ETC. Operatives - These members are no longer Assistants, they have been with Mercia for some time now, they are trusted respected. They help in operations and make sure everything goes according to the plan, they are always ready to sacrifice themselves for higher ups and will always take the orders they are given. Assistant - These members are no longer Interns, they have began to work their way up the ranks and progress in the Business, and earning respect from other members. Their job is to help out the new interns and help the business thrive. Interns - New recruits that recently joined Mercia, they are not to be trusted yet. To progress they must follow Mercia's rules and have respect and loyalty for higher ups. It's like taking candy from a baby Just chilling at the gang house Some new interns recruited into the organisation Meeting with Bratva. Rolling with the whole gang @HiVe_Zoloft - Formatting the post @Shannon - Writing the post @HaminLord - Writing the post @farayan - Images All the other gang members - Pictures Any images/videos in this post cannot be used as in-game information as this is considered Meta-gaming
  7. As it stands now, all inventories are the same. You pockets' size is the same as your car's and your house's. It's unrealistic, boring, and to be honest it could be so much deeper and better. My suggestion might require a lot of work to be implemented, but it would make inventories so much more fun to work and roleplay with. PS: The figures I'll be stating here are but suggestions, if my idea was to be accepted, they can be changed to whatever suits the server best. New items' size: Weapons: Handguns ought to be a 1 slot item SMGs ought to be a 2 slot item Rifles / Shotguns ought to be a 3 slot item Narcotics: Drugs' max stack size should be 10 items per stack I was thinking of making it so that each type of drug has its specific max stack size since not all drugs weigh the same, but I think that would make it far too complicated. New Inventory Sizes: Houses: Each house, depending on whether it's a small 1 garage-space house or a 4, should have an inventory that goes along with its size. 1 garage space should have a much smaller inventory than a 4 garage-space house. Or maybe make multiple possible stash locations in larger houses. Character: The character's max inventory size should be very limited, in my opinion not exceeding 4 slots. Vehicles: Cars inventory should be accessible from the outside next to the trunk, which after pressing the "O" button is physically opened and the player is given access the car's inventory. Motorcycles inventory can be accessed from anywhere close and off of the bike by pressing the same button. Players next to an open trunk may press the inventory button to access the vehicle's iventory view. Vehicle trunks have to be manually and physically closed again by the player by pressing the same button to open it. These actions ought to trigger an automatic /me describing whether the player opened or closed the trunk of their vehicle. Bikes: 4-8 slots Cars: 12-20 slots Vans: 35-50 slots Trucks: 100+ slots PS:All vehicles except for motorcycles ( this also excludes 3 wheelers and quads ) have a small, inside inventory ( People usually RP this by referring to it as the glovebox ) that can be accessed as per usual. But this inside inventory ought to be very small and limited. New Inventory-Related Item: Briefcase A portable, small briefcase that increases the player's inventory by 8 slots. This item will compensate for the old player's inventory being cut. It can be dropped and given to other players, making it enhance certain roleplay scenarios. The briefcase's size taken ( in inventories such as houses and cars ) has to be bigger than the player's inventory size, avoiding the possibility of players hiding their briefcases in their pockets. So when bought, it is directly put into the player's hand. Buying more than 1 makes the player carry the 2+ briefcases as they would carry a big box or the wheat bags, and they have to put them in a trunk or drop them in order to free their hands (In inventories, briefcases ought to be unstackable). Commands related to the briefcase could be: Pressing "O" while carrying a briefcase - Makes the player drop their briefcase Pressing "O" while next to a briefcase - Makes the player pickup the nearest briefcase Pressing "E" while next to a trunk - Stashes the briefcase into the vehicle's inventory. Vehicle's trunk needs to be open first. Pressing "E" while next to a stash spot - Stashes the briefcase. The player needs to have the briefcase equipped in order to check its content by pressing "I". While carrying a briefcase, the player may use one-handed weapons with a slight penalty to accuracy. 2 handed weapons cannot be selected when the briefcase is equipped. All of these actions related to the briefcase should trigger an automatic "/me" that describes the action. (Opens the briefcase/ stashes the briefcase/ drops, etc... ) The briefcase should be very cheap, and obtainable from any convenience store. Different and more expensive variants of the briefcase can be implemented with ones that either carry more than the regular one, or that are protected by a code. ( /lockbc XXXX ) New Cash Limit:(Not Necessary) The maximum amount of cash the player can carry should be limited, and if the player needs to make a transaction that requires more than the set cap, they need a briefcase to transport their money in. In order to fill a briefcase with cash, players need to have one in their hand before withdrawing money from ATMs. Once the money is transferred into the briefcase, pressing I with the briefcase equipped will tell the player how much money the briefcase has. Depositing the money that's in the briefcase requires the same steps as withdrawing it. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If anyone has suggestions that could improve the idea, feel free to comment it and, if it gathers enough upvotes, I'll add it in the "edit" section of the post :)
  8. Thank You for having me. I look forward to seeing all of you online. I was a contributing design member of SinCityRP on the FiveM platform. I am an experienced player in both GTA and RP.
  9. Hey what's going on guys. Just got here, first time RP on GTA V. Looking for a group, etc.
  10. Well i thought i'd say hi to the community. First time RPing on GTA V however it's not the first time i RP'ed ever. Came from a RP server on GMod called nebulous. Hope to have a great time with you all and i'll see you all in game!
  11. Greg988


    Howdy I'm brand new to RP just checking in to say hi trying to figure out how to join the basics :). love the newbie
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