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  1. ^Good point, never thought of it, but ICLY WE 100% BELIEVED THAT IT WAS HIS BIKE, AND OOCLY AS WELL! So, it technically is IC, and we didn't finish you. The game is still ON for you my friend.
  2. Also, check DMG logs, cause I wasn't the one that started the robbery - And I dont recall whether or not I shot.
  3. 2cannnn1

    Vehicle Keys / Phone Battery

    All im suggesting is that there needs to be some sort of change to it, so people who mug keys, have access to the car - mostly for situations where, the guy is downed and cant get to the car to unlock it. Thats all im trying to solve, not trying to make it so someone has perm keys for your vehicle, thats retarded and I dont think anywhere I came close to suggesting that. XD A feature that allows people to actually take car keys would be nice (e.g /takekey ID). A feature that allows people to actually take car keys would be nice (e.g /takekey ID). A feature that allows people to actually take car keys would be nice (e.g /takekey ID). +1, all im doing is getting the discussion going, and this is the conclusion.
  4. 2cannnn1

    Vehicle Keys / Phone Battery

    No, I do roleplay my commands. /me would attempt to search the mans pockets for his car keys, phone and any other items. /do success? Thats what I always / usually do. ;p If they say they left there keys somewhere or any other BS thats fail rp / non - rp because the door of the vehicle would be unlocked at all times. Thats why there needs to be something. Also, taking your time to roleplay a robbery on this server with the amount of metagaming that happens is absurd, go join a criminal faction for a day and you'll completely change your mind. Nobody wants to take 30minutes to get robbed anyway. Lets be honest. And if you take 30minutes you might run into some other people anyways, this needs to be fast. REALISTIC.
  5. 2cannnn1

    Vehicle Keys / Phone Battery

    @Taedolf @Jbacon @otilane @Shannon I honestly dont think any of you guys thought any of this threw at all. When I search someone, I see everything they have on them, including Keys, and Phone. Thats why the inventory plugin is there, so the person you are robbing cant lie to you...etc All the taking of the items is done with this command / plugin. Big thing to remember is that if you weren't able to check inventorys yourself, than how would I know that im not being lied to..etc? How much more complicated do you want the server to be / how much harder for staff? ANYWAYS. When someone is downed, or kneeling..etc You cannot take there vehicle keys to their car. And you cannot take the battery out of their phone. This needs to be changed. Examples ; Player A died across the street, Player B wants to take Player A's car but Player B does not have the keys. He can ICly take the keys, but cannot ICly unlock the car or anything, because THERE IS NO PLUGIN. LOL. ^Explain why we shouldn't have vehicle keys? Phone Battery, when someone is downed or kneeling..etc You cant take their battery, alot easier to do if you can grab it from their inv.
  6. No, this is not why the report is here, your trying to lie your way into getting us banned because you OOCly and ICly hate us for some reason - prob cause you keep getting screwed by me and our guys, or maybe because we got Jay Gamble banned. Watch the video carefully. We tell you to stop multiple times, even before you hop on the bike, you dont listen, and also at some point you decide to focus your camera angle at the bike instead of us, and if we we;re in your view, you would of had to RP, but you kept that angle blocked, so it seemed like you didnt care or notice or bother to stop and interact. You did 100% not try to stop and interact, or else you would of stopped completely to interact in the first place. You were 100% trying to leave, and your lying about it. :) ! PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING.
  7. 2cannnn1

    Buying 1 garage

    HMU WITH OFFERS, 3123279
  8. Well, this is me and my buddies, he told us that it was his bike, he said he did /showvehicles and you were right on the red car, it might of been below you in that underpass. He called out that it was his bike, kinda his mistake, we all thought ICly and OOCly that it was his bike. 😕 Also, I would like to be able to see the video, just between the three of us, cause I dont think being bias is a good thing. This is all OOC. So, just change your freq? Post vid plz
  9. Also, notice how we have our guns pointed the entire time, if we had it recorded it would look like a diff perspective for sure. You were not going to stop or get off - be honest lol.
  10. Lol, you could see how hard your trying to get away and avoid the RP, come on man, does this really need to be a thing?
  11. 2cannnn1

    Mask 8284_7977 (7.2.1 ; 7.4.1)

    If anything you are NON-RP by driving around my house baiting me like that, and not talking to me, ICly I felt threatened for sure, if you were looking for Vagos, you would of just drove off right away lol. 🙂 But you decided to play some games with me ICly. Also, could I ask why you somehow couldn't muster up the courage to not post such a worthless report? Did I hurt you oocly? I shot your car in a video game because you were taunting me ICly and your reporting, ??? lol??? This is not DM, I have IC reason for sure, just watch the demo you posted. Any admin who says otherwise is just being bias and doesn't understand proper IC RP and what my character IC would think of this. Ill let you know. My character was def sketched out by how he approached us, and kept approaching us, right outside our house, by taunting us with his car, I tried to talk to him multiple times, he wouldn't stop or leave, so I shot at him so he would leave. He didn't wanna talk ICly or anything. So I shot. That simple, there is no DM, I had a reason and this guy is just whining about his car being shot in a video game. I dont know why this hasnt been locked already.
  12. 2cannnn1

    Mask 8284_7977 (7.2.1 ; 7.4.1)

    Also, if your looking for Vagos, why are you taunting me up the street also?🙂
  13. 2cannnn1

    Mask 8284_7977 (7.2.1 ; 7.4.1)

    Everyone knows Vagos live on Grove. You went straight to my house. And the video you showed literally is just like 20 seconds longer, doesnt show anything.
  14. Also, you didnt show the massive amount of people who showed up from your gang, why not leave it all in? You following us, scouting for your gang, than all you guys coming and hunting us, when we stopped to rob that guy? This is all IC. Love how everyone here loves to just edit shit out and act as if its RDM, EVERYONES doing it from your group, trying to get me banned, dont know why nobody else has caught on to this.
  15. Yeh, great editing, this happened a couple days ago, edited out the start of the video, drove by a few times and even followed us for a period of time before this trying to find out where we were gonna go, so could you please post the start of the video and what happened, im sure you still got it. 😉