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  1. Account name : XavierDefante Character name(s): Xavier Defante Admin who issued punishment: @BallinByNature Date of punishment: October 2018, than I evaded (Dec/Jan 2019), and got banned again, Evaded for literally like 30 minutes because I was trying to get reactions and was already permabanned. Punishment received: Permanent Reason given for punishment: Multiple bans got me a perma, than I evaded and got banned on that account as well. (I didn't go on server for a few months, like 3 months, than evaded after I appealed and it got denied. So, because I got denied and was already perma banned, I decided that obvs I wasn't ever gonna get to play again, so I evaded to go basically troll the zeta's with my boys, on purpose and very blatantly got myself banned again. And now we are here, another cycle of a few months later, making an appeal and wondering.) Your explanation of what happened: I got banned multiple times, had a history, I believe honestly that it was somewhat targeted because of who I was IC, but none the less I still had a history. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I believe the appeal should be accepted because I think time served has been fair, I miss the good games, including the zetas, and im just trying to play the game as entertainment instead of a gang wars. Post any evidence or further details:
  2. +1 I know where this ideas from lol
  3. Account name: XavierDefante Character name(s): Xavier Defante Admin who issued punishment: @BallinByNature Date of punishment: October / November Punishment received: Perm Reason given for punishment: An admin went out of their way to contact BallinByNature to ask him for a perma ban because I had alot of warns / jails / bans. Your explanation of what happened: I was perma banned because of my history, some of which were cases where the admin team had to get together and create new, clearer rules. Which I was still banned for. But, I did make mistakes while roleplaying, but I dont think a perma is reasonable, this is a video game and shouldn't be taken so seriously, especially with my INDIVIDUAL SPECIFIC CASE. If you look back on most of my ban reports, alot of them were EXTREMELY petty, talking about people losing 2500$ in-game and freaking out making a report type deal. Were not talking about me purposefully being a dumbass running around, most of my situations I honestly thought I was right, which is why a couple of my DM reports had to be reviewed and new rules put in place. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I'd like this appeal to be accepted because I enjoyed playing on the server with my buddies, which most have left since I left, but I'd simply like to play with my boys when I got free time. Honestly though, if I dont get appealed than I know that theres gotta be something personal, because at the end of the day, this is just a video game lmao. Post any evidence or further details: I used a vpn to play on an ALT for a couple of hours, made it so blatantly obvious it was me it's not even funnny. I decided to use this vpn after my first ban appeal, which was denied for some reason (!?!?!). Now knowing that i'll never get unbanned I decided to use a vpn and show the community that you cant get banned. Which I did, ran around found my enemies, which I wont name here, and carried on waiting to get banned. You - yourself (Ballin) know who contacted you, and I do to 🙂. So now, im making another ban appeal, after not ban evading again (Which shows something right?).
  4. -1, making more guns import, is just consolidating the power even more. People +1ing are just tired of getting pooped on. @money Is right. This server is dieing because everything is being limited! 🙂 Went from 500 players almost daily to 100 players daily for a reason. Keep limiting, and by the time i'll be unbanned there wont even be a server lol.
  5. I think I did overall create good RP, you can ask around the gangs, obviously I did some mistakes, you can go look at my reports, there all weird, and some of the time's I honestly thought I was not wrong. Gonna just try to RP out some gang shit, and focus solely on creating interesting Gang / Civi RP. @Toony @Andy @ElisabethC
  6. Just pointing out ways people just go around rules and abuse >.> It's really hard to enforce certain things and you just gotta have faith in the player base. Im trying to get unbanned and change my ways.
  7. Example ; Im getting robbed at the pier, I tell my friend on discord, who was originally heading up north, but now since im being robbed and metagamed he turns around to help me. ^METAGAMING From the point of view of the robber, my friend pulling up could either be metagame, or a coincidence. Let's pretend since this is an example, that he believes it is metagame and records it. The next day, we see the post on the player reports, all we have to write down is that we were already meeting up there, or my friend just accidentally coincidentally stumbled upon us. Bang, admins cant do anything because there is no proof...etc This has happened to me more than I can recall on this server, thats how gangs and cops work. No way to stop metagame, there is always a way to work around it! For example, Los Zetas, they will make there metagame look amazing, they will simply drive past as if the guy was just driving past, and than continuously keep driving past so you cant RP with them, drive off if you go near, and wait out for there other peeps. Purposefully make it look, so if im recording, as if they stumbled across me doing what ever to who ever. Ive been part of countless robberies and seen metagaming ALMOST every time you rob someone, THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAN BE DONE. People can simply say it was a coincidence or that they were meeting up somewhere, down the road and what ever, Ive made reports and the outcome is the admin has no evidence. Only way is for people to actually decide they wanna play the game properly, trust is the only way. Or keep the rule so people cant talk about whats happening in-game currently, which has obviously been broken by everyone who's played on this server including staff, and if you disagree with that, than your bs. lol All crime factions have discords, ive been on all the discords, they all metagame. LOL IF ANYONE SAYS OTHERWISE YOUR A LIAR!!! LOL
  8. 1/100, thats what I WANTED to put, but I was like, theres no way its actually that bad, but I honestly believe it, lol. Why doesn't the owner look into how the russian and german servers keep over 400 people playing all the time. <-- Best idea he prob hasnt thought of since this server got launched xd ❤️ Also, everything IC that isnt being told to the noobs OOC is killing the server, plain and simple. (Drug labs, gangs .. etc) 43,800 people have signed up on the forums, thats not including the people who never have, which is probably most. How does the sever only get 150 people on a good day?
  9. Hundreds of people sign up a week, but when they get in the server, there is nothing, they have no idea what to do, and the server itself is busted and hella complicated with no sense of direction or anything written down anywhere. They all have to find it out themselves. Alot of them end up leaving before finding out there are drug labs...etc Only a really small percentage actually have the patience..etc to stick it threw and figure it out. Ask the admins themselves, HUNDREDS of apps a week, and the server pop is nothing. I bet you would all laugh if we knew the conversion rate on how many people leave over how many stay, I bet its something insane like 1 / 30 people end up playing and gaining more than 10,000xp on the server, rest leave cause nobody helps them and the server is way to buggy and its boring asf cause they keep getting robbed and playing truck simulator. LOL Servers great for people who know what they are doing...etc But for the rest, the noobs, they need a better guide or something. ;/ Servers slowly dieing, and when FivewM increases their server slots, imagine. lol
  10. Could I please have my name changed from '2cannnn1' to "Xavier Defante" thanks.
  11. Account name: XavierDefante Character name(s): Xavier Defante Admin who issued punishment: @Andy Date of punishment: 11/23/2018 Punishment received: Permanent Reason given for punishment: 4x DM, 1x Metagame, 1x Fail RP, 1x Fear RP. Your explanation of what happened: A combination of consecutive bans one after another led to this permanent ban. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I think my appeal should be accepted because I am 100% ready to play by the rules. No more fuckery, going to really try to focus on the development of my character / backstory - instead of cruising around looking for gunfights. Gonna report everything and never use discord again. Gonna stay away from as much 'gray area' bullony as possible. Post any evidence or further details: My hope obviously here is to get unbanned and figure out how much longer a ban I have to wait out. I'll be following the topic so if you guys wanna discuss about a situation or something i'll be able to respond in a timely manner. Thanks for reading.
  12. lol, i love how as soon as you look down the alley, we actually rolled up beside you, I got an email notif, im perma'd already so, you could put the entire blame on me, EVEN THOUGH, we thought it was ICLY and OOCLY his bike.
  13. Had IC reason, we were at war, I know the bike..etc But people like to post video's of situations like this, short clipped videos, and admins like to be bias and just ban without any context, because thats their friends...etc So they believe them...etc So, to wrap it all up, waiting on admin responce.
  14. Check DMG logs, if I hit her, than ban me, could easily give back items as, on our end, you had 3 people shouting to stop and you didn't. But, people whiners here, wanna ban over less than 10,000$ worth of items.
  15. Check DMG logs, I dont know who killed him or whatever, it was misunderstanding, please check DMG logs, you'll see.
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