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  1. Proud Los Zeta's HATER here. Repping Purple Gang / Narcos "Glad to finally see the city's free!" -Xavier Defante ( On the dl tho, I wasn't there to see how / who / what happened but I wish I was. I awaited the day I could stare back into Jay Gamble's eyes and tell him to fuck off. lmao u's) edit ; ive been permabanned since our crazy clashes. lmfao
  2. -1, making more guns import, is just consolidating the power even more. People +1ing are just tired of getting pooped on. @money Is right. This server is dieing because everything is being limited! Went from 500 players almost daily to 100 players daily for a reason. Keep limiting, and by the time i'll be unbanned there wont even be a server lol.
  3. Just pointing out ways people just go around rules and abuse >.> It's really hard to enforce certain things and you just gotta have faith in the player base. Im trying to get unbanned and change my ways.
  4. Example ; Im getting robbed at the pier, I tell my friend on discord, who was originally heading up north, but now since im being robbed and metagamed he turns around to help me. ^METAGAMING From the point of view of the robber, my friend pulling up could either be metagame, or a coincidence. Let's pretend since this is an example, that he believes it is metagame and records it. The next day, we see the post on the player reports, all we have to write down is that we were already meeting up there, or my friend just accidentally coincidentally stumbled upon us.
  5. 1/100, thats what I WANTED to put, but I was like, theres no way its actually that bad, but I honestly believe it, lol. Why doesn't the owner look into how the russian and german servers keep over 400 people playing all the time. <-- Best idea he prob hasnt thought of since this server got launched xd Also, everything IC that isnt being told to the noobs OOC is killing the server, plain and simple. (Drug labs, gangs .. etc) 43,800 people have signed up on the forums, thats not including the people who never have, which is probably most. Ho
  6. Hundreds of people sign up a week, but when they get in the server, there is nothing, they have no idea what to do, and the server itself is busted and hella complicated with no sense of direction or anything written down anywhere. They all have to find it out themselves. Alot of them end up leaving before finding out there are drug labs...etc Only a really small percentage actually have the patience..etc to stick it threw and figure it out. Ask the admins themselves, HUNDREDS of apps a week, and the server pop is nothing. I bet you would all laugh if we knew the conversion
  7. Could I please have my name changed from '2cannnn1' to "Xavier Defante" thanks.
  8. lol, i love how as soon as you look down the alley, we actually rolled up beside you, I got an email notif, im perma'd already so, you could put the entire blame on me, EVEN THOUGH, we thought it was ICLY and OOCLY his bike.
  9. Had IC reason, we were at war, I know the bike..etc But people like to post video's of situations like this, short clipped videos, and admins like to be bias and just ban without any context, because thats their friends...etc So they believe them...etc So, to wrap it all up, waiting on admin responce.
  10. Check DMG logs, if I hit her, than ban me, could easily give back items as, on our end, you had 3 people shouting to stop and you didn't. But, people whiners here, wanna ban over less than 10,000$ worth of items.
  11. Check DMG logs, I dont know who killed him or whatever, it was misunderstanding, please check DMG logs, you'll see.
  12. People keep crying over nothing in this community, go look at some of my bans XD - ban me, haven't been on in over a week anyways - got stuff to do. Let it stand that ; They we're following me from bank, Our factions we're at war. I did try to RP, they drove off. This'll be the third time i'll be banned because of a whiner, whining over a video game - that Ive had RP with, and they just neglected it, showed a video, and got me banned. XD Notice how they are also all from zeta.
  13. Ill be honest, I did kinda DM, I know better. Not saying I didn't im just saying that what you did was bullshit. And you know it. That's not how it work's. I havn't played in a weekor more anyways go ahead and ban, I got IRL stuff going on.
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