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  1. Perfect fix thanks dude. Has worked every time for the last 3 days in multiple sign on sessions. Thank you very much @Varakai
  2. Well done on a great story in progress.
  3. Hey all, I'm not very tech-savvy, so apologies if the following explanation is a little off. I'm having some really annoying issues getting Rage to load into the Eclipse server.... When I launch the game via Rage it loads onto the game screen and connects to the server "Requesting Packages...", "Download Started!" and "Download Complete!" appears. A few seconds later the two "Lost Connection" messages appear, and when the "Connected to server - Requesting packages..." appears again the game completely freezes and fails. At no point does the game advance to the login screen options. This has happened for quite awhile now (funny enough started to happen right around when the server changed to winter/snow conditions). I've tried to solve this myself verifying the gta v files as well as reinstalling Rage based on the instructional links below; https://support.rockstargames.com/articles/115014280127/Verifying-system-files-on-your-PC-for-GTAV https://rage.mp/forums/topic/1051-how-to-verify-rage-installation-for-corruption-or-update-problems/ Firewall and Antivirus settings are also set accordingly to recommendations. Connection to the internet is directly wired to my modem, and I'm getting an excellent signal. The thing is, this doesnt always happen. I can load the game up some days and I log straight in with no issues at all (or after only 1 or 2 start ups following the above errors). Though I can also go days at a time of trying for 3-4 hours per day to get in and just don't. Any help or advise would be awesome. Cheers.
  4. Looking to purchase a house in Mirror Park. Budget of around $200-220k. Multi car garage required. Send any offers to #4572406.
  5. Update: It doesn't exactly work every time, though I've had better success when I start RageMP up without connecting/logging in teamspeak and discord. Don't know if this will help people with the same issues I'm having, though just thought I'd post what's kinda worked for me until the next update happens.
  6. Hey all, I logged on at around 5pm and it's now 7.45pm and no matter what I do I cant get into the server. I load up as per normal. The page then goes onto the multiplayer screen, downloads packages, confirms completion and connects, snow appears etc, then I get two connection fail messages at the exact same time. The server then attempts to reconnect (downloading packages message again) and at the very second it does that the game completely freezes and the program shuts down shortly after. I've tried rebooting in safe mode, with the same luck. The game itself is fine on my PC because I ran the standard game without issue. I've also uninstall/reinstall RageMP and the exact same thing happens as well. People have been claiming issues with VOIP and the snow, and I honestly wouldnt know what goes into it to commentate, but I experienced some major lag issues along with other players over the past 24 hours, and now this issue that won't even let me get to the login section. Perhaps my computer cant cope with the added weather events? I'm not sure, but any suggestions would really help. Thank you for your time.
  7. CycloneDavid


    I've been playing for a couple weeks and never had this issue, but it happened last night to me last night for the first time. Everything was fine for awhile, I had to phone Medics when a guy fell off a bridge, then when everyone turned up this happened. The game would allow me to type and enter everything as I wrote it, but had a 10 to 30 second delay for it to show up in game. It also then sent my character jumping, kicking, punching and moving around from what I guess was from me typing in the text box as the mic didn't work at all while this was all happening. A reboot of the system then brought me back fine again until I was around heavier populated areas.
  8. Its also a customer thing. I've been offered multiple times if I'd like to leave my car there if I'm headed out of town so the work can be done and ready when I come back (makes big upgrades also seem more realistic that it will take time to complete rather than just stand outside while your car gets a turbo, exhaust system, gearbox, tinted windows, and spray paint within a matter of minutes). It would be nice to know that customers could leave their cars there and either go off and work, hang out with friends, or just go offline with an organized collection time in place, and know that your vehicle will be safe with them. Great ideas here Bayview team!
  9. Thank you for your response @BroskiBen There have been PO1 on duty that have been extremely helpful and more than happy to do these rides that I meet each night, though aren't obviously granted the permissions to do so. If certain PO1 are reviewed and trusted enough to know at least the basics in showing someone like myself, and trusted enough to be able to give feedback on said ride along to his/her superiors, then it might be worth the temporary permission in a case by case situation whilst these new measures are put in place (??) The issue I now face though is I'm approaching my 7 days granted permission date and still have not met a PO2 to conduct the ride along, even though I've been to the PD every night since being granted, and by that I mean I've returned to the PD within a 1 to 6 hour time bracket each night with no luck. I have no issue re-applying obviously, though I'm sure this creates more unnecessary paperwork. Thank you again for looking into this matter though.
  10. I complete understand the training process factor. Perhaps that could be slightly eliminated on weekends as I'm sure more people of my timezone would be more available during the day for game play/training. I log onto the forums at work and can see 150+ on during my workday, and that's awesome. It would be great to be involved with that much activity as oppose to the 35-65 range that's on in my timezone. But going back to some of my previous posts about balance criminal activity over civilian - Half of the problem I guess is the fact that there are no medics and police on duty in my time zone (or not enough to play out good RP's) so there really is nothing to do but rob people, and I think that gets boring after a while for all involved. My suggestion basically brings to the attention of maybe focusing on getting more people on this time zone applying to keep things running. If/When the applications open again your no doubt going to get bombarded with more UK and US applicants, so maybe spread that into timezones (eg: applications open to X time zone, then do another process for the other). Just a thought.
  11. Hey all, I'm a player from Australia, so my game time each night consists of playing from around 5pm till 10-11pm. I've applied the right forms (and been granted) for the Ride Along Program to get my foot in the door with the PD, and every night I go to the Station and request the ride, though every night I get the same response. I'm told that there are only minimal Officers on, most of which are either Cadet's or PO1 which can not conduct the ride - and I'm told by those playing that the majority are obviously in different time zones. Now I'm not saying I'll even pass the criteria to become a PO, but perhaps would it be an idea to open the applications for more people on this time zone to keep the game going? (I guess the same could apply for the server to reach out for more Medics as a lot of the time there are none at all online through my game time)
  12. I've stopped by Schlongberg Sachs a couple of times now, but we must be just missing each other. Will keep trying though. Thank you for responding, and look forward to meet you soon - @ChuckM.
  13. Again, great feedback. Thanks @ABroHam
  14. Someone just informed me parking tickets have nothing to do with the characters record, so disregard please as I don't care about the $500. Cheers.
  15. Hey all, Had a computer and modem crash tonight. Was driving past the PD and the modem/internet crashed without warning. Took about 3-5 minutes to boot back up, but when I logged back in I had been fined for illegal parking (which I can only guess is due to where my character was on the crash - and don't own a vehicle). Not too fussed on the $500, but does this do anything to the characters record for public service jobs (ie: PD)? ((I've posted here because I'm not looking for a refund, and I've asked on discord but nobody is currently online of any help and/or suggestions - sorry if this is posted in the wrong section)). Cheers!
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