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  1. Confirming two days of orders, one of which large on the 24th at 11.20am EST, and another on the 25th at 10.56am EST, for Ocean Grocery with the same issue.
  2. Date and time (provide timezone): 12.05am 31st May 2020 UTC Character name: Dave Lawrence (apartment is co-owned and in the name of Mika Lawrence who has asked me to submit this report) Issue/bug you are reporting: Safes in our apartment are not showing hyper text to be able to access/interact with. Expected behavior: No hyper text options are available to be able to access contents within. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Safes were placed in our new apartment, and you can see them but there is no hyper text to be able to interact with them. All safes worked properly yesterday after placing them as we did multiple trips moving all our possessions to the new apartment in different stages of the day (meaning we logged off/on at different points too). You can see the safes are still there in the counter tops, though just dont have any hyper text to use/access. You also cant remove the furniture as they contain all our possessions, so the server does recognize this. Jasmine came to look at the situation, and we did some testing where we were able to /removefurniture of one of the empty safes, then place it again. It allowed us to remove the safe even though there were no hyper text options on it. We placed it and the hyper text then showed for that safe only. Jasmine advised to take pictures of this and post this bug here. https://imgur.com/3ihwXBF https://imgur.com/G0JcEJH Vehicle license plate number*:
  3. Just text you an offer above asking price. Let is know if your interested. Cheers
  4. Offer for Elegy sent via text. Good luck with the sale!
  5. 3G For Sale with lots of additional closed in secure parking (that can be extended again if you wish), pool out back, and very quiet/private location close to all amenities. Mad Wayne Thunder Drive No.2 Plenty of Storage Available Please feel free to make an offer if you like below. Please no low ball offers. Buy Now Listed at $1.4mil at the door. Thank you for taking the time to look over this advertisement.
  6. Thank you for your input, though I feel its necessary to state just how expensive it is to even get an opportunity at buying a business. I have been apart of this community for awhile now, and I do a lot of hours in game as a completely clean citizen, and to buy a general store after all this time still required that I go in partnership with someone (and still borrowed a little money as well on top), yet only 1 of us can manage this business, and that's where I'm requesting the additional access. Considering how much you need to lay out for these business purchases alone, if nothing else, should entitle at least the business partner(s) to be able to have some form of access. Unless you desire to relist the business for a profit after a short period of time - in most cases - to get your principal investment sum back will take quite some time, so I don't believe it to be a passive income at all when you also take out the price of stock. IMO you make a lot more AFK money by outlaying smaller amounts of cash for housing and renting it out, all of which is tax free if you take the time to retrieve the cash from your tenants in person. Something that doesn't require restocking/further money outlay or any form of maintenance. Same applies for car sales. Yet is that sort of income considered perfectly acceptable? Thank you again though for sure.
  7. Bump. Officially on the market now. Place your offers and good luck!
  8. Prices reduced WAY under cost, and they are both upgraded. Good luck!
  9. 100% agreed. Restock and Price adjustments only (cant withdraw treasury itself) IMO
  10. Looking for more considering its quiet location and the opportunity it allows, but thank you very much for taking the time to look over the advertisement.
  11. Not sure about Dealerships and Fuel Stations current permissions, though are we able to allow for Store/Business Owners to select access to other players whom might be business partners etc to Manage the business as well (restock, etc)? Perhaps add the permission like you would giving the key to your house as a suggestion? (Maybe a max of 1 or 2 people if that's an issue too)?
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