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Found 36 results

  1. Currently looking for a really decent looking 2g or 3g, preferably 3g house. Doesn't matter location or price, preferably cheap and affordable, but bring any prices and houses! 600k+ budget! SMS- 4396401 - Samuel Rojas Email - zeusecta#[email protected] ((discord without the @ of course))
  2. Contact me at: TheDevilsMuse0#[email protected] Homeless, current available money is 150k needing a place for my Husband and I. We are getting jobs soon(fingers crossed) Please include photos (interior, exterior and location), price asked and contact details. Thank you. XOXOX Moxxi
  3. Located a mere block from the Weazel News on one of the city's finest townhouse streets, Palomino Ave 2 presents an exclusive, one-of-a-kind offering to own a grand-scale, light-filled building with an irreplaceable footprint, & History. Starting bid is starting bid is 450k
  4. I am looking for a 1g or even a 2g near the prison Hit me up with some pictures/location/price Trying to stay around the 400k mark
  5. Full time EMT looking to purchase or rent some property for $200,000 as purchasing price, but rental rates are up for discussion. As I'm on the job all the time, I won't be using it a whole lot, but it would be nice to have a place to myself. If you can help me out, it would be appreciated Contact me at: ((Please reply to this thread, or message me for contact info!)) [email protected] ((PM me for Phone number or Discord)) -Marcus Levonn
  6. Hi there! My friend and I have recently arrived here and we're looking into a place to stay. We have around 50k together, is this a possibility of getting a place? Thank you
  7. Hello, Today I am selling this 1 car garage property located in Jamestown. Its a simple apartment for anyone who is new to the city and is interested in getting their first home. Features - Entertainment system. - Home computer - New Wooden Floors. - and custom lighting to enhance the living space. All of these are included in purchase of the property. Opening offers start at 190k
  8. Selling a fully furnished 2G house near Grove Street. Contact me here, or text me at #3353326. Starting bid: 500k
  9. Selling Two houses both 3 Garage one is in Vespucci and one is in vine wood.To Enquire about buying either house please leave a comment As follows Prices can be lowered if you are willing to bank transfer me the funds and then i will give you ownership of the house Name: House: Amount: Vinewood https://imgur.com/YNzQxCW https://imgur.com/a/8Mdet7n Minimum: 850,000
  10. I'm buying a house, budget is 130k
  11. Hello i was away for 3 moths and my house(Didion Dr.6) was sold. I spoke to an admin and he said i should have gotten 300k for the house and i never got the money. I co owned the house with my friend as well and he did not get the money either. 2 admins told me to post it here.
  12. looking to buy a 2g house, doesn't have to be in or near the city budget of $300,000 Dave Benson #3386274
  13. Got a decent 2G house in Mirror Park. 230k. Great neighbourhood.
  14. Hey! I'm looking to buy a house with 1 or 2 garages. I have only 150K! Contact me here. Thanks!
  15. Hey Guys, I'm looking to buy a cheap 1G house in the city. Just so i am able to store my items and car in there. My budget is around 50 - 90K. I could go higher but i would rather not. I don't really care on the location as long as it is in the city. If youve got anything your selling HMU. If can alter prices and open to any negotiations.
  16. Hello there, I'm Benjamin Joergensen. I am looking for a house that I can sit back and relax in. I have a relative flexible budget from 100k to 300k. I am willing to only pay what I deem it worthy, so only serius offers please. You can get a hold of me on my phone currently, since I have no idea how all this internet email stuff functions. 3121612 Benjamin Joergensen
  17. I need 4G house in vw if you have one call me discord (Ashkanwatson#8195
  18. Selling my house on Grove St. Price starting at $150,000 Contact me through this forum or my number #5275348
  19. Hello there, Stefanie here! Renting is completely closed for the foreseeable furture. Greetings, Stefanie Huth
  20. Buying a 1G house in LS/on the outskirts of LS, willing to negotiate price depending on location. I will buy the house for $110,000+.Reply here or contact me in game #2626022
  21. I recently got this house, but after taking a closer look I noticed it looks like a 4 a garage since it has 4 garage doors upfront, but script wise its a 2 garage. So I was wondering if it would be possible to expand the house to a 4 garage, as this seems more suitable for the looks of the house.
  22. 3 Garage, Both locations in a great location, near water, store, clothing, gas and high end. ((fast 3g house loading time)) SOLD Respond here with interest or text 2057127 to negotiate.
  23. Hello, This suggestion is fairly straight forward. I'd like to see more houses commands; /houseinvite [House ID] [Player ID] Send an invite to a player, if he accept, he will receive a waypoint to said house. /houseinviteaccept [House ID] Accepts the most recent houseinvite request. /houses Shows all of your owned houses, as well as showing the house ID EG; MacDrive 2, East Los Santos - 362 Testroad Dr 7, South Los Santos - 281 /setrentable Toggle the house rentable or not. - toggling this command does not effect players already renting. /setrent [Price] Sets the rent If a player is renting, the player will hourly pay the required rent. Eg: Player A rents a house to Player B Player B pays 250 dollars per hour Player B plays for four hours, and logs Player B has now paid 1000 dollars in rent. Player A logs into the game Player A receives a notification, saying that 1000 dollars has been collected over the rent Player A receives the rent money through his salary. There should also be a list for the house owner, so he can kick out renters as well.
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