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Found 15 results

  1. Hello there, Stefanie here! You always wanted to live in Vinewood Hills or in Mirror Park, but never had the money? Now it's your time, to live in welfare and not in your car or on the street alone anymore! You pay at the beginning of the month for your rent and can use the house (with possible other residents). No weapons or drugs allowed. Storing your goods inside the house is going to be on your own risk, it's advisable, to use your personal vehicle for storage. Visits once in a while by me, to make sure, that everything is going alright. You can close the contract every month (it will be closed, if there is going to be no pay as well). You can also rent parking slots or a whole house, the monthly pay will be increased according to your choosing although. Call or Text me (#3931895) or write me down below, if you are interested! Following options: Mirror Park Address: West Mirror Drive 23 Monthly pay: $5,000 ((for 7 days a week)) Maximum amount of residents: 3 (1 parking slot for each resident) Additional Info: Close to DCC, LSPD, LSEMS, General Stores, Fuel Station, Clothing Store and other opportunities. Status: House slots for rent available! (1 out of 3 slots occupied) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vinewood Hills Address: Kimble Hill Dr. 9 Monthly pay: $7,500 ((for 7 days a week)) Maximum amount of residents: 4 (1 parking slot for each resident) Additional Info: Close to LS Bank, Tequilala, General Store, Los Santos Customs Downtown, Courier Job, Clothing Store and other opportunities. Status: House slots for rent available! (1 out of 4 slots occupied) I am looking forward to you! 💖 Your lovely paramedic, Stefanie Huth
  2. 3 Garage, Both locations in a great location, near water, store, clothing, gas and high end. ((fast 3g house loading time)) SOLD Respond here with interest or text 2057127 to negotiate.
  3. Selling my house on Grove St. Price starting at $150,000 Contact me through this forum or my number #5275348
  4. ItsFiftyy

    [SELLING] 2G House in Mirror Park

    Got a decent 2G house in Mirror Park. 230k. Great neighbourhood.
  5. Vasquez

    More house commands

    Hello, This suggestion is fairly straight forward. I'd like to see more houses commands; /houseinvite [House ID] [Player ID] Send an invite to a player, if he accept, he will receive a waypoint to said house. /houseinviteaccept [House ID] Accepts the most recent houseinvite request. /houses Shows all of your owned houses, as well as showing the house ID EG; MacDrive 2, East Los Santos - 362 Testroad Dr 7, South Los Santos - 281 /setrentable Toggle the house rentable or not. - toggling this command does not effect players already renting. /setrent [Price] Sets the rent If a player is renting, the player will hourly pay the required rent. Eg: Player A rents a house to Player B Player B pays 250 dollars per hour Player B plays for four hours, and logs Player B has now paid 1000 dollars in rent. Player A logs into the game Player A receives a notification, saying that 1000 dollars has been collected over the rent Player A receives the rent money through his salary. There should also be a list for the house owner, so he can kick out renters as well.
  6. Appelgi

    [SOLD] 1G house outside LS.

    SOLD The one with the porch is on sale.
  7. 3 Car Garage, big pool, garden, amazing view. comment yours prices or contact #2848793
  8. Denni

    - archive this please -  

    - archive this please -
  9. LUXURY VINEWOOD HOUSE 3 CARS - WITH A BEAUTIFUL VIEW TO THE CITY - 1 MINUTE AWAY FROM TEQUILA LA LA Today I'm happy to present you all with the lucky chance of walking away with a new home. The house has good outside size, you can park your vehicles inside or outside and will look pretty nice. The house has a big yard, from where you can relax or meet up with friends, talk about business and more. Starting Bid - $1 Current Bid - $180,000 (price is updated every few hours, when we check latest bid) Pictures Exterior MAP
  10. 3 Car Garage House in Vinewood Hills, Great View - $225,000 Location: Vinewood Hills Garage Spaces: 3 Sale Price; $225,000 Contact: 2046854 (#Denni2151) Description This beautiful 1980's detached house has some fantastic views of the city. Starting at the front you can see white wood paneling giving the house a very art-deco feel, a very Vinewood house indeed. The property boasts ample space to park your vehicles, with a 3 space garage on the inside. To the side of the house you can see a gate which leads you to the back balcony; plenty of space to have a barbecue with friends! There is shrubbery, palm trees and double-glazing windows all around the property; with what seems a strong front door to stop those pesky burglars from getting in. The house is open for viewing and you can buy straight away. Professional Pictures How do I find it? Contact Details If you have any questions, please call Jake Lawson on: 2046854 (Denni#5121)
  11. Sieto_Bronx

    House, Vehicle

    i used to own a house way back then at this location and a vehicle which are both gone now lol
  12. Lovely house for sale very cheap Message if interested 42958888
  13. Hello and thanks for taking a look! I want to sell this house in Mirror Park for 100 thousand. The house includes two car parking spaces. Call 4726295 for offers or more information. Pictures:
  14. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

    Thiago Santacruz (alot)

    Character to be refunded:Thiago Santacruz Date and time of incident: Today and Last week Requested refund (what and how much): 3 shotguns+bullets, 6AK+ bullets, 200g cocaine Description of incident resulting in loss:I double or triple check that stash but today I get in and I see it already unlocked with everything gone, of course. Today I also shot a 150 rounds of AK with extended mag and after the mag was empty the gun dissapeared. Admin can reproduce this easily - I got no evidence of my items disappearing but it made me want to not play until the community grows and the client changes so I can just RP, so if you don't really feel like checking the logs for my stuff it's OK.
  15. gamermtm

    Houses are really useful?

    I know the houses are essential in the roleplay, everyone needs live somewhere, but the houses are really usefull? You can store items? change clothes? Or is only a place to practice roleplay with your friends and nothing more? Im saving money for a house, but the circunstances made me think about buy a weapon license to my self-defense. What you guys recomend? (I know the server are new and they need improve some things)