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    Just trying to help man, either way I wish you good luck on your search.
  2. Ohad


    Minimum price of a supercar nowadays is around $4,000,000, you won't find anything below that price.
  3. Ohad

    Snowy day's

  4. Ohad

    Refueling the Fuel Station is bugged

    they better do something about that cause It's really frustrating to play like that and losing money 4 times in a row.
  5. Ohad

    Refueling the Fuel Station is bugged

    same thing happened to me as well, It's almost 3 weeks like that and I thought I'm the only one with this issue, all the fuel station owners are losing money..
  6. Ohad

    Cars disappeared from my Garage.

    Tempesta - a supercar.
  7. Ohad

    Cars disappeared from my Garage.

    When am I suppose to get a reply back from the developers? It's really frustrating to play without my only beloved supercar.. please fix this issue.
  8. Date and time (provide timezone): 28/01/2019 13:25 (GMT+2) Character name: Jake Ryan Issue/bug you are reporting: So I logged in, after I parked my car at my only house yesterday, I pressed 'E' and It didn't show me the car in the garage, so I did /vehiclestats and it says that the car is here, but I saw only my friend's FMJ and his Contender inside the garage, so I took out his Contender and when I took it out, It wasn't there, his character name is Drake_Ryan. but anyways, after that, I did /showvehicles and It said that It's at mors, so I went to mors and It didn't show me anything. @MusketDeezNuts did help me with this issue and told me to file a bug report on the forums. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: https://imgur.com/O6KVvl5 https://imgur.com/trItKAW https://imgur.com/UGdKhlb https://imgur.com/3g0a3dY https://imgur.com/y8AusI8 https://imgur.com/FkeHC2f As I said, @MusketDeezNuts did help me with this issue and told me to file a bug report on the forums. Vehicle license plate number*: HIGHWAY, (my friend's contender license plate is: S959V2RS), hope It's helpfull.
  9. This thread is not an auction. I just want people to offer me in private, Also, I'm not in a rush to sell it.
  10. HIGHWAY⛽- Gas Station is open for offers! Offers only in private messages, only for serious buyers. Gas Station Profile: - One of the best Locations in the city. - A clean property. - Comes with an ATM. - lots of car meets near the Gas Station. Pictures from a random car meet: Contacts: Jake Ryan - 5611311 - ((Ohad#7801))@eclipse.com Drake Ryan - 3398256 - ((Ron#4042))@eclipse.com
  11. Hi there! I think they should add a property inside all of the businesses, for example Gas Stations, Car dealerships, Gun stores. especially when we got the new furnitures update, should be awesome! so the owners could make an office or could do something inside the building for more RP. For example: as you see here, we got a building inside but no use.. and I think it could benefit all of the owners, and add a lot of RP to it! Although, if we press 'E' It will most likely take us to the business management system, so make 2 sections when we press 'E'. 1 - for the regular management system and 2 - for the furnitures and the option to get inside and lock the building. Please let me know if you like that idea by +1 or if you dislike the idea by -1.
  12. Ohad

    Make this place a gas station

    I agree, +1 from me.
  13. Great job my man, keep up the good job, could not be more satisfied with your product ^^