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  1. Very Epic. Keep it up!
  2. +1. This could bring more RP to the server, besides, we do need more clothes in general for example Vests / gloves etc. I actually made a thread about that as well a while back:
  3. a BIG +1. As you see, this is my 4G House; Now, I have a quite big House which that prevent me to build in certins areas of the House and limits me even though It's in my property. This is my backyard, Now I have marked where the radius limit is; I can not build further than those chairs and barbecue, which is unfortunate because there are parts in my house that I might want them covered up for privacy but because the Radius is too small compare the House It limits certin parts of the House for me so nothing I can do about this really. I love the radius
  4. +1, Made a simillar suggestion.
  5. +1 from me. would add more to the roleplay in my opinion.
  6. that I can agree on Good suggestion!
  7. Ohad

    More furniture

    Yeah I noticed, thank you for that!
  8. Ohad

    More furniture

    I think this thread deserves more attention tbh @fastz if you got more furnitures ID's, make sure to share them here! Bump.
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