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  1. I'd rather trading it for another Supercar instead of just selling it for cash.
  2. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/18724-trading-xa-21-super-car/
  3. According to admin logs I was breaking rules in the past yes I know it is not good, after this ban I understood how bad is to accumulate more punishments to admin record and i feel like i did a lot of bad things in the past and i have to change the way i treat rules and i need to be way more aware, ban is not a good thing but the more stress it gives the more i understand how bad i acted yesterday and in the past, if this thread is getting approved then this ban would help me to understand how bad i was and how i need to improve myself next time i play because knowing rules is the first thing i need to know before playing.
  4. Yes, I watched the video again and it seemed like I shot him for nothing, the reason for shooting him was because I thought he was already involved in this gun fight, I was not aware of what happened around me because everyone was shooting I didn't notice this guy just arrived and I feel very sorry I know rules of course but in this situation I made a mistake, this is very important to me, I don't want to lose what I built for 2 years this server mean the world for me and gabriel (the one who vdmed), We respect the rules and server stuff, respect and awareness is important thing in this server and next time I would be very more aware of what I am doing and so much more careful because I want to keep playing eclipse..
  5. I had used to break rules when i joined the server and just learned to roleplay, long time ago and it took time to learn rules and i made mistakes, i am not a robot, i try my best not breaking rules we are all humans we make mistakes, if you think im not good enough to roleplay i can prove you are wrong if you give me a chance please.
  6. Account name: ohadzz Character name(s): Dwayne_Freeman (Alt), Jake_Ryan (Main) Admin who issued punishment: Chrisy Date of punishment: 12/05/2019 Punishment received: DM #3 Reason given for punishment: Deathmaching Your explanation of what happened: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/19460-dmvdm-id204-id-50-id-12/ - Resolved thread. Me (Dwayne Freeman) and Gabriel Freeman and Tomer Medina were robbing a guy whos refueling his bike outside of city gas station, we all pulled up to him told him to hands up then he pulled out a gun and started shoot us, we opened fire on him then more players arrived and joined the gun fight, so this guy drove into the gun fight and I was not aware of what happened around, this was one of the first times ever trying to rob and shooting around in this server and I'm playing for 2 years, sadly I am not that used to shooting rules so when this guy drove into the gun fight he seemed like a crew member of the guy we tried to rob, then I started shooting him and Gabriel rammed him to death. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because it one of very first gun fights and robbing and doing crimes in this server, I am not that experienced in doing these stuff and I was not aware of what happened around me while I am shooting, after I watched the video couple of time I understood that it was not right to shoot him when he drove into the gun fight, I told him over voip to hands up and for some reason we dont see that on the video, I feel sorry for him because he don't deserve to get shot and next time I'd be more aware of criminal rules , this thought me a lession and I'd be very happy to get this thread resolved. I'm not even close to be a rulebreaker in this server, I really like playing Eclipse this means the world for me, I'm playing for years and never meant to break rules, it was a really bad mistake. Post any evidence or further details: https://plays.tv/video/5cd72066dcdf2b344b/normal-not-normal - The proof that got me banned.
  7. We wanted to rob you so I got out of the vehicle, said in voip 'Hands up' like 3 times in a row and you refused, at the time voip worked for me with no problems so I didn't know It was not working for you. - Dwayne Freeman.
  8. A 4 Vehicle Mansion for sale! Contact #3398256 or Ron#[email protected] - A Very private Property overall. - Quiet Neighborhood. - A lot of space, a beautiful view of the city.
  9. myself, a weazel news General Manager, been in this faction for the past year + and I'm still trying my best to clear weazel's name and get it to be the best faction it can be, I understand where are yall are coming from, though I can promise we will try our best to keep everyone happy and serve as many people as possible, Please be patient as we, the management team trying to get everything in line and sorted, we are still waiting for the best person to suit the CEO position, so please understand us as we understand you guys. - Jake Ryan, General Manager, Weazel News.
  10. Property had been bought for $1,400,000 By me. - Jake Ryan.
  11. Gotcha, Makes more sense now, my apologies.
  12. Well I actually checked the property this week before he locked it, and trust me, It's tiny.
  13. Sorry, but I wouldn't pay $1,600,000 on a property that is that small. Just not worth it.
  14. $1,150,000. #5611311 or Ohad#7801. - Jake Ryan.
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