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Found 8 results

  1. So recently i decided to undertake the extreme task of rennovating my very empty backyard (As shown in the picture). This is a 4 car garage house (Despite the looks) and i wanted to make it a really nice spot to use in roleplay due to the vast space and possibilities. Unfortunately...that cannot happen and ill explain why. This is my property's backyard: As you can see, it is full of empty dead space despite being quite a nice house (ignore the tire marks, was me parking to get on my roof). The issue lies in the "Property Lines" (AKA the range i can build). The Table over by the Hot Tub is currently the limit of my property (it goes a bit further by the pool but now by much at all). My Entire wooden patio with the umbrella and hot tub is completely empty and unusable, so i cant even put down a table and some chairs with maybe a couch and a grille. The Space by the wall across my house near the pool is also completely empty, i couldve put something like a Bar there or some tanning chairs. Onto the next point, The Limit of items. I am unsure if it is 15 or 30 (Government Employee said 15, my Friend said 30) which means even if i could use all this space, it would still be very scarce. Just to liven up my wooden patio would cost 10 or so items alone if im going for a Barbecue like hangout mentioned above. The space currently under where i am standing (where the tire marks are) is super open and i could do so much there but due to the limit of items it too would be scarce. (My current Plan for that area was a beautiful car workshop, couple tool carts, a workbench, and a roof to protect from the elements to roleplay working on my own vehicles as i was a mechanic and am one IRL) Theres infinite possibilities for this backyard, and this isnt a cheapo backyard either. 4G houses are known to go for millions and to have one where i cant really customize my empty backyard really sucks. Now im not saying i should be able to put down like 100 items, god no, the server probably cant handle that. The max i would Say would be 50 lets say, BUT this is what i had in mind. 1G Houses are often apartments or very small houses, so building on them isnt usually done so there is no problem there. 2G Houses are small houses to Medium houses, so the 15 item limit works alright for them as there isnt space to do much. 3G Houses are quite large and can take up the 30 item spot. Some have very spacious areas while others not so much, but more often to not they are quite Spacious 4G These are often Very large Properties (Like mine), Sometimes even mansions, and the 15 (or 30) build limit really hampers their potential. id say 50 items should be the max as thats enough to build either a really nice extension, or a really kick ass backyard that could physically be used during a party or in a roleplay scenario. Now once more to the build Limits, they shouldnt be allowed to go on public property (IE Streets) but still should completely cover the backyard. From what ive gathered they are a sphere area around a set point on a house. The area should be a sphere is the backyard is spherical in nature, but in the case of mine, it should be rectangular to cover the confines of my own property without extending onto public property or other peoples property. Keep in mind this is all a suggestion and heavily subject to change, Please consider other options as id love to hear them!
  2. Price: $15,000 a month (Weekly) Type: Large Family Home Status: Leased Garage: 3 Vehicles Agent: Jace Moore Price: $10,000 a month (Weekly) Type: Small Family Home Status: Leased Garage: 2 Vehicles Agent: Jace Moore Price: $10,000 a month (Weekly) Type: Small Family Home Status: Leased Garage: 2 Vehicles Agent: Luke Price Price: $10,000 a month (Weekly) Type: Small Beach Side Home Status: Leased Garage: 2 Vehicles Agent: Luke Price Price: $7,000 a month (Weekly) Type: Small Apartment Status: Leased Garage: 1 Vehicle Agent: Luke Price Price: $7,000 a month (Weekly) Type: Small Apartment Status: Leased Garage: 1 Vehicle Agent: Luke Price Price: $7,000 a month (Weekly) Type: Small Apartment Status: Leased Garage: 1 Vehicle Agent: Robert Forsyth Terms & Conditions All houses / apartments have rental agreements of 1 Month (1 IRL week) Failure to make payments will lead to eviction of the property, all assets in the property will be removed at cost of rentee. No drug use will be tolerated inside the properties When the resident vacates the property, it will be subject to a inspection and any property damage must be covered by the person vacating the property Any rental term which is longer then 2 Months (2 IRL weeks) will be subject to a discount on any rental terms. Contact one of our realtors Luke Price Contact Number: 520-8669 Email: [email protected] (Discord: aNickinSkywalker#7949) Jace Moore Contact Number: 400-6288 Robert Forsyth Contact Number: 559-7856
  3. Hi there! My friend and I have recently arrived here and we're looking into a place to stay. We have around 50k together, is this a possibility of getting a place? Thank you
  4. This is where you can find our range of houses in one handy catalogue. Below you can find our range of houses and property. One-Garage Two-Garage Three-Garage Four-Garage Property Warehouse Information Once you have chosen a house you would like please use this form to make an offer on the house you want Offers ( This will also be on the house listing ) To check out our selling process and rules please use our handy booklet (not made yet) If you have any questions or would like to find out more information please message me in private ( Don't make a reply in this forum, you will be ignored )
  5. We all know the struggle of finding and selling your home, well that shouldn't be a problem now! I think this should be implemented into ECRP as there is no easy way to sell and buy your homes, this would be a brilliant addition to Eclipse RP as it would make the RolePlay Experience more immersive and realistic. I'm currently working on a website for this but for now, I have made a discord for it. This would make everyone lives easier and all of the problems you're getting in refunds about housing would be sorted out by us. To keep this as in character as can be I think we will need an office somewhere in town and a system which allows people to come in and see me if, ECRP ever decide to take all off this into account people should be able to send a request to view at one off the houses, The system should work that the seller has to sign their houses to us and when we sell the house )and do all the hard work) we take a cut from that and it automatically transfers the rest ion to there bank account. Dynasty as a business can grow and expand is the leading Real Estate company in Los Santos. I'm JJay and I represent Dynasty 8 and its founding Dynasty 8 Discord
  6. SOLD The one with the porch is on sale.
  7. Hello prospective renters, Looking for that quality home that is located in the beautiful Vinewood Hills suburbs? However you cannot afford the higher price tags? Been spending it all on those car upgrades from LSC or Bayview? Then do I have the solution for you! I currently have a home available for rent in area of Vinewood Hills. #12 South Mo Milton Drive. Features of this beautiful house include: > 3-Car Garage Parking, > Spacious interiors (enough for 2-3 occupants), > Full extra storage for your extra belongings, and > Short travel distances to LSC, LS Bank, Tequi-La-La, as well as many other famous locations around Los Santos. Prospective applicants will have to have a current LS Drivers license, moderately clean criminal record ((I say moderately because lets face it, it is Los Santos)), not be associated with any major gangs, as well as being able to maintain a neat and tidy dwelling. Applicants must understand that the property will be inspected on a monthly basis. Any illegal paraphernalia found will result in your lease being ceased immediately and reported to the police. Prices for the properties are $1,500/week and will be collected on Friday to Sunday ((Understandably timings will need to be discussed)). You will also require a $3,000 bond for deposit which will also act as a two week buffer. The deposit will be returned to you on vacation of the property should you decide to leave at any time. Those interested please request an application from Joshua Fellows, #5213334, or email me directly at Varakai#[email protected] Map: https://gyazo.com/9c4321377b7b5ca037e9bf21271814cc #11 South Mo Milton Drive: https://gyazo.com/8507682e989702fda37449f5efd5cc89 https://gyazo.com/04841dc4d759e2d90cb2e3031b47fa4d #12 South Mo Milton Drive: https://gyazo.com/c3842da9252b823b7b9f471441d28b56 https://gyazo.com/5dbc8deb16d5e1bee7f82f36c42531da Kind Regards Joshua Fellows Phone #: (215) 5213334 Email: Varakai#[email protected]
  8. Alright so I've brought this up earlier this evening in the Discord during the meeting between the administrators and the community and a lot of people ended up agreeing with me that it's a good thing, including @BallinByNature. This idea came to my mind as the amount of in-character marriages have been increasing by an insane amount, both my characters also being in a rather serious-RP relationship. Even if it's for characters that aren't actually married but can't afford a house on their own and want a roommate to live with, sharing a house would be a great solution. Another good thing would be houses up for rent, giving players both the option to rent the house or buy the house. I'm not completely sure on how often the rent would be taken but maybe once per in-game day or two days given every in-game day is 6 hours IRL, but obviously this would be subject to change. I think this would be a great addition because a lot of the players that do not have a government job can't afford to just fully buy a house, given them basically nowhere to store anything that they might want to store, especially with the recent introductions of bobby pins and how they work. Of course this is just my two cents on this situation, but I thought I'd make a proper suggestion after I saw the amount of people that agree with this suggestion and think that it would work out well.
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