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  1. In my opinion we should be able to change walking styles as vip's for free and if VIP runs out then also the walking style goes back to default
  2. shiroq

    The Clowns

    Coming Soon As the organisation grows and continues to expand, we have made investments in the city allowing for us to expand our reach and influence. With the construction ongoing soon the Elgin House will be open offering a variety of activities, mainly a bar/club area for everyone to enjoy but also offer VIP sections for more important guests. In the future there will be parties, vip events and all sorts of other activity available at the Elgin House
  3. shiroq

    The Clowns

    Coming Soon After some time of absence of Fight Club in the city that was organised by the Irish, Clowns made a deal to take over the underground "Fight Club" and begin the events once again, inviting everyone willing and able to try out their fists in the ring against toughest guys in the city. The invite to this event only will be sent to ones who are trusted and the events will be organised in secret locations away from PD or any kind of law enforcement that could ruin the event. Recently we organised a simple fight testing out our own fighters trying to find a good representative that could stand in and represent our organisation well, while other preparations are being done for organizing the full event
  4. Just before anyone gets mad or upset about this suggestion this person isn't affiliated with The Clowns whatsoever. While i as i leader would agree about having something like this and illegal mechanic shop that would be more of a "call person X" and he will come in to fix your stuff. While i appreciate the thought as the faction leader i would love something like this but also as a faction leader i can see how this is unfair to other groups as this would be massive content to one official "gang" and others would get nothing. Would be very cool but i dont see it happening at least not until there is enough content like this for other groups as well
  5. Price lowered to 600k, will be put on market today
  6. Selling a 3g house in Vinewood with new interior and a pretty big pool in the back, very close to bank and also tequila Starting price is 650K, i am willing to wait for bigger offers. The house currently is not on the market but will be put up on market in the next 48 hours if no offers come in
  7. Character to be refunded: Benito Fazio Date and time of incident: 23/01/2019 Requested refund (what and how much): $50000 Description of incident resulting in loss: I purchased a laptop and went back to the house to check the imports, server crashed and after logging back in there was no laptop and my money was gone too Evidence of loss: https://streamable.com/tn7kb | https://streamable.com/gsxj8 Comments: Thanks, i hope this gets resolved quickly
  8. +1 but allow /breakfree command that would show /ame istrying to break free from the restraints and it would take about 60 seconds without movement to break free from zipties so that if accidents happen where people are left with zipties on them they have the ability to break free
  9. shiroq

    Crime zone

    Very funny how you claim you was looking for good rp. But in that exact stream you dumped your super car in the bush and took an empty police cruiser from a crime scene where there was injured people and you was joking with them if they want their pistol back Then later on you with the same cruiser you stopped a bus driver and was trying to force him to leave the bus by pretending to be a police officer? How can you complain about the server having bad rp when you are literally promoting trolling and shitty rp on your stream? and you also say ooc to yourself on stream "im going to get out with an smg" before the bus driver. top notch rp
  10. Price has been lowered to 100k as i need the house slots
  11. shiroq

    Crime zone

    so you want a DM zone? chop shop is absolutely not dead. it has been recently buffed and its pretty alive. Drug labs are less active because people got tired of the grind when some new content comes, people will start switching around as they will want to go back to the old stuff. If all you care about is driving around and shooting someone then maybe you should stay bored. essentially what you are describing is a cops and robbers concept. no thanks -1
  12. Pretty self explanatory, would be nice to see cigarettes as an item that is purchasable and being able to smoke using the gta online animation Possibly make it also to be able to remove the cigarettes from the pack itself so you could share them with others adding a minimal but a fun part of rp in my opinion
  13. Selling three houses in Paleto Forest. Very remote and unique location that can be used for any sort of activities as its pretty far away from the city and its in a place where not many people visit often. The prices are 120k Each and the houses are on the market. They also come with whatever is in the stash so you might find something useful or maybe nothing at all
  14. I think is is really required. Because while the new update today is good and the new weight system CAN be beneficial but things like radio having 10 volume while shotguns having 1 volume and so on makes no sense. Or for example how a bag can fit more than you can carry yourself. Systems like this should be released for "players" so that they can play and give feedback and then changes can be made to adjust for the balance. And doing this on a test server with 20-30 people who are given unlimited resources to test everything properly would help the server a lot and would eliminate a lot of issues
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