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  1. shiroq

    Crime zone

    Very funny how you claim you was looking for good rp. But in that exact stream you dumped your super car in the bush and took an empty police cruiser from a crime scene where there was injured people and you was joking with them if they want their pistol back Then later on you with the same cruiser you stopped a bus driver and was trying to force him to leave the bus by pretending to be a police officer? How can you complain about the server having bad rp when you are literally promoting trolling and shitty rp on your stream? and you also say ooc to yourself on stream "im going to get out with an smg" before the bus driver. top notch rp
  2. Price has been lowered to 100k as i need the house slots
  3. shiroq

    Crime zone

    so you want a DM zone? chop shop is absolutely not dead. it has been recently buffed and its pretty alive. Drug labs are less active because people got tired of the grind when some new content comes, people will start switching around as they will want to go back to the old stuff. If all you care about is driving around and shooting someone then maybe you should stay bored. essentially what you are describing is a cops and robbers concept. no thanks -1
  4. Pretty self explanatory, would be nice to see cigarettes as an item that is purchasable and being able to smoke using the gta online animation Possibly make it also to be able to remove the cigarettes from the pack itself so you could share them with others adding a minimal but a fun part of rp in my opinion
  5. Selling three houses in Paleto Forest. Very remote and unique location that can be used for any sort of activities as its pretty far away from the city and its in a place where not many people visit often. The prices are 120k Each and the houses are on the market. They also come with whatever is in the stash so you might find something useful or maybe nothing at all
  6. shiroq

    Dynamic Fishing

  7. shiroq

    Beta testers and beta server.

    I think is is really required. Because while the new update today is good and the new weight system CAN be beneficial but things like radio having 10 volume while shotguns having 1 volume and so on makes no sense. Or for example how a bag can fit more than you can carry yourself. Systems like this should be released for "players" so that they can play and give feedback and then changes can be made to adjust for the balance. And doing this on a test server with 20-30 people who are given unlimited resources to test everything properly would help the server a lot and would eliminate a lot of issues
  8. shiroq

    Remove the 30k price for engine repair

    +1 the price is completely unrealistic and makes no sense. You have a warraner for 10k someone shoots up your car. you have to pay 30k to repair it? cheaper to buy 2 more warraners
  9. shiroq

    The Street Reapers (WIP)

    Great idea, i actually hope you can pull this off. The car scene has been dead for some time now and car meets were missing. Really hope you continue with this and carry out properly. Looking forward to meeting you icly as i already have some rp ideas
  10. So with the speakers that were added for Christmas i think it should become an item that would be for sale at the shops. Speakers should be placeables and have the ability to enter a link of a music stream like radio links or youtube links. so that we could host proper parties where everyone can hear music instead of using voip. I think this would add a lot of rp opportunities when people just want to chill but sometimes its very boring when there is no music or anything else in the background. This would also make bahama mamas and vanilla unicorn much more usable, house parties and the rest much better To make sure its not abused, the speakers should be by default at 0% sound and it would be displayed above "Speaker: Volume 0%" and then players could type /speaker 100% to turn on the sound themselves so they can hear the music so that people do not abuse by placing speakers randomly. Obviously make sure that speakers could not be placed at NCZ zones and that only 1 speaker could be placed in the same area to prevent trolling.
  11. shiroq

    The Clowns

    As the snow melted away and the weather got warm we decided to take a slight trip outside the city and have a little gathering and have some fun
  12. shiroq

    The Clowns

    After we put up the Christmas tree, we decided to chill and hang out a little bit and it turned into a small party after some friends showed up
  13. shiroq

    Toggle command for on-screen radio frequency

    No one is making this an actual complaint of "omg it helps pd but not criminals" It's great that PD finally have a way of using IC means of communicating and TS can soon be completely removed. BUT this is metagaming fest. Every time you report someone you have to change frequency. So for example if you log in in the morning something happens you report, in the evening if you have to report again thats 2 frequency changes because lets be honest the frequencies will be MG'd and there is no need to pretend like they wont. Simplest solution like everyone said make it /togglefreqhud or make it so that the freq is showed only for government factions since their radio cant be infiltrated and abused.
  14. shiroq

    Randy Wolf 1462_3701 ( 7.3, 6.6, 7.2 )

    what do you mean by US? We are not wearing any masks, or any other indications of us being a group. And once again you are not sharing any evidence to prove that you had a reason to shoot at us
  15. shiroq

    Randy Wolf 1462_3701 ( 7.3, 6.6, 7.2 )

    I was also present in this situation So how did you get confirmation that it was your friend that was being shot? Nowhere in your evidence you get the confirmation that it is US that shot him. You showed up on the scene without any information besides ASSUMPTIONS that it was your friend who was being shot, you VDMED one person and then DMED her. And then started shooting at us from the mountain. Now you rammed a person with a sports bike, which completely makes no sense if you were to hit a person or anyone at high speed with a bike you would fall off yourself but then you run away and drive up at a crazy speed up a mountain with a DRAG bike. You have no proof where you actually knew it was us. In the radio all you get is "im being chased" and "4 guys" but even then that wasn't really true as there was more of us so can you truly say that you knew the full situation? You also Vdmed Mia JUST as shots were being fired which means you had the intention to hit her with your bike way before that as you clearly drove into her direction. So to sum it up you had no real confirmation that WE shot your friend, you ran someone over with a sports drag bike and then drove up the mountain to get off your bike and start shooting at people that you really didnt know what they did as you never had visual or verbal confirmation we shot your friend 7.4 Kill on sight 7.4.1 Kill on sight (KoS) is the act of killing a player with no engagement in roleplay. 7.4.2 A player is allowed to KoS someone, only for specific reasons, that are not older than 24 real world hours, and if the new life rule is followed. 7.4.3 KoS is allowed for these specific reasons: • Your life was threatened in the past (ex.: in a robbery, a combat situation or a hostage situation); • The life of your friend or ally is threatened at the present or if you have witnessed it happen in the past; • There is an attempt to steal your valuables, or those of your group, if the value of theft is not less than $75.000 (this point excludes vehicles); So yes it does state in the rules that you need to witness harm being done to your friends before you can actually shoot at them