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    Business Trip (( Name should be Daniel Norrwood but i didn't have the alias changed and forgot, will fix it next time ))
  2. Account name: nateX/nateX2 Character name(s): Claude Floyd, Caitlyn Kimura, Michael Cruz and Antonio DiFranco. Admin who issued punishment: BallinByNature brought the virdict, NBDY banned me off the forums and Lewis banned me in the game a month later. Date of punishment: According to my conversation with Lewis on the day I was banned, it's 27/04/2019. Punishment received: Not here to RP (No idea why that's the same of the punishment), Abusive and toxic behavior (Said that Criminal RP on the server is garbage). Reason given for punishment: Previously mentioned Not here to RP (No idea why that's the same of the punishment), Abusive and toxic behavior (Said that Criminal RP on the server is garbage). Your explanation of what happened: I got removed from staff for questionable judgments, corruption yada yada. I instantly went to another server to get my mind away from Eclipse and try new things. I kept being active in Discord and on the forums, one day I saw a post of a new player complaining about the quality of RP shows by the criminal factions on the server, I agreed with him after multiple negative experiences with criminal factions on the server, stating that ''Yes, the criminal RP on the server is garbage and no one seems to have the interest to fix it.'' or something along those lines. A couple of hours later I notice ECRP Discord disappearing from my list of servers and I go onto the forums to check and find out that I have been permanently banned. A month goes on, I am still not banned in game and I go in game to sell my house, RPing with people and giving them advice on how to act in situations, speaking from experience when I see a text pop up above my minimap saying ''Connection closed.'', I instantly realize I have been banned so I go onto the UCP to confirm. I text Lewis asking to explain the situation where he simply says ''Ballin must not have cared about you that much xd.'' when I ask him why it took a whole month to ban me in game. I try to post an appeal and get a short and sweet answer from Ballin saying the following: ''We explained to you your toxic behavior was not going to be tolerated and it continued, I simply didn't issue the ban by mistake when I let you know you wouldn't be able to play here anymore. You responded by saying you had better places to play anyways, so good luck on that.'' After that, he simply hides my appeal from the public eye. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I feel like I have learned my lesson and enough time has passed. I still do not see why I am being treated the same as aZelda or Ruslan who doxxed multiple people. I have lost contact with multiple staff members after they have blocked me on Discord after said incident. I just want a second chance considering this is the first ever major punishment I have gotten, I will not be toxic anymore and follow the rules I promised to follow when registering. About what Ballin said, yes I found another server but I do prefer to keep in touch with people I spent 3 years on this server together with. Also, I would like to personally apologize to Ballin for all the very mean stuff I said to him in PM's, but I just request for him to do the same after what he said about me as well. *insert special snowflake emote here* Post any evidence or further details: N/A (Posting this for nateX as he is forum banned)
  3. Decent thread but lots of mistakes. Just starting with the rankings. Soldato and Made Man are absolutely the same thing. Being "made" means that you are officially inducted into the family after which your rank is "soldier" or Soldato if you want to be fancy. The ranks are Boss, Consigliere (not above underboss more to the side of the boss) Underboss, Caporegime (Captain, Capo) Soldier (has such variations as Enforcer but does not hold any power over other made men) And then there is Associates, there can also be trusted associates that are esentially vouched for by a made man and marked for getting made. Mafia members do not wear suits from 1940's either or drive around in those museum cars. Also a member like Hakim Iksendria could never get made because he is not born to Italian family. Another common misconception is that every member is Italian. The correct term is American-Italian majority of mobsters these days are third or fourth generation immigrants that were born to Italian families so at this point most of them do not even speak a word of Italian. But the only thing that matters is the bloodline for getting made. Even being half blood removes the possibility for you to get made.
  4. In my opinion we should be able to change walking styles as vip's for free and if VIP runs out then also the walking style goes back to default
  5. shiroq

    The Clowns

    Coming Soon As the organisation grows and continues to expand, we have made investments in the city allowing for us to expand our reach and influence. With the construction ongoing soon the Elgin House will be open offering a variety of activities, mainly a bar/club area for everyone to enjoy but also offer VIP sections for more important guests. In the future there will be parties, vip events and all sorts of other activity available at the Elgin House
  6. shiroq

    The Clowns

    Coming Soon After some time of absence of Fight Club in the city that was organised by the Irish, Clowns made a deal to take over the underground "Fight Club" and begin the events once again, inviting everyone willing and able to try out their fists in the ring against toughest guys in the city. The invite to this event only will be sent to ones who are trusted and the events will be organised in secret locations away from PD or any kind of law enforcement that could ruin the event. Recently we organised a simple fight testing out our own fighters trying to find a good representative that could stand in and represent our organisation well, while other preparations are being done for organizing the full event
  7. Just before anyone gets mad or upset about this suggestion this person isn't affiliated with The Clowns whatsoever. While i as i leader would agree about having something like this and illegal mechanic shop that would be more of a "call person X" and he will come in to fix your stuff. While i appreciate the thought as the faction leader i would love something like this but also as a faction leader i can see how this is unfair to other groups as this would be massive content to one official "gang" and others would get nothing. Would be very cool but i dont see it happening at least not until there is enough content like this for other groups as well
  8. Price lowered to 600k, will be put on market today
  9. Selling a 3g house in Vinewood with new interior and a pretty big pool in the back, very close to bank and also tequila Starting price is 650K, i am willing to wait for bigger offers. The house currently is not on the market but will be put up on market in the next 48 hours if no offers come in
  10. Character to be refunded: Benito Fazio Date and time of incident: 23/01/2019 Requested refund (what and how much): $50000 Description of incident resulting in loss: I purchased a laptop and went back to the house to check the imports, server crashed and after logging back in there was no laptop and my money was gone too Evidence of loss: https://streamable.com/tn7kb | https://streamable.com/gsxj8 Comments: Thanks, i hope this gets resolved quickly
  11. +1 but allow /breakfree command that would show /ame istrying to break free from the restraints and it would take about 60 seconds without movement to break free from zipties so that if accidents happen where people are left with zipties on them they have the ability to break free
  12. shiroq

    Crime zone

    Very funny how you claim you was looking for good rp. But in that exact stream you dumped your super car in the bush and took an empty police cruiser from a crime scene where there was injured people and you was joking with them if they want their pistol back Then later on you with the same cruiser you stopped a bus driver and was trying to force him to leave the bus by pretending to be a police officer? How can you complain about the server having bad rp when you are literally promoting trolling and shitty rp on your stream? and you also say ooc to yourself on stream "im going to get out with an smg" before the bus driver. top notch rp
  13. Price has been lowered to 100k as i need the house slots
  14. shiroq

    Crime zone

    so you want a DM zone? chop shop is absolutely not dead. it has been recently buffed and its pretty alive. Drug labs are less active because people got tired of the grind when some new content comes, people will start switching around as they will want to go back to the old stuff. If all you care about is driving around and shooting someone then maybe you should stay bored. essentially what you are describing is a cops and robbers concept. no thanks -1
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