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  1. stranger isn’t there anymore, it was in 2018 but they changed it sometime in 2019. remember this post is from 2018 but i brought it back as it was a good idea.
  2. The house in the beginning used to be mine.
  3. This was already a gang, thread is nice but wish it was a little more original. Good luck in the future though !!
  4. Character Name(s) : Damius Jakori Admin who issued punishment : Fa1n Date of punishment : 2/13/2020 Punishment received : NONRP #6 // Perma Reason given for punishment : Mixing IC and OOC information You explanation of what happened : To be completely honest, this initial report was a bit over a week ago. I don't remember everything that happened, but I can tell you what I know. Two of my guys were being chased by ballas so we set up an ambush at one of the drug drop offs. After a few mins into the shootout, someone ran to mid hill and got out of one of the cars. I downed one of them and the other was crouching down. I then was talking to my buddy who was right beside me, Jediah Onfroy, telling to shoot the guy he was low. I understand that this was taken as if I was referring to his health on an OOC health bar. Why should your appeal be accepted : I was just recently unbanned after my nonrp 5 was voided and I was given the new opportunity to Roleplay on this wonderful server. I had re-read all the rules after my unbanning and was pre-paired to not break one again. I knew at the time I was on a thin line as it was and I did not want any trust to be broken again. I thought things were looking up for me then I woke up one day to the results of a report that was made awhile ago. At the time of that report, my understanding of what could and could not be said IC was a little shaky and I said something I shouldn't have. I deeply regret this decision and I understand what I did fully. A lot of my free time I have dedicated to this server, and I only want to better my self and the people around me. I think many people can confirm that my rp is getting better and better, for the good not bad. The standing of my RP has come a long way, and is only to continue to get better within my In Game experiences. I understand the rule break in that situation, and in every situation that I have broken a rule, and I learn from them. Not once have I repeated a mistake that I made, and I hope for the opportunity to join this community once again. If allowed back into this community I would be sure to not only follow all the rules and make sure not one is broken by me, but to help others with them. I have read over the rules extensively and know them better than ever. I will be able to provide wonderful roleplay and hopefully some that people find enjoyable. Post any evidence or further details: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/31643-id-8-and-id-125-vdm/
  5. LOVE this, thread is actually so nice
  6. all good, and good luck ig. hoping to see you guys out there!
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