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  1. Loving the thread! Best of luck!!
  2. Devonte


    I actually loved the story line, best of luck!
  3. What's storage and parking looking like?
  4. Good luck on the sale!
  5. I would like to inform staff, that I saw 'Jacob' once more and attempted to RP with him as I had IC knowledge of the way he looked. He broke fear RP, running off, then came back when I was dealing with something else and DM'd someone in front of a cop, with no regard to the consequence. The whole thing was voided, but hopefully that gives the moderator handling this report some insight on what he is on the server to do. Doesn't seem to be to RP.
  6. Wouldn't this be an IC issue? You literally said it should have the IC policy changed. Don't see why an OOC topic has been brought up about this..
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