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  1. The members of this community are priveleged to play on this server, but what doesn't seem to be understood is this server is priveleged to have players. There are good and bad things in regards to management, but when criticisms are given, there is a consistent fear of being banned. People in the last 2 or 3 years have put significant levels of hours into this server, let alone the amount of money, but say 1 thing wrong or even make a suggestion on the forum in regards to PD and you are in threat of being banned is one of the reasons why toxicity grows at the bottom. If people cannot exp
  2. MissDeeds


    La Puesta en Marcha “The Setup” The last community event that Aztecas had hosted went off without a hitch, and with the new year there was a lull in the activity around the city. The people who were antagonising and attacking was diminishing and the vatos were spending time focusing on themselves. Everyone in the group had a job to do, and the Aztecas had become a well oiled machine. Between making drugs, chopping cars, smuggling and sourcing imports, selling weapons, mediating groups conflicts - there was never a dull moment and each day was making them
  3. Have absolutely loved all of our RP interactions in game so far! Really enjoying seeing you guys develop as time goes!
  4. Enjoyed meeting you briefly today and looking forward to more RP in the future! Thread looks great, great job
  5. MissDeeds

    County Lines

    Looking amazing guys, best of luck!!
  6. A sound prompt would truly help - i have missed AFK math while in RP and having long conversations and it would bring my attention back to it for me personally and I am sure others would have this happen to them too
  7. Looks absolutely great, really looking forward to this!
  8. MissDeeds


    Mi Familia Sobre Todos "My Family Above All Else" With the amount of PD interactions, the Aztecas movements were being tracked heavily by the PD forces of LSPD. It seemed everywhere they went, helicopters hovered above, and one by one the Vatos were being picked off by the federales. DOC became a hive of activity with various members of the Cartel being arrested and paraded around like trophies in cuffs. It broke the familia’s heart to watch their friends and families being locked away for so many years. Inside prison the vatos had a lot to offer and even began workin
  9. Good luck with this, great job on the post!
  10. MissDeeds


    @YNGx and @Zothian what amazing stories keep it up love learning about your characters
  11. Good luck it's a really interesting concept!
  12. MissDeeds


    Tiempo de trabajar "Back to Work" The vatos were back in the full swing of operations and been working tirelessly to build up new relations with all the new groups and people who had come into the city. One of the most important things in the vatos lives is the privilege and honour of promotions. They are an accolade of your achievements within a group and earn more responsibility as you progress up through the ranks. The vatos were excited to have this opportunity and with the snow they took full advantage and had snowball fights before their ceremony. Each vato
  13. MissDeeds


    Y A Casa Vamos "And Home We Go" Many of the vatos had travelled home for Navidad to spend time with their familias and friends back in Mexico and other countries around the world. It was a beautiful Christmas for most, getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Los Santos for a few brief days. Some of the vatos who wanted to stay in the city continued working and doing what was needed to keep things going. When most of the vatos had returned they had a quick catch up and informed the High Command of what had been happening and what went well and what needed improvem
  14. MissDeeds


    Mucho gracias! Appreciate that a lot
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