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  1. Reflections As the Azteca's have grown in size, they have also come closer together and realised the importance of Familia. Forever adding to her scrapbook, Alicia carefully cut out the pictures of her brothers and sisters and added them into her ever growing family album and looked at them with pride, wondering what would be the next step for this wonderful group of Vatos.
  2. Here Comes the Bride The Azteca's were thrilled when some members of the Crimson Syndicate reached out to them to let them know they were seeking a venue for two of their members who were engaged and looking to take that final step down the aisle. They jumped at the chance and offered them the use of the Paleto Church which was only renovated a few weeks prior. The date and time was set and the flyers were sent out and excitment filled the air for all those who were attending! The Church was cleaned and the preparations began as Padre Juan put together a beautiful surmon for the wonderful couple. People arrived from all over in their best clothes and made their way inside to be seated. The groom looked excited as the bridesmaids bustled around the Bride ensuring she was prepared for the big day! Everyone waited patiently until eventually the organ began to play as Melody walked down the aisle dressed in white looking stunning surrounded by family and friends Padre Juan conducted a heart felt ceremony before the excited couple exchanged some emotional vows that had the congregation in tears of joy The Best Man handed over the rings to the soon to be couple Finally came the moment, under the watchful eye of everyone in attendance the couple both announced "I Do" and a kiss sealed the deal before the newly married couple went on to celebrate their big day with their reception. A huge cheer filled the hall as everyone smiled and celebrated for them! A Huge Congratulations on Behalf of Azteca's to the Newly Married Mr & Mrs Berelda!
  3. Vato's and Lowriders As the Azteca Vatos have grown in the city we have earned our sports cars and even entered the Zeta race from Wanted Reup. But just because we own a couple of expensive cars does not mean we have forgotten where we come from; the beautiful lowriders we are so well known for and proud of. To ensure that all the new fish and some of the older members of the group are reminded of where we come from they decided to organise a day to showcase their beautiful carruchas. First we had to ensure the couple of promotions that were missed the last day and some new faces that have earned their spots were completed. The day rolled around and all the vato's hopped into their prized lowriders and headed down the West Highway towards the city First stop was the docks to pick up an important package with some obligatory bouncing! From there we moved on to Grove Street to see what the aftermatch of the war looked like And a final stop off in El Burro Heights to explain to the New Fish the struggles they have had and the reason for their moving Every single Vato has put blood, sweat and tears into this familia, and we could not be prouder of every single one. Our struggle is what has made us stronger and for that we are grateful, but we realise there is much more work to go. And we will achieve this together because; Mi Familia Sobre Todos
  4. Thanks so much
  5. The Aztecas Chikitas Every girl in the Azteca's Familia is as strong, and often times expected to be stronger, than the men. Never underestimate a Chica. They might seem sweet on the outside but each one of them is a warrior with a skillset to match. They have the power and strength of their familia behind them, giving them confidence to be what they truly are. Mi Familia Sobre Todos Shoutout to @Mariaaaa for the cholitas pic
  6. Thanks for your interest! that would be an IC question, find us in game Thank you so much!
  7. @Feky @MVGGreg such great character stories so proud to have you with us!
  8. From the bottom of my heart I am saddened to see this is what the outcome was and truly wish you all the very best of luck. We have been in conflict and teamwork together since around November and it has never been anything short of interesting. I've always been very proud of your group as we both came up together. I hope to see a new path for you all very soon and wish you the very best of luck in whatever new path you find.
  9. Such good RPers and amazing forum updates, love you guys and girls
  10. Grove Street Lockdown The Grove Street Lockdown was well underway, with pressure and stress high the occupiers still found time to have fun with music and each others company Huge shoutout to @BroccoliHighkicks for making these short vids!
  11. Thank you! Much love!
  12. Thank you! @Danfrewer
  13. La Guerra ("The War") On a cold rainy night in Los Santos, notice was given that La Guerra had begun. The Vato's said a prayer to Santa Muerte to protect them and loaded up. Patience and planning is key here, something they have learned through their countless wars in the past and having fought WCA for months before, they knew the risks involved and what to do. The Green Streets of Grove turned to Gray, Blue and Red Video made by Los Aztecas very own Del Torro all credit to him
  14. @PingasOner @bh28 @snegeto @Lola Millers thank you so much for the kind words!
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