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  1. Hey Jason, I may have lost sight but my allies never lost sight of the kamacho and no one in the kamacho exited the vehicle, they were all the same people and nothing had changed. I am not trying to argue this just trying to simply reply. As far as I was aware, I only know your character Emilia Gordon which was a Triad and was unaware that you had left so thats my bad on my end. Thank you for taking your time to answer this appeal and taking the report.
  2. Character name(s): Gabriel Barr Admin who issued punishment: CBullet Date of punishment: 17/10/20 Punishment received: DM#2 Reason given for punishment: Opening fire on a car full of people without valid rights to do so Your explanation of what happened: I arrived at a backup call where one of my allies was being robbed by triads and irish. As I am leaving the area, the triad kamacho decides to try and block us in with the police right outside and looked like from my angle that it runs one of my allies off his bike, injuring him
  3. ^^^Part 1^^^ Gabriel Barr Part 2 WCA War Shortly after the war against the Skulls, Gabriel settled back down into his life with his Familia and things became very quiet. However, it was announced that the Zetas and the Triads would be declaring war on WCA and Dojin-Kai. Gabriel watched on for the start at the bloodshed taking place on the streets and knew that soon enough, him and his Familia would be pulled into it. As the night came, Aztecas moved out to group up with the Triads and Zetas and begin the lockdown of Grove street and a week of non-stop fighting between the
  4. Hi Xoza and Alex, thank you for taking this report. I was originally responding to a backup call from my allies. As I turned up, my ally gave clear and valid demands to the Tropos right in front of me and they decided to shoot back at my allies right in front of me. We have been in an IC conflict with their group and the reporting party. The claim of me ramming was just unintentional and caused by desync. For me, the tool booth looked like it was open due to a bug so I tried going through it to not lose him but after getting closer I realised it was a bug and tried slowing dow
  5. +1 Too many instances of new players dying during criminal actions and just respawning with their shit and doing it over and over. At least make new players lose weapons on death, makes no sense for them to respawn with micros...
  6. Hey Alex, I do agree I shouldn't have tried shooting him that close to the NCZ and was something that was unintentional of me as I was more concerned with him snitching to the police and thought it was best to try and kill him as quick as possible. I will not do this again and will make sure that I take more care of the area I am in next time.
  7. Player(s) being reported: David TheAngel Date of interaction reported: 18/09/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1600457121 Your characters name: Gabriel Barr Other player(s) involved: Alicia Rodriguez, Freddie Barr, Rhea Moraine and a few other Aztecas Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. Players are required to remain IC at all times. RP can only be paused or voided by admins. If a crash / disconnect occurs, players must post in th
  8. +1 I like the total idea but the thing that worries me is, how much money is PD gonna be allocated to spend on the snitch? I like the concept but I feel like this can be easily abused by PD if it was to become a thing.
  9. Do you have any evidence of this incident? https://streamable.com/2knala Please explain your side of the story for the incident at the Vespucci Store. So before this all started, we all wanted to make some money so we decided that due to the low PD presence at the time, we would go and rob a bank. We attempted to rob the chumash bank but couldn't due to script limitations with not enough PD being online. We decided that the next best thing to do was to dress up in green with clown masks to hide our gang affiliation and clear out every store that we could. We started off by hit
  10. -1 Kamachos are already available to be imported by dealerships and are widely available as it is. Drags on the other hand should not be brought back, there is already enough drags in circulation as it is and I'm telling you, we don't need any more.
  11. I would have possibly agreed with this statement yesterday but after the weapons update today, heavy pistols now show on the back which basically eliminates any reason to carry a heavy pistol over a .50 when the heavy pistol should be relatively small enough to not show at all
  12. Best of luck to you all!
  13. +1 too many situations are not being solved IC'ly right now and always end up going into /b and reports due to this.
  14. hello, ID 321 here. I switched driver seats with ID 225 as she was having issues with her game at the time. As I started driving, I checked the lab again wondering where you went. The route I took is a standard route that most people use when checking the labs and I had to drive through the bush to avoid hitting the plants as the plants can easily damage and stall our car and could have left us stranded in the events of something like an ambush which we were expecting at the time. What I did was not intentional and didn't even know you were there. After my mistake, we moved you away from the
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