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  1. Chumash 24/7 in Partnership with Shadow Corporation We at Chumash 24/7 are proud to say we have taken the initiative in providing competitive compensation for truckers, while also maintaining great prices, even doing large scale giveaways. Owner and Operator of the business supports this move with the trucking company and looks forward to continuing to both prosper. If the Truckers Union of Operators has concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to me via e-mail at [email protected] ((https://gov.eclipse-rp.net/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=1700)) and I look forward to helping get you established. For reference to other business owners, the store is running at 10% above import costs (excluding trucking) and is doing very well paying out over $5,000 per delivery on average, having given away over half a MILLION dollars worth of food to citizens of Los Santos over the past weekend, and also maintaining extremely low prices on all other products we offer. We are also willing to work with large groups for discounts on orders with large quantities, (20+ of a product, not to be combined quantities unless explicit deal has been brokered). We look forward to continuing to be a leading tip of the sword for better financial stability for the citizens of San Andreas.
  2. Jbacon

    Chumash 24/7

    Chumash 24/7 in Partnership with Shadow Corporation We have received a over size delivery of donuts, all flavors, honey glazed, chocolate dip, sprinkle, blueberry, and even grape donuts are in abundance, come on in, get a donut and coffee for head turning prices. You read it right, we have extended the donut sale, as long as supplies last $275
  3. Mr Ryan, thank you but the high end one isn't something I'm willing to part ways with, I wish you the best of luck with your endeavour.
  4. Jbacon

    Chumash 24/7

    Chumash 24/7 in Partnership with Shadow Corporation Is proud to announce that this weekend we have given away at no cost, 650 donuts to citizens, we are also supplying 1000 donuts at cost to our loyal customers. You read it right, this weekend only donuts, $275
  5. Jbacon

    Chumash 24/7

    Currently we will not be entertaining offers, this venue will remain in the owners possession for the foreseeable future, I appreciate your interest but would suggest you focus on the Classifieds section to find your business opportunity, or reach out to one of the team at Shadow Corporation as we have a team of realtors on call. Best of luck.
  6. With rental costs of the trucks and fuel costs I would think that more would be acceptable even for local deliveries. Best of luck truckers, hope to see you guys supporting those that support you!
  7. Jbacon

    Chumash 24/7

    Chumash 24/7 in Partnership with Shadow Corporation The owner of the Chumush 24/7 is excited to announce that the location will be undergoing some renovations over the weekend to increase its stores security to better protect the staff and customers. We at Chumush 24/7 have endeavored to maintain low prices and good stock to ensure all of your Convenience needs are met while also supporting local businesses with bulk buy options and paying freight companies appropriate fees above the average. Come on out to see the renovations this weekend and meet the owners while they oversee construction. Chumush 24/7 along with Shadow Corporation are proud supporters of local business, truckers, and proud sponsors for local events. If you wish to make a bulk order please Contact the attached number with your orders via text and the owner will get you pricing based on Quantity and Timeline, all orders will require to pickup at the store and reimbursement for discounts will be transferred to purchasers account upon recieval of a reciept. Jay Bacon = (213)516-1554
  8. Chumush 24/7 in partner ship with Shadow Corporation Location supports the raise in trucker fees, it is about time that other companies get on board with this, I have been providing good freight rates to truckers for some time, normally paying in excess of 5k per delivery. Chumush will continue to strive to provide top notch products for incredibly low prices, with the support of our new truckers union and the government placing in mandatory trucking fees I look forward to the prosperity that this will bring citizens of the city. Chumush 24/7 will be undergoing renovations this weekend to better secure its self with security services at a topnotch level, secured within a self contained network that only Law Enforcement will have access to the secure area, this will help reduce costs by lowering insurance to cover the losses caused by the unlawful robbery of my store, and hope to reduce risk to staff. We will also me implementing new security surrounding our staff thus please be patient during our renovations to ensure both our staff and your safety. We thank all our patrons and look forward to further prosperity at the Chumush 24/7. As always we are willing to work with large orders for discounts and bulk orders, please contact (213)516-1554
  9. Mr. Ryan, I have a high end one but am not interested in trading down to the X80, best of luck with your hunt Mr. Ryan.
  10. okay, I can see why you'd feel that way, but get a trucker faction going and then the server staff might make it a faction meaning to handle jobs you need to be apart of it I would personally love to see it become a thing, before the new update came out, I had put together a huge list of things I wanted to see for the trucker job and 90% got implemented the other 10 require IC work, and unfortunately I don't have the time to put into it currently.
  11. Mr. Ryan, I have a Sultan RS ((non-credit car)) that I would be willing to put towards a trade for this, would this be an acceptable vehicle? Also if so how much cash would you like to see added to it?
  12. Jbacon

    ID 289 Non RP

    Okay, so addressing your points. 1. Cop cars can and are stolen 2. The use of this vehicle as it is my own, means only I can use it. 3. How do we know you aren't gang affiliation? 4. There wasn't 20 cops, as there was only 20 people on duty, 7 of which were in a training academy. 5. Body armor you can get icly 6. Our guns, you can buy them from gangs. 7. Choppers don't go 300 (220 is roughly their max) How do we know icly what you have for weapons? who you are? or what your intentions are, currently with all the stuff going on in the server cops are acting with extra force in order to ensure we remain safe, and to be able to deal with situations. 50%+ of the time a pursuit ends in a massive shoot out, and during the pursuit you clearly had friends as someone in a black rumpo decided it was a good idea to head on 2 cruisers that were doing north of 150 kph, so because of that and other actions you took, police response was increased until we felt we could handle anything that you would throw at us. But again this is all IC. Sorry for the report spam, I will wait until staff needs something, have a good one FiveOh, hope to get to rp with you next time rather then just chase you!
  13. Jbacon

    ID 289 Non RP

    my apologizes my intention wasn't to hit you, but unfortunately response times at those speeds are ridiculous. Also it clearly had no impact on your course or direction, as you entered there and rather then blocking you which I could of easily done I choose to just let you leave, thus giving you an advantage there also, as it would of been more then easy to force you to ram me instead of just driving out the gates, or I could of used the gate mechanisms to block you in. I just watched your first video, why didn't you include the rest of the pursuit? As this was about a 20minute pursuit. With loads of other things happening. I apologize it is a Masscaro, still an incredibly fast car, as clearly the paragon struggled to keep up, and you eventually did lose me, but if I recall, you ended the pursuit by jumping off the pier, and if I recall injuried yourself on the beach after jumping, (looking at your screenshot also) which I only heard about over the radio after I had lost you. I'm sure you have that part recorded also, might be worth sharing, in the mean time ill reach out to see if any of the other officers have portions of the pursuit recorded to add to this report for you. Using your own screenshot you can see you jumped off the pier and injuried yourself, which would be fear-rp, as you didn't fear injuring yourself, had cops/medics not been there you would of died, thus killing yourself to avoid ic apprehension.
  14. Jbacon

    ID 289 Non RP

    @DrizzyDre sorry for tag, just wanted to let you know my response is up incase it gets missed. Have a good one, if you have any other questions let me know. Also there is nothing stopping you from driving our cars, they can and do get stolen every day, just be ready for the ic repercussions and I would expect them not to be taken from CODE-0 players same as you wouldn't accept yours being taken if you crashed. I'm sorry to sound harsh, but criminals shouldn't have the advantage in a city, cops would out number, out gun, and have better resources then criminals in all instances. A quick google you will find that police in RL have access to some incredible cars to use, including tesla's, Nissan skylines, Porche Careera, Lamborghini, and Bugatti verons. All of which are used for high speed pursuits to maintain visual on suspects using fast cars. (like you Rapid GT)
  15. I don't see an issue with an owner running his own truck, there's loads of small convenience stores across the globe that go to the local supermarket and buy their own products.... hell I know a gas station that is privately run and goes to the local fuel processing place with their own tanker to get fuel once a month....soooo All i would suggest is get a union going, and refuse orders less then what you feel is acceptable. I think if players took the incentive and took it seriously and got a faction rolling that support would be given from the admin side to assist more so, but so long as these jobs are getting completed what's going to motivate shop keepers to lose money.
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