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  1. I agree there is a lot that needs done to facilitate the increase in jtime, a court system would be good also, but its hard to plea innocent to shooting a cop or murder when there is no way for dectectives to collect ballistics and evidence beyond /me and /do, as rules state you cant lie in a /do but it happens all the time.
  2. No a failure to pay a fine is 15mins in jail and 500$, but when you add on multiple reckless operation tickets, which are misdemeanors then you can get to max time quickly especially when you drive at 200kph in the city.
  3. not paying a fine is 15mins in jtime. so if your getting max time its because your getting reckless operation which is 45mins per. so if you get 3 your max time.
  4. fines don't send you to jail unless you fail to pay them in the allotted time. Same as in rl.
  5. @TheCanadian Yes my main is a cop, but I also frequent my criminal, and do criminal activities. I have faced and served jail time for crimes I have done on my criminal, I know it can be boring in there, but rather then complain about it why not help develop ideas and "productive" suggestion threads rather then just complaining. Join DOC, make suggestions to them, and have the leadership present a list to the official faction leaders admins... same as PD does, PD has a huge list of stuff that has been discussed and suggested by members of the faction and by those in other groups, we put together a comprehensive list of positives and negatives for each suggestion, along with suggestions on how it can be implicated as-well as how it would benefit the masses. One that was put forward 6months ago weapons licensing got added. Some of the suggestions get turned down, others get approved, some we don't hear from... its a matter that the development team is very busy trying to generate updates and content for all sides of the server... so if you want to make suggestions, I recommend getting in touch with a member of the faction management team and putting together a list, with complete thoughts. Positives, negatives and what benefits it will have. Patience is key when making suggestions.
  6. If you passed your quiz you know all the locations... assuming you did the quiz and read the rules yourself.
  7. first issue with this logic, is that people don't commit petty crimes, there are a TON of them that hold very low jail time, see the penal code https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qMm9u2Tl59RBpNyNSA88G7WYPFwiOgzXqL-1cWgAHEc/edit#gid=123845845 Problem is that most people play like this is GTA online. I can assure you if you shot at anyone in real life the judge / jury and lawyers are going to hammer you with attempted murder (assuming you didn't kill em) they are going to get you with aggrevated assault, brandishing a firearm, unlicensed possession of a firearm... if you leave the scene, felony evasion, if you cause a pursuit... felony evading, reckless operation, felony public endangerment, at the minimum, god forbid you shoot at a cop and then run.. Attempted murder of a LEO Felony Evaision Felony Public Endangerment Unlawful discharge of a firearm Brandishing a firearm Reckless Operation of a road vehicle Assault with a deadly weapon (your car is a deadly weapon) Resisting Arrest Those are the ones on the top off my head.... these in real life in the usa would = death penalty where possible if not its 25-life with no chance of parole. So you complain about people getting max time, well dont be "gangbangers" be citizens, i can assure you my criminal was as hard as anyone elses, (was one of the leaders of the original irish back about 8months ago) thing was i was smart about it, i didn't run around with aks on me if i didn't need it... didn't ever shoot at cops, because that doesn't make sense to... if they caught me, well then they caught me but never did i get max time, because i didn't stack up a huge list of charges by being foolish and trying to kill my way out of it. Treated them with respect rather then disrespecting them full time, or running around trying to copbait. Cops and DOC workers are not here to entertain you, they are here to play a character, just like you, difference is they are not criminals, they have different mentality, I would reccommend if anyone thinks either of these jobs are easy, apply and come find out. Assuming you have a clean admin record of course... because thats a requirment.
  8. I can see both sides of this, yes there isn't much happening in the prison, it was the original focus of the DOC to create RP for criminals inside, but at the same time, criminals need to be creating rp for the DOC workers and for other criminals, as I have said in multiple other posts. Government faction workers are not here to entertain you, we are all here playing a game, some like the gta online mentality others don't, I personally would much rather have a traffic stop, chat to someone get some rp, then move on, I have minimal desire to drive to a drug lab and get into a shoot out all the time. So, Prison needs rp options, well RP is limited by your imagination, get in there, play dice, go outside rp with each other, find a new boyfriend... all valid options that don't need scripting. Prison guards afking on duty, then report them as you would anyone else. Scripting, yes add some jobs inside the prison that if you complete a task that takes 5 mins of active moving and collecting objects dropping them off, then it knocks 10minutes off your sentence allowing you to essentially cut your jail time into 1/3 of the sentenced time, should you actually want to do the work and rp with people. Create "cigarettes" that would be a tradable currency inside the prison, earned by completing tasks. The cigarettes would be able to be traded between players as if its cash. The cigarettes could be traded to prison guards ( a blue triangle at the convection shop) for time served 1 cig = 1min... completing a task that if focused takes 10mins yields 30 cigs. For those that link to gamble setup one of the tables to allow gambling of cigs (jtime) where players can gamble their earned cigarettes in hopes of winning more. But if you find prison boring, then create RP inside it. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from RPing with each other, your gang affiliations etc.... hell I don't know DOC policies but im sure you can have visitors under supervision. RP is limited by a players imagination, I personally have spent 3 hours rping with 5 people, and not one of us used a script or /anim during it, and we all had a blast. Use this as a chance to write a story, sit your character down, write a note to your long lost dead spouse... or your daughter... anything is possible, it is only yourself to blame if you cant find something to RP in prison. I have never afk'd a jail sentence, and well I was jailed before DOC was even a thing.
  9. Jbacon

    New houses

    there are plenty of 2 car and 1 car houses for sale, just need to find them icly and speak to the owner, you'd be surprised how many their are. I personally have 1 2 car for sale and 1 3 car for sale, I just don't advertise as im not in a hurry.... so youll have to find em icly.
  10. Members of the general public, please follow the attached link to the monthly update from your local Police Department, you will find updates from various divisions, officer highlights as well as monthly statistics from the Los Santos Police. https://gov.eclipse-rp.net/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=16722 Thank you Captain Jay Bacon Commanding Officer, Media Relations.
  11. Members of the government factions can apply as anyone for a gun permit to carry a personal firearm, Bayciew and LSC employees are more then invited to apply for a permit and then can carry them depending on their company policies. As to gangs importing guns, as everyone else has said this sounds more like an ic issue, gangs screwing gangs... sounds like good rp if you care to do it. I am certain there are plenty of ways to acquire a gun. As my criminal has recently acquired 2 SMGs strictly though rp. No killing, no robbing, and zero bullets fired. As for the claim that this is not realistic, I would like to point out the number of criminals in los santos vs the number for law abiding citizens..... excluding government employees (cops, medics, prison guards) you have mechanics and taxi drivers.... and the odd truck driver, where are your civilians who don't do crime? if you want to get into realism might I suggest you do an analysis comparing Los Santos to Los Vegas crime rates.... you would find that if we based it on realism there would be 2 cops for every one criminal based on the number of murders that happen in both our city and the real life one we are based off of. Realism.... isn't getting guns for nothing, and not everyone should or deserves to have access to them. As to removing serial numbers from legally obtained weapons, I see no issue with that, but also would like to remind everyone that every single firearm that is sold in real life (at least here) has been discharged and the bullet catalogued for ballistic evidence for future use... meaning yes, remove the serial number, but the bullet you left in buddies body is tagged to a gun, that gun was bought at X store, by Y player.... meaning cops are coming knocking on Y players door looking for the gun that was bought at X store, and if he cant account for it player Y is going to jail. So let them scratch off the serial numbers but add ballistic evidence for bullets that can be retrieved via testing and rp.
  12. This is an unfortunate way to look at things, I would recommend that if a civilian has an illegal firearm or an unlicensed one gets in contact with the weapons licensing division and speaks to their command team, and perhaps after successful application will again be permitted to carry their Personal Firearm. Understand that Illegal firearms, anything over the size of a handgun will remain illegal in our state. I wish everyone a good day, and best of luck on their weapons applications. Captain Bacon
  13. Thank you for the comments, this program is not designed for weapons importers to generate income, this is designed to increase safety within our city as well as allow civilians a method to turn in weapons that are not legally registered without the risk of jailtime or heft fines. I would recommend that people take advantage of this program as it is a limited offer. Thank you Captain Bacon.
  14. Thank you for your interest, but if you have a criminal record it is advised you seek employment at one of our partners, either the Department of Corrections or the Medical Department, I do not know their requirements but recommend you speak to one of their recruiters. Members of the Los Santos Police Department are hired with clean records and are expected to maintain said record for the duration of their employment, should they be charged with a crime they are subject to internal discipline and or dismissal. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Captain Jay Bacon
  15. The Los Santos Police Department is proud to announce, that recruitment positions for police officers are opened! If you are interested in working closely together in a team, building community relations, and joining sub-Divisions of the LSPD, then fill out the online recruitment application at lspd.sa.gov (( https://gov.eclipse-rp.net/viewforum.php?f=89 )). Following traits are required to work in the LSPD: Teamwork Integrity, Professionalism, and Bravery Concentration Field Awareness Social Skills To become an LSPD Officer you need to be at least 21 years old have an active SA driver’s license have an active SA weapon’s license have no violent misdemeanors[/list] have no felonies At the LSPD you will have the opportunity to learn to control a variety of vehicles, from standard patrol cruisers to heavy riot trucks and fast motorbikes. You will get essential firearm and self-defense training. The LSPD is more than just a department, it is a family. Police Officers will be working together like brothers and sisters. Like in any family, there will be arguments, but each family member protects each other. “My Officers call it yelling when I raise my voice, I call it motivating my kids!" “We may look like colleagues, but in heart, we’re brothers and sisters” “You join the department as a loner, but then you get loved by everybody” For Information, Contact: Captain Jay Bacon, Commanding Officer Los Santos Police Department's Human Resources (213)516-1554 Sergeant II Cynthia Shelby, Assistant Commanding Officer Los Santos Police Department's Human Resources Los Santos Police Department's Administrative Bureau ((https://gov.eclipse-rp.net/ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&g=56))
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