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  1. They are a nice car, might catch a glimpse of it if you get lucky... its red to
  2. I can confirm the Itali GTO is in the server. IT was auctioned off for 14million about 10months ago. I see it everyday! No its not mine, but i know whos it is. This was auctioned off as a one time car, so i dont suspect it will get added. They also did at the time 10 other vehicles including a submarine!
  3. Mike i use to run the original Irish back in the days of Irish, and Exiled running the city, that criminal has plenty of play time, and isn't as active as i use to be on him as the criminal life well, I got tired of being robbed for going into a general store and my radio, phone battery and food gets stolen, kinda ruined it. Whilst I can not speak to the day to day life of criminals, but a criminal that is self conscious and doesn't want to go to jail for a life sentence. (which murder should be) Isn't about to walk into a clothing store to rob someone of a burger, radio and a water... just do
  4. +1 think this is a cool idea! TBH nothing stopping someone from doing this rply... make a deal with a store, buy product, and setup shop!
  5. I appreciate your concern about our pd members and groups. The state of San Andreas is not a small populated area and is made to mimic Los Angelas (how ever you spell it) as such based on the LAPD, vs LSPD, we are understaffed compared to the population of what would rply be in this city, and based on crime rates. If one was to use serious crime rate vs PD members and than translate that ratio to our server... you would find that we need what would equate to 5 officers on duty per civilian to match the LAPD crime-officer ratio. The 7 pd's your taking to... There are 2 departments, each
  6. @jason Thank you for taking the report. Whilst I feel it was a poor situation I have had time to calm down and consider the situation and have no desire to push this report unless you feel it is something that needs further review. I am unable to provide footage for this event as I had only been in game for a short while and hadnt started my recording software at that point.
  7. Player(s) being reported: ID 388 Date of interaction reported: 16-OCT-2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: Moments before 1602892079 Your characters name: Jay Bacon Other player(s) involved: Oti Maxwell Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper IC motive and interaction. Prior interaction should include escalation such as a robbery or a report to the police. Players may not kill victims who have complied with a plausible demand in reasonable time unless involved in sev
  8. @NeverMind i would never get to rp, then, as 9 out of 10 situations I could call admins for excessive /b or fear rp or non rp... im here to RP not to make form reports or sit in ooc situtations for hours. ( and believe me ive had some that last 2-3hours, taking up 20 players, standing there whilst someone doesn't understand what they did wrong.) Yes i can report folks, but as I said, im not here to dicker in form reports, I am here to RP. "Nevermind" officers 99% of the time wont take their eyes off a person, as if you have your hands up your getting cuffed, meaning he is rping with you a
  9. I would disagree Pheonix, what kind of creative rp would allow you to use your radio whilst cuffed or in the hands up position? As is stated in the rules or at least it was in the last iteration, that if your downed your dying and need to RP as such, being shot repeatedly you would be in pain if your lucky enough to be conscious. My issue is that players do not understand that cops have the ability to put players under fear rp, they choose to ignore both tazers, pistols and heavy weapons. I know that this is turning into a rant but what happens is we will have guns drawn and people
  10. I'd really like to see it so when your cuffed/ziptied you cant use your radio and when your hands are up... that would be good change, as it happens more often then it should a person will be under gun point and we will hear them . "I'm near X location, send help im being robbed" in that instance generally you shoot em, but when its ""I'm near X location, send help im being arrested". Well cops cant shoot you, because instantly we get reported both ic and ooc.... so limit radio use while hands up, doing any animation, (under fear rp, which is impossible to limit scriptly), that as it is straig
  11. If someone sees someone using a panic alarm when they are down'd please take a picture and pass it along to a Command member from the players respective faction, and or make a report on the forums as this is a server rule, obviously it is a hard habit to break, but that being said if they hit it by mistake they can delete it and void it via /f chat. so just remind them first, as we all try and help each other make the adaptions to rules.
  12. As stated I arrived later to the scene. With your mentality I would expect that you or he rp'd removing the keys. and as there was no rp stating the keys wouldn't be there, nor a /b or anything contesting it then it would be safe to assume the RP was accepted. Also there was no rp when the man was searched that the keys were on his person, as such if not on his person, or in the car... how'd he start it? We are bickering about a very minor aspect of this report, and it appears your attempting to push blame, whilst I can understand your frustration with the incident It could of and should
  13. My apologizes, I recalled you saying something about your head, I apologize for that statement, after watching you rp for a while I got tired of it and focused on my own rp, only watching yours to see how my officers were responding to a non compliant rp'r to ensure they were doing what was required of them.
  14. I was present on the scene and did role play removing the keys, I used /me and took the keys, the truck was also rply attached to a tow truck which he then jumped into it on a crime scene, reversed up trying to get off the hook running myself over, then drove forward ramming the towtruck, then back again running me over again and hitting another officer, then pulling a head again and repeating it until he was shot down for downing one officer and running another one over twice. In response to ID 10, As rules state if a weapon is visible it is to be rp'd as such until evidence is provide
  15. The lspd process has been in operation for 3 years with multiple changes during that time, should you wish to help with it I'd suggest you join the department, work with the recuritment team and then talk to its leaders about what you want to do. Alot of us have put hundreds of hours into this faction and of course are open to change.
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