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  1. I agree with the suggestion, If you break out, then you would get the additional "Prison Break charge" Plus an additional charges for actions taken to escape... Generally Hostage taking, assault with deadly weapons, felony evading and often murder of government workers (yes DOC count) Prison time you "escaped" should be a remaining counter like the above suggestion... you have 4 hours serve 2.... you have 2left pls charges you accumulate during your escape. (which would be all recorded ic via the CCTV in the prison) Also when someone escapes, they should automatically have a warrant out for their recapture as I can assure you that you break out of any prison in the world... the guards/warden is gonna know which prisoner is missing... your not gonna get out, and be able to go the local bar and not get picked back up like people do now.... Escaping prison =/= freedom... just means your on the run and should be rp'd that way, and imo if you had a jail break this week already... and you have outstanding time because of it. you shouldn't be able to escape again until you have served that time (including new charges) as RL your gonna be watched so closely you will have someone attached to you.
  2. Hello, whilst I was on scene and as I was in rp with the gentlemen on their knees I didn't see your demands come in. Firstly what was your reason for the DM? there was zero arrests being made, if you watch my video I even say it. Meaning you had no reason to ram us with multiple vehicles. I would like to ask how you were aware of the radio toggle as you were clearly a fair distance away... Notice how I didn't rp seeing you talking on your radio? so why would you RP seeing my press my panic alarm, as it is right beside where I would press to talk on my radio? When I called the situation in over the radio there was no one in earshot, with windows open to hear me either. I don't know why my sound doesn't come through but at 2:20 seconds you can see some of your guys shooting and no cops returned fire until you hit us with your truck, then your group decided to hit us again with a shafter after your "team" for a lack of better term already did that once. I believe that whilst being shot at you are only permitted to use a vehicle to flee, not drive directly into gunfire as that would be putting your life at immediate risk and essentially a suicide mission especially trying to hit someone that is clearly opened fire on you. I don't care that PD lost, im just disappointed that the situation went the way it did, the gentlemen on the ground, thank you for actually rping, as the highest rank on that scene and knowing what I knew at the time, the 2 on the ground were not going to be arrested for anything, worst thing they were getting was a ticket for the masks.... If I had of wanted to ignore rp I woulda just thrown them in the cruisers and left, but rather we kept a scene in hopes of interaction between us and you... not a shoot out... I don't play here to get in shootouts, I want interaction and RP, if I wanted shoot outs id go play Call of Duty. So I would like to know what your reasoning was for Running everyone over multiple times and shooting cops... as I can assure you that if a cop drove into a group of people that had someone on their knees, you would be looking for the reasoning also. The difference in this instance is that we are not there to kill, rob, or do anything that justifies such drastic actions. Imo, this could of gone better from both sides. If needed I can comment more but at this point I wish both sides of this report good luck.
  3. -1 Still tons of calls during peak times, often times a lot go un answered. Additional units arriving on a traffic stop, perhaps they were in a pursuit 10mins ago with a similar vehicle. Cost of living, all I can say is as a store owner, my prices are equal to or less then that of the old store prices, you just need to find the store. I hate to say it but criminals shouldn't all be driving around 400k $ cars and running about with 15aks in reserve. This is just an indicator that criminals have money, and a bunch of it. As cops, sheriffs don't purchase guns, or accumulate fines, we often have a lot of liquid funds. ( I have personally put in over 3million from my own wallet into giveaways for general population.) Hosted events, and so on. Rewards for criminals, your reward is the RP, same as the reward for cops, sheriffs or medics. As we can't transfer money around we buy a nice car, nice house then throw our money into silly things... like giving to new players or events etc. You shouldn't be here to grind $$, your here to rp, be that as a cop, a sheriff, paramedic, corrections officer, trucker, car thief, or gang member. You didn't come to an rp server to grind money, you came for RP and fun... if you want money in GTA... play online!
  4. Los Santos Police Department Penal Code Update - July 16, 2019 "TO PROTECT AND SERVE" Members of the public, Whilst I understand and appreciate your need to practice religion, these laws were put in place to protect you and the other citizens of the State of San Andreas. The above mentioned law pertaining to face coverings, does not prohibit the use of traditional Muslim religious attire such as head dress. After review of some of the traditional male traditional headwear, this will not be against the GC-07. Please see figure 1.1 Female head dresses permitted in the state of San Andreas, are the Hijab as well as the Khimar. Should a person choose to wear one of the other traditional types of head dress that cover the majority of the face they can be cited for violation of GC - 07. See figure 1.2 Figure 1.1 Figure 1.2 Thank you for your understanding as we try and make the state a safer place for all members of the community, regardless of race or religion. Captain II Jay Bacon Mission Row Watch Commander Media Relations Commanding Officer Recruitment Commanding Officer Los Santos Police Department
  5. For the continued safety and improvement of the citizens of Los Santos. The state of San Andreas is introducing two new items to the penal code: First introduction is in regards to people covering their faces within the state; after a exhaustive study, we came to the conclusion people don't need to hide their faces in public spaces of San Andreas. Due to the facts we mentioned before, we are adding a new citation and a new misdemeanor to our Penal Code. General Citation - 07 - Face Concealment. - $500 Fine. (a) No person or persons, while wearing any mask, hood, or device whereby any portion of the face is hidden, concealed, or covered as to conceal the identity of the wearer, shall: (1) Enter upon, be, or appear upon any lane, walk, alley, street, road highway, or another public way in the State of San Andreas (2) Enter upon, be, or appear upon or within the public property of the State of San Andreas; or (3) Hold any manner of meeting or demonstration. (b) The provisions of subsection (a) of this section are only a general citation if not committed in relation to a crime, whereas then it shall apply to GM#20. (c) The provisions of subsection (a) do not apply if the concealment is done during masquerades and other entertainment events that are deemed appropriate by the city (such as Halloween), or where there's reasonable cause e.g. motorcycle protection or medical reasons. (d) Should you continuously be written up for a GC - 07 - Face Concealment, you will be liable for prosecution for failure to comply. This would result in the GC - 07 escalating to a GM - 20. General Misdemeanor - 20 - Face Concealment - 10 Days Jail (( 10 minutes )) (a) No person or persons, while wearing any mask, hood, or device whereby any portion of the face is hidden, concealed, or covered as to conceal the identity of the wearer, shall: (1) With the intent to intimidate, threaten, abuse, or harass any other person; (2) With the intent to cause another person to fear for his or her personal safety, or, where it is probable that reasonable persons will be put in fear for their personal safety by the defendant’s actions, with reckless disregard for that probability; or (3) While engaged in conduct prohibited by law, with the intent of avoiding identification. Any person or persons violating GC - 07 - Face Concealment while committing a crime, or conceals their face while committing a crime will be held to the misdemeanor criminal charge of Face Concealment. Second introduction is a felony regarding the escape from penitentiaries or jails. Inmates trying to jail break can be charged from now with a general felony: General Felony - 22 - Prison Break - 60 Months Jail (( 60 minutes )) Every individual arrested and booked for, charged with, or convicted of a misdemeanor or felony criminal charge who is confined in any county or city jail, prison, who attempts to break in or out, is guilty of GF - 22 - Prison Break. Every person or persons who attempt to or successfully breaks into any form of containment facilities, such as county jail, city jail or prison, is guilty of GF - 22 - Prison Break. If subsection (a)-(b) is committed with any type of force, the person or persons will be guilty of aggravated Prison Break, and any subsequent criminal charges. To see the original press release from Media Relations please follow the attached link https://gov.eclipse-rp.net/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=23377&p=71235#p71235 . Captain Jay Bacon, Commanding Officer Los Santos Police Department's Public Relations (213)516-1554 —[email protected] Police Officer III Marshall Rias, Liason. Los Santos Police Department's Public Relations (213)478-7368—[email protected]
  6. LSPD HAS REOPENED RECRUITMENT FOR A SHORT DURATION. Good luck with your applications.
  7. People want realism when it comes to limitations on others.... Cop Cruisers, Supercars, Prison RP.... People wanted something to do in prison, so poker was introduced, a way to make money was introduced. It was agreed by a vast majority if there was stuff to do then prison times would increase.... so they did that.... now people complaining because "I had to actually rp in jail after killing a bunch of people". Like others have said, this is an RP server. You want to be a cop killer expect to do the time. Also if you go to prison, your time is in the form of years... if I recall what was said on multiple forum reports, once your incarcerated you lose all rights to kill the officers involved as you would be in jail for YEARs... not minutes. You want to introduce a court system, cool. Come up with a plan on how it will work, create the guides, get some people who know what they are doing and make a plan. Pertaining to times for certain crimes. That has been public knowledge since before I joined eclipse 18 months ago, if you haven't taken the time to find it or ask about it ICly then that's on you. Here it is though so help you out https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qMm9u2Tl59RBpNyNSA88G7WYPFwiOgzXqL-1cWgAHEc/edit#gid=123845845 Yes I play as a cop on this server.... You want us to spend hours and hours dealing with one arrest report to compile evidence... taking us hours, im game, but your going to sit in a holding cell while I do it and not get credited for time served. It might take me an hour... might take me 6, but if im going to do it your going to be in a cell not running around town. This is a game and realism is something that is never going to be achieved as with the crime rates on eclipse, we would need 5 cops for every criminal to match crime rates in the city compared to the RL city its modeled after. 2ndly.... you get 45mins for killing a cop when realistically its LIFE without parol, and in some areas... death penalty but on eclipse no one fears death, because oh "i'm dieing, grab my shit, meet me at the hospital" <- is far to common across the board. Whens the last time you died, and actually RP'd having died, and forgetting everyone.
  8. If they were used to control a scene then that is acceptable by our PD internal policies, police are permitted to use the blue ones (breakable) to slow/damage cars. But what your saying seems more like an ic issue to me. If there were officers inside that scene or other players and you had struck them im certain you would be facing mass VDM, if not worse. So the red barricades used to control scenes are there for your safety (against hitting players and getting a rule violation) and for their safety from getting VDM'd as you cant actually shot or kill anyone without RPing with them first now!
  9. I would love to see someone drive through a barrier at 210kph and not damage their car... have you ever hit a racoon at 100kph? what about a deer? well think about a piece of plywood with steel legs? you would have a hold in your radiator, and your car overheat within a couple miles, not to mention if your lucky enough to not endup with wood/steel in the car. If you want to make it more realistic, please stop rolling cars down mountains, then turn the key and drive off.... or Running and jumping from 4 storey buildings. Drive through a traffic post, and not slow down? or head on collision with another car, "hey man you good" , "yea" "me too, cya". The indestructible barricades are now used to prevent players for mass VDM ing people on a scene where attention is given to the rp, and not the manic doing 210kph on a highway that rply has thousands of cars on it. Destructible barricades are used to interfere with pursuits as are spike strips, as it wouldn't make a whole lotta sense for a car to drive through barricades, cruisers and people without slowing down. The red and white barricades are a GTA item and can't be made destructible hence why PD changed their use to only manage and protect officers from people not paying attention or mass VDMs. The blue ones that officers use are destructible but I would expect you to RP damage to your car if your going to be doing that.
  10. Issue I have here, is that in Real life, if you are unable to pay your fines the government will seize assets =/> then that of the fines... meaning house, car, garnish income etc.... this isn't a thing nore is a debt system. Introduce a debt system, and then sure, but you would have to buy everything with cash, and should your house get raided by a criminal or the police, be prepared to lose everything, as if your a cop killer, you'd have cops banging on your door every hour. And if you own the property or rent it you would be registered with the property registery thus your house location address would all be accessible to police, vehicles registered would also be available. So yes, sure store your cash in your house, but to balance it out and to match up with the powers closer to real, have it so PD and GOV't can see houses own'd by players with warrants... currently I don't even think admins can see that, only developers. Their time is precious as it is, im sure they don't want to be helping find houses of players for warrants to search and seize property....
  11. The Los Santos Police Department has OPENED Recruitment
  12. fair enough, I understand more clearly your point, and can see that it could feel as if its an ooc punishment when being jailed, but, prison is what you make it of course, ive been in jail a few times on my criminal and have enjoyed it, but that's because I make is fun for myself and others. I feel reducing the jtime for repeat offenders is not a good idea, I think its as simple as slowing down in NCZs and you wont get them.... which again refers to rp quality of players.
  13. I like this idea. @Wizzidy 95% of cops are not admins, so running around admin jailing, is not true. The ones that mention cops placing charges on ids.... I have personally placed charges on someone that I know or saw a short while before without a mask on, and can visually recognize people. I don't alias 90% of criminals in the city, until they become repeat offenders that I see daily, and can recognize their car, cloths hair and some of the face features. (Yes I do look that closely) I like the ideas mentioned above in the original suggestion, I feel that the prison times in place for charges are sufficient, but max time is off... saying that, I would also like to see increased activities for criminals, On that note, it would be great if some of the official criminal factions can get with DOC and discuss ideas on roleplay and "scripted" activites in prison and put together of a list of ideas they like and present it to their faction managers. (Which for those unfamiliar with the system, is the most streamline and best way to get your suggestions heard by the right people.) I disagree with you on the @Wizzidy30min cap on jail times, that is just WAY to short... considering after the arrest a lot of officers file arrest reports, and duty reports... or if you happen to kill a cop while getting arrested... you get 30mins of jail, and at the same time hes honoring the 30min new life rule. I think that 2 hours is to short, but before increase id like to see the criminal factions get together with DOC and their faction handlers and sort out some ideas, and present them for development. I agree with a few of the others stating, "I have max-time anyways" might as well kill as many cops as I can. This is a terrible mindset as your metagaming the prison sentence information to your character, as ICLY your being prisoned for YEARs, not minutes. Hence why when your arrested for 120mins, cops say MONTHS, and if your going to mission row they say days or weeks. I think a lot of this can be avoided with better RP quality, don't get me wrong there are plenty that RP well, and smart on criminals, some that often outsmart cops and know how to use the system to their advantage... then you have others that just don't give a damn and are here to be well, we are all familiar with the "hands up this is ROBBBBB", or you have 3 seconds or I shoot.... don't know about you guys but if im talking to someone and you come yelling at me 3 seconds or a I shoot its gonna take me a couple seconds to even realize your there... assuming your voip is working, and/or im watching text chat, as most of you are aware, one of the biggest killers in our city is (most you to young to remember, but anyone remember the car game Carmagedon… well that's our streets) cars. Thanks and I love the suggestions! Well thought out well presented!
  14. Jbacon

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    I agree they need to make a means for incarcerated people to have productivity, something like making license plates that require you to go to an area of the prison get a crate, walk back to a workshop, use a press... for every x plates, that take y time to produce you get Z time credited to your time in jail... these could be tradeable items, but perhaps not be able to be stolen. Allowing people to forge ic relationships in prison to effect their rp outside of prison... I give you 30 license plates, you give me a couple pistols or something. Also these can be traded to DOC workers for commodity items... burgers, soda, blanket, a phone call! (x,y,z are just variables that can be determined during development …. perhaps 1 crate makes 5 plates, takes 10mins to produce, and you get 20mins reduced on your jtime, or something no idea how the factor should work but its just a concept.) Thus creating an avenue to introduce gambling in DOC with dice, or cards. (which would need to be bought via rp with DOC) or phone calls for gang organization etc. I think this would help out the criminals whilst in DOC custody.
  15. I like this suggestion well done!
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