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  1. Recruitment is open until Feb 20th.
  2. Jbacon

    LSPD This was not smart

    The LSPD shall not negotiate with terrorists and will not tolerate these actions, Mr. Mohammad please go ahead and turn yourself in for your life time trip to boiling broke where you will spend roughly 25-life in our all expenses paid resort, fit with gym, canteen, and a playground for all your needs. We will provide you one roll of toilet paper a week along with 1 box of tissues a month. At this point please understand anyone aiding, embedding, or provoking this behavior shall be treated to the full extent of the law and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the Los Santos Penal Code. Thank you, Lieutenant Jay Bacon Los Santos Police Department.
  3. Jbacon

    106, 53, 94, 77, 148, 57 Deathmatching, KOS

    As my recording shows and the admin has stated. It is your responsibility to ensure the player hears / sees your demands. Thus @Dingus0 I request this be locked while you review until additional information is needed from either party. I also do not appreciate people Discord Messaging me asking me to remove my reports.
  4. Jbacon

    106, 53, 94, 77, 148, 57 Deathmatching, KOS

    I would like to point out that you and your guys shot me LONG before my panic alarm was pressed, I didn't press it until I had jumped the barricade... you guys had clearly been shooting long before that.
  5. Jbacon

    106, 53, 94, 77, 148, 57 Deathmatching, KOS

    I was being shot long before the panic button was pressed.
  6. Jbacon

    106, 53, 94, 77, 148, 57 Deathmatching, KOS

    @King Polo Again I point out what the admin stated. It is your responsibility to ensure I can hear you. Secondly how am I to know that your all part of one gang? thirdly I was never at a point where fear rp applied. I would also like to point out that a panic alarm is a small button on the side of an officers radio, which is fastened to his chest. I would still like to point out that what was done here is Deathmatching, if you truly didn't want a shoot out, why not just let me leave when I was trying to, you woulda still got tom daniels… but instead you and your crew feel that Heavy RP is holding cops at gun point, you are aware that in RL if you did that, you would be behind bars or dead within hours. But because this is a game, you face maximum 2hours in jail, making players not fear getting caught. I am no awaiting the admins decision.
  7. Jbacon

    106, 53, 94, 77, 148, 57 Deathmatching, KOS

    @Rycka40please read up what the admin handling the report stated. @King Polo watch my video you will clearly see my panic button was not pushed until i was by the shafter at the north exit and no one was around me. It sounds to me as you are looking for excuses to kill people and think robbing / kidnapping cops is good rp. I am also curious as to why I hear conversations in discord on the video uploaded by others. It is clearly discord as the radio thing on the right never popped up.
  8. Jbacon

    106, 53, 94, 77, 148, 57 Deathmatching, KOS

    @nigerian211 which one are you? and Also I ask again, how did anyone see me hit my panic alarm? As I didn't press it until I had jumped the barricade at the north side of the parking lot, not one person was close enough as seen by the video posted by one of your own, to see the front of my person as I jumped that barricade. Using the /ame that pops up above my head doesn't mean you can see me do it. That is Power gaming, it is the same as if I pulled you over and asked you to throw the keys out the window and you throw a spare key out. How am I ICly going to know this? If I acted as I knew it, then its power gaming. This report starts at the beginning of the incident, as the admin stated, me pressing my panic alarm on masked men, IS NOT ENOUGH FOR KOS.
  9. Jbacon

    106, 53, 94, 77, 148, 57 Deathmatching, KOS

    @KeedoW Which player are you in this report? I would like to point out that ID 57 is responsible to ensure his demands are heard. It would be in my oppion NON-RP and poor RP to rob a cop in the middle of a public location, and there was ZERO I repeat ZERO RP leading up to this event, no conversations, no interaction, nothing. Please explain how you feel that what occurred in this video is good rp? And please show me a video of a cop parked in a parking lot having people walk up to him with a gun and shoot him down for no reason other then, we wanted fun... because of this incident, that had ZERO RP from their side, it was detrimental to my evening of playing on Eclipse. I would also like to point out that immediately following I was send a discord message from one of them
  10. Jbacon

    106, 53, 94, 77, 148, 57 Deathmatching, KOS

    I would like to point out that I was already in reverse by the time you lit up green. From the time I saw the guy get out of the car with a shotgun... which was before you were at my window, was 3 seconds.... then my panic alarm wasn't until I was jumping the barricades at the north of the compound, which you would not of ICLY been able to see as the button is on my radio attached to my chest so I would like to ask how you managed to Powergame seeing my hand press a button on my chest as I was a long ways a head of everyone and facing away.? Not one of the people with guns was close enough to validate the fear rp rule. And also, explain your intentions then... lets just point guns at a cop because that makes sense. @Max_Bryant I would like to point out that it is "your responsibility" to ensure the player you are robbing hears you, not mine, as that puts me at a huge DISSadvantage. Second you stated that it wasn't a robbery, and then is... which is it? I would also like to point out that you trying to tell me to heavy rp when you pull out shotguns and aks from no where... that's a bit hypocritical of you. Fear RP doesn't apply hear, and running away doesn't make me a hero, quite the opposite if I hadda want to be a hero I would of pulled out my own carbine and shot back, but I choose to act and run. So heavy rp thoughts here as apparently im new to it... only been here for over a year, and heavy rp all the time, but anyways... so you want to rob someone else there, whom I assume is Tom Daniels as he died also in this mess. So instead of waiting 5mins for the cop to leave, you decide to rob him to.... makes a lot of sense considering I have been in this server long enough to only carry a radio on me when im on duty.. so you stole 200$ radio. 👍 on the great robbery that resulted in at least 4 people Dming, and also a couple now self admittingly Power gaming. I leave this in the admins hands. Thank you for the "great" Rp tonight and completely ruining my Saturday evening.
  11. Jbacon

    106, 53, 94, 77, 148, 57 Deathmatching, KOS

    I would like to point out it is not my responsibility to tell you in /b that your voip isn't working, we all know that the voip system is iffy at the best, it is your responsibility to ensure your target is able to hear and understand your demands. Me pressing my panic button doesn't give you KOS on me. How would that grant you permission to kill me. If that is the case then I would gain KOS on players when they use their radio and say "need backup". is that the assumption we are going off of hear? I would like to point out that robbing a cop in public place is brink Non-RP. I would like to know your IC reason for attempting to rob me, and also how you guys formulated a plan without using radio, and when you can hear the above player clearly talking on discord asking "why are you shooting, Stop Shooting". Please explain in more detail, if you had valid KOS on me then so be it, but seeing as I haven't played in 24hours, I find it hard to believe that this was any more then an attempted kidnapping for gun fight rp, which I am not interested in as if I had of been I would of shot back rather then run. @King Polo If you have a video showing your point of view and how Valid KOS was obtained please submit the video, so we can clarify this easily and painlessly.
  12. Player(s) being reported: 106, 53, 94, 77, 148, 57 Date of interaction reported: 02/09/2019 (AT Canada) Unix time stamp from HUD: 154976956 Your characters name: Jay Bacon Other player(s) involved: Tom Daniels, Emily (id 31) Specific rule(s) broken: How did the player break the rule(s)? I was sitting at LSC, having a conversation with a miss Emily when I noticed cars parking up in an odd configuration. I saw a man step out with a shotgun, I immediately backed away, there were no demands made, no talking or shouting. They immediately started to shot without demands or reason, ID 57 pulls a gun, doesn't say anything, and then shoots to disable the car, they continue to shoot without cause and kill me, I have no idea why they shot at me, or why they would of, I never retaliated or fought back I fled for my life. You can hear ID 76 saying "did ya'll tell him to put his hands up before you shot" then I get executed by id 148 Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/video/5c5f8ea2da4eece2e0/dm
  13. Jbacon

    7.1, 6.6, 7.3- 82,42,166,50,81,105,159,169,118

    sorry for the delay. I will send it right now.
  14. Jbacon

    Police Mentallity

    I am sorry you had a bad experience andor, you know how I am with my RP and how I like my lengthy RP sessions. What charges were placed? and what lies and deceit occurred, if you don't mind can you DM me so we can continue this conversation. PD is also increasing its RP standard yet again so hopefully we can reduce the number of occurrences where other players feel their rp was short changed. Please also everyone reading this remember that PD is also players and the majority of us want RP, not shoot outs. Provide PD with good rp and you will get it back, I always try to start my interactions on a heavy rp level and then as I determine the level of rp they want in their scene my rp will come down to match that. If the only rp I get from a player after a shoot out is /do im dead.... then obviously im not going to spend 45mins rping with that person if they are not willing to rp with me. So its a two way street.
  15. Jbacon

    Police Mentallity

    @Nubbsauce @Andor I appreciate you guys bringing this discussion forward. I see a few issues with the above comments. How was this plan formulated, as you clearly stated First issue with your plan, the officers had most likely id'd Tom Daniels prior to the swap (he is extremely well known, and is the most arrested person in the city), meaning as soon as they saw 2 cars leave the same area, 1 driving the speed limit and one the opposite direction, assumingly at the speed limit also. Officers would immediately upon arrival at the scene proceed to arrest you, as if you are driving his car after a lengthy pursuit. One of two things would be running through the officers heads, A. If they hadn't ID'D him, you would of been arrested for Felony Evasion B. If they had ID'd him, you would be assisting in his escape be it, that he paid you, or that willingly just hopped in it and drove off. Based on the fact that there was likely only 2 minutes of lost visual from the time the car pulled into the parking area, and when you pulled out, which the car was immediately identified, a normal civilian, even criminal wouldn't just hop into a car for 200$ even 2000$ of a car that wipes into a parking area, and says "here drive my car to XXXX location and ill give you XXXX$" and then the guy jumps into another car and takes off. This would be sketchy as hell. With the recent instances of cops getting shot at for simply pulling over a car and issuing a speeding ticket, understand that PDs time on scenes is often reduced for fear of loss of life. (I don't make it through a 2hour shift without getting killed anymore, even if I only do traffic stops). I agree more RP could of been completed, but based on the above accounts I feel that what occurred is neither a breech of any level of server rules, or faction policy. @Nubbsauce I would like to enjoy some of this high level official gang rp sometime in my interactions with criminal organizations, my most recent encounters have been 12 people standing at the bank doing donuts and talking about buying aks and robbing people in-front of cops, this is not "high" level RP. In my opinion a high level criminal organization shouldn't be getting arrested every 15mins, or killing cops every time they get pulled over. As I said I would really enjoy meeting a official faction that is willing to provide heavy rp with police rather then taking off from a minor speeding ticket in-order to get a pursuit and a shootout. I do recognize that there are members of these factions that rp very well and I appreciate them when I do manage to get a chance to rp with them.