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  1. Jbacon

    LSES - Job Fair December 16th ((17:00 utc))

    ((They released a stable version this morning so we should be good to go... but if it's still struggling we will likely postpone it until another weekend))
  2. Jbacon

    LSES - Job Fair December 16th ((17:00 utc))

    We have updated the time to allow for a wider range of exhibits and participants. We look forward to seeing everyone at our event!
  3. Jbacon

    LSES - Job Fair December 16th ((17:00 utc))

    If you are wanted you can turn yourself in to the LSPD at Mission Row between the hours of 00:01 and 23:59 any day of the week, we look forward to your visit, and have your mattress at our all inclusive hotel prepped for you, we also include 3 square meals a day, showers, that are guaranteed not to burn you when you get in, and lots of friends while you visit us.
  4. Jbacon

    Stranger 6775_3969 (Deathmatch)

    Please modify your post following the correct format so we can review it properly @Bo Danka
  5. @Eriksen do you have a video from your point of view for this? when they exited PD on the scooter and hit you guys? or the entire incident?
  6. Player(s) being reported: Stranger (6633_573), Stranger (6716_8355) Date of rule breach: 24/nov/2018 Time of rule breach: 1:30 Atlantic Time Your characters name: Jay Bacon Other players involved: Stranger (9694_3168), James (3729_8479), Charlie (5505_3024) Specific rule broken: How did the player break the rule?: The 2 reported persons, drove a scooter into PD, (non-rp) on their exit they hit 2 people, I heard the scooter so I went outside to see what was going on, when I went outside, I saw a man firing at the guy on the scooter, not hitting him with any bullets. Shortly after the scooter drove back past me multiple times then I saw the guy pick locking the bike I approached told him to stop, his friend then rammed me with the scooter, and then when they were shot by the guys they hit they both logged off. Evidence of rule breach: Video has staff chat thus will be pm'd to admin handling the case.
  7. Jbacon

    Vehicle Keys / Phone Battery

    Okay, so yes the inventory lets you see what that person has, but are you using a /me searchs the man for items, like keys, phone, wallet. /do would I find keys, wallet, phone? I assume not as you are just using the "I" key this is acceptable but doesn't allow the person to RP, as for all you know he left his keys in his car, or wallet or phone... or didn't bring his wallet today. My point is, that if you want to improve RP, rather then using server scripts to force people to give you their cars, why not prior to killing someone which everyone seems to be super fast and happy to do, rp a robbery. So your taking the guys car you just killed because you want to destroy it, well grab a set of bobby pins and have at it. I feel that searching a person should take time, you wouldn't find his wallet, keys and phone gun, 6 pairs of pants 12 bottles of booze, and be able to jam them in your pockets all in 3 seconds. It takes time. RP it, that's why we play here is to RP, if your interested in just shooting people head over the GTA online get it out of your system, rp with people, talk to them, learn their back stories, make your own backstory, hell create a story in the game that may actually impact other people in the server for more then the 30mins that they have to wait for NLR so they can go back and get their car that you shot them because they took your friends gun 45mins ago that you didn't see.
  8. At this time, I ask no further comments be posted until the admin handling this has directly requested information from both parties. Please understand that the staff team will review the evidence and if needed request additional. Please be patient and show respect here on the forums, and understand that disrespecting each other is not going to assist in this report one side or the other. Thank you for your patience.
  9. I was not with the woman she stopped at the scene as she knew the injured person. I got in the car knowing how 90% of people act when in a shoot out. You may of aimed your gun at me, if my back is turned how am I to know as I often play in first person, also before I had even stood up from my crouched animation beside the hurt guy I had already been shot, thus I am not going to stand there and get shot, as any smart person would do they would try and leave. Once you saw the cruiser was stopped, why would you keep shooting at me, rather then trying to hold me up? I had zero interest in a shoot out, I was a passerby trying to help a civilian injured on the street. And so you know, when you claimed you checked to see if the cruiser was locked you didn't as it was unlocked, I moved it from its original place and I was parked beside it when you robbed the guy, and you didn't check either my car or the cruiser to see if either was locked. As I watched you from my car, run over to the guy, press "i" take his stuff then hop on your bikes and leave. If you have the video you claimed showing your IC reason for killing me please present it, as then this will end quickly. ((Edit for spelling))
  10. As stated i was trying to leave the area, also respect that i didn't take any part in the shoot out, and was unaware that she had aimed a gun at you. Now of course i knew you robbed him, and had also already radio'd in descriptions when you first came by. In no way did i threaten you, nor did i shoot at you, and when I attempted to flee you guys shot me down without any exchange verbal or text based. Obviously once cornered i would defend myself as there was no other option, had i put my hands up i still would of been killed as by the time i returned fire 3 shots which i do not believe hit anyone as I was in a covered animation. I was down'd, then executed after being searched with "i". Firstly i don't understand why you would return to an area where you had just robbed someone, as a criminal if I rob someone i make it appoint to not be near them again, especially if they comply as there is no reason to kill them. Now petty theft is also not considered a serious crime, it comes with 15 mins jail time and 1k fine, this is not a law that allows for KOS according to the rule book. As I didn't aim my gun, or shoot at you until forced to for defense, and not knowing who either you or your friend were, how would I have reported you to the police, other then 2 males on motorbikes wearing security jackets robbed a man. And even then I didn't report you to the police, thus you don't have that reason to kill me. Okay @patynaI didn't have time to react to the shot, as i was in active RP, and your shots came back almost instantly, I was wearing a mask, and unless you directly witness me unlocking the car, which I am fairly certain you were still shooting brandy when I got into it you have no way to assume I am a cop, and just because I am a cop doesn't give reason to execute me, or shoot at me. The fact that you guys drove past the rp scene 3 times while I was there, and you obviously knew that I was trying to help the guy would suggest that you didn't understand that most people who rob or kill someone dont hang around the scene let alone go back multiple times, especially when there is a cop car on scene. Not a good plan as that cruiser has dash cam footage that if the officer rp'd it sync'd to the pd database. Either way i feel that I was shoot without reason, as 1. I didn't shoot at you guys. 2. Didn't call the police, especially when you were around so you still wouldn't have any idea I had called them, or that they would identify you. 3. Was in rp, typing when shot. 4. Was not given the opportunity to comply as no demands were stated. I will leave this to admin @MusketDeezNuts to make his decision, ID 5 in the screen shot had said he had footage, if that footage show'd a reason for them to shoot me I would like to see it also.
  11. Jbacon

    Vehicle Keys / Phone Battery

    -1 , Pressing I wouldn't automatically search pockets and also doesn't offer any rp to the guy on the ground. Also allows people to quickly grab guns and items off a person that would be in holsters with clasps, or in pockets that wouldn't be exposed without rolling a person over. Or for heavy weapons could have a sling around the persons shoulders slowing down the removal of the items. I think that more RP is needed other then just running up to someone and press "I" as often times the person that is down would like an RP experience.
  12. Player(s) being reported: Stranger 8637_1748, Mask 3129_8588 Date of rule breach: 11/11/2016 Time of rule breach: 10:06 Atlantic Time Your characters name: Jay Bacon Other players involved: Brandy Obrian, Stranger 2331_5708 Specific rule broken: How did the player break the rule?: I was driving past and noticed a guy on the ground (stranger 2331_5708), so I stopped, as an off duty officer I still have responsibilities. When i stopped to find out what happened and help the man, 2 motorcycles drove by, I politely asked them whats up. They said they were his body guards then stole from him. I knew a gunfight i would lose so I didn't identify myself as a cop, and just let them take his stuff and ride off. So I exited my car, after they had left, the white dominator gtx was mine, parked it to block traffic, moved the cruiser that was abandoned to block other traffic, took the first aid kit from the cruiser and began to provide treatment, and called 911 to come and help this man. I do not know who any of the people involved are other then the girl (brandy O'Brien). She arrived moments later. So after a bit and realzing no md was coming I continued rp with the guy, and at this point brandy. The motorcycles came back I stood up and asked em to keep moving, they said "we are his body guards" then drove away I turned back to the hurt guy, and they shot at me, hitting me twice while I was rping. they then down'd brandy at this point I ran and was hiding behind the cop car, As it was there I thought I could get in it to flee as he wasn't close or aiming at me, but they immediately disabled the car. (mind you never saying a word to us) I hid behind the car and shot 3 times not hitting them any. Then ID 5 shot me, zero rp involved in the interaction. If he has valid reason for killing me then great, I do not feel that there is any as there was ZERO interaction other then them telling me they were his body guard. Evidence of rule breach: the reported player has stated he will post a video in his defense.
  13. I will leave a few numbers, you want to discuss realism and expecting the Police to hold a higher level of Roleplay that is acceptable but offer good Roleplay to the police officers and we notice, I often reward people who provide good rp instead of /do dead. The people that give me good rp and don't instantly expect or demand Death, are noted down, and if they do it a couple times provide good rp, then I let them have death rp on some. The less they ask the more they get it from me, and a lot of PD are the same, we keep track of players that are fun to RP with, and those that just go straight to /b. We are here to have fun also, we choose a different type of RP, but a lot of us have alts in criminal lives and we know both sides. So a few numbers from the USA. 323million people. in the last 26 years there have been 90mass shootings. Of the 33,594 deaths in the usa in 2016, 14,415 where cause by guns, 71 of which were from mass shootings. so now if we convert this to numbers reflective of our server population... say 323 people (easy numbers) that is 1 player per 1million people in the usa. meaning that in 100 IC years there would be a total of 1.4 murders caused by guns. Now in our lovely city of los santos there are hundreds of people killed a IC day. A few more numbers to consider. We will use Los Angeles as our benchmark. 271 homicides in 2016, for a city with a population of 4million in the same year (+/- its an estimate I didn't read the entire census) that is one death for every 14,760 people in the city. Meaning our population of 323... would mean 2 people die every 100 years. we see hundreds of deaths every day. Now if we look at PD population based on deaths due to firearms. 24.6 officers per 10k people (LA ratio). with 271 deaths per year... total police is 9,850 officers to handle 271 murders in the city per year. So if we assume 100 murders per 4 days in LS(extremely conservative here guys).... That means 9,125 murders a year (for a population of 300ish people) so now if we look at cops to deaths and use that as a guide suggesting how many officers should be in the city compared to murders that occur (assuming everyone whos not a cop or medic is a criminal) based on the above ratios.... there should be 1 cop for every 1.2 murders. So I leave my final thought after all that.... the LSPD has currently roughly 80 people, maximum I have seen on (excluding cadet academies) at any given time, (since January when I joined) was 15 players on duty... this was on a day when the server hit 230 players. The number of calls that day was in the range of 30 pd calls, and 20md calls. (these calls cycle after 30 ooc minutes on the computers so they aren't old) That is 50calls for 15cops and 5 medics to deal with in 30minutes. People get upset when pd or md don't come to their calls instantly, this is why. So if you want to hold the police department to a higher standard of RP, to the point of realism, please return the favor, and don't just go shoot or try and kidnap cops for a simple speeding ticket, or a traffic stop. Don't cause needless shoot outs. You have one life, fear for it, fight to stay alive rather then instantly /do hes dead. On another note, I really enjoy pulling up to a shooting, shooting a person, analyze their wounds and find a list 10 items long, and only 2 are fresh (meaning I did them) but somehow he survived the first 8 shots in the head and spine that are healing already, but my shot in his left leg is the reason he dies.
  14. Jbacon

    Police Officer FearRP

    Hello and thank you for providing your point of views during this report. First of all, I would like to thank everyone in this report for being respectful to each other. @asfr7 @TerryMetzelder Based on the evidence that was received and that we are unable to see if the officer had been told to get down prior to @senix_69 arriving on the scene, and also that then @senix_69arrived on scene that the officer was clearly out of voip range for standard talk, I would recommend that you up your VOIP using ctrl+z to shout for a longer range. On a final note, @asfr7 and @senix_69 please ensure you give adequate time to respond to demands prior to opening fire with lethal intent. Report Declined/Archived -Bacon