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  1. The Los Santos Police Department is holding a limited recruitment drive.
  2. fair enough, I understand more clearly your point, and can see that it could feel as if its an ooc punishment when being jailed, but, prison is what you make it of course, ive been in jail a few times on my criminal and have enjoyed it, but that's because I make is fun for myself and others. I feel reducing the jtime for repeat offenders is not a good idea, I think its as simple as slowing down in NCZs and you wont get them.... which again refers to rp quality of players.
  3. I like this idea. @Wizzidy 95% of cops are not admins, so running around admin jailing, is not true. The ones that mention cops placing charges on ids.... I have personally placed charges on someone that I know or saw a short while before without a mask on, and can visually recognize people. I don't alias 90% of criminals in the city, until they become repeat offenders that I see daily, and can recognize their car, cloths hair and some of the face features. (Yes I do look that closely) I like the ideas mentioned above in the original suggestion, I feel that the prison times in place for charges are sufficient, but max time is off... saying that, I would also like to see increased activities for criminals, On that note, it would be great if some of the official criminal factions can get with DOC and discuss ideas on roleplay and "scripted" activites in prison and put together of a list of ideas they like and present it to their faction managers. (Which for those unfamiliar with the system, is the most streamline and best way to get your suggestions heard by the right people.) I disagree with you on the @Wizzidy30min cap on jail times, that is just WAY to short... considering after the arrest a lot of officers file arrest reports, and duty reports... or if you happen to kill a cop while getting arrested... you get 30mins of jail, and at the same time hes honoring the 30min new life rule. I think that 2 hours is to short, but before increase id like to see the criminal factions get together with DOC and their faction handlers and sort out some ideas, and present them for development. I agree with a few of the others stating, "I have max-time anyways" might as well kill as many cops as I can. This is a terrible mindset as your metagaming the prison sentence information to your character, as ICLY your being prisoned for YEARs, not minutes. Hence why when your arrested for 120mins, cops say MONTHS, and if your going to mission row they say days or weeks. I think a lot of this can be avoided with better RP quality, don't get me wrong there are plenty that RP well, and smart on criminals, some that often outsmart cops and know how to use the system to their advantage... then you have others that just don't give a damn and are here to be well, we are all familiar with the "hands up this is ROBBBBB", or you have 3 seconds or I shoot.... don't know about you guys but if im talking to someone and you come yelling at me 3 seconds or a I shoot its gonna take me a couple seconds to even realize your there... assuming your voip is working, and/or im watching text chat, as most of you are aware, one of the biggest killers in our city is (most you to young to remember, but anyone remember the car game Carmagedon… well that's our streets) cars. Thanks and I love the suggestions! Well thought out well presented!
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    I agree they need to make a means for incarcerated people to have productivity, something like making license plates that require you to go to an area of the prison get a crate, walk back to a workshop, use a press... for every x plates, that take y time to produce you get Z time credited to your time in jail... these could be tradeable items, but perhaps not be able to be stolen. Allowing people to forge ic relationships in prison to effect their rp outside of prison... I give you 30 license plates, you give me a couple pistols or something. Also these can be traded to DOC workers for commodity items... burgers, soda, blanket, a phone call! (x,y,z are just variables that can be determined during development …. perhaps 1 crate makes 5 plates, takes 10mins to produce, and you get 20mins reduced on your jtime, or something no idea how the factor should work but its just a concept.) Thus creating an avenue to introduce gambling in DOC with dice, or cards. (which would need to be bought via rp with DOC) or phone calls for gang organization etc. I think this would help out the criminals whilst in DOC custody.
  5. I like this suggestion well done!
  6. I would like to bring back an old point I brought up as it has apparently become relevant.... If you take the crime rate of Los Santos, that I know about... which is roughly 200 murders every 4 ic days.... that's 50 a day... which is likely light... compare that to the city of Los Angeles.... which had what last year, 243 murders according to statistics... as the city is based on that, we can assume that roughly 1 murder happened a day (easy math) has 50x the homicide rate of the city we are modeled at meaning we would have 50x times the resources, police force.... Los Angeles has approximately 9,000 officers on permeant positions last year. thus meaning if Los Santos held the same population as Los Angeles we would have 450,000 cops holding permeant positions. When we take into account murder rates of the city as a benchmark... meaning 50murders per day = 450,000 cops... I can assure you that if the city of Los Angeles had 50 murders a day that there would be a huge purge of people.... consider that 18250 murders would of occurred in 1 year... Using arrests in Los Angeles for all crimes (minor and up = 1.3million since 2010, 1.3m/9 = 145k arrests per year) this includes petty crime but we are only looking at murder in Los Santos (so not apples to apples but good for an idea) so they have 9,000 officers to handle 145k arrests PER YEAR.... that's 395arrests a day, but lets remove anything less then a felony for numbers sake. thus leaving roughly.... we will take charges from Carrying an unlicensed firearm down, thus 114,563 arrests in 9 years. (source = https://data.lacity.org/d/yru6-6re4/visualization ) , so we assume a steady rate of crime = 114563/9 = 12729.2 arrests per year... lets say 13,000 per year for larger crimes and more serious crimes. now we look at murders only in Los Santos 50 per day x 365 days a year = 18250 murders alone in our city.... Murders alone... take into account reckless driving and unlicensed firearms, vehicle theft, robbery.... I can almost guarantee there are 300 other crimes per day = another 109,500 crimes... putting us and 127,750 arrest for a population of 300 players at any one given time, where as the city of los angels has a population of almost 14million people. Thus to think that the city of los Santos wouldn't have A. Death Penalty, B. The ENTIRE American Army residing in it C. Martial Law D. Kill on sight policy for anyone waving a gun is foolish to believe. Now I realize its a game, and understand that. Swat can be killed and often are... ask the zetas they kill every member that's on shift for PD at least once a night. And they wonder why when one officer survives their gang is hunted... Or when you get someone coming into the police station "I want to know if im wanted... and they have 50 warrants" and then laugh as they walk outside to an army of people standing there.... Or you go to a gathering and god forbid a cop comes and says man, you have warrants lets go... I don't think your going to just wander around Los Angeles if your sitting on 50 arrest warrants for very long, bounty hunters, cops would be after you for low level crimes, high level... like most here Killing a Peace officer becomes a huge operation for your arrest and you will likely be shot, beaten and thrown away to never see light again. So with it being a game, I would expect players to understand that fighting swat would be a poor choice for ones health both in game and in real life, because I can assure you, based on an incident that happened in Canada about 6 hours from my house, you shot a cop... your not going to trial, your going to be buried 6 feet under in a tiny hole. ((guy went nuts shot 2 cops, walked around his town like it was GTA Online, pointed a gun at one officer and got shot 6 times by SWAT with large caliber rifles. Another incident guy shot a cop, and was snipped from 200 yards away, didn't even know what hit him... this is in Canada, not the USA.) Moving on, you want better rp from cops in Eclipse, give them RP... don't just come up and say haha I have warrants chase me... or run around cop baiting... or waiting for cops to show up so you can shoot them... setting up ambushs after cop baiting to just get a shoot out isn't exactly what I would call amazing rp, all be it if your gang chooses to risk everything to save everyone so be it. (good on you for protecting you members) but when the detectives crash down on you, don't go to /b evidence, show me proof please. Yes I side tracked this and for that im sorry. But complaining about being harassed as noteable criminals... im certain a murder, aint wandering around a city he just killed someone in in (8 ic hours as that's what your jtime is, I know for a fact no one rps 10 years of jailtime.) so you kill a bunch of cops, go to jail for 8ic hours, then you do it again, and people complain about PD rp. Anyways end rant. PD is not OP, and we are held to the same rules the rest of the server is, plus we have internal rules also that are enforced, just because you cant see it happening doesn't mean it isn't.
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    Thank you for your concerns whilst you throw insults and allegations at officers without evidence, your oppion is noted. Should you provide Evidence I will gladly investigate your allegations. I would also like to see proof of this video you claim to have of our OOC corruption policies... considering these are something that only members of the faction had and are privileged to have.
  8. Jbacon

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    @Wizzidy no I haven't been Detroit, why would I go there? and what pertinence does it have here? Cash is taken in instances of store robberies and where the cash has been stolen, that cash is then turned into PD command and used to host public events and give aways… todate the PD has given away roughly 9 million in cars... (I personally take care of the giveaways) Pertaining to IA, I can assure you that isn't the case, officers who get ia reported with evidence, and legitimate cases are dealt with, I can assure you of this being on the receiving end of a couple cases where I broke a policy in the department. As to OOC issues.... like you mention if it is a rule break, then deal with it as a player report as is the way. Pertaining to our Corruption rule, I would like to know how you got it, aswell as see evidence of it. Stuff taken from a criminal isn't as you so eloquently put it "stealing" it is taken and destroyed via a script to despawn the items... thus NOT STOLEN. Show me a maximum security prison that would allow you to take a knife into it and ill let you keep it. (in a first world country as Eclipse is based on Los Angeles) @RickoI would love to increase fines for tickets, issue is that 90% of criminals just dump their cash into their faction treasury to get it back, or pass it off to a buddy to get it back when they get out.... very rarely do people pay the tickets. I personally think that time would be a good demotivator to 90% of the foolish crimes people commit... and also think there should be a debit system implemented for people who cant pay their tickets where their government "salary" is garnished to pay the fines, and depending on the level owing = amount garnished. every 1k = 1% garnished... meaning you owe 54k for fines... you lose 54% of your government salary... you owe 200k you lose 100%... but that's my 2cents... and for @WizzidyI also have a criminal who I rp on, and have played on for the last 16 months ive been in this community and been arrested a couple times, but am smart about it, never once have I shot at a cop, and when they try to arrest me I do good RP to make it a fun experience for them and me, and when in prison at DOC, I rp with the guards and inmates rather then AFK... if/when we get an evidence locker and a way to file the stuff then sure you can have your fishing rod back. but to expect a cop to hang on to it for 2hours while you afk in jail is not realistic or practical. Would you fill your inventory full of other peoples stuff for potentially days to give it back?
  9. Jbacon

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    @Wizzidy Issue is that you expect an officer to hold on to your belongings for 2hours, whilst rping with other players, getting killed on every other call, and when they don't have your donut which would rot after 10 years in prison, you get upset and come here complaining. Items taken during an arrest are respawned as is the policies and procedures as we have no means of storing items, should a system be implemented at PD and DOC where assests seized can be stored, then that is something that will be added to our policies. Personal weapons, guns, knives, bats etc... you completed a felony, I don't care if you used it or not, you had it on your person when you commited the crime thus had it as a means to an end. Most criminals when I say most I don't mean all but most, are not afraid of prison as its 2hours of Netflix, or a movie... if people feared prison then 100% less people would go around shooting cops because "I was bored" and yes that was the reason I was given a couple days ago after a huge shoot out at a bloody traffic stop where the guy was going to get a verbal warning for an illegal U-turn... (yes I got killed, and so did 2 other cops) Everything taken is disposed of via in game script as it is the only means to disposing items, assets seized are not used by cops... you know we can go to the general store and buy food, radios, burgers, bags, and we can Legally buy guns to right... why do I need yours? Whilst I agree most people when they get a speeding ticket pay it with in the allotted time, but here in our Eclipse world of amazing rp, you have people running around with 200+ speeding tickets, hell some have so many warrants for their arrest that it breaks our system and we cant even look up other peoples records. We have had recently, people with over 224 warrants out for their arrest, and every time an effort is made to bring them in we get shot because somehow his pals know exactly where he is, without a single radio transmission. Now you want to talk RP Quality, great... show me any other faction that has internal rules that are used and punish members for that EXCEED the level of the server rules. Show me another non government faction that will spend 2 hours rping with you because you come up to them and what to talk... or troll in most cases. When searching a car, cops will only take illegal items or items used while you committed your crime... ie gun, radio.... Food, your going to jail for 10 years... you really think that sandwich is gonna be good when you get out... (rp quality here) So from this suggestion 2 things can come forward. 1. A stash spot for evidence lockup... /stashevidence (playername) (fee) this would allow cops and DOC to store items for said player, that can be returned after a jail sentence has been completed, presuming clear record, (no outstanding tickets/fines), after paying and administration fee. 2 Longer jail times, bring back the 8 hour jail times, this will deter people from taking a speeding ticket into a mass shooting... or cop baiting for "I was bored" mentality... this will also increase the quality of RP for everyone, and fear of IC jail, this will also increase RP at the prison. With this comes a bunch of potential options to allow players to decrease j-time... put in a mine at the prison, allow criminals to mine, and each stack of ore they deposit decrease jail time by X. @cheatonus not many people pay hed to rp… I have rp'd taking guns and bags and radios on scene with /me and /do... and turn my back to go and rp with someone else and I look over and the guy is on his radio with his gun out, and then digs through the bag inventory..... so trusting people to follow along and respect rp…. doesn't work.
  10. I'm only going to say a couple things. If you want to RP it as the shipper having a mole, that's fine and you want PD to shut down the shippers, awesome, then we can just close all imports as pd would go after every shipment they get notified about. Secondly to this point.... do you know who your shipper is? perhaps your buying it from a dirty cop? or a gov't run weapons sting operation? Nerf swat... really.... okay Swat is an extremely limited group of members, these members are required to attend 2-4hours of training a week, they also go through an extensive recruitment process that takes between 1 and 4 weeks.... there are MASSIVE regulations around their operations... and pd currently has 114 ish members... of that only a handful are SWAT certified and even fewer can just go on swat patrol when there is need, it often requires permissions from higher rank members of swat or Command Team members. As someone else wisely said, your not suppose to get into gun fights with swat... hell even pd, because I can assure you in RL, if you shot a cop, you aint going back to your house and chilling with a beer, or going for a drive around the city.... Because of the limitations of as you so eloquently called it "the game" PD is unable to gather evidence as after you kill a cop, if we are lucky theres a body, but no one to rp what happened, no evidence, and if the officer had rp'd a body camera, and PD goes and arrests the guy, because if you watch any of these cop shows, you know ballistics from every firearm purchased legally is recorded in a database, well you would have swat and half of the cities police knocking on your door before you had time for the second beer. Oh and the person being arrested would instantly go to /b which there is a ton of people who do when getting arrested.... you have no idea how many times I get /b show me the evidence.... and my reply is /b KEEP IT IC, and then they just ignore rp and /do yes all day long.... I have no idea about the size of shipments or anything like that but if its true you can only order 30, why not setup for a bunch of shipments? When I ran a criminal gang we would plan out 10 shipments, so they landed 5-10mins apart, giving us time to pickup escort to our store house, then go get the next one, or send teams to each... never went to a shipment alone, and we rp'd it... if I was getting guns, I would go get my phantom, and rent a trailer and go pick up the guns... hell I even rp'd paying off the truck depot to borrow the truck. (give the money to a trucker at the place). So nerfing swat, not the answer, fear them, hide, run.... tons of people get away everyday from the PD.... Shipment moles, if you want them to be from the supplier then give PD the ability to shut down shipments for x time because "they shut down that organization" then your going to need to rp building new ties to import guns... oh and hope to hell that the supplier didn't narc you out on a deal. There are limitations on both sides of this argument, example... there are no Peds, in rl… im pretty sure that if a crate parachuted from the air to the ground one of the 5million people in a city would make a call... or if a float plane landed on the lake.... and unloaded a bunch of boxes of guns... or somehow, they smuggled guns crates through customs at a international airport... I think Police would be involved. Now I wish you the best of luck on your imports, and I personally feel 5% is a good ratio, (just gotta build the cost of lost merchandise into your sell prices fellas!)
  11. Hello, I am selling off some of my car collection. Ruston 500k, vehicle is fully upgraded. Stinger GT, 375k partly upgraded, well exceeding stock value of 325k. Contender, 300k fully upgraded. contact me at 516-1554 to purchase and of these. first come with reasonable offer gets it.
  12. it has been 16months since I was a new player... and when I was some of the things above were even harder to understand, there are guides in place here https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/51-faq-server-guides/ As anyone that is joining the server now is experiencing long waits for acceptance there is plenty of time to review them, yes there are somethings missing, but a lot of it should be ic information gained. Rping as an adult that has lived in the city makes partial sense but if your new to the RP and the community then your likely going to struggle more so then someone whos been RPing for years. There are guides already in-place for work, and there is a guide for server commands along with the f6 menu. Anyways I wish you good luck with approval for your new player guide.
  13. You had stated 98% of the server didn't know. Either way, I feel it is important that players know the difference between ic information and ooc information. Most of the information being requested on this thread should be requested via IC means. Email, going to city hall, calling them.... any of these would work. As to the comments about public releases... I can not speak to the Government (city hall) but I can assure you that the LSPD makes frequent ones.https://gov.eclipse-rp.net/viewforum.php?f=43 You can find all the public ones there. I apologize if I came off rude or annoyed, it was not my intention, but feel it is crucial to the success and a players experience to be able to separate IC from OOC. otherwise ooc tensions will cause IC issues and vice versa, or carry over of knowledge from one character to another.
  14. Character to Transfer From: Deaglan MaCalister Character to Transfer To: Ted Peters Requested Transfer: Asset # Phantom semi truck Asset # Asset # Reason for Transfer: Your answer here. My criminal acquired the truck as a means to assist in freeing gang members a long time ago. Now I dont play him and would like to get involved in trucking for a laid back rp option when I just need to chill. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? Via Low end, transfer to a trusted friend then to my alt.
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