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  1. Hi there! I am Brandy O'Brien, aka Player 26. Johnny Falcon, aka Player 19, and I were in the middle of a roleplay when Mister Falcon did in fact die due to a bug. He crashed into a stationary object in the road and was ejected from his vehicle. I called the medics, and that's when the other two players showed up. When it became apparent that no medics were going to show up, I decided, as support, that since the player died due to a bug, I would bring his vehicle back to him so we could go back to the scene and continue to roleplay where we left off. I really don't think its fair or immersive to acknowledge a death due to a bug, and I personally didn't think there was any unfair advantage that took place by my decision.
  2. Hi there! It does not. There was no indication that it ever did, at least... I hope I did not apply that there was. Thanks for your time.
  3. Good evening! The screenshot I posted a few posts up was the only screenshot I provided. If my memory serves correctly, PB-AJ never told Mister David that I gave her a screenshot showing I drew my weapon first. She told him I had a screenshot asking why he was not fear rping, to which he confirms “It’s a win win situation.” That was the only ‘evidence’ I could provide, as well as both our testimonys to which he said I had my weapon out slightly faster or “a second” before he did. Thanks for your time!
  4. Hi again! You misunderstand, I'm not missing the point. That's why I said I could understand your side of it. And I believe that PB-AJ saw both of our points as well. A game can only be so realistic, there is a definite grey area. One could argue in ton of different situations that "in real life, this and that would happen." That's why she decided it would be a draw, and to void the rp. I hope you have a nice rest of your day!
  5. Hi there! I am the person who you were roleplaying with. I pulled my gun out on you, and you were very quick and pulled your gun out on me. However, I did pull my weapon out first, to which I expected you to Fear RP. You did not.. Instead you RP'ed that you were reaching up to use your radio... I was confused as to why you were not following Fear RP. So I told you I pulled my gun out first, and that means you need to Fear RP. You did not respond. This was after you were RPing reaching up to use your radio, which I never actually saw you use, but I might have missed it. Three other officers showed up. I complied to the RP, dropped my gun, and got on my knees, but I was still trying to get an answer why you did not comply to the Fear RP. You gave me the explanation of "It's a win win situation" which didn't answer my question. Another officer who arrived on scene explained oocly (this was not captured in the screenshot as it was said after I took it) that "Cops do not have to Fear RP because they go through training." I got conflicting answers, so after I logged back in (I did log because my headset died and I needed to close the game and relog for my sound to work again) I made a in game report to ask if cops are allowed to ignore Fear RP. Your explanation when PB-AJ arrived was to the extent of "She had her gun out a split second before I did, but in real life I would see her reaching for it and react." I can understand where you are coming from. You were trying to make the situation realistic in your own sense because people react differently based on the situation that they are in. An officer may very well try and get his weapon out when they see a suspect reaching for their own. Unfortunately, if the rules allowed for people to react however they wanted, we all might as well just play GTA Online. That's why rules state that the most common situation would be to comply if your life is in danger. PB-AJ was not rude and there was no "failure to make the right decision." The fact of the matter is, PB-AJ had to make a decision based on the evidence that was provided to her, which unfortunately, was not much to go by. You were not recording, and neither was I. The only thing I could provide was a screenshot, and she decided the best thing to do was to issue no punishment but rather to void the RP.
  6. Say you have a gun you really love. Right click it, the menu drop will appear with an option to "rename item" and you can name it "Ankle Biter" or whatever tickles your fancy. Now when you hover your mouse over your weapon in your inventory, it'll display that name. I think this would be SUPER useful for clothes, since clothes can be in your inventory, and we have so many to choose from now! Having the option to name clothes would make it so much easier to change into your favorite outfits without having to try on everything to find it. "Brown shirt with graphic" or "Clubs leather jacket" or "Sweater boyfriend gave me" just to name a few examples.
  7. 1+ This, please. I'd love to see npc pedestrians walking around. It would definitely add a better immersive experience.
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