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  1. PB-AJ

    Shay_Reeves (Uzi,Bag and Pistol .50)

    @ElisabethC @Chevita Woman* and correct, can confirm.
  2. PB-AJ

    3skimas - Paulius Mehino (Ban Appeal)

    Pending @Osvaldon @Marco Davis
  3. PB-AJ

    Update WeazelNews Newspaper desing

    This is ic and i suggest you apply for weazel ;)
  4. PB-AJ

    Stranger 8771_3589 and Mask 9080_1077 FearRP

    Hello! Thank you for using our Player Report feature! @b3paulius @SirGolfusWangus In any other circumstances this would be a valid breach of Fear RP however, you are standing quite far from the other players. @SirGolfusWangus were you able to hear him from the balcony probperly? Please respond within 24hrs. @Tagor please do not respond to player reports that you are not involved in.
  5. Punishment was dealt same day, This report is handled and report is now closed.
  6. PB-AJ

    Lewis Smith - Appeal

    @JackD248 As you have appealed each ban, the information is public. Defend the points relevant to the appeal only, please.
  7. PB-AJ

    Lewis Smith - Appeal

    @JackD248 Once again, i asked you a question via discord. That is not meta gaming. Using the information in character would have been meta gaming. I don't understand how that is valid or relevant. Attempting to dig up information on admins's and going back and forth is not going to get you unbanned. Re-directing the conversation is not going to get you unbanned. Getting defensive is not going to get you unbanned. This is an appeal. You apologize and\or take responsibility for the situation or you don't and that's what it comes down to. As this is the 6th time you have been banned, you know this. So please, out of respect for the community and for each other let's cut the back and forth short and just get to the points here.
  8. PB-AJ

    Lewis Smith - Appeal

    https://plays.tv/video/5b9471782b2e35b496/dm-at-yellowjack https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/488120631464820767/488123240095678474/2018_09_08_23_55_33-clp.mp4 I was one of 3 admins there. @Cooksley @Jim_Wesson @Osvaldon
  9. PB-AJ

    Lewis Smith - Appeal

  10. PB-AJ

    Lewis Smith - Appeal

    @JackD248 I was unaware that i "didn't like you" this is news to me. I was also unaware that we had an argument. Me asking you a question because you were in my faction and on the other side of the world (opposite time zones) is not an issue. I will be more than happy to expose our conversations. It really seems like you're digging to hurt someone who did nothing to you. Aside from that 0:50 in said evidence- "ok, shoot everyone" .....really? Let's be real here. I care that you play by the rules. I care that the manner in which you play does not ruin the play for another member. I care that a standard is set. I do not care if you feel a certain way toward me, that's not my problem. It's yours. This isn't high school. Grow up. Now, judging upon your previous admin logs and issues....This was the icing on the cake. I didn't make you consistently break rules. These are you choices. Because of that, you are banned and that alone.
  11. I voided RP due to a draw and conflicting opinions. As i had spoken to both parties, i felt it was fair. @Kables can further describe the situation if necessary.
  12. PB-AJ

    Triple Seven#0477 - Discord Ban Appeal

    @Triple Seven Let me keep this short and sweet- Not as staff... but as a human, I strongly feel that any issues or problems of your own should remain that way. Whereas I definitely did not take offense to the comments passed, I did find it highly inappropriate and disappointing from someone whom i assumed knew better. I don't need to point out right from wrong to you, however the level of impulsiveness involved in that decision (or lack there of) was nothing short of childish and rude. Aside from that, you pointing out my mistake does not fix yours. I forgive you and hope that we can all learn to move on. Very sincerely,
  13. PB-AJ

    N1smoo - Itsuki Sudo ( Deathmatch Appeal )

    As previously stated, @Osvaldon will review the report tomorrow. Please have patience. Feed will be locked until then. Thank you.
  14. PB-AJ

    N1smoo - Itsuki Sudo ( Deathmatch Appeal )

    @PolarBlunk @Osvaldon @N1smoo @JackD248 I believe 3 other admins were witness to this. In these videos you can see the "one person" that was shot and the reactions of others. However in the 3rd video, it is quite apparent of the shooters, ID's and their choice to continue despite the mass deaths. I can get more videos, death logs and witnesses without effort. My suggestion to you is take your punishment and walk away before this escalates. https://plays.tv/video/5b9471782b2e35b496/dm-at-yellowjack https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/488120631464820767/488123240095678474/2018_09_08_23_55_33-clp.mp4 GG, sincerely