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  1. PB-AJ

    Mati Cao (Ban Appeal)

    Appeal accepted.
  2. PB-AJ

    GFX || Jobs with invitations P.2

    Dayum! I love this ♥
  3. Upon watching this video i do see @Pistol Pete loading his farm vehicle (it is clear that he has locked and unlocked the doors) As he is robbed at gun point, it would be clear to me that the wheat is seemingly more important than a reaction of his life being in direct danger also known as FearRP. 6.1.4. As a victim, whose life is in direct danger: ● You must display reasonable value for your life and comply with the demands of your attacker; Above you have quoted the rules broken as: 5.3.1. Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban. However, it is clear that the criminal in the situation is in fact robbing you at gunpoint for the value of your wheat. This is clear incentive. Therefore 5.3.1 is no longer valid.  5.3.2. Examples of invalid or poor reasons to kill which would lead to a punishment: ● Without giving them enough time to respond to your demands After reviewing the video a second time i do in fact notice the time interval as the criminal is waiting for your response. You chose to avoid the RP. Therefore 5.3.2 is no longer valid. @Pistol Pete, i do strongly suggest re-reading and understanding the rules and server rules & roleplay hand book as found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UZMCLUHxfMhsJfjOf7caOBj2CBPcGYkN/view Report rejected Thank you for using the eclipse forum report feature,
  4. PB-AJ

    Line up girls!

    Dear Mr. McGee, I'm almost positive you called us to court, maybe we can have a joint court date. -Vera
  5. PB-AJ

    Rajj Sikyhar (Ban Appeal)

    Please understand as to why i would have taken this as less of a joke and more of a form of harassment. I knew you were joking however, that's not funny. I have never spoken to you out of game before so that being messaged that was not exactly pleasant. Especially because the report had been 2-3 weeks prior to the message. On top of the many times that you have approached me as "pretty lady admin" or any term of endearment (i.e babe, hun).... Or the time you asked me whilst helping you (in admin mode) "do you want a rich Indian boyfriend" or something along those lines... it's just flat out inappropriate. Have some respect. I understand that you are a part of the community and having played on our server for so long you should deserve another chance. I do not disagree with this, but i will go ahead and say in the most blatant of terms...cut that shit. It's obnoxious. I am also a part of this community no matter my role and just as we (as admins) put our best foot forward to make it a fun place to be for you... we are also players. Don't be that guy who makes something uncomfortable for someone else...ever. Use this as a learning experience. With that understood and agreed to, i wouldn't mind a long time player coming back (not entirely up to me). However if it happens again (not restricted to just me), i will not tolerate it. Got it? @Rajj Sikyhar @ItsPazz
  6. PB-AJ

    Keira Black (VDM -- FearRP)

    My character was standing next to your car, I asked your name. It was coincidental. Whereas you had a gun to your head and were being questioned, You pulled forward hit 2, backed up hit another 2. Then to the side and downed Kiera. I am not siding, i can assure you this. However i did witness that their RP was 100% IC. I don't know what their intent was but i did watch you have a gun held to your head and not fear your "life". I am sorry that you have encountered this more than once whether or not it was the same people. All i am saying is A) If you're going to "act like a creep" as stated by you, then people are going to react. You reap what you sow. B) It could have been handled differently. With a gun next to your head, you could have gone along with the RP and i'm sure it would not have just ended with blood lust and instant death. Your escape may have been sincere but driving through people is not exactly anything else but avoidance and unrealistic. I am not adding things to this in anyone's favor. I am merely reacting with logic.
  7. PB-AJ

    Keira Black (VDM -- FearRP)

    I watched and heard the entire thing, @Toan. It was valid, radio'd and most definitely could have been gone about differently on your part. I understand that this particular gang has killed you more than once today however, do not let your frustration leak from RP to RP; As per your character has no memory of prior RP. If someone has a gun to you, bide fear RP. Where as i understand that this was an attempt to get away, hitting 6 people with your car in attempt to escape is avoiding the RP. Most importantly, if somebody feels that you are disrespecting them and asks you to halt it is important to do so if asked OOC (was this all IC? @sykotiktv). If not any repercussions to that are fair game as long as RP'd correctly. I was only a witness to what was seen in video and 2 minutes prior. Is there previous footage?
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      Get a  R O O M !



  9. PB-AJ

    Wishing you all a good farewell!

    Aw, Dylan. You have our discord- don't be a stranger ok?
  10. PB-AJ

    Don't do it.

    Aw, McCarty bein a good lil boy :)