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  1. Report will be denied, locked and archived. As there were no rules breached. no punishments will be delegated. @XypintGaming @Edvve Thank you,
  2. PB-AJ

    Mask 9599_2081 NLR

    @HiVe_Zoloft Thank you for using the report feature! Now, as i have viewed the evidence i do in fact see a breach of the following by @vadrag 6.5.1 The new life rule is triggered whenever a player’s character respawns at a hospital, the reason of death is irrelevant. However, the rule is not activated, when the injured character is brought to the hospital and revived. 6.5.2 The deceased character loses memory of their death, the events that caused it and the information collected in between those time frames. This means, that all information the victim had learned had turned into OOC information. For example, a player is confronted by a robber, the player refuses to comply and is killed by the robber. The player’s knowledge of the robbery, the robber and their death had turned into OOC information, not suitable for IC context. 6.5.3 The deceased character must avoid interaction with their killer (or killers) for 30 minutes and must not return to the area of their death, unless the killer (or killers) have left the area. 6.5.4 The deceased character must not return to the same roleplay situation, where an earlier attempt has ended in their death, even if the NLR timer is expired. For example, a player’s vehicle had been stolen, the player was able to track down the thief and made an attempt to retrieve their vehicle, but the player failed and was killed. The vehicle owner cannot make another attempt to retrieve their vehicle from the same thief @vadrag as far as your response, i do see they they did in fact give you a chance to comply. Making your response invalid. @vadrag will receive 30 minutes jailtime for breaching NLR. Thank you,
  3. @Edvve Please post it here to show @XypintGaming . As far as that goes there is no rule break. Report will be concluded there after the video is posted. Thank you.
  4. @Edvve so you came from the top and not the side? Correct?
  5. @Edvve @collesssin @Donc3z I would like to know how you got up the mountain, as both entrances were blocked. Thank you.
  6. @XypintGaming Thank you for using our player report feature! As previously discussed via in game report, I would like to get the point of view of the other player involved. Pending @collesssin @Edvve @Donc3z Thank you,
  7. PB-AJ

    Stranger 8907_9281 PBAJ - Admin Abuse / Metagaming

    @2cannnn1 Defensive reaction aside, i do understand where you are coming from. I could have gone about that differently and it would have been more effective for both of us. For that i apologize. If you ever need help with anything i hope you know that you are still free to reach at anytime. I will be more than willing to answer any questions or concerns you have. Sincerely,
  8. PB-AJ

    Stranger 8907_9281 PBAJ - Admin Abuse / Metagaming

    @2cannnn1 With a person of moral value, I wouldn't have done that regardless of you messaged me or not...I saw the cops DIRECTLY after you drove away as they were looking for a suspect (stated above). This report was brought to my attention hours later. It would have played out exactly the same. This is not a close call. I know right from wrong and have been on the server for over a year. I'm unsure what your intent is and truly wish that you still had the rest of that video and chat.
  9. PB-AJ

    Stranger 8907_9281 PBAJ - Admin Abuse / Metagaming

    @BallinByNature @2cannnn1 Without being crude and remaining professional I am going to state that this report is absolutely invalid. If you look back into the chat logs you will see that directly after the situation this person pm'd me saying something along the lines of "I hope you didn't just go admin so that you can MG our names" to which I stated something on the lines of, "no I went admin because you did not even so much as RP taking my things at all. There was no rp- no /me no /do...and I wanted to say that you guys set the standard and whereas I do not care if you robbed me, I do feel that you could have done it better" There was no actual delay, as you will notice also via logs- that i had literally JUST logged into the game. @ImChazaa @Lee Ermey If you do not want to look into the conversation, I do suggest maybe speaking to the cops who rolled up afterward. Vera had a conversation something along the lines of Vera- "officer, I was just robbed" Cop- "do you know who it was?" Vera- "no" cop- "what kind car? cloths?" Vera- "I don't know, i was too scared to pay attention- I think he had a skull mask". Further more- to this moment I STILL do not know nor care for these peoples names. Not to mention "telling my friends" or even reacting at all much more than telling the cops- wouldn't be very effective as this character is a professional and has bigger fish to fry than caring that her cloths and knife were taken. All in all this report is a lie & absolutely ridiculous. I take this server and the RP on this server seriously. I take this community seriously. All that know me, know that above being admin I am a player and would never use my "powers" to go against any other player.
  10. PB-AJ

    Mask 8226_6195 (NLR,DM,cop baiting,fear rp,RDM)

    @PELEDA19 Has this player been notified? I have tried to reach out myself and no response. However, as it has been more than 24 hours- punishments will be delegated as so. Astro_Lo will receive a 48 hr ban for VDM, as well as warnings for breaking NLR, Fear RP and cop baiting. Thank you,
  11. PB-AJ

    Mask 8226_6195 (NLR,DM,cop baiting,fear rp,RDM)

    Hello and thank you for using the ECRP player report feature! Mask 8226_6195|Astro_Lo will have 24 hours to respond with an explanation. As i could not locate this player via forum, if somebody could help notify him in game that would be very helpful. Thank you!
  12. PB-AJ

    Weazel News

  13. PB-AJ

    Stranger 8771_3589 and Mask 9080_1077 FearRP

    This report is denied as is it is more misunderstanding then mean of punishment.
  14. PB-AJ

    Shay_Reeves (Uzi,Bag and Pistol .50)

    @ElisabethC @Chevita Woman* and correct, can confirm.