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  1. ♥♥♥

    1. sykotiktv


      Get a  R O O M !



  2. Wishing you all a good farewell!

    Aw, Dylan. You have our discord- don't be a stranger ok?
  3. Don't do it.

    Aw, McCarty bein a good lil boy :)
  4. Eyes of a Newcomer

    Just for the record- We do know th3gr3g irl, i will vouch for that. This conversation has actually started 3 hours prior to this post lol
  5. Eyes of a Newcomer

    I do also feel that even though there are a lot people who get bored or corrupt things that happen.... BUT we need to set the standard. That's the beauty of rp....you make your own story lines. If you're a new comer and interested in rp seeing negative aspects and following in the sheep heard of pointing of them out isn't helpful. Change your perspective, people! With our creative community and committed players i think that being above this is an important aspect. Let's set the trend not watch it die.
  6. Eyes of a Newcomer

    To the on looker it looks like a mess but to be honest there was a decent amount of rp going on before and after this event
  7. [APPEAL] Andy, McCarty

  8. Alex Crail RDM report

    There was a prior lead up to this at the hospital. Do you remember who was there as well?
  9. Alex Crail RDM report

    As a witness to both this and the predisposition to this. I completely disagree that this in anyway, shape or form is RDM. This was not random and you both know it. However i do have proof (as do others) that rules were broken by the reporting member (KOS, RDM, NLR & RK). None of which i am looking to report, but i do not think it would be fair to penalize someone for hypocritical matter. Nor do i think it is fair to bruise the already small community. In my opinion i feel that this complaint should be rejected on account of it is child's play.