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  1. Hello, and thank you for your response. I already addressed this in my initial appeal. It was resolved ICly, they said that I couldn't pause RP and I agreed, so we continued RP. I initially went to /b straight away because we had just concluded inside with Bakmeel, an admin log will show that the situation was resolved literally moments before this took place, the report consisted of being both inside and outside the house locking/unlocking doors etc for over a long length of time. You can see in the video I'm actually typing a message, that message was a message to the developers on the admins advice which I can provide showing the time. I tabbed back in and there the car was. It was misguided of me to go to /b straight away, and I had only done so because I thought they would see my POV and be reasonable. They refused to pause RP so I responded with OK in /b and proceeded with the RP I already apologized for this and acknowledged it in my initial appeal. 18 minutes ago, Mickeyyy said: You ram the car up the hill, ram another car when you are backing up, drive away then come back for another pass. You are seeing the ramming up the hill from a weird POV from 200 meters away. On my end and if this had gone to a forum report like it should have, I could tell you like I'm telling you now that it was desync. We were pushing each other. When we hit the vehicle the next time it was because we had driven straight into a pole and the only means out of there was to reverse and he's directly in our reversal path. I drive away and only loop around because there are multiple Zetas to my front and one at my right side shadowing me. My only logical path is to turn back or face the full force of the dozen zetas who are literally rounding the corner (which you saw at the MD minutes later). This is all demonstrated in the 50 second clip you were sent. Even if what you say in that statement is 100% true (which IMO it's not), that doesn't break VDM rules at all. 14. Deathmatch (DM) Vehicles cannot be used to attack another player more than once including a failed attempt. 29 minutes ago, Mickeyyy said: There was ak fire hitting your truck and your friend was returning fire. You have no reason to drive directly back to the area where you were being receiving heavy weapon fire from. Again, this is just not true. The last shot was at 00:30 seconds in the video. it wasn't until after I looped around and was already leaving was the next shot fired. Do you consider that active gunfire? I already explained why I drove back in my initial post, I was being surround by Zeta's and looping around was my only option. (And it's not against the rules to loop around if there's no active gunfight.) 25 minutes ago, Mickeyyy said: And the actions taken after the last video took place you then fled to Central MD which is an ncz, where I became aware of the whole situation. You were already on your NonRP #7 before any of this and DM#1. You could have been punished for the stalling and fleeing to NCZ as well, both of which would have been a perma ban as well, given your record. I have nothing more to add. I feel the punishments should stay in effect given the appealing parties history, alogs and the amount of nonrp from the entire situation. You're bringing things up that were already handled ICly into this report. You're literally grasping at straws just so that I can remain permanently banned here. Fleeing to Central MD was resolved in game, by you. We had assumed that we had acted in self defense and were not the aggressor's that legally speaking the law would be on our side You clarified the rule for everyone there and then we continued RP. It's almost like rules sometimes are in a grey area and instead of punishing people straight away for things, they can be explained and resolved on the spot. I'm glad you brought up my admin history, I hope it does get taken into consideration as I haven't had a blemish on my admin record in like 9 months and before that it was like another 4 months or so. Considering the amount of hours Ive logged in the city its not the worst record by a long shot. The majority of all my punishments came from the first month of being on the server before I knew what RP was really all about. I regret those, and my admin log proves that I've at least learned from them and attempted to better myself. --- Furthermore, can you please explain to me why you added additional caveats to the VDM rule? You completely skipped over that in your reply. I'm not trying to be combative with this post, I just want to be unbanned or at least my side of the story heard in a fair manner.
  2. Account name: PhilMcgee Character name(s): Phil Mcgee Admin who issued punishment: Mickeyyy Date of punishment: 10/15/19 Punishment received: VDM #2, nonrp #8 Reason given for punishment: you made multiple attempts in the same scene Your explanation of what happened: I was in my house with Leron and Bakmeel sorting out a potential bug abusing/glitch situation for about 30 minutes. When I came outside to park my vehicle, 2 members of the Zetas came around the corner and tried to rob me. After a brief discussion with them in OOC about why I was in the house and why I feel they shouldn't rob me, we all agreed that I couldn't pause RP so we continued RP. I drove over the first Zeta (downing him) and Leron came out and shot at the other one (not downing him). I scooped up Leron and tried to find out who the other Zeta was so I followed him for a minute before turning back toward my place to park my vehicle again. That Zeta (ID 43) turned back around and called for back up. We drove up the hill, ramming/pushing the blue vehicle to stall it, around this time several Zeta's turned up and started shooting at us (this is where the video begins).We crashed into a post (as seen in the video) and turned back down the hill. Leron shoots down ID 43 who is seen shooting at us. When we fled back down the hill, we were met by several more Zeta's rounding the corner so we thought our best course of action was to turn back up toward the only Zeta still up there besides the downed player and take him out as well. We pop shots, but don't down him and then we flee away. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Firstly, this report was dealt with for some reason off of the forums, with apparently no deliberation. I was never informed that I was banned, never informed that there was any wrong-doing, just tried to login and couldn't. Mickeyyy was sent a 50 second clip sharing no context of the situation, didn't ask for my side of what happened or my POV, but just banned me straight away and said to make an appeal. IMO, this couldn't have been handled in a more shady and unreasonable way. To be permanently banned for a 50 second clip without hearing the other player's POV, is ridiculous and should never happen. Regardless of how clear the rule break is (unless it's some sort of hacking/mass dm type thing). Secondly, Mickeyyy states that the reason I'm banned is because "Vehicles can not be used to attack another player more than once, including a failed attempt", he goes on to say that this is not the complete rule, but that it should also add "it doesn't have to be the same person", and furthermore "you went thru the same scene." To put this into context here's the actual full rule: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Vehicles cannot be used to attack another player more than once including a failed attempt. Looking at the video, we can clearly see that I didn't attempt to hit anybody more than once, I reversed into ID 43s vehicle (if you can call that an attempt after reversing from hitting a pole as it was the only route out), and then I drove toward ID 118 who's like 10meters away from ID 43. So right away, if we're going off what the rule book states then I (imo) certainly didn't break this rule. After linking me the rule, I believe he sees that I didn't hit anybody more than once (including the failed attempt), and then adds the 2 additional caveats that aren't in the rule book, but just made up by him or foraged elsewhere not from the rulebook? Which are: "doesnt have to be the same person you went thru the same scene you can post an appeal" I believe that he's conflating two different rules and got confused or something, if admins can just add additional rules to the rulebook that don't exist, then how are players supposed to know to follow those rules? The rules I believe he's conflating are the Fear RP rule which states: 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) • Driving a vehicle in an active shootout more than once without the intent of protecting a friend, fleeing with it, or using it as cover. And the DM rule linked above. This is the only explanation I can think of as to why he said that you can't drive through the same scene twice, or that you can't hit 2 (or more) different people. Even if we went by the Fear RP rule, there was no active shootout going on, there was no gunfire from either side until after we arrived at the top of the hill and the we were only shot in the rear of the vehicle as fled. Hardly what I would call an active shootout. Thirdly, Mickeyyy said that he contacted a senior admin before he pushed this punishment out and the admin confirmed with him to do it. I contacted Bakmeel as he was the senior admin online at the time that Mickeyyy consulted. Bakmeel stated that the reason why I was banned: "two attempts at hitting the same person", and that I received a non-rp "for returning with the truck during an active gunfight" It is clearly demonstrated in the video that I never returned to the scene under active fire, so why he stated that I'm not sure (you can see in the video the last shot is at 00:30seconds, and we return and are already leaving by the time the next shot is fired at 00:45seconds). And it's also clearly demonstrated in the video that I didn't attempt to hit the same person twice. What he and Mickeyyy say are completely misaligned, Mickeyyy says that I'm being punished for VDM #2 driving through the same scene twice (despite that not being in the rules, except for Fear RP). And Bakmeel says that I'm being punished for attempting to hit the same player twice, and returning under fire. Finally, no player at this scene lost anything. Zeta's ended up winning at the end and the player recording this didn't even make a report on the forums. In turn, I'm permanently banned for what I feel is not against the rules, but had no chance to defend myself in the end anyway. I am genuinely sorry for how the scene turned and it how it escalated. I have reached out to Zetas faction leader since the incident to make sure there is no bad blood on that front. My goal for this appeal is to get this sentence relieved entirely. And to also receive clarification on whether or not the FearRP/VDM rule are combined like that or if the VDM rule is missing the two additional caveats that Mickeyyy added. I'd like to add that the only other time I've been banned for DM was my first month on the server over 27 months ago, so to be permanently banned for this off the forums, with no chance to defend myself is disheartening. I know that there's a formality now with DM #2 requiring it to be a permanent ban until appealed, but at least give a man a shot at his side of the story. Thanks for reading Post any evidence or further details: Video of the rule break in question: https://streamable.com/pex8c Mickeyyy PM's #1: https://gyazo.com/0cf889ec42babb5c402482fb38842179 Mickeyyy PM's #2: https://gyazo.com/ddd2136e492e7f851c4d04c2760ac443 Bakmeel PM's: https://gyazo.com/1984868b703b4d62addca59f85606d60 @Mickeyyy @Bakmeel
  3. I would like to add I posted in the Eclipse Discord asking was he coming back. To which I received no response. He also claimed at the start of the incident over PMs to myself (ID 33) that he was recording as he felt he was somehow a victim of meta gaming and powergaming and was going to report so he should have footage I'm assuming. This is 20 minutes of 3 people's time waiting to see if he will come back that could have been spent RPING with other people. Which clearly he doesn't care about.
  4. @alexalex303 1. I'm strawberry blonde 2. I don't recall doing anything of the sort. 3. Cavity search incoming!
  5. I waited , you did not turn up in the hat. Offer retracted.
  6. Well I'd like to see the setting up of personal drug labs in house's and buildings. Should obviously come with a massive pro/con balancing. For example, yeah you are less likely to be robbed but the expense of running one is quite extreme and if you get caught your equipment gets confiscated. You'd also need to source your own ingredients for RP purposes.
  7. 1.5 Million If you accept this offer stand outside the house at 7am wearing a pink hat turning clockwise at 5 second intervals. I will be watching. This is a serious offer.
  8. ID 72 , I won't expend much of my time as you can understand how valuable it is. Besides what @Dashingly outlined above I'd like to point out your PMs to the man in custody " heartattack" and them proceeded to shoot him in a possible attempt of mercy killing. Not only that , I may be remembering it wrong but I don't recall any demands for his release before you all started shooting us which would be DM. Of course you can attempt to break your friend out but you must interact before shooting etc. In relation to You're delusional, it would take a lot more than this to annoy me. In what way would I possibly benefit from shooting the ground during paused RP? Also yes I referred to you as a " fool" not as an insult but as the most accurate adjective to describe your behaviour which by definition "a person who acts unwisely or imprudently; a silly person." describe s your behaviour at the scene and is only bolstered by taking your valuable time to make a report with muted evidence, meta gaming in PM's and DMing all rolled into one. I hope you can learn from your mistakes and play fairly in the future.
  9. Normally there is a decent visual boundary line that makes sense, small wall or a fence so if you bought an apartment for example then I see no viable option for building besides a light or CCTV on the wall outside your door.
  10. -1 Personally I go somewhere private enough like an alley or something to log off but if I had an emergency Id log in plain view without even considering it. If you want to RP going home and getting into your bed then more power to you.
  11. Hi ID 204 here. I am just looking at this on my phone so will respond properly if needed or asked by an admin. I have a few quick point s to make. 1. You were not injured by being tazed which was entirely valid. And was timed perfectly as I jumped out as we went behind the petrol pump. Demands were given and you attempted to flee. 2. From what perspective could your friends have seen you to make the call to " ram them" as the cruiser was blocking their view. 3. No prior RP at all from your friends before killing themselves , you and my colleague by ramming. 4. Why wouldn't you just have RPed your way out of it as a group? You had us outnumbered but the best you came up with was Ram them. As I said if the admin taking the report feels the need I can make a more formal response when back at my PC. Phil
  12. -1 And no surprise the suggestion comes from the most trigger happy group on server.
  13. So you did or didn't hear the demands?
  14. Did you hear my verbal command's of somebody you know 100% to be armed and who certainly wouldn't be bluffing that they had a weapon on you? Also do you have footage or your friend perhaps? As that's some limp for a person who's just been " nudged slightly" as you say so. I think the hit is more dramatic and closer to the footage supplied but your or your mates pov can clarify.
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