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  1. You should have to RP having a paper round on a bmx for a month to get it wiped.
  2. +1 It was recommended a longggggggg time ago in Feb of 2018 but was shut down. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/5770-binocularstelescope/?tab=comments#comment-25729
  3. -1 Hire a doorman and RP some crowd control.
  4. Huge -1 . Not slagging off the US but most Europeans are Bi-Lingual and its common enough to speak up to 3 different languages. Sure English might not be their native tongue, but I can guarantee you from speaking to some people its not far off and in some cases better than native speakers.
  5. haahh -1 , The poor cadet thats standing in the reception answering questions about tickets would be traumatized.
  6. Ok So it seems a lot of the engagement rules have changed but specifically the KOS 24hr rule seems to have vanished. In the server rules the DM section makes no reference to KOS but the kidnapping section does ie 3 hours. So which is it? Players are allowed to kidnap or to take other players hostage for these specific reasons: • You have to have a roleplay reason to kill the victim in accordance with the KoS rule under DM.\ Personally from a pure reality perspective it would make no sense to be attacked ,then retreat to go get a gun and come back and announce to a group "im going to kill you now, do you hear me via text and voice, please confirm that you have heard me. OK you need to comply, oh look your friends have turned up but you didnt talk on the radio. And now im outnumbered 40 to 1" etc etc etc What kind of RP is that? Why shouldn't I be able to box smart if I am attacked by larger numbers and implement guerrilla warfare tactics, not that I feel it should be war in the city. Also I feel if KOS is removed it will just to lead to a case of who can rob who first. Which is a terrible experience for people who want to play a semi legal lifestyle. So if it is to be removed I think it would be better to revert to the 30 min window of KOS. Thanks Phil
  7. Cracking idea, it would be great to see possible mini games in the stands that can be player owned also. +1. Dibs on being a fortune teller.
  8. That is a waste of resources in my opinion and its just plain lazy. For example I selected a report at random just to see its contents which already had an admin response. In the accusers footage his driver ramps off an upper story stunt jump on his bike. Now obviously whomever the driver is, is committing a rule breach AKA stunt jumps but will he punished, probably not. Sure it happens in some cases, but its not consistent across the board and therefore unfair on the community. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/15335-id-52-78-combat-and-roleplay-logging/
  9. +1 to this as a underwear billboard of Phil McGee is long overdue. +1 to the original idea.
  10. Well if your not willing to use the tools in place to change the player base you can't really complain. They can check who the player is based off the time.
  11. You need to record your footage and report so. Unless you gifting people KOS with your behaviour by not knowing what does give them KOS etc.
  12. If you are still getting killed even though you comply with the robbery then it's DM. Report them and drain the swamp of players like that.
  13. I have seen a magnitude of examples when reports are made and the evidence supplied portrays the accuser breaching server rules only to not be reprimanded within that report. I feel if the accusers rule breaches are laid out quite clearly for the admin to view ,then they should be punished within the same report. And they should not say" if you feel a rule was broken make a separate report". Some admins punish , some don't. I'd personally like to see this be a bit more consistent across the board The main reason for this is to deter the petty reports that are flooding the report section. As they may think twice about reporting if there is the possibility they will also be punished. But as it stands now it's the same mentality as a gorilla slinging shit against the zoo wall, eventually some will stick but he won't be punished so why wouldn't he.
  14. Hello thanks for the report. This was immediately resolved maybe 30 seconds after your screenshot when I asked the cops in "/b If I have perma keys but its not my vehicle do I rply have them?" Also Leron was Rping having the keys on him so I was confused if I would have them also. The cops informed me that I do have the keys even if its not my vehicle, and then I unlocked the vehicle. Perma keys are new addition and if the person who owned the car was there I was unsure how this worked. Can you please upload the full footage of the scene so that the full context is shown? I was actually the one that unlocked the RV in the end for the cops to remove the heavy weapons not even a minute later. All the cops on the scene would corroborate my story and chat logs would show it also. Also, if you've read the rules regarding reporting a player you would know this: "Please do not take reporting another player lightly and reserve player reports for situations that have caused severe loss or were abused for benefit. Consider if you could possibly teach this player or if you've tried to come to a resolution on your own. Reporting another player should be reserved for your final options when a rule breach has occurred" Since a resolution was reached within a minute of this occurring, and no parties were at a disadvantage or advantage, do you really think this is worthy of being a report? Please don't waste admin time with your pettiness. Its really shows what kind of character you have, amazingly pathetic childish behavior. I was never informed in game of this report so please stop lying in your reports. Another thing, and I know this is why you didn't upload the full video of the situation, you and your gang are metagaming in the video you uploaded. It is not okay to be in discord talking about what you guys are going to do without discussing it in IC first. Again I urge the admins to tell him to upload the full video for context of the situation, and to see that it was resolved within a minute in game or less.
  15. Phil McGee

    89 (DM 7.2)

    Sure ill garnish with you one response to put your mind at ease Irrelevant you made the call. You said you had just rang the cops and reported me for murder , I literally asked " What guy" and your response was " You" refering to me. Where is the assumption? I dont have to have a gun out to be classed as non compliant. If a cop asks you do something and you dont do they can arrest you for failure to comply. Its the same thing. Also I already had the ability to kill you as you had reported me to the cops for murder. Why would you call the cops on a murderer and stay there and do doughnuts in front of them? What outcome did you expect? Correct I dont , Its classed at meta-gaming. Yes its against the rules. You are essentially breaking NLR by trying to circumnavigate OOC rules that stop you from going back to the scene of your death. To sum up you reported me for a serious crime (Murder) to the police based on your own admission that it was me when questioned. You then proceeded to do doughnuts in the hope the dysnc would hit and when told to leave twice you not only refused, but you spun around me 4 more times and then stopped in front of me and said "how about no" so I killed you. I really dont see how you can possibly complain, you wanted it and you got it. Your RP is dreadful in all honesty. Pending Admin Response.
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