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  1. Phil McGee

    PhilMcGee - PhilMcGee -NonRP

    I wasn't saying I was punished for vdm, just stating that if the VDM rule states you can hit somebody once with a vehicle, and the non-rp rule contradicts that for bikes at least shouldnt it be specified? But sure, we wait for a senior admin to review.
  2. Phil McGee

    PhilMcGee - PhilMcGee -NonRP

    Hi @Flucifial and thanks for responding. If the vdm rule states that you can intentionally hit players once with your vehicle, don't you think vehicles that aren't allowed to be used should be at least specified, considering this is the first time someone's being punished for hitting with a bike i don't really think its fair. I'm just confused is the non RP for driving off not being aware I hit him or for unintentionally hitting him with the bike?
  3. Phil McGee

    Pervasive issue with Non-RP

    -1 while I don't personally condone that behaviour it shouldn't be limited just because you don't like it. Yes the game is 18 + but I can guarantee you some of the players are not but that's not going to change anytime soon. And if you are a female player you will unfortunately be on the receiving end of this adolescent behaviour. Personally I'd advise to learn how to give it back if you get offended. Eg. Player 1. " You fucking bitch" You " The only bitch you know is Yo cracked up momma who left you in a plastic bag at MD" Intonation on the YO, apologies for the language. Or just make them buy you stuff.
  4. Account name: PhilMcGee Character name(s): PhilMcGee Admin who issued punishment: @Flucifial Date of punishment:08/Feb/2019 03:46 Punishment received: NonRP and Warning Reason given for punishment:Running over with a motorcycle FlucifialNonRP-Ban24Non RP Behaviour Offense #708/Feb/2019 03:46active FlucifialWarning0Non-Roleplay Reason: Running over with a motorcycle | Forum Report08/Feb/2019 03:49active Your explanation of what happened: I was reported for KOS and ramming somebody with a bike. The KOS was proved to be valid and I was well within my rights but it seems ramming with a bike is considered non RP. Now as I brought up in the report I had no actual intention to run him over as he ran out into the path of my bike as I was passing. I wasn't even aware I had hit him until I found him at the gates to drug lab and he started typing in "/b reported! " so I decided to continue the RP. At no point was a request for any additional footage asked for in relation to this incident even though I messaged the admin saying if he needed anything else he can ask me as he locked the thread. Furthermore I supplied footage of the accusers ramping over each other in sports/super s outside a sheriffs office NCZ but it was not acted upon. I asked the footage from the previous 5 mins be requested by the admin to justify the KOS I had and would have shown them ramming a semi truck in sports cars, again it wasn't. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Firstly I didn't even intend to hit the bloke and as you can see from his footage he ran out in front of me which should be classed as an IC accident. Secondly even if it was intentional it is not against the rules outlined in the handbook that players are told to adhere to. The rule clearly states I can hit him with my vehicle once which it seems I did in this case either intentionally/unintentionally. 7.3.3 If there is a valid reason to attack someone, a vehicle may be used once (a failed attempt counts) to knock the other player on the ground. Now if any vehicle is expected to be treated differently than others it should be specified in the rule book for everyone to see and as far as I can see the only reference is to ramming with super cars which funnily enough was displayed in the actual footage I supplied but was not acted upon. Instead it is now considered Non-RP to ram on a bike. Never in the nearly 2 years of playing on this server has it ever been the case that ramming with a bike is classed as Non-RP. I have seen it a implemented magnitude of times both by criminals and PD with no repercussions to anyone in relation to a Non-RP charge. If it considered to be that it should be outlined in the rules to give everyone a chance to change their bike behavior before any punishments should be issued. The rule book was updated quite recently also and there is no mention of bikes classed as a different vehicle only supercars/luxury. 6.6.1 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. 6.6.2 Examples of actions that are considered as non-roleplay: • Use of an expensive vehicle, such as a super car, to ram into other vehicles (players should show care and value their luxury vehicles, because they are costly to repair). Now you may say if you hit somebody with a bike you would fall off yourself. This is not the case at all and hitting people either off bikes or pedestrians/fleeing criminals is an implemented tactic of many police forces throughout the world. Its not possible to kick somebody up the arse as your driving by them now? Post any evidence or further details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxTmolg_dUw&feature=youtu.be You can see in this clip he runs to the left as my bike is passing him and I go off to the left of the road, everyone in eclipse rp has experienced this type of desync. if it wasn’t my intention to hit him, and i didn’t know i hit him, why should i be punished? @Flucifial for future reference and clarification, you’ve effectively just changed the rules right? i’ve never heard of or seen anyone get punished for this, and want to know that in the future if someone hits me with their small vehicle they will get a Non-RP”
  5. Phil McGee

    Ability To Buy Tyres

    I think with the advent of synced tyres I think the ability to change a tyre should not be limited 2 mechanic shops situated down in the North of the map. As if your tyres get popped up north your boned. I think it would be far more sensible to be able to purchase tyres either in a convenience store or in one of the many garage location s around the map ( could be a new business with the implementation of city hall, patent pending). These tyres could be stored in your car or houses etc and maybe the possibility of a tyre iron is required to change etc. Now people may say call a mechanic but 1. They never or rarely go far north. 2. You may be wanted. Thanks
  6. Phil McGee

    Let's make CASH an INVENTORY ITEM!

    haahahah so true but it would be nice for RPing bribes to government officials.
  7. Phil McGee

    Let's make CASH an INVENTORY ITEM!

    I'd have to say +1 For numerous reasons such as if. If im a criminal and I get caught I lose all my money in fines, nonsense How funny would it be to carry s briefcase of money around.
  8. Phil McGee

    ID 68, ID 35 VMD + DM

    Ok, could you possibly describe what you felt would have been fair in that situation?
  9. Phil McGee

    ID 68, ID 35 VMD + DM

    Look, you have to look at this from a real world aspect. You spent the last 45 minutes waving your gun around and stocking up on heavy weapons at your house for the sole purpose of killing us the moment we vacated the bank. Now it didn't go the way your mates planned and what did you expect racing to a location that you were fully aware was an active shootout to ask the people you had said you were going to kill the next time you saw them and were fully aware they had just mopped up 6 of your gang" whats going on here". What did you expect was going to happen, what would happen in real life in that situation? You seem like a reasonable person and I think you have to just accept the loss of a heavy weapon as part of the RP. It happens so much that people get pissed that they lost an AK they coveted and make a report in a bid to get it back, but to waste peoples time like this is unreasonable IMHO.
  10. Phil McGee

    IC reasons when houses are sold

    +1 You should at least get an eviction notice before they sell your house and delete your stash with no information to work from. Also they sell the houses for what you paid not what its worth now so you are getting shafted in both ends.
  11. Phil McGee

    Criminals fleeing to NCZ after committing a crime

    -1 Also, I would echo what Chuck said and I would like to add by how being in a NCZ can extend an RP situation by allowing people to talk etc or at least interact without shooting . Some people just dont have the self restraint or maturity to be able to calm down and the NCZ lets that happen.
  12. Phil McGee

    ID 9 VDM

    Well you also returned while you were under fire which is a direct breach of fear rp. I am not ID 9.
  13. Phil McGee

    Forced Eviction Of A Priest

    Date and time (provide timezone): 5/02/2019 Character name: Frphil_Mcgeejnr Issue/bug you are reporting: My 2 houses were sold and I was active on the account and had been playing on the character on a regular basis. I didn't get any money into my bank account and more importantly I've lost all the contents of the houses which I shared with 2 others. I purchased one of the property's back that was up for sale but the stash was empty. One of the houses was already purchased by somebody else when I went to have a look. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: I am now a homeless priest.