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  1. I want to thank forum warrior @Chris_ for the report, Is this a joke thread? It’s getting to the point where this is OOC harassment, before I even interact with you in game your blowing up /b and my PM’s, and I don’t even need to interact with you to post a forum report about me. I would like the admins to take this point serious as this guy is non stop, if needed I will make a separate report but I would like it addressed. You spend your time roaming in game screaming at people using F and R slurs “retard, retard, retard”, and spamming OOC chats in both /b and /PM as we can see in both your reports against us. I honestly think you need a step back from being online, you’re obsessed with me. Firstly, that's not my RV lol. Secondly, I didn't place it there. I tried to tell you this when you bombarded me with PM's in game even though I asked you to stop, but you weren't listening. @Kazjii @Agent68P1 to answer your questions outright, I don’t have footage because that’s not my RV, and I didn’t put it there. I've had like 6 interactions with your gang ever, and in all 6 of them you guys have either threatened to report or made a player report, can you please keep things IC? You're wasting everyone's time here including the admins that have to deal with this nonsense. You're making petty reports after every interaction, seemingly to get revenge on the open report we have out on you. Have you read the forum report guidelines? Here's one of the very first sentences posted by Head Admin Ballin: Please do not take reporting another player lightly and reserve player reports for situations that have caused severe loss or were abused for benefit. What did you lose here? Your gang handled this ICly within 5 minutes, you called the mechanics or cops to tow the RV and it was resolved. This is an IC issue, it's not against the rules to park a broken down RV in your driveway. This is analogous to boxing a vehicle in or blocking off the entrance/exit to one of the labs. I want to touch on the NLR that you mention, I don't think your fully grasping the concept of it. If a character dies, that doesn't mean that character must now forget everything he knows. The rules you linked even state as such. My character forgets everything leading up to his death and I can not use that IC knowledge any further. At what point did I reference my character's death in game, or recall anything that led up to his death? Also I find it odd that he thinks he can share his footage privately, he is not a staff member. Its in the report guidelines and a requirement that he must provide evidence of the rule break that hes reporting for. Not redacted evidence that he can chop and edit for nobody to see and offer a rebuttal or in this case send privately. As per his last reports his footage is rife with rule breaks and he just doesn't want to be called out on them. I would ask that the footage be sent to me as well so I know exactly it is i’m being reported for as I see no evidence I did anything wrong. I'll close with this, you should really consider keeping things in character, especially if you haven't lost anything or we seriously gained an advantage over you. This whole situation was resolved in literally minutes ICly by cops or mechanics removing the vehicle from your driveway and it should have stayed that way. Instead we're just wasting staffs time.
  2. Well firstly, he didn't call you for backup because I swung the hatchet at him, you were already coming as we can hear in the video before the hatchet gets swung. Secondly, maybe I could have worded it better but I literally said that I returned the crate, and at no point did I injure this player. Anytime I post on the forums I aim to be as accurate and truthful as possible, nothing that I said was a lie and at no point did I try to mislead you or any admins intentionally. If that's what you think it is then you could have asked me to clarify and I would have been happy too. I swung the hatchet which missed him by 2 meters, I don't even think it was locked onto him, and then we fled off. That gives him DM rights on me and anyone else who witnesses it (not you). For the record, the only reason that I swung at him is because everytime he got close to the van he would try to get in the drivers seat and it looked like he was going to again. I don't know why you and yours are continuously posting half footages or edited footage instead of just fully posting the thing. If he posted the full video, that would give better context to the report. Again, nothing I said was a lie. You didn't have DM rights on me because you didn't witness me swing a hatchet near your friend, you were not in the area at the time. In this video you are literally chasing us and asking your friend "they 100% hatcheted you bro?" Your friend responds, "They swung it at me". This is your DM rights? You think that someone in your gang saying "They swung it at me" is adequate reason to DM someone? If I really intended on hurting him I would have pursued, instead I missed him by 10ft and walked away to get my food. Also its not the end of the world but you really shouldn't be going down embankments on your sports bike (@20 secs on your footage) which would not have the traction to get back up and driving around off road on a BF400 with street tyres. We didn't attempt to run you over, we pulled immediately left when you got off the bike because we can see where this was headed. Our wheels were hard left several feet from you. Your only demand was "Get out your car!" when you didn't even have your gun drawn and by the time you spoke again we were well past earshot of you. By the way, Leron was the driver of the van when he drove past you, not me. If your DM rights was because he "attempted to run you over" then why did you shoot me and not him? As he was driving up the dam road and I was driving off road when you came upon our picnic and started firing. You keep calling me a liar, but this is the most dishonest response from you yet. I will just cite the rule for you here: Robberies should be conducted in a realistic manner with reasonable in-character motive using secluded areas. You're taking a drug lab that's well off of the main road, full of illegal drugs/criminals, that is literally scripted to be a criminal area and equating it to a dam that would realistically have dozens if not hundreds of employees working on site to maintain it (not to mention the tourism, bicyclists, and hikers that would be here during the day). Do you really think that's an honest framing of the situation? The dam is as public as the observatory in game, or the dockyards, just because you only see a few players there in game doesn't make it a secluded area. I'm not trying to misconstrue the report or attempt a "reverse uno" on you, I responded directly to the admins question outright, and brought up the fact that you and your ally pulled me out of my lifted, locked van with no RP and I wanted to know the reason why you attacked me in the first place. Good to know that a leader of a faction thinks that you can obtain DM rights were because one of your friends told you over radio that I swung a hatchet in his direction. This is how populated the exact spot in game with NPCs is..., you can see 2 parked cars in the rest area you attempted to rob us in and a hiker strolling along with a mountain biker also. How is this a secluded area to you?
  3. The reason I called 911 was because I had finished responding to their RP, no one had their firearms pointed at me, nor was any player even facing my direction. I had already been shot at this point, pulled out of my locked van with no RP done, searched then robbed, and then they said they were going to kill me and Leron, the exact verbiage being "this is the end of the line for you retards". At that point, when the player was facing away from me with his gun at his side, I assumed that was the only opportunity that I would get where the gunmen would maybe not hear/miss the 911 call. My only hope for survival would be to call for medics/PD and hope one was close. It's to my understanding that after you've been shot at/met with lethal force, you can then do your best to get out of there to survive. (I.E. shooting back, running away to evade the gunfire, or calling the police). A common example of this we see often on eclipse is players being shot at while under gun point and instead of them just standing still and getting shot, they attempt to jump away to flee. The reason I asked for the player to upload his whole footage was because his video offers no context to what happened. I'm still not sure why I was even shot out of the truck as no demands were issued to us, they just drove alongside us pointing weapons and firing. This whole situation began at Mirror Park gas station. I went in to buy some food, noticed a crate on the ground and immediately picked it up. A player then straight away starts to attack me with punches/kicks, so I ran outside the store. I'm hesitant to drop the crate in front of him as he just hit me down to 1 HP, so I'm doing what I can to get away from him. Leron speaks with him and I, and I return the crate to the player, at no point did I injure this player. Leron then goes into the store to buy the food we originally came there for, and we head out. As we're leaving we see the player with the crate now calling for backup on the radio. We fled up to the dam where we were chased by the reporting player asking why we messed with his friends. Despite not witnessing anything that occurred at the gas station, the player gets off his bike, points his gun at us and tries to do a public robbery on us. Bear in mind this a populated area just off the highway as we are supposed to RP it being a vibrant city. We fled off-road and once we got what we thought was a safe distance away, we began to eat the food we had just bought. This is where the video picks up at, the reporting players chase us off road, follow alongside us and began opening fire as we try to do what we can to flee. Upon me getting shot down ID 48 immediately jumps off of his bike and with no further RP, pulls me out of my elevated and locked van. I didn't even realize I was outside of the van until I was being searched, there was no RP done and the pull-out script doesn't do any auto /me's or /do's, to me that's the definition of powergaming - especially the fact that the van was locked. I'll touch on one final thing, the reporting player says this: "They really affected our RP, with these 2 as we had to flee and weren't able to get our revenge on these 2 players for our past interactions between them and our faction." You stayed around for 3+ minutes after the phone call was made. You took your time to berate, threaten, frisk, rob Leron's clothes, rob Leron's radio/melee weapons, rob Leron's phone/phone battery, and finally had enough time to stand him up to steal the van before driving away. What further RP could you have done at this point? The scenario was over regardless and the 911 call didn't effect the rest of the roleplay as you continued normally as you were doing before the 911 call took place. Nothing of value on your side was lost, in fact you gained upwards of $10k+ in chop shop money + items from Leron, the van, and I. It seems like this is just a revenge report for the open report we have against you. To summarize my point, I was never under direct fear RP at all after I was shot. No one raised their firearm at me after I was downed. I called 911 because the mans back was turned to me, no one had a gun on me, and it was my only chance to maybe escape with my life which is exactly how I thought we were supposed to value our characters life.
  4. Thank you for the tag @GiorgosK, I'm not at my PC at the moment but I will fully answer your question once I'm at my PC. I'm not sure if I have footage of the situation but I will check later. In the meantime is it possible for the other player on scene to upload his footage, I'm not exactly sure what I'm being reported for, as it's not visible on this players video at all. Actually, if possible could you please upload the full footage @Chris_ so we can get full context of what happened. You tried to conduct a public robbery during daylight on us, and when we fled you chased me off road to shoot us. Is there a reason why that context is missing and what was the RP reason? Thanks Phil
  5. I most certainly did not do any of those things. You were tagged 5 days ago please take the time to review your facts and respond to the question put to you by the admins. I know you are probably getting confused by your gang member posting week old footage as " behaviour reference" in the report you are referring to which has nothing to do with this incident.
  6. I most certainly was within my rights to flee to SD. Would a bus driver be responsible for a passenger that jumped out of his bus and committed a crime, I think not. Would a taxi driver be responsible if a passenger shot out of his cab, the answer is no. Am i responsible for his actions in committing a crime once he leaves the truck ,no I am not. I fled to SD as I feared for my life and RPly it was the sensible choice. This is referring to your trigger happy behavior in every encounter we have had with you. Again I am not responsible for his actions and you certainly didn't have DM rights on me to open fire with 4 weapons on a main highway. You all essentially committed DM in that instance. With your laser aim associates. Literally you are saying identified our plate by driving past for a split second not mentioning our plate or our clothes which I did change by the way. We are sitting in an elevated position where you would not have a view of what we were wearing. Even in your own still you cant read the plate so you are attempting to use this as an after the fact to justify your behavior. (Edit) I thought the levels were way off in that still you are relying as DM rights so I double checked and he has clearly gone in and taken a screen grab and ramped the levels up on the still to make himself look better as it looked nothing like that IG for him. Again he has been caught tampering with evidence to make himself look better. I have done up an image of what he would have really seen below which are worlds apart in relation to visibility. He literally cant even see me in the truck at all. And hes claiming he can read the license plate and see our clothes. And i can guarantee they dont have any RP proof of recording the license plate. If he wants to avail of bodycam ICLY and spread it around his entire gang they must have timestamped RP. So lets be clear you open fire on a semi truck and then drive ahead it and park your car on a corner of a dirt road in front of that same truck that was shooting? You say " if I was you id wanna get the hell out of there" what do you think we trying to do for the past 10 mins was. It was clear your car needed to immobilized to stop you. Also you have yet to address how you got out of the ditch without a mechanics assistance and why you felt it was good RP to rejoin a pursuit after you have been flipped and smashed into a tree? Again cherry picking your responses and not responding to what is asked of you. And I can guarantee you have footage of it as new footage is appearing all the time so you must be recording constantly. "This has no relevance to the report." You are a literal walking contradiction. On one hand, you're bringing up week old edited footage and displaying it so that "The admins can see this isn't new behavior" despite it having no relevance to the report. And on the other hand, are trying to disregard my points that absolutely ARE relevant to the report (using edited footage, showing footage where your gang is driving off road, shooting us with no demands given, and showing bikers following us while being shot at). Nothing that you quoted was toxic. I am genuinely concerned about a gang that is trying to become official concealing and intentionally misleading the admins by using tampered with evidence. You still haven't even addressed it and it's clear why you're deflecting to your faction thread. My point wasn't that you spam report people, it was that you offer no other value to the community. You don't engage in any discourse on the forums, you don't offer up suggestions, nor do you contribute in any other way to the server. Your goal is to get people punished when things don't go your way, and have a play to win mentality.
  7. @Gaz. to answer your question on my side of the story, here goes. Bear with me because there was a lot to each situation and they decided to report four different situations (some being 4 days old at the point of the report) so there will be a good amount of text. I will approach the report in a chronological order. Ill address the alleged rule playing incident first. This bike had been following us for a good 10-15 mins once in a convoy while attempting to deliver demands " pull over" " get out " etc and was just tailing us reporting our location. I was well within my rights to flee to SD as all I had done in the situation was scratch a bike which is hardly the crime of the century. It certainly didn't grant them DM on me which didn't stop them from shooting at me. So since I was alone and no way of possibly fighting back I fled to SD. I reported a minor traffic accident but I had whispered to the SD officer the more serious encounter. I certainly didn't want to give them reason to shoot me down reporting a serious crime. I wouldn't put it past them trying to shoot me down. But instead just sat there after opening fire on me and spammed /b. Also while looking back at footage I noticed very suspect aim to the point where Leron was being shot up to car park by a person with laser aim. He is hit 3 times in the same spot and at the end, two of the bullets converge at that exact same spot. I think this may need further investigation as it looks totally like hacking is in the mix here. I can make a separate report on this if needed. Evidence Hacking Stills For the second incident being reported Leron and I were driving around the neighborhood and saw 3 members of the green gang. We got into an argument with these players. Leron was aggressively told to remove his green clothes and we told them to remove the open campfires they have been leaving on the sidewalks. When Leron was told to remove his clothes we drove out of there and headed up to the dam. At this stage, there was a bike, a car, and a kamacho following us up the dam. The reporting party states they had no aggressive interaction with us before which is just a blatant lie as can be seen from his footage. As seen in the footage of the alleged "VDM" we are blocking the cars on the bridge, not allowing them to get in front of us as they did a few days prior to shoot us. While we're blocking the path, the bike attempts to squeeze past us and rams himself off of his bike, he tries again and gets past us so we are forced to move in order to not get placed under gun point by that player. We U-Turn back toward the path again when the vehicles follow us and the kamacho bangs into me and drives ahead to block me in. You can hear in their footage "block him, block him in!" I push past the kamacho and flee down the hill. The reason we so adamantly tried to not let them get in front of us is due to the fact that these players are very trigger happy. As seen in their alleged "ruleplay" evidence. Leron steals their bike, and the players decide to shoot at me for it. Lacing up the truck as we fled, despite me not being the one who stole their bike. Anyway, back to the dam situation: We fled down the hill, the biker opens fire on us without warning and luckily there are cops on the corner who stop to talk to us. I must stress that when we saw the cops, the players who were following us bailed and fled away. They did not hear us report any crimes to the police. We drove about mirror park once more where I got shot at once again so decided to leave. After this attack on us, we decided to lick our wounds, refill our gas tank and head up north to see what was happening up there. I would say we went about 30mins to an hour without seeing these players again. We went to bayview, chatted with a few people and eventually hit the road again. We quickly noticed that we were again being followed, so we decided to cut through the mountain tunnel and stopped on the bridge to possibly engage in some verbal RP where we were then lit up by 3+ people with no warning, nor any demands given (leron has already opened a report on this). They must have metagamed the ID's since we never left our truck and I had changed my outfit, they solely based their decision on attacking us based on our ID's because we obviously aren't the only phantom in the city and they were never close enough to us to hear our voice... I want to stress that this is the first time we decided to reciprocate in any hostile action, Leron returns fire as we descend down the hill closely followed by the gang. In the 2nd alleged "VDM" video I'm being accused of I'm seen ramming the reporting players vehicle. I did do this intentionally ( possibly with more speed than intended as the dirt track didn't help with the braking) and according to the rules it is NOT VDM. I only hit this player one time and it was to try to immobilize their vehicle while the rest of their gang is shooting at us from behind. I did have proper RP reason to hit him the one time and they were inside their vehicle anyway, no player was harmed only the vehicle. Why they would stop on a corner after shooting at truck and just expect nothing to happen, its a clear case of Fear-Rp as they clearly dont value their lives. It looked like they were about to set up to be honest. I do want to point out the severity of the crash. I hit this player at like 60-70kmph in a semi truck, the player goes flying, flips down the hill 2-3 times and slams into a tree. His response is "what is he--... he just rammed us bro?", and 10 seconds later he's back on the road following us again. They drove their nice sports car back up the steep hill, not RPing any damage to the car or any injuries that they may have been inflicted from the crash. If that's not the DEFINITION of non-rp I don't know what is. How this gang is even allowed to exist is beyond me, they care not for RP, nor for any rules. They are seen in their own videos driving off road, mixing, bikers not valuing their lives following us when put onto gunfire, shooting us without warning or regard for who we even were. Edit: Having just reviewed @Dashingly timestamps all I can say is this player does not belong in a community where people should have a moral compass pointing to honesty. To edit footage in an attempt to get somebody punished like that player did is almost on the same level as hacking. Unlike a heat of the moment mistake this player has a premeditated plan to edit his footage to avoid punishment himself but in the hope he can get somebody punished. Rule breakers are one thing but this is on another level Just looking at his additions to the community, he has 12 total posts and 10 of them are forum reports. I am going to directly ask @Jay_Valentino How can you possibly justify the behavior outlined in the above post?
  8. Hi Gary @Gaz. I will do when I get to my PC later on, do you want me to respond to the footage thats past the 48hrs report window? Cheers Phil
  9. Hello ID 216 here, PhilMcGee . Firstly I would like to apologize to the admins for being subjected to possibly the most petty report of all time. I can confirm a group of men all wearing similar clothes had a mild altercation up north with myself and Leron. When we witnessed one alone in an underground car park it was a perfect opportunity for some anti social RP. But alas we fell victim to a repetitive common tactic of pretending to be AFK if they don't want the possible negative RP outcome. Probably more prevalent in PD when you start to RP slapping cuffs on the masked armed man that was AFK for 9 mins who suddenly bursts back into life while forcing rp. We see the exact same thing here, the lad is watching both screens blatantly watching the RP evolve but is not here to RP. He suddenly jumps into life on being pushed and still says nothing! You can see his camera moving IG which means he's there. May I recommend many of the popular streaming platforms @LilRicefield if you dont wish to participate in RP rather than wasting people s time who are actually here for interactions just log out. And just on an end note, you have 30ish posts with the majority being in the player report s section. It's not good for the soul to only spend your time in the reports section, try and branch out to server suggestion s etc and become a valuable member of the community. Thanks Phil
  10. Hi Here it is, @Invoker and @Doan Footage is of ID 192 coming back to the scene to get his bike where my car was stolen when my game crashed , just proving that he was the one who took it possibly with the person who dropped him off, that can be confirmed with logs via the PMs. Also I have no evidence of the contents that were in the car, can this be checked? The gang members who stole it all claimed they have no record, I didn't save those pms but you can see them in the log also. Thanks
  11. @Invoker I removed it as it had no audio for some reason but I can reupload it for you.
  12. Player(s) being reported: ID 192 Date of interaction reported: 08/06/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: 107 1628209719 Your character name: Philip Darling Other player(s) involved: Specific rule(s) broken: NON RP If a crash / disconnect occurs, players must post in the crash reports discord channel and contact all parties to resume. Players reconnecting must be given all opportunities held prior. How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum) My computer crashed while driving up the highway and I posted in crash reports. By the time I got back my car was gone and a PCJ was in its place. I made a report ingame but no admin responded while I waited at the scene, ID 192 came back via his mate dropping him off for his bike and admitted to stealing the car and going to chop it via PMs. He then claims he was killed at the chop shop and the car was stolen from him by a " blue and yellow gang" which I later confirmed via pms when i saw them driving down the highway. They claimed they had split the loot up between 10 guys but none of them had any footage. You can see this all in the PMS logs back and fort . Normally I wouldn't care if it was just the car especially as 192 is a new player, but I had a significant number of items that were stolen from the car so I will need to make a refund request. Evidence of rule breach: ID 192 coming back for his bike Pms to ID 192 Crash Report Thanks Phil
  13. +1 Very well thought out ideas , where's the massage parlor?
  14. Id like to Echo @DirtyMike frustration in regard to random building decisions. The notification time line seems random at best. I have personally had stuff ripped down in 24hrs where I see people have warnings for literally months and they dont get it removed? There is from what I can see no structure at all in regards to notification and timelines. People spend easily 50k+ only to have it removed and picked by the vultures when an admin randomly removes it all. Surely the person should be held accountable for why its x or y and why its being removed?
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