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  1. Panic Alerts

    -1 @Dashingly and I were in the exact situation this week where we took a cops panic alarm but he meta gamed it anyway and asked for backup over teamspeak using no voice IG. So I think its really OP from a civs perspective. Its too open to abuse in my opinion also.
  2. Police - Chases

    I'd personally like to see everything slowed down on the server. Slower pursuits are more fun and probably suffer from less dysnc.
  3. Fix the Rapid GT Classic

    You're offering a good succ??
  4. Bail Bonds/Set Bails

    +1 I'm getting my Dog the Bounty Hunter outfit ready.
  5. Stop Metagaming

    Well it's a community wide issue so really it's best to deal with it openly. That's just my opinion.
  6. Stop Metagaming

    @kris783c it's another report that's active at the moment.
  7. Stop Metagaming

    I think this is an echo from the report where it is confirmed by 1 member of your group who shared IG information over discord with Tavi in this case. So it's not really him stirring up drama but drawing on evidence that's been supplied by an exiled member. This comes less than a week after a video containing a massive amount of meta gaming was swifty removed. I'm not 100% sure but were you not active and moderating the discord at that point in time where your members were punished for meta gaming? @juniornyc .
  8. Stop Metagaming

    It's been covered many times the problems and I will say the recent video that was taken down quite quickly showed a lot of meta gaming from above mentioned group. People are warned and they say stuff like "I've learned and I've changed" then a few days later bham again another report with meta gaming attached. Or muted audio with just their mic recording. I know people who were exiled from a discord for saying they don't want to meta. Now while it seems a lot of people see no issue with meta gaming as either they tolerate the cheating or cheat themselves, it is against the server rules.
  9. You're in a discord with a cop at the time of this report spreading OOC information? How are they not your friends?
  10. Just to be clear you said you were not ramming anyone in your ambulance? @Spergburger previous to this incident.
  11. If he's not part of it then why specifically mention him in your report? You dragged him into this and in turn dobbed yourself in for meta gaming.
  12. Yeah what's wrong here is you metagaming and telling Tavi IG Leron s location by saying he's running up the stairs while in the exile discord. @BallinByNature less than a week has passed and the same group are back at it meta gaming in their government jobs. They have taken nothing on board and are again actively admitting to it. Even though the government jobs have their own TS they still meta in their Discord.
  13. Dude you just described that you meta gamed with Tavi. It's every week with your group and a new self inflicted meta punishment. Asking Tavi why is Leron going up the stairs in discord is meta gaming. I'm fairly sure the requirements for unedited evidence is to try and counter the meta gaming issue which I am all for personally as I think it ruins the game. If people are unable to report due to meta gaming going on in the background it may stop people from doing it.
  14. Just to confirm @Wooge . The initial interaction was near Taco when I drove by 4 cars and simply said " Hi Lads" and drove on. Then without any further interaction they started ramming me and shooting at me. I did want to ask them /b the reason for the shooting so I fled to MD. They pursued and did continue to shoot at MD. But eventually left as the cop/medic came out of MD. I found out later the IG reason was one of them wanted me dead for a kidnap which I have no idea about doing , so they just decided to try and kill me as I drove by with no RP. I tried explaining this to one of them later how that would be DMing but he didn't seem to grasp the simplicity of starting an interaction before coming at somebody. This is in no way a report but it's clear the lads in the sports car are generally clueless about the rules.
  15. Problem about PD with chases

    It's the first question on the PD application Q. Do you love ramming civilian s A.Yes! Welcome to PD here's your unlimited kevlar and unlimited ammo. But I would say a rolling cage pit to reduce the speed of the criminals car is a real thing.