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  1. Big +1 A few issues I have with it are 1. Its too hard to tell who is actually talking, especially with the voice bug that no longer even shows the green above your head. 2. Its going to lead to a lot more accidental DMs as so many people are running around wearing masks in a gun fight which is also totally unrealistic but at least with the correct ID you know you are shooting at the correct person as a certain element of the community thrive on trying to get people banned. 3. It doesn't even work in its current state, its on for some people yet not for others. 4.
  2. -1 On the handling, but I would agree the fuel tanks on normal bikes seems a bit flawed considering they are so fuel efficient in real life.
  3. Exactly , a clear breach of VC11.
  4. Player(s) being reported: ID 268 Date of interaction reported: 13/12/20 Unix time stamp from HUD: 24 1607821652 Your characters name: Philip Darling Other player(s) involved: Marcus Love Specific rule(s) broken: 8. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. Players who ignore answering roleplay commands directed at them, e.g. /do. 9. Metagaming (MG) Metagaming is the act of relaying IC information through any method not considered IC
  5. Im going to briefly respond via the pms and notifying X. I personally sent message to Dean_Reacher (94) to save footage and Max_Xanny (26) to save his footage and ask him why he gave no time for demands to be adhered to. His response was along the lines of it was for the fun of the RP. I asked him to inform the others involved in the RP to save their footage as they were all being reported and he said that he had already discussed with them so you were all aware and hopefully somebody has footage which they clearly did but selected to delete it. In regards to not messaging @KrisBoydI was
  6. +1 find it unatural not to lean forward on a bike. I do agree popping wheelie's is a bit unrealistic and should not be allowed in a pursuit unless you're mounting a step or some other small obstacle.
  7. Id have to say +1 , if you can use your phone while down then why not the radio? Also if you have no battery or your phone is off you just have to lay down and die?
  8. Philip Darling here, ID 392 or as @jevonte williams named his evidence " Philip Darling ladies and gentlemen" which should really tell you the motivation for this report. He didn't even take the time to identify who shot him or correct the IDs in his own report for gods sake. I would like to ask @jevonte williams to timestamp in his evidence and quote the rule breach I am being reported for, as I see none in his footage. @Jasmine He wants to ignore the RP of getting shot with the taser even though it clearly came up on his screen, and then report for it? Where is the logic in that?
  9. Hey @Dalvichan this is Philip Darling, the driver in the situation. Not sure if Sloan has footage, but here's my POV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=od2zQUBXG60&feature=youtu.be From Jimmy's POV it looks like he's out of the roll animation and pointing at us for several seconds, but from our POV as you can see, the roll animation ends and they exchange shots not long after. I just wanted to bring this up, and I'm not calling out Jimmy for doing this intentionally but he skips the animation entirely for bringing out the SMG. He immediately gets out of the vehicle and is poi
  10. @Jaquan Smith This is Philip Darling Im just going to add this one and only post. I think your fear rp etc are quite blatant. You are talking about tinted windscreens which visibly are not and moving a weapon from your back to a glove box without putting the gun in front of you? It makes no sense. We are standing in an elevated position looking down into the car on both of you watching you clear as day. But what really concerns me is your toxic nature. My faith in humanity and my role-play experience. In 3 years of playing on this server this was hands down the most toxic e
  11. @Mod DrizzyDrizzy I really think you should at least address @Dashingly response before closing. If nothing else to guide @Revelt in how he should conduct himself on the forums and respect others valuable time.
  12. I most certainly did not PM anything of the sort. I'm not going to source an illegal firearm to give you because you had a wobbly and threw your rattle out of the pram. Especially not on my PD character where I have access to so many confiscated weapons. Im not going to bother with you anymore. If the admin requires me, please ask.
  13. I'd just like to briefly chirp in as I am a bit preoccupied until this evening with a vegetable plot. But in the interest of hastening things along its pretty evident we can see him masked in the contender when we pull up beside him. My initial reaction to when you unmasked was " oh boy not this guy" going by what we were subjected to the other night as that video was only a small smart of the things you spammed IG " nigger" being the more tame. Where of course we were to blame for smashing your room up and behaving like an absolute fucking basket case while we can hear your girlfriend t
  14. I think a timer is a good option, also I think an RP element of lift sharing is not catered for as you are not always going to be alone in a lift for example.
  15. Exactly, the options already exist, put them in a bag or your car even. If people want to open carry massive pistols while masked in public expect to bring attention to yourself. As for that video of the guy concealing the weapon.........sure you can conceal anything wearing a moo moo.
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