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  1. Phil McGee

    Bring OLD voip back please

    +1 there is no deadline to get it fixed so just revert until it is. It's been broken for months.
  2. Phil McGee

    Allow refunds for desync

    -1 It already takes a massive amount of time to get any response for refund requests and reports, if you bring this into the mix just think of the actual man hours pushed on the 2 or 3 eligible to give refunds.
  3. Phil McGee

    Lower the chance of getting Snow.

    Why can't you throw snowball s?
  4. Phil McGee

    New server VOIP issues

  5. Phil McGee

    [REJECTED] Mask 5747_9863, Stranger 2051_5734 (DM)

    How do we possibly know your inner thoughts when you are pointing a weapon at us that you just used to gun down our mates from project x. You clearly showed you have no value for human life as you gunned down our mates and are clearly a killer. You point a gun at somebody you'd better be willing to back it up. We are not going to give you the advantage of gunning us down with your mechanics mates just over our shoulder and at that point we knew we had one boy still up and trying to escape on foot so our priority was trying to help him but you found him before we did. This is such a waste of everyone's time, we clearly had 3 avenues to kill you so I am at a loss at what you expect from this report expect to come across as petty.
  6. Phil McGee

    Metro system, Train system

    Why not have an actual automated train and no teleports. I have seen it but not sure if it was on Rage.
  7. Well as a moderator he should be aware you both have to consent to sexual RP.
  8. Phil McGee

    Character Height?

    It would mean having to model different clothes models and unique skeleton rigs for animations for each character, in brief it would be a huge amount of work. I dont see Rockstar implementing anything like this to be honest.
  9. Phil McGee


    They never did a /do would i see anything on his back or would I notice anything anything strange about the men. I believe in reciprocating the RP put forth to me. For example if I had open drinks container in a car and I was stopped by a police offcier and the officer did /do would i see anything strange then of course I would reciprocate the effort that has been forth and RP having an open drink etc as it makes for interesting RP. Its not my responsibility to make them elevate their RP and the level of RP that has been shown from this group to date etc. I did not forcefully use a /me command and force people to adhere so I cant even fathom has this is considered powergaming. While I do agree a discussion would be great, a punishment appeal is not the place for such a thing. There is discussion thread for such things and you can ask for rules changes or server changes as I am fully aware of. Im not responsible nor able to add a parachute onto my IG character so why should I be held accountable for such restrictions when nobody else is on the entire server. Well im sorry to disagree with you there mate, but thats exactly what this is IMHO. It even says Offense Number 1 on my panel so im not sure what else to think of it. Well thanks for being willing to discuss it at least. So adding the amount of other powergaming offenses this would lead to if everyone is to be treated equal, ie somebody changing clothes without that person knowing they had clothes on them. Thats my 2 cents on it anyway. Thanks for the fast response from you both.
  10. Phil McGee


    Account name: Phil McGee Character name(s): Phil McGee Admin who issued punishment: @Flucifial Date of punishment: 22 Oct Punishment received: Powergaming no.1 Reason given for punishment: Not informing the other party I had a chute on. Your explanation of what happened: We essentially used a chute to escape over a bridge. It was proposed that we should have done a " In the future, I would just use a /do letting the people around you know that you have a parachute or at least a large lump from your back." Numerous times Swat and PD and civilians have used chutes and I have never seen them use any /do to indicate that they are wearing a chute. Are we now expected to go up to everyone and indicate what we might have on us by doing a /do? I will give you some examples of how this would not work. I am in possession of food that I may use to heal myself IG am I expected to type do/ i would smell like cheeseburgers do/ you would faintly smell a cheeseburger and you would see grease stains leaking through my pockets from a cheeseburger do/ would you enjoy the smell? I have an assortment of clothes on me that I can change into and thus forcing a costume change on a player without his knowledge but a simple /do you would see a large assortment of clothes hanging out of my pockets Or who doesnt enjoy some drink when you can simply produce a large crate of whiskey out of thin air but that can be circumvented with /do you would see 10 crates of whiskey in my pockets Or of course what if you were to have a heavy weapon on your person that is not equipped on your back. Surely the fair thing to do is to simply walk up to people including members of PD and type /do I would have a large metal object protruding from my body cavity The list could go on for ever to be honest. I dont see how a game mechanic where the chute is not visible should be powergaming especially how ive never seen or heard the requirement of having to a /do I have a lump on my back when interacting with people and whats to say they just wouldn't think I am hunchback? So if this is the new unpublished precedent being set then everyone should be required to /do for every possession on them when first interacting with each and every person they meet as otherwise they are forcing RP on that individual or otherwise its considered powergaming. Wont that be a great fun for everyone. Thanks
  11. Also @DaleBM in regards to that clip , didn't I take over the negotiations after that call? Where is that part? As I recall telling you you're getting nothing! And something along the lines of Georg is nice and all but not 600k nice.
  12. Ive never seen the PD RP having chutes on them yet they use them all the time? How are we held to a higher standard than them. I also never gave the chute to Georg so how am I responsible for RPing that? But purely from a constructive perspective can you describe how you would have RPed a chute on your back in theses circumstances? Besides the automated /me when you equip it etc
  13. @Flucifial for my appeal what exactly did I power game as I didn't type and /me or/do? What element of jumping off a bridge with a chute is powergaming in this instance?
  14. Respect is earned not given. Its just my personal view that your a sour child. And if you felt there were rules breaks make a report about them instead of dragging them up here as you said in your first post you were not going to derail this thread. Rp was not paused at that point when the calls were being made that you didnt answer. Onus of proof is on the accuser not us. If you feel we broke the rules make a report with valid evidence. I will ask why would you want to RP begging for them back it if you felt we broke the rules to obtain your items. Its makes no sense. The OOC agreement was for 2 bags , you got 2 bags and if you wish to void the RP we want those 2 bags back please as they are not cheap. Have a nice day.
  15. @DaleBM When have I exactly insulted you in this thread as I dont see any personal attacks but you feel you can just insult me? I dont really care what your personal opinions are of my personality as I have not breached any server/forum rules. What I see before me is a sour child who lost all his guns in fair RP and took to the forums to whine about it. You talk about fairness and civility in relation to returning the items we took with perfectly legit RP and beg for an OOC agreement to return said weapons, well I can say its pathetic weak behavior on your part. You clearly created this report with one intent and that intent was to try and get your items back. Next time answer your phone when involved in a RP and stop wasting everyone's time.