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  1. Shotguns in Ammunations

    I think if they ever bring hunting in I would like to see double-barrelled shotguns. With the possibility of sawing them off if so inclined for criminals.
  2. Phil McGee guns etc

    14/06/2018 22:29pm GMT Character to be refunded: Phil McGee Date and time of incident: 14/06/2018 22:29pm GMT Requested refund (what and how much): Pistol .50 with 75 ammo, Bat, Parachute, AK 91 rounds Description of incident resulting in loss: Person broke fear RP and I ended up getting killed. Evidence of loss:
  3. This isn't even a report anymore,It's a bloody mess at this point. No admin can be expected to read through 4 pages of this back and forth lads. I reckon make a new report or lock this one and only faction leaders who have the relevant information or second in command comment when asked to do so by an admin as this report has gone down a rabbit hole in relation to getting it resolved. Its a bad state of affairs when I'm the voice of reason.
  4. Voicechat is not working

    Its just bugged at the moment. Its not your end and will be fixed soon im sure.
  5. We told you we would not be stopping the war as we had an IC agreement with the Lost and the Commission and had an agreement in place ,we would be going back on our word if we ended the war. That was discussed in the meeting when asked would we peace out now and we declined for RP and IC reasons. Also is it a requirement for us to be online to enact our war strategy?
  6. In fairness this is the second time in 2 days Paige has attempted to stop us capping turf on his SWAT character. He opened up on 12 gang members rolling solo the previous day and got himself killed. It's a repeat occurrence.
  7. 5747_9862 6217_1031 Death Matching

    Will do @Lewis I'll have to see what I have but most likely won't be until Monday when I'm back at my PC. I'd also like too see the unedited footage from the accuser.
  8. I concur with my learned colleague s. We get moaned at saying our RP is nothing but trolling and harrasment when we go after the shipment s as we can't really take them according to our rivals. So we attempt to appease them by just actually going after their turf and give them the "RP War" so very much desire after negotiating extra body's from other gangs as is the logical route. So we threw down with the help of our allies and even though you drafted in your gang members PD alts ( this was outrageous behaviour by the way and you should be ashamed of yourself as 30 people were watching this evolve, admins included) you lost the battle and your turf. So you have a few choices before you as I see it. Regroup and save whats left of your already diminishing gang (without metagaming on your PD alts) and possibly regain some of your turf and credibility as be certain were coming for it all! Or just roll over and get " ride me sideways" tattooed on your hips and make silly reports in a OOC format. It's this type of harrasment and poor RP that this group is known for that makes me only want to play on my alt Fr Phil of the Catholic Church. God Bless
  9. 5747_9862 6217_1031 Death Matching

    I will have to check what footage I have regarding this but it will probably not be until Monday so I ask for the admins patience regarding this. But just by watching your video and recalling what happened you followed us up from the ground pointing your heavy caliber weapon at everyone numerous times. You then precede to corner us and point blank aim a highly lethal weapon at us. You literally have your scope on both of us. Giving us no choice but to fall to our death or kill you before you shoot us. Why did you not approach with a tazer or make any demands? I also do not recall any VoIP from your end but again I'd have to check but so many people in one area VoIP can be buggy. I don't recall killing you before and if you felt you were DMed by me then you can report it with facts and footage etc instead of just you saying I did something as that holds no weight. I'm well aware some people don't like me on the server and I'm OK with that. But plenty of people do so if you are choosing to be a lemming that's on you. I would also ask who made this "shots fired call" because as soon as the swat truck rolls up into the movie set turf and sees it low the exiled and Irish radio lights up that the turf is being taken and get there now. Who could have informed them of this? Who may I ask was your companion on arrival at the movie set turf? Again this is not my official response without seeing if I have footage etc Also I have no idea what you mean as per the time "Noticed a war was declared"
  10. RDM 5.3.1. Deathmatch Mask 3725_460 @GaiusTavi

    Well im sorry to tell you but your feelings dont come into the mix here, the rules outlined in the handbook are what matter. And as a support staff member you should be aware of them. Its based off facts and rules. This is purely based off your assumption and not evidence or facts. Nobody interacted with me at Bennys at all, I drove through an alley and that was it. Again this is all based off non facts and assumptions I did something. And if the 2 guys in the truck didn't hear me at all then its worse behavior on your part. Again this is based off assumption that I called the cops. You had no IC proof of any of this so it does not give you the right to gun me down with no interaction or RP.You were panicked that you were low on men and might lose your precious crates leading you to make this mistake of DMing me. Yes you did try and kill me, firstly you attempted to ram through the railings at full speed which failed. Then you shot me in the back as I was driving away with an assault rifle. If you just wanted to scare me why not just fire in the air instead of shooting at the fleeing victim on a bike. As for chasing after me I think it was pretty clear you couldn't as you were stuck inside the fence as is shown by you ramming it and failing to breach it. The expensive of your shipment means nothing to me as I didn't try and steal it nor had any intentions of doing it as I have no warehouse to put it in. I would have no issue that if it was RPed in a correct manner and within the server rules. Its as simple as saying " Get off the bike or your dead" or Get out of here or your dead" . But you couldn't even be bothered to make that effort and just started gunning which is a clear breach of the rules laid out. Here we go again the boy who cried wolf whom his entire gang has a report out on them for bashing people in their trucks. You get frustrated by guerrilla warfare tactics that favor the small groups that we move in. Disrupting a rival gangs supply chain is not ruining your RP its actually fits into exactly what RP should be. If you are going to be so blatant about when your shipments are coming expect them to targeted. As for not playing on your criminal character the rules state if you have a PD character you must be on them 70% of the time so congrats on 1 rule on the server at least. Of course I knew who you were after collecting your shipment and called you terrorists to hasten the cops to the airport and to throw you off the scent that I may come back later and exact my revenge.I stayed on the outside of the railings to make sure I couldn't be rammed so I was not blase about my well being. You mean like close enough where you ram into a fence directly in front of me and say nothing? Like 2 meters distance that you could have said anything at all but choose to stay silent and get frustrated and angry and start blasting at me with your AK? You had every opportunity to initiate even the lowest form of RP but didn't use any of them. I dont control what you do in a situation, I know your cat is actively pressing your keys on a regular basis but I am not, so you cant blame anyone else for your rash and violent actions except yourself. What poking are your referring to? Are you claiming i returned under fire? Id love to see this as you are just making stuff up to make yourself look better or trying to deflect your rule breaks onto me. To sum things up, your justification for killing me is in direct violation of the deathmatching rule. You shot me, based on an assumption that I called the police. You had no prior RP or interaction with me at all. Can you even imagine if I had done the same thing to you? Your report would be up within minutes. If we were near each other ICly, and then the cops randomly show up, and I just started shooting at you because I thought that you called them, you would have reported me on the spot.
  11. Disabling Notifications

    +1 and reduce the size of the font option, its massive in Rage.
  12. Fear RP Mask 670_9347

    @Srd1 Player(s) being reported: Mask 670_9347 @Srd1 ( I think this is him) Date of rule breach: 14/06/2018 Time of rule breach: 22:29pm GMT Your characters name: Phil McGee Other players involved: Gut Pushers, Serpents I told him to get off his bike after a brief chase, thats when he fell off his bike and I told him to put his hands up several times while I had an AK pointed at him before he even stood up. If I wished to end his life at that point I could have with ease. He then drew his weapon as I had my weapon on him and started firing and I descended the hill to my ultimate death. I had numerous people nearby so would have just stayed up there with the weapon on him and waited for them to come and help if he had not broken Fear RP. I contacted him IG regarding the incident and he said he claims on his screen I had no gun but on request of any evidence he had none. I offered to void the RP if he wanted to return the items and avoid this but he declined and said he would take his chances in a report so here we are. If he so wishes to return the items and void the RP after viewing the video i am more than happy to do so. This report is primarily for the refund of my AK and additional items should it be successful. 6.1.2. Fear roleplay is the concept of role playing fear for your character’s life in situations where your safety is in immediate danger most importantly but not limited to when an attacker is in a position to quickly end your life at will. This can come in a form of having a weapon aimed at your character’s head at close range, where reaching for your own weapon would result in you being killed instantly, or where your life is in direct danger and any attempt to resist would result in your immediate death. Evidence
  13. RDM 5.3.1. Deathmatch Mask 3725_460 @GaiusTavi

    Which I'd have no problem with, if it was RPed in the correct manner and via the rules laid out. Which in this case it was not at all. If you wish me go over the rules with you via pm on discord please feel free to message me. But unless you are one of other 2 in the trucks please don't respond further and derail the report.
  14. Player(s) being reported: Mask 3725_460 @GaiusTavi Date of rule breach: 13/06/2018 Time of rule breach: 12:45am GMT Your characters name: Phil McGee Other players involved: Leron Davis I was scoping out the airport and covertly disrupting the Exiles supply chain as they were being hassled by the cops who were tipped off about their location. As the trucks fled I went in to have a look for any Intel that may have been laying around that I could relay to Leron. As I was snooping around they came back so I pulled back to safety talking on the radio to Leron but not before and with no prior RP or interaction from any of his gang Tavi rams his truck into a fence ( Im assuming he thought an exterior security fence of an international airport would crumble) in an attempt to crush me and then proceeds to shoot at me with an AK with no interaction and hits me in the back injuring me as I flee for my life. Now bare in mind Tavi was nowhere in earshot of any radio chatter that had happened prior to his arrival just in case his defense is " You told leron to call the cops on the radio" as he would have no first hand knowledge of this and his friends in the 2 other trucks say nothing over the radio that I heard prior to him coming after me and attempting to kill me. And even if they did say something, within the rules it must be heard first hand to have a valid reason to DM. Also from an RP perspective they really should not have been able to hear any of my radio chatter as they were in trucks for the most part. And he has already confirmed that he has no proof of me calling the cops at any of the locations that their shipments came in. His actions are a direct breach of 5.3.1. Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban. Now bare in mind they choose to do draw attention to themselves like this on the airfield of an international airport but thats just poor RP to be expected etc. As we are all aware the KOS rules are pretty clear and he had no IG reason to attempt to kill me on sight. 6.2.2. Kill on Sight is only allowed for these specific reasons to kill, and all other reasons to kill must have roleplay involved. ● Witnessing first hand threat or attempt of murder against you or a close friend. ● Actively kidnapping or taking hostage a close friend. ● Large scale theft of greater than $75,000 in value (excluding vehicles). Evidence Thanks Phil