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  1. Phase 1 MS-13 is now a well-respected street gang and most criminals know them. Rumours started spreading round of a potential wedding that could take place on Friday. This would be between Lena and Vincent, both well-respected members of MS-13. Lena's idea for the wedding was to keep it as traditional as possible and also inviting some very old friends that were legal citizens. Angelo made the wise decision to wear smart clothes and try to hide so any suspicious cops driving past would not suspect anything. Angelo invited the groom to a clothing store as well as the oth
  2. Phase 1 A few months had gone by and Angelo and VikStav have kept closed doors for high command positions, however as the gang was growing and numbers started increasing the upkeep of the gang became harder for just the two of them. Even though there had been one high command from the start who was LJ, Angelo still believed he would need 2 more members to complete the inner circle! Angelo and Vikstav took months to decide the correct people for the job. They were mainly looking for a head arms dealer who would take control of all weapons and shipments dealing between other gangs and
  3. Phase 1 On a sunny day in May Angelo and MS-13 were ready to take on the next step of making money for the gang. This was a job that required careful planning and consideration a this could end up in a long prison sentence for a lot of MS-13. Even though most members had already robbed banks before Angelo knew this would still be a challenge due to the nature of how banks are and how easily people can make mistakes. The time eventually came and Angelo started giving out roles to certain members... The destination was route 68! A bank Angelo knew inside out and he knew MS-13 could pu
  4. Hello, firstly like to thank the moderator that will be handling this report, I am replying on behalf of the whole of MS-13 as we have direct evidence proving that we were doing a joint operation with Goblins ages before us coming across Irish at the garbage chop shop. We had no idea of a fight with 67 and the claims that the blue elegy was 67 is incorrect as seen in the evidence that it is Vic Johnson in this vehicle and he is part of MS-13, NOT 67... The reason he has a blue car is because he is a rookie in MS-13 and we do not require our members to have a coloured car just a pink mask.
  5. Phase 1 The increasing demand for weapons, due to the rapid growth of MS-13 had forced Angelo into the mass orders of weaponry, this included many .50s to shotguns, SMGs, and AKs. Angelo knew exactly who would be the right be for the job! Known as Big Jawn the head of arms for Lost MC was the right man for the job, so Angelo approached him as there was a discussion of prices and the amount that was wanted to be ordered. After the meeting, it was settled that MS-13 would mainly go through Lost MC for weapons, and also a respectable price was negotiated. The first-ever ord
  6. Love the thread and enjoy the RP with you guys!
  7. Phase 1 On a sunny Monday afternoon, the day had come… The EVENT! This was going to be one of MS-13’s biggest meetups, yet alone the fact that it was their first Event! The initial preparations for the Event took place the night before where Angelo Capone called upon all the members of MS-13 to come to the HQ and discuss the event and the roles that would be given out to each member. The event would go as follows, Angelo Capone would send invites out to all his friendly gangs that he was cool with, this included Goblins, 67, Kudo Kai, Lost MC and other small gangs that wanted to par
  8. Phase 1 HQ has been located and the backstreets of Grapeseed are now MS-13's, with the hard work of the gang and the absence of business owners it has given MS-13 the chance to hold there initiations at the New HQ! After Angelo had confirmed to MS-13 that Joe Simmons had been promoted to the Gangster role it was then time for the most painful and sacrificial moment of his life. The Gang Initiation... This wasn't as simple as just tattooing the skull on his back, it required one of the High Council to personally do it himself. Angelo had decided to let Toon Kamal
  9. Overhauled the post a few days ago, as well as added a backstory/explanation of the clothing we wear, along as why we choose Grapeseed and an update of activity within the area. Let me know what you guys think as I know there's been comments about clothing and location so I thought this would help and clear it up
  10. Angelo Capone Born and bred in Los Angeles where committing crimes was the normal. Angelo's childhood was extremely challenging due to the pressures of joining the gang life, as years went by and his parents giving him more freedom this was only going to lead to one scenario and that was due to MS-13 living in his neighbourhood and taking a liking to him. At the age of 14 MS-13 had taken Angelo under their wing and taught him the ways of the street and how everything works. MS-13 had big plans for Angelo, however; as years went by more and more conflict arose in the area due to gang rivalries,
  11. Phase 1 On a sunny Friday afternoon Angelo decide to let all members know of a Gang meeting that was going to be held at Grapeseed, this was mainly to discuss a few changes in the gang and mainly promotions to some of the members . Firstly, it was discussed between all high command and the UnderLord whether certain people should be promoted or not. When discussing about promotions at our HQ in Grapeseed we saw many cops around the area, perhaps a store robbery was happening at the same area. This then prompted High command to change meeting places to the Kortz centre as a temporary
  12. No i do not think he is lying ( And i know he does not have pov so it will just extend the report longer than need) I am fine with you archiving this report. I still think it was NRP to Pull .50s out in a populated area ( I understand desync, however when i was informed that i hit him as i didn't know. It was too late), however i believe i didn't show longer enough evidence of them pointing a gun and trying to rob me or the others.
  13. I managed to get away as the clip ended and that was when i saved it. In my video you can see it from 1min 15 sec to 1 min 18secs and berrys you can see it clearer at 5:44 onward you can see the Irish pointing a strap NRP occurred when 2 of them got out of the car and took out there .50s and aimed it at us as we were driving away. Due to us managing to get away quickly we didn't get hurt, but the point im saying is that its NRP to point a strap and give demands in a populated area with no RP reason as its a very poor RP reason to Perform a high risk shooting for such a
  14. Player(s) being reported: ID 230, 465 and other Irish Date of interaction: 09/04/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1618001803 Your characters name: Angelo Capone Other players(s) involved: Berry Frost, Albert Robertson, Brandon Stone Specific rules broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. Players are required to remain IC at all times. RP can only be paused or voided by admins. If a crash / disconnect occurs, players must post in the crash reports disc
  15. Phase 1 It all started on a late Friday night when i was notified that the Goblins were hosting a Fight Club and the winner received an $80,000 cash prize! Immediately, I contacted the members in the gang and rallied a group of us to either fight or show our support to the goblins. The event started and already I had this feeling that our two fighters would have a chance to become the Fight Club Champion of the north. As each round passed confidence grew on the two MS-13 contestants and I was beginning to believe we could get both MS-13 fighters to the final and show our dominance o
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