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  1. I agree on buffing the drug labs but why do you want to make crime related stuff only available to official gangs? How about lets make all crime activities only available to official gangs so smaller gangs and small bunch of people that do not want to be an official gang or haven't been made an official gang yet, can't do anything crime related. Official gangs already get enough buffs over non-official gangs and small gangs already have a low enough chance to win because most official gangs are allied.
  2. Elevating the RP by making the server even more unrealistic than it already is.
  3. If you ask me. A business that costs millions of hard-earned dollars, should have advantages over other money making ways. It doesn't validate anything. I never said that they are never online. What if gas station owners are Europeans and its night time for them and they have to sleep to be able to go to school or work. Why give developers more work to do? Take it like this: current gas stations have an automated system where a person pays and gets the fuel for it - just like IRL. To me it seems that you have too much free time on hand and are butthurt because you are unable to own a business so you are trying to devalue them as much as possible to increase your chance of owning one.
  4. xCKube

    Can Delete

    Most items you have on you will be taken by the cops and will get used by them for they're own good. Only thing i've gotten to keep are my empty bags that i've had with me when i've gotten arrested.
  5. Would be a nice experience when every gas station owner and every store owner is offline! +1 Edit: So you wouldn't take this seriously, it's actually a -1 from me.
  6. It can work with 2 hours but i would like to see how you are going to keep people active in the prison for 4-8 hours. Eventually the activities you can do inside the prison will run out and it will get repetitive.
  7. A lot of people don't have enough time to afk in jail for 4-8 hours. (I for example have a school to attend and i usually get home at 5pm) Even afking for 2 hours is cancer for me cause GTAV takes a lot of resources to run and I can't really do anything else while I'm stuck in jail. -1
  8. +1 Would be awesome to get 2 official gangs that are allied to gang up on you with their 20+ members and camp your ass everyday.
  9. +1 Cause I'd love to desync all over the map with my 300 ping.
  10. Mate you are practically saying that people should pay real money to get rid of their tickets. (Assuming they already have 2 characters)
  11. These speed cameras are so non-rp imo. How the hell does it make sense that you get a ticket, if you have a stolen car and you have a mask on, pure bs.
  12. +1 to this cause i lost my apartment aswell on my alt.
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