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  1. xCKube

    Question about chopping

    You have to wait 3 hours after your vehicle gets chopped to get it back from mors.
  2. xCKube

    Add some new cars to server.

    The post creators point is: "Not all the cars are in the dealerships to import, please add more of them." He means that the devs should add more cars to import aka cars that have not yet been put there, like the Comet SR i just told you to buy.
  3. xCKube

    Add some new cars to server.

    I'm just trying to tell you that you didn't get the point that the creator of the post was trying to make here.
  4. xCKube

    Add some new cars to server.

    I wanna see you buy a Comet SR mate.
  5. xCKube

    Nerf PD

    The criminal could stash away the gun.
  6. xCKube

    Nerf PD

    The guy who would kill the cop wouldn't stay waiting for the backup to arrive... This really depends on how far away the closest unit is.
  7. xCKube

    Nerf PD

    There are times that avoiding cops is impossible, but lets say you're in a 1v1 with a cop and you down him, nobody sees you and you go to loot the body, the cop magically pushes a button 10 thousand times to call backup, after rping looting him you finish him, backup arrives and there's nobody there. What evidence to the other cops have on you if nobody saw you or if there weren't any cameras around the site? If anybody saw the guy kill the cop, well an unlucky day for him.
  8. xCKube

    Nerf PD

    But how the hell is it fair to criminals that have to use their resources (guns, ammo etc) to defend against a cop and get nothing from it. The cop will just get revived at the hospital to go back to the pd to take a new set of weaponry. But when a criminal gets injured or dies, they lose a gun which they may have bought and go to an OOC jail for 2 hours if they didn't die in the middle of the shootout. + The criminals have no way to get or import the kevlar vests.
  9. xCKube

    Nerf PD

    Imo it's kind of bullshit that SWAT or whatever kinds of ranks you have in PD, can run around with Carbines freely with no consequences if they get injured and by that i mean that criminals cannot loot anything off them. The SWAT should have a limit on the bigger guns (carbines, snipers etc) per week or something like that, because now they can die and just take new ones. The revolver is also broken, 1 shot to the back of my contender and the engine got stalled.
  10. xCKube

    Update /givekey