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  1. +1 Would be awesome to get 2 official gangs that are allied to gang up on you with their 20+ members and camp your ass everyday.
  2. +1 Cause I'd love to desync all over the map with my 300 ping.
  3. Mate you are practically saying that people should pay real money to get rid of their tickets. (Assuming they already have 2 characters)
  4. These speed cameras are so non-rp imo. How the hell does it make sense that you get a ticket, if you have a stolen car and you have a mask on, pure bs.
  5. +1 to this cause i lost my apartment aswell on my alt.
  6. ID 11 here. I started shooting after you started driving away. You couldn't hear us but we told you to stop the car. And before admin asks, no i don't have the footage of the situation because my shadowplay only records 5 minutes and when they told me that they're going to report us the 5 minutes was already over.
  7. +1 I'm scared to drop a bag in my house because my character cannot pick it up and I can't put it back into the stash.
  8. xCKube

    Speed cameras

    Sorry, but if I'm going to get forced to drive 70km/h in the city where there is no traffic then i am not joining the server until it gets removed honestly. Most of the time when I am on the server I am just driving around the city looking for activities to do, but I am not going to waste my time with the 70km/h limit.
  9. Imo it doesn't really make sense for houses/apartments to have a "weight" limit.
  10. xCKube

    Speed cameras

    I voted yes but if it's goin' to make my wallet smaller then it's a -1.
  11. I think i am the fourth guy being reported here, even if i'm not i was there and i know the situation. It started with us having a fight with some blue gang who wanted to kill our friend, we set an ambush point to rob the blue guys or kill them if they don't comply. 1 blue guy came in and he started to shoot at us and we killed him, then some 2 other guys came and we took them as hostages. Then this guy (Wearing the same outfit as the guys trying to kill my friend) comes in with an AK and points it at one of my friends which gave us a KOS reason and then he got injured and we took his stuff. If his video proves that he wasn't aiming an AK towards my friends then it must have been some kind of desync that showed him aiming an AK.
  12. i don't even use drug labs but +1
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