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  1. xCKube

    Permanent car keys

    +1 hate it when you have the keys for the car and then you lose them because of the crashes.
  2. xCKube

    JS Startup erro #10

    Keep restarting the game until it starts, worked for me when i had this error.
  3. xCKube

    Mask 3239_9301 RDM

    You ran into a middle of a crossfire, what do you expect lol.
  4. xCKube

    Metagame Mask 843_1594,Mask 8925_9596,Mask 3752_3622

    How would you explain that your friends immediately ran us over when they came out of the corner? Normal person seeing his friend getting robbed would still take some time to process the situation, but they like already knew everything that was goin' on there. Randomly comin' out of the corner with full speed to run over 2 people seems suspicious.
  5. xCKube

    FearRP Mask 9234_9900

    There ya go mate. First picture is when you took your gun out and the second is when he is turning away while your gun is out already. + When i think about it, you took out your weapon while your hands were up... You would've died since you didn't fear for your life, yes you would have taken me with you but you would still have died. To be honest we never turned our backs to you, yes we turned away from you for second or two but the gun barrel was still in your direction most of the time.
  6. xCKube

    FearRP Mask 9234_9900

    Then don't accuse me. If you really want me to render i can show you that he was one of the guys who was aiming at you and your friend from the start and telling you to put up your hands. It's just a point that you shouldn't have taken out your gun when he was pointing at you, your gun was out when he turned away from you. Feels bad man. 6 seconds to kill a person in real life, hmmm, cause desync exists in real life. Strongest gangs? Cmon, you only invite people to your gangs to make them bigger and that means you win by using bigger numbers. Cause in real life if 4 people are robbing you and they turn away for a millisecond you would try to take out your weapon to kill all of them, even though the guns are still pointed your way.
  7. xCKube

    FearRP Mask 9234_9900

    1st of all, i don't know what gas station event you are talkin' about, if you think i metagamed there then go ahead and report me. 2nd, if you thought he was with vagos, why would he just stand there aiming at you and your friend if he is your ally. He was one of the guys who told you to put up your hands if you can't remember btw. 3rd you saw me taking your friends weapon and those three were against the wall, i think most would think that those guys we're already robbed of their belongings. If you watch my video then "Gandalf Jones" was aiming at you when you took out your weapon but he started aiming at your friend. IMO "Ma boi" wasn't even that far away, if we start talking about real life like you did then he could put a bullet in your head in a second if you tried anything from that distance.
  8. xCKube

    FearRP Mask 9234_9900

    The vagos guys got everything robbed off them and your friend had his gun taken as well, so you we're the only one with a weapon there at the time which means it was 1v4 situation. In my point of view, Ma boy behind the windsor still had his gun pointed at you.
  9. Then post it again with full sound.
  10. The first 15 seconds have no sound whatsoever.
  11. I was one of the guys on the scene even though i wasn't reported, but could you please post a video where the first 15 seconds ain't edited/muted?
  12. xCKube

    Question about chopping

    You have to wait 3 hours after your vehicle gets chopped to get it back from mors.
  13. xCKube

    Add some new cars to server.

    The post creators point is: "Not all the cars are in the dealerships to import, please add more of them." He means that the devs should add more cars to import aka cars that have not yet been put there, like the Comet SR i just told you to buy.