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    yo this is like the perfect example of what not to do in a report. Firstly, somehow you failed to read the big bolded first thread on this forum saying "MUST READ BEFORE POSTING", and you post your thread in the completely wrong format. Who are you reporting? GANG REPORT is the title of your thread, you type one sentence and link a video and expect these players to get in trouble? 2ndly, you and your mates somehow came to the conclusion that posting a report using a video of your whole gang breaking a shit ton of rules was a great idea. I don't even understand how you have the audacity to report someone for fail RP, when you post a video that includes nonstop metagaming.. it's beyond me. You're in discord metagaming, heard all throughout the video, the faction chat is all metagaming, your friend goes ooc over voip at 1:48 in your video and there is 4 people on one cash register like what kind of RP is that.
  2. Character to be refunded: Leron Davis Date and time of incident: 8/11 around 6pm est Requested refund (what and how much): 4x radios or $3400 (850*4) 11x marijuana 1x bag or $2000 (2000*1) 3x silencers or $750 (250*3) 4x clips 12 bobby pins or $1800 (150*12) 1x 78 bullet pistol .50 1x 57 bullet heavy pistol 1x melee weapon (its the item with 0x on the bottom left of my inventory, not sure if it was a flashlight or baseball bat or wrench etc) or $500-750 1x shotgun w/ 36 ammo 2x Jerry cans or $1900 (950*2) Description of incident resulting in loss: Phil, Georg and I were robbing a players house, the players were very reluctant to comply with us forcing us to call admin @Lewis to the scene to tell them to be compliant. Once we were in the house, the players called for back up and pulled guns so we killed them. Minutes after we killed them several of them returned including mask 9976_7896, who took out an SMG to kill me, thus making me lose all of the belongings that we had just robbed and items that I had equipped. @[email protected] was the admin that took the report and he banned the player who broke nlr and revenge killed. Evidence of loss: Inventory items that I lost screenshot, https://gyazo.com/fc700d3087306a4dbb74275e4a6f2fff Video of the player breaching NLR and killing me, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2z96yFDwtU Comments: I included $ amounts for the minor items that were lost due to the rule breach because I figured it'd be a hassle for the admin who takes this refund request to spawn in each individual item, although I would prefer each individual item. Thanks
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    Phil McGee Nation

  4. Dashingly

    The Gut Pushers (5.2, 5.3, 6.1)

    understood, i retract my accusation of potential FearRP and MG Thank you for the quick reply, it looked bad on your video but I'm glad we cleared it up.
  5. Dashingly

    The Gut Pushers (5.2, 5.3, 6.1)

    Heyo, Leron here. Just to clarify, on my POV your gun wasn't pointed directly at me at first, and that's why I floored it. Either way if my vehicle was turned on, you're allowed to flee from gunfire (just as long as your vehicle isn't stalled or the ignition is off). Another thing I'd like to mention is that Phil was waiting around the corner that whole time you guys were in the street, idk if you're accusing me of metagaming but "I'd say that's solid because even though he was on radios it seemed really convenient that he had already been gathering speed to ram us all." makes it sound like I'm metagaming. I think Phil is about to respond with his side. Proof from my POV, showing that your gun wasn't directly pointed at me when I started driving: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EA5dB8ulAS4&feature=youtu.be
  6. Dashingly

    Leron Davis (Gut Pushers) 6.7.4

    When did I ever say i was at your warehouse? If you read my original post I say that I was chased from the convenience store to legion square, and I didn't witness any robberies I was literally just driving by the convenience store. What would you say a valid reason for declaring war is then? What your allies do? Text someone to meet up with them, and if they don't meet up declare war and steal their turf while they're all offline? The evidence I posted was proof of your whole faction coming after me, downing me, and looting me which I would say is more than enough to reason to declare a war.
  7. Dashingly

    Leron Davis (Gut Pushers) 6.7.4

    sure thing, here's you saying "Stop.. Stop" and then a /me points weapon at the driver (look at the chat log) https://gyazo.com/09ddfbeffe849622fba35050de72a006 along with your whole faction surrounding my body here's a gif of your faction members looting me after you all shot me down https://gyazo.com/113b52cbe59634376813fea0d7204cf8 here's a gif of me checking if we're at war (wondering why you guys were attacking me), and then me closing out the faction menu and you're in the passenger seat of one of the vehicles that was attacking me.. https://gyazo.com/2b69822c63b6dd50d0a27cca4fca7f50 just because you're about to be perma banned for nonstop blatant kos and DM don't try and make up false reports on me to try and bring me down with you. EDIT: edit for clarity sake of the admins, scotland is Mask 3206_5644 as seen in my screenshot and last GIF in the passenger seat of the vehicle. EDIT2: also in case any admins don't know where we are on the map, we're at the top right corner of legion square, just south of MD and east of the parking lot players can park their vehicle in for $500.
  8. Dashingly

    Leron Davis (Gut Pushers) 6.7.4

    are you mask 3206_5644? @SteScotland
  9. Dashingly

    Leron Davis (Gut Pushers) 6.7.4

    You don't think 20 members of a faction, including the leader of said faction, shooting down and attacking/looting another faction leader warrants a war? I drove past the store at grove street, didn't slow down or come to a stop, literally just drove by it and 5+ cars all full of your faction members including you drove straight at me demanding i stop my vehicle with guns pointed at me. After a short chase, we ended up at the square, where I was shot down and then looted by members of your faction. You all left me alive, Phil was there witnessing the whole thing, I declared war before I even made it to the MD to get healed. Is a faction leader and all of his gang members (that were online at the time), trying to kill, rob and loot another faction leader, not enough to warrant a war? What's a good reason for war then?
  10. Dashingly

    Death rule change(

    Would be very cool to implement something like a hit register like you're saying, but as it is now every criminal would RP death because nobody wants to spend 2 hours in jail. If you get downed from a shotgun from close range, or a sniper, or swat team unloading on you, sometimes the cops will allow you to rp death because its more realistic... However, most of the time you won't be able to rp death otherwise people will always choose that option rather than going to jail for 2 hours. +1 your idea to implementing a hit register type thing
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    be safe brotha
  12. Dashingly

    Nerf PD

    Yeah PD are definitely super strong but they need to be, for this server to function well imo. With a weaker PD crime would jump through the roof and police officers don't want to go on duty just to be killed every interaction they get into. However, there are some things that I'd like to see changed. I think one issue is that a lot of the time they go over kill on every scenario which is why it feels OP... A good example of this is the Insurgent that gets used way toooooooooo often in my opinion. Insurgents have bullet proof everything, if somehow they flip or stall and get surrounded by criminals they can literally just sit in the vehicle waiting for backup because the windows are indestructible How many times have you seen insurgents patrolling in the past few days? Every day I see insurgents patrolling around town like its a patrol cruiser. We're not in the fucking purge, you don't need to have the most armored, indestructible OP vehicle out 24/7. Insurgents should be reserved only for special occasions imo. A few days ago I watched an insurgent and swat turn up to a convenience store robbery, down one suspect and try to snipe another suspect that was fleeing. Why is an insurgent rolling up to an armed robbery? I've seen suspects be transported to the prison in the insurgents. Idk maybe I just hate insurgents, and it's not a big deal to anyone else, but I really feel like they should be tweaked or used more scarcely. +1 to changes like reducing armor, etc.
  13. Yeah this would be sick in an ideal world if everybody rp'd it, but if you play on your criminal at all and down 100 people i bet you 80 of them don't reply to the frisk, and there is hardly a big enough admin presence like @SteScotland said. -1 for now.
  14. can i try out the tasers? Leron