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  1. Dashingly

    No way to turn off the music in game

    yeah word i got the same issue. very annoying
  2. Again, this $15,000 limit is regarding bringing goods to a location, and then robbing the player of the goods. Read the rule here: Players may trick their victims into delivering their valuables to a specified location and rob them afterwards, however, the scam value must not exceed $15.000. Scammers cannot not lie to their victims in OOC form. What goods did we rob off you of?
  3. I didn't have time to type up a /me and /do which would have taken like an excess of 10-15 seconds. You would have pulled guns on me by that time. Let's not get this twisted, I was typing up the /me, you discover that the bags are empty, so instead of typing a /me I drop the item (which would have been Georg's parachute) on the ground and jump down. Not even a few seconds after I hit the ground I type the /me, because I was forced to jump down or get guns pulled on me with no opportunity to type the /me. Who's powergaming now? You walked Georg over to the other side of the bridge (like 5 feet away, don't know why your making it sound like its a mile), cut his restraints so that he could come with us, and now you're saying that he was lying on the ground? In what world would he be lying on the ground if you didn't rp forcing him to the ground? He's given us the option of either redoing RP of the scenario or voiding it entirely, instead of dishing out punishments because he believes that the situation would be mended if Georg was at the situation. I did do /me's, only after the fact so that I wouldn't have had guns pulled on me. In place of the /me's I dropped Georg's 'parachute' on the ground, which if he was there he would have picked up and equipped before you knew the bags were empty. Let's not act holier than thou, who cares what the Shadow Cartel deem appropriate RP, we've seen what takes place behind the scenes with your gang. In a 4 hour twitch vod, your gang is seen MG'ing nonstop, DM'ing, mercy killing, breaking NLR, mixing OOC and IC and more. This "terrible RP" of using the Phantom was deemed a game mechanic and desync throughout the whole time we used it. As soon as it was announced that shooting out of the truck would be considered power gaming, we stopped using it. Lol, this is Phil's whole point. This thread was just a sad attempt to get your items back that were stolen fairly. Harmdone (the developer) was with us when we stole your guns, he has not found that we're guilty of breaking any rules there, so can you drop it? Word play for an ooc scam? You PM'd us basically asking us if we were going to scam you, how are we supposed to reply to that? We agreed that we would give you 2 bags in exchange for Georg, and that's that. IMO it should have never went OOC. No. This is an absurd claim, it's not guilty until proven innocent, it's innocent until proven guilty. The onus is on you to prove that we broke the rules. EDIT: Also, the scamming rule that states that you can't scam over $15,000 is regarding robbing goods off of the player after tricking them into coming to a location. No good were robbed, we traded 2 bags in exchange for invisible Georg and that's that.
  4. Why are phil and john getting punished? they just jumped from the bridge, i typed the /me.
  5. Dashingly


    How are any admins able to help you with this information? You give a rough description of a player's outfit and say that he DM'd you. Like seriously, what do you expect to come from this thread? If this player DM'd you, how would the admins know who it was, and if they even DM'd you? How are they supposed to check your character death logs when you haven't even posted your character's name? Even if they did check the logs, how do the admins know that the player killed you for no reason? This has to be like one of the most pointless threads on the forum right now. I'm sorry if you got DM'd but like man, describing a player's outfit and then saying that he broke the rules and expecting the admins to do anything about it doesn't make any sense. Before you even post a thread on this forum, the very top of the topics has a thread titled "Player Report Requirements [MUST READ BEFORE POSTING]". How do you miss that? If you have no evidence of someone breaking the rules then the admins can't do anything for you, it's not a lot to download a program that records the last 5-10 minutes of gameplay, or that saves screenshots. If it happens to you as often as you say, download a recording software. If you do have evidence, remake the thread following the rules of the forum. sheesh
  6. Me and Phil would be willing to redo the RP as long as an admins present to make sure nothing changes with the RP. Again, the reason I didn't do the /me while I was up there was because when I dropped the top and was about to type out the /me, they already ran at the bags and discovered they were empty, not leaving me with the time to RP it. Anyway, yes to redoing the RP from our party.
  7. Dashingly

    Stranger 9271-3675 Fear RP

    @Charlie Mangione Hey Chuck. So we got into a scrap with Shannon’s gang and she ended up being the last one left at the scene. As seen in the video, I ran around the corner with my gun out and told Shannon to put her hands up. She ran to her house, and I was able to catch her before she got in and I tried to hold her up. Despite me pointing the gun at her and yelling at her, she ran into the house, which I believe is breaking FearRP. Phil posted the report because he was directly involved in the situation, he was stationed just around the corner maybe 15 feet away.
  8. Yeah this was a pretty awkward situation as we had to RP as if Georg was still there, but with him not actually being in game we had to make due with just /me's and /do's. The Shadow Cartel kidnapped Georg and held him ransom until we gave them back the items we stole from them. Unfortunately Georg had work early in the morning so he had to sign off for the night, leaving us to RP as if he was still there. Georg didn't anticipate being kidnapped and the situation lasting over an hour, so he really had to get off. The plan for us was to bring them up 2 empty bags, have them release Georg where we would hand him a parachute and we would jump off of this bridge to our friends waiting below as a getaway. We RP'd buying an extra parachute from the convenience store, and brought it up on the bridge to hand to "Georg" (Evidence of us RPly buying the extra chute here. https://gyazo.com/e3dcb3b2e0bf0df8600a615864c3b976, the screenshot is timestamped on 9/27 6:50ish EST, unfortunately I only have this screenshot, not video, but I'm sure you can check the logs for it.) Like I said, since Georg wasn't physically at the bridge, this made the ensuing situation a bit awkward. Throughout the whole time we were on the bridge Phil and I talk about how cold Georg looks, and we talked about putting a jacket (chute) on Georg (you can hear us mention this several times during the video, including 11:06-11:11, 13:37-13:43). When the transfer was going down, you see me drop a top on the ground (see 13:46-13:48 in the video). RP wise, that would have been the parachute for Georg to pick up, unfortunately I had no time to write a "/me wraps the chute around Georg" while we were still up there because they had already ran to the bags and discovered they were empty (if Georg was physically on the bridge in game, I wouldn't have had to write the /me's I would have just dropped the chute for him to equip and we would jump). So I wrote the /me when I hit the ground, because if I had started typing while I was up there, they would have pulled guns on me, (see the screenshot of the /me here: https://gyazo.com/e47578231ea3d0e21f33ac39f0eae60b). So we had no intention of trying to powergame or hurt the RP setting, but we were restricted by Georg not physically being in game. The top that I dropped was acting as the extra parachute that I RPly bought, if Georg was there I would have dropped a real parachute. I was worried if I dropped a real parachute during the situation one of you would have picked it up and jumped down with us. I would gladly redo RP for this scenario like you suggested but I feel like it wouldn't be feasible with you guys knowing that we would jump off the bridge. ------------- As far as the PM's go, I agreed to give you 'the bags' we had on us, because if I had said no you would have stopped the deal right there and gotten suspicious that we would be deceiving you. It's kind of a weird thing to ask if we're going to scam you over PM's because it kinda forces us to either spoil our plans or be shady. All in all, this RP situation was sorted of marred by the fact that Georg wasn't physically in game. If he was physically in game, we would have actually dropped the extra parachute we bought and jumped, instead of me dropping a 'RP chute,' and jumping down and typing the /me after we landed. My party is willing to void RP to that point if you want to continue RPing like you have Georg, and we still have your goods. But as I said earlier I feel like the situation would just be unfeasible because both gangs would know what's about to happen and all parties would act differently then the way it did go down.
  9. Dashingly

    Abusing the Phantoms glitch / Non-RP

    The threads you got those videos from were also reporting us for using the truck, all of them involving shooting out of the truck were denied: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/10729-vdmkos/?tab=comments#comment-49015 https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/10728-ramming-and-vdm/?tab=comments#comment-49013 https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/10727-stranger-2051_5734-mask-5747_9862-failrp/?tab=comments#comment-49004 Those were all the threads you got those videos from. In each thread the admins found that it was not bug abusing or fail rp, rather it was a desync issue and a game mechanic. Idk what else to tell you or what you want to hear. Here's an Administrator stating that it's not a bug or Fail/Non RP: https://gyazo.com/509b4cf9719359f554ed255d377baa97?token=e80e04294adcba3e8bc1bdf9bebab9eb To your point that it is non-rp to drive around a semi truck unless your hauling a trailer, I think that's just false. It's available to the public and no admins have stated that you must travel around with a trailer in order to be properly RPing.
  10. Dashingly

    FailRP/DM/KOS/Bug abusing

    can you point out who you are in the video, and if you're not in the video can you please make a separate report. this is getting way off topic
  11. Dashingly

    FailRP/DM/KOS/Bug abusing

    She wasn't specifically targeted, he was shooting at the other people that were shooting at Phil. Do you see what I'm saying? Phil was shooting at somebody that was shooting at him. Somebody logged in, in between that gunfire and is now complaining that they got KOS'd? How is that on Phil? He was already firing before she logged in and she wasn't targeted, I doubt she even got hit by any of the shots. If the cops are in a shootout with 2 people robbing a convenience store, and somebody spawns in inside the convenience store while the cops are shooting at the robbers, did the cop just DM the person who spawned in (especially if the person didn't even get hit)?
  12. Dashingly

    FailRP/DM/KOS/Bug abusing

    don't derail this thread with ridiculous accusations of hacking, please make another report. Lol please. This video is also ridiculous and doesn't show anything except the tail end of me ramming one car out of the way so I wasn't shot dead. Make another report and don't derail this one.
  13. Dashingly

    FailRP/DM/KOS/Bug abusing

    Firstly, we have an IC reason to be at that location. Regarding your first video, nobody forced you guys to rob him, he was sent in there to scout out what you were doing and you all pulled guns on him. Of course we would watch our friends back as he was scouting. Again, nobody forced you to rob him. He wasn't sent in there to be a "bait" for you to rob, but just to scout what you were doing. Like I said we had IC reason to be at that location and we were wondering what you guys were doing there as well. This has been proved to be a desync issue and is not against the rules. On the shooters screen, it looks like he's firing out of the window. Several admins have confirmed that this is not against the rules. You logged in, in the middle of a gang shootout and are now crying KOS. I doubt you even got hit by any of the bullets, you were caught in a crossfire and weren't specifically targeted. In your 2nd set of videos, you literally see Phil run away to try and avoid you guys but you followed him to try and rob him. Again we have IC reason to be in this area, nobody forced you to rob him, I was staged on the roof located near him to protect him in case shit went sour while he had a bag of goods on him. To conclude, while there is a visual desync with the truck, it has been deemed to not be a rule break by several admins. You pointing guns at my closest friends gives me reason to KOS you, and while you think he was there as a "bait" I can assure you that we have reason to be in the area. Regarding, Ashley Burton accusing Phil of KOS because she logged in during the middle of a shootout and bullets were fired in her direction is ridiculous.
  14. Dashingly

    Stranger 2051_5734, Mask 5747_9862 (NCZ, Deathmatching)

    Phil and I were both informed by @ItzKnight that if it doesn't say that there is an NCZ on the bottom of your screen or if you type /ncz and it shows that you aren't in an NCZ, then you aren't in an NCZ. NobodyLTU (or another dev) specifically marked the NCZ's with /NCZ. Here's a few examples of what I mean (notice the bottom left of the screen as I enter/leave NCZ areas): https://gyazo.com/1b9a5a0338718ebf60f4ab579cb19d83 https://gyazo.com/c658eeec70fcc66d443bc67184c3032b Here's directly where the bank stops being an NCZ: https://gyazo.com/dc70ba4c9872b9446356aab7b13da027 If you look on the bottom left of the screen where it says NCZ in blue text you can see what I'm saying. You can clearly see that the road stops being an NCZ as soon as we pass the bank. This makes sense ICly as well, because the bank wouldn't have security and cameras at the shops and general stores behind the bank.
  15. Dashingly

    La Fam Mass DM

    he was at MD because that's where we met up after you all killed him and NLR expired. please show evidence of them chasing him to md