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  1. Yeah, most likely if anyone has this issue it has to do with your resolution. Is the bottom of your game cut off? When you talk with N or M, is the text that says TALKING cut off or not visible at all? If so, your resolution is off, go to your graphic/video settings in game and change the resolution.
  2. yeah car stalling should be much harder and/or be made much more consistent. A kick from any player will render any vehicle useless for 15 seconds, that is really bad design.
  3. mate justin sexuality is a spectrum
  4. +1 million super annoying to switch characters or having to reload your game because your character is stuck or something.
  5. +1, also make it so you don't need to have cash on hand to buy from the taco truck. You see like one person driving a taco truck a week and they get no customers because nobody wants to drive to an ATM.
  6. Does it tell you what questions you missed?
  7. +1, the constant rain is loud and obnoxious
  8. Our players should either be able to lift more than 50 volume, or the volumes need to be drastically adjusted in my opinion. A single radio weighs 5x the volume of an assault rifle with 200 bullets of ammo. A bobby pin weighs twice the amount of an AK. 100 bobby pins in real life weighs 2.4 ounces, which is like 1/6th of a pound. We would be able to carry like 100 bobby pins just in our pockets alone. I propose some changes be made such as bobby pins weight being reduced to 1 volume. A radio being reduced to 2 volume. And AK's and other heavy weaponry increased to 10-20 volume+. I'm sure there are other discrepancies in volume but these are the two biggest ones I can think of off the top of my head.
  9. It's tough because if a cop dies with their cruiser up north and someone steals it, they can't do their job anymore. Maybe make it so that you can spawn 2 work vehicles at a time if your a cop? Idk. It is annoying when you've stolen a cop car or tow truck and want to RP with it for a bit and it just despawns. Probably a +1 for me if cops are still able to do their job
  10. Okay what "Gregor Smith" knows and what you report is completely different. Us robbing and killing 2 of your friends and then being chased to the bank is way different then your gang trying to rob us and us killing them. It changes the story completely. its called an example because its giving you a certain situation where it could apply. Not the only situations that it may apply too. 2 examples of something being KoS doesn't mean those are the only 2 reasons for KoS. It literally says if a player threatens your life then you may attack them. Flucifal, a well respected admin on the server agrees that it's valid reason in this thread here: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/13970-player-86-721-dm/?tab=comments#comment-67976 He states that a threat is a valid reason to KoS someone, but said that the threat "i'm gonna rip your head off" isn't really a good enough threat to KoS someone over. I'd say and I think he would agree, that saying your going to kill someone and dump their body with the sharks "in pieces" is valid enough reason to KoS somebody. Especially when that person's gang and that player had just attacked/threatened them. But he didn't hit you with the car. He hit your car which you weren't even in. He definitely had valid KoS as you had just threatened his life 10 minutes prior. The proof that he is in game is that he just asked if he was VDM'd. What other possible situation would he ask that to you? If we analyze the footage, you start speeding to the scene before anyone calls for you on the radio. From 0-15 seconds your mate is talking in another language on discord, at 16 seconds another voice in a foreign language comes in and you speed to the scene. At 17 seconds in the video the radio call comes in to come back to the bank, why did you speed to the bank before there was a radio call? I don't speak the language, but I'm sure that there is metagaming going on. Translate what the player said then and if you knew the admins were going to ask you for the full video then why didn't you upload it all to begin with? 6.3.1 Metagaming (MG) is the act of relaying IC information through OOC methods or using OOC information in roleplay scenarios. OOC methods include third-party software, for example, Discord. Are you saying that you didn't relay IC information through OOC methods? You don't think that stating that people trying to get you arrested is IC information? I understand now that it was to explain the rule to your faction member, but you can't spread IC information in the process. No. He didn't say it over the radio a few minutes prior, and even if he did that's still passing IC information through OOC means. Everyone in your faction saw that the players you're hunting were back at the bank through OOC communication. If any of your faction members had their radios off or didn't have a radio on them, they would know to go to the bank because of this ooc interaction. Again, metagaming is the relaying of IC information through OOC methods, which I think is pretty cut and dry. He was dead before you arrived and that's when he typed in /f, after he died. I stated that because if all the members of your gang that I've interacted with ram with their sports cars and metagame then its likely that the rest of the members I interact with share the same values. I don't believe players that ram with their sports cars and metagame often should be able to represent the server in an "official" capacity. It makes the server's RP look bad, it makes new players think that this server is just a cops and robbers KOS server and it makes a lot of people hesitant to interact with you because they know that there's a good chance that the rules are about to be broken. I'm sure you worked hard to build your gang up. The reason factions were removed in the first place and official factions took their place was to increase the level of RP from gang members. In my opinion you guys haven't increased the level of RP because of the way most of your gang members conduct themselves (not as an IC character, but as a server rule breaker). Osvaldon recently clarified this for all the admins, Osvaldon is a server founder and helps develop the server and community. He stated: "The rules don't say the entire block, also, the whole NCZ areas are scripted now, it's not an NCZ outside the scripted area." If we're going based off of what Osvaldon said then it is clear that if it doesn't say NCZ on the bottom left then its not an NCZ. Also, dingus stated that since it wasn't a populated area that NCZ wouldn't have been breached. Here's a screen grab of that: https://gyazo.com/65b14ca298c08f1569957386f7e225d5 Thank you for the civil discussion, I thought you were going to rage at me. I appreciate you gathering your thoughts and rebutting my points in a civil manner.
  11. Hello, thanks for the report ID 35 here. So... As I explained to you in game, since you threatened to kill Phil and I. that gives us KoS on you. I'm amazed that you chopped out the 40+ minutes before this video to try and paint your story in the best light possible. Please upload the full footage of the whole situation so that the admins can see what actually happened that led up to this shooting. What actually happened prior to this was we went to the drug lab, 3 members of vice tried to rob us, we killed 2 and one fled to Paleto. We gave chase to the person who fled, but ended up not being able to catch him since we were in the slow Journey (RV). When we arrived up north after failing the chase, Phil and I went to the bank because he had to afk for like 2 minutes and didn't want to be in public. At the bank around 7-10 members of Vice showed up threatening us and we went back and forth talking shit to each other. We tried to leave the bank once, and got swarmed by all of the 7-10 vice members ramming in their sports cars and shooting at us. We fled back to the bank and called the cops. It took about 15 minutes for the cop to arrive, during that time frame almost all of the vice members left besides Gregor Smith. Gregor and the cop chatted for a bit before the cop had to leave because there was an emergency about another cop being kidnapped. After Phil and I got attacked and the cop left, Gregor said to our face that the next time he sees us he would be sure to kill us, leaving us to "swim with the sharks, in pieces." This is a direct threat on our lives and according to the KoS rule, a direct threat on our lives gives us the right to attack that person for the next 24 hours. Gregor drove away and about 5-10 minutes later is when his 1 minute video takes place. Phil and I exited the bank and shot down all 7 of the vice members that swarmed us. Gregor (as seen in the video) responds to his radio calls and returns to the same place he just threatened to kill us less than 10 minutes prior and we shoot him down. I'm confident that the admin handling this report will see that we had KoS because of your actions 10 minutes prior. Onto your claims, Your very first statement is already false. Your gang tried to rob US, we killed 2 of them and then we chased the last one down to Paleto. We didn't attempt to rob anybody, and nobody chased us to Paleto. You're leaving out the part where you threatened to kill us both, and where all of your gang swarmed us ramming with their sports cars and shooting us. This is where your video starts, is there any particular reason you cut out the 40+ minutes of interaction we had prior to this? It's because with the full context the admins would see that your claims are bogus. This is completely false, you told us you would kill us and "leave us to swim with the sharks, in pieces." This is a direct threat on our lives and as I explained to you in game already, that gives me and Phil KoS on you. Here's the KoS rule: 7.4.3 KoS is allowed for these specific reasons: • Your life was threatened in the past (ex.: in a robbery, a combat situation or a hostage situation); • The life of your friend or ally is threatened at the present or if you have witnessed it happen in the past; You typed F after you were already being shot at, you didn't type until you were already stalled. You're trying to make it out like you were just trying to have a friendly chat with us, right after you and your gang just all tried to kill us. You threatened our lives not even 10 minutes prior and flew to the bank to try and save your remaining gang members. Phil didn't even hit you with the vehicle, he hit your car that you weren't even inside of. That does not constitute VDM. If hypothetically Phil did hit you with his vehicle, it still wouldn't have been VDM because the VDM rule states that if you have valid KoS on somebody, you can run them over one time and one time only. Phil backed up and didn't even hit you one time, thus the VDM rule couldn't be breached. This is the real reason you made the report, you and your gang are just salty that you lost your guns. You didn't think there was a chance that 2 people could take out 7 of you and you decided to make a rage report without thinking it through. So you and your friends who also play on this server who's in the same gang as you just sit in discord together unmuted and you guys never talk about IC things? Him asking you if he was just VDM'd over OOC chat was the reason you started to return to the scene. Notice how from 0-15 seconds a player supposedly asks if they've been VDM'd over discord, then at 16 seconds another player is speaking a foreign language and you immediately rush toward the bank. Before anyone shouts on the radio that there's a gun fight, you get 2 of your friends speaking in a foreign language from 0-16 seconds which causes you to speed back to the bank. I'd like an admin to get somebody to translate what exactly was said from 0-15 seconds, and then what the 2nd person said at 16 seconds (OVER DISCORD) that made him rush back to the scene before anyone else even spoke on the radio. It's pretty clear that your gang sits in discord metagaming often. In fact, this 1:24 clip that you uploaded is just cut from a 10 minute clip that you trimmed and left on your youtube channel. In that 10 minute clip, your friends are talking over discord, you guys metagame over Faction chat (how you even got to be an official faction is beyond me), and whats even better is that in that 10 minute clip, it shows you threatening to kill us. Completely destroying your argument that we had no valid KOS. It's clear why you chose to only cut out this 1 minute clip, because the rest of your video would have shown you metagaming and contradicting yourself. For the sake of the admins, I'm going to link the full 10 minute clip that you cut out of this and link timestamps. Here's a 10 minute video that he used to trim this 1minute video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxRBmnNmmgg Chat log of where he threatened to kill me and Phil and leave us swimming with sharks in pieces: https://gyazo.com/87e196651d2fd312f181f45e235b0e31 Faction chat metagaming: https://gyazo.com/39b91ab9f2288e57bb172f4a151fd90e Just as a quick note for this, him saying in /f that they tried to get me arrested is giving IC information over OOC communications. Only 1 or 2 of the vice members were at the scene where the cop was. Him telling all of his faction members that are online that we tried to get him arrested is pretty major MG on his part. If he's comfortable uploading footage with major MG like that makes me wonder what goes on behind the scenes. If an admin feels so inclined to check their /f logs, i'm sure you will see a lot of metagaming. Another instance of Fchat metagaming: https://gyazo.com/d83279d3d85562026b072452e18dd510 Player Edward Miles was ID 4, he was the first one that we fully killed before Gregor even showed up, he was fully dead and he decided to communicate over Faction chat that we had returned to the bank. All of his faction members that were online were able to see this. This is another major breach of metagaming rules. ------------------------------ To conclude, Phil and I had KoS on Gregor because he threatened our lives. His gang had just attacked us, ramming with their sports cars and shooting. He knew the exact situation he was rolling up to, and for him to expect not to be shot at is absurd. I'd like for the admin who takes this thread to please request for him to upload the 30-40 minutes of footage that took place before this, so that they can get the full context of the situation. And I'd also like the admin who takes this thread to please inform them about the faction chat rules, and metagaming rules. Being an official faction is a privilege, and these players including the head of the faction are abusing that privilege, if they can't play by the rules then their official faction status should be revoked until they can play by the rules. Just as a final note, @Dingus0 and @Archaeah both moderators of the server, took in game reports about this. Dingus0 stated already that he didn't believe any DM or NCZ rules were breached. And Archaeah punished several of the vice members because they were ramming in their sports/super cars. Thanks.
  12. You should report that player for deathmatching, I wouldn't accept a verbal warning from an admin. If that is exactly what happened, then it is 100% deathmatching and that player should be punished, a verbal warning means nothing. Yeah in a 1v1 situation maybe something could be changed where the player could try to wrestle the gun away from the robber, I think on paper this could potentially work, but in practice, players would just be way more trigger happy I think. Still it might be worth trying.
  13. There's not really a good solution for gangs running the town, most people join this server and join a gang straight away because that's how they have the most fun. I agree that it can be super annoying for people to run up on you with guns and take your stuff but what would the alternative be? Ban gangs? Ban gangs from doing robberies? The best thing you can do is just put yourself in a position where its hard for you to get robbed, I.E go to the least popular drug lab, always have your finger on the trigger the second anyone walks in and be ready to defend yourself incase they try to rob you. Gang RP does need to be drastically improved though, it sucks when nearly every interaction you have with anybody that's not a government worker (mech/PD/MD/etc.) leads to a robbery or gun fight. Have you tried starting your own gang then? If youre not a follower, and don't want to join any gangs then try forming your own if you want to do criminal activities without getting harassed by gang members. Again, the "hands up this is a rob" RP is annoying and bad, but there's not really a good solution to the problem. The only thing you can do is try and outsmart the criminals or don't put yourself in that position (being alone in a dangerous area with valuable stuff on you). The reason your shot for not complying with someone that has a gun to your head, is because you didn't comply to someone with a loaded weapon to your head. You may not like it, but this is exactly as intended. In real life, if someone had a gun to you and told you to empty your pockets, you probably would with no hesitation so you don't get shot. Since this is an RP server and some players don't really care about their characters life, there must be a fear RP rule in place. Yes, if a player breaks the rules and its damaging to the roleplay situation or the server, you should report them. No one likes players ramming sports cars into you and telling you to pull over, and the only way to deal with them is to have an admin explain the rules to them so that if they keep doing it they get removed from the server. There's a shit ton of police, but at the same time it feels like there's no police, right? I swear, the amount of times I call the cops and get no response and then 5 minutes later I see 3-4 cop cars for a minor traffic stop is astounding. There are a lot of cops, but there could always be more and they could allocate their resources a bit better. In a 1v1 situation where a player at close range has a gun to you before you have your gun out, the robbery should be successful 100% of the time. If it's any other way, players will just roll, pull out a gun and attack the robber, when in real life they would never do such a thing otherwise they would just get shot attempting it. Hard agree. The reason there is a lot of robberies is because if you don't have a government job, you're either robbing people or getting robbed. Some players take initiative by making up their own roleplay situations such as hosting parties, car shows, street race events which is super cool.
  14. Dashingly

    ID 9 VDM

    Yea the original report is about VDM, Georg, Phil and I explained to you that you're allowed to hit a person one time at each RP situation if you have valid reason. Georg hit your vehicle with his car at one RP situation and then a few minutes later he ran you over because you were shooting at him. Alexey has a gun out so he does not have to fear for his life. You did not have a gun out, you do have to fear for your life, do you understand the difference?
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