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  1. Dashingly

    Bring OLD voip back please

    +1000 new system is shite (right now), but I think that might be on rage's end. theyre running tests on the voip to hopefully get it sorted soon. https://rage.mp/forums/topic/2859-rage-multiplayer-037-public-testing/ Fix voice chat not getting cleared properly after setting "voice3d" to false Improve voice chat playback thread synchronization mechanism, so it doesn't affect anything else Fix reported voice chat crashes but as it stands now if it is possible, bring back the old voip. who even asked for a new voip system when the other one worked (mostly) perfect.
  2. Dashingly

    Leron Davis refund request

    Character to be refunded: Leron Davis Date and time of incident: October 24, 03:34 Requested refund (what and how much): $20,000 Description of incident resulting in loss: I was punished for Non-RP and received a fine for $20,000. That punishment has since been voided and would like to be refunded the amount that was taken from my account. Evidence of loss: https://gyazo.com/919ab6dc13bbf36d3676feb9c8b0f8d1 Comments: Thanks 🙂
  3. Dashingly

    Rules against Sexual Harassment

    ye +1 people look at me like im a piece of meat all the time and i want it to end.
  4. Dashingly

    [REJECTED] Mask 5747_9863, Stranger 2051_5734 (DM)

    I don't alias 100% of the people I come in contact with because its unfeasible sometimes. How does this disprove him being my friend, I didn't have Phil aliased for the longest time, just because someone's not aliased means they can't be your friend? To your 2nd point, you don't know who my actual friends are. That's why I found it weird when you said that you knew for a fact that we weren't friends. Do I have any evidence of us meeting, and being friends? Why would I record footage of every single person I become friendly with? That's ridiculous. This is an oxymoron. You pointed a loaded gun at us, but had no intent in trying to do us harm? That makes absolutely no sense. If you aimed a gun at a cop for just 1 second, and turned away you would be shot. I never said anything about fear RP. We told you to stop robbing our friend more than 4 times, and you continued to rob him and then you shot him down (after shooting down our other friends). You didn't have to comply, but that would give us reason to attack you (on top of the fact that we already had KOS on you for killing Matthos and Martin and pointing a weapon at us). Think of it like this, a cop tells you to leave a crime scene 5 times without having a firearm pointed at you. After the 5th time you disobey he shoots you or tases you, did he just DM you? Again the main crux of my point as to why you got shot isn't because you disobeyed us more than 4 times, its because you pointed a gun at us, and killed our boys in front of us. How am I supposed to prove who I have friendships with? I can name them all by name, even the one's with a mask on. Why would we shoot you in the middle of LSC, where the mechanics would also start to fire at us? We waited for a more opportune moment to strike like when you were all distracted robbing David.
  5. Dashingly

    [REJECTED] Mask 5747_9863, Stranger 2051_5734 (DM)

    Heyo Stranger 2051_5734 here. Firstly, we arrived at LSC to check the catalog and we saw 3 friends getting hassled by @HaminLord, and Shayan. Eventually they chased them out of LSC and killed 2 of them, the last remaining one is in this video being robbed. We rolled up to the scene of the robbery, the reporting player points his weapon at us (which gives us KOS), we tell them to stop robbing David multiple times, and they failed to comply (which allows us to shoot them within the rules). Then the lady in pink pointed her weapon at us, which leads to a shootout where she went down, Shayan returns fire, Yuval shoots David, and we shoot Yuval and the girl in pink dead. This video doesn't show the full context of what led up to the robbery. They killed Martin and Matthos just before this, and we're friends with them giving us KOS rights on Yuval, Shayan, and the dude in pink. After they finished Matthos and Martin, we rolled up on them threatening and robbing David, we get firearms pointed at us, so we enact our KOS rights to kill them. KoS is allowed for these specific reasons: • Your life was threatened in the past (ex.: in a robbery, a combat situation or a hostage situation); • The life of your friend or ally is threatened at the present or if you have witnessed it happen in the past; Yuval didn't only kill Martin, Matthos (both of whom are not in the video, because it's edited to this specific point), and David. He pointed his weapon at us, which gives us reason to shoot him on sight. Evidence of him pointing his weapon at us here: https://gyazo.com/45f083752bb6c59d46b7c280f1097bbb, and here: https://gyazo.com/fbf373bea75f5aeb381a03781d0cd432, On top of him killing our friends Martin, Matthos, and David in front of us (which that alone gives us KOS), he points his weapon at us, and refuses to comply with our demands to stop robbing David. Here's evidence of them finishing Matthos and Martin right in front of us: https://gyazo.com/eccd4a317957d3f82cc69cb57fbaad05 7.2.2 Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they are not in compliance with the demands or if they attempt to escape or call other players for help; This is a completely false statement, you don't determine who we do or don't know. The boys in green are our boys, you had just gotten done murdering 2 of them and robbing (and killing) the 3rd right in front of us. We had valid reason to shoot her, as seen in the video she threatens us with a firearm. When we shot her, Shayan shoots back at us, which gives us reason to attack him as well, although he didn't end up dying. Again, this further proves the point that we had valid reason to KOS, the rules specifically state that you may shoot somebody who doesn't comply with your demands, (we told you to leave him alone more than 4 times) and that you may kill somebody who attacked your friends, David, Matthos and Martin are our friends whom they killed. You did threaten us by pointing your loaded guns at us, and you killed our friends. Both of those gives us valid reason to KOS. Furthermore, after this incident took place I PM'd @HaminLord over discord showing him evidence that he pointed a weapon at us which allows us to shoot him. I told him since he didn't feel like the RP was right that we could void it and he can get his items back to specifically avoid going to the forums. I offered this out of courtesy to avoid wasting everyone's time. Every time that we interact with Mercia, they go straight to the forums. This report isn't about us breaking the rules, it's them trying to report us enough to eventually try and get something to stick. Here's a paragraph from the "Player Report Must Read" thread, "Please do not take reporting another player lightly and reserve player reports for situations that have caused severe loss or were abused for benefit. Consider if you could possibly teach this player or if you've tried to come to a resolution on your own. Reporting another player should be reserved for your final options when a rule breach has occurred. Always try to teach other players in the community, especially with newer players, as well as help them truly understand your point of view prior to simply reporting them if something doesn't go your way" I offered to void the RP, showed him our POV and why we did KOS him. Tried everything I could to avoid the forums and wasting everyone's time again, but like I stated earlier, they don't care about whether a rule was broken or not, they just try and get something to stick on their enemies to try and get them removed from the server. Evidence of the discord log here: https://gyazo.com/bf46ebb3c79ed206d3b4bb5f8e0fcb8d, https://gyazo.com/ecab8969526b25f235e75645fe19e781
  6. Dashingly

    Admin logs

  7. Dashingly

    RageMP Update Issue

    I'm experiencing the same issue, I'm sure its a rage MP bug.
  8. Yeah it's pretty dumb to have been shot 15 times and go to jail but it has to be this way because I'd say over 80% of police arrests lead into a shootout, and the only way criminals would ever go to jail is if the PD doesn't allow them to RP death. I mean think about it, when was the last time you saw someone being arrested without guns being drawn and people being downed? As far as the 350 deaths a year goes, I believe that stat actually goes against what you're trying to say. 350 deaths a year for over 325 million people in the US is a REALLY low % of people dying at the hands of police. Totally agree, except if everyone was allowed to RP death then there would be no repercussions to RPing the most heinous violent criminal in the world, who kills and robs indiscriminately. Which is a bad thing. It's super shitty to go to jail and literally waste 2 hours of oyur time doing nothing, and I believe there are some good solutions to it but there has to be some sort of heavy repercussion to being a violent criminal otherwise people would be non stop killing (even more then now). Totally 100% agree, there should be more options to maybe get out of prison sooner at the expense of not being afk, and definitely being able to serve your prison time while offline (maybe at 1/2 the speed.) I'd like to see maybe some jobs you can do in order to earn "good behavior" and get out early. Stuff like sweeping X amount of items, or cleaning up litter inside the interior of the prison that reduces your prison time based on how much of the task you do. Prison used to be 1 hour, but that felt too short for the cops. Then they increased it to 8 hours, then reduced it to 4 hours, and now its been settled to 2 hours for quite a while now. It does feel like an ooc player punishment, but again there has to be some sort of harsh punishment otherwise players would go nuts just killing because the only repercussion is finding a new pistol. So in conclusion, I totally agree there are a lot of issues with PD and the prison system and the way we RP death. I do feel like cops sometimes do some light to medium metagaming (talking over teamspeak about IC things, disliking your character on an alt so they try to arrest you on there criminal character, etc.). But the solution isn't to let people RP death everytime they get into a police shootout because it happens nearly every time the police try to make an arrest. There would be no criminals in the prisons, and there would be no repercussions to being a violent criminal (and there needs to be!). This is coming from a player with over 60 imprisonments on his main character and most of those are 4 hours.
  9. Awesome, I just wanted to see if Phil changed the deal at all. Sorry I just gotta stress what the rule states again. Players may trick their victims into delivering their valuables to a specified location and rob them afterwards, however, the scam value must not exceed $15.000. This clearly has to do with people robbing the goods off of the player otherwise it wouldn't mention "rob" at all, it would just state "scam". For an example of how I think the rule works would be, a player wants to sell another player an AK, they meet up, do the trade, and then the player who just bought the AK (assuming for a value over $15000), mugs the player for all of his money back. Just thinking logically, that's how the rule works IMO. To contrast to what we did, which is not bring any of the goods to the meet up, and just steal Georg. I don't see how the rule was violated. If we had brought the goods that we agreed on, then took Georg, then held you guys up and stole the bags back AND Georg, then I could see how it would be violating the rule. But since we didn't rob any goods off of you, you were only lied to, I don't believe I broke the scamming rule. In regards to the OOC pickup, neither Phil, John, or I, had the specified goods at the time of the call. We just lied to you to keep Georg alive till we could get him out. The goods we stole from you were split 5 or 6 ways after one of the bags was robbed from us.
  10. The video that DaleBM linked regarding the negotiations were not the final terms. He and Phil discussed the matter of items and location and finalized it then. Do you have that video Dale? We just told them what they wanted to hear so that Georg would stay alive long enough for us to get him back. I agreed to the exchange but I was lying ICly, to keep Georg alive and keep the weapons we stole. The whole crux of your argument is that the value of Georg was placed higher than $15,000 which violates the scamming rule. The goods that we agreed to trade for georg was worth over 15k$ but again, we were just lying, telling them what they wanted to hear just so that Georg would stay alive until we could bring him to safety. We only brought $4,000 worth of goods (2 bags), and that's what they were scammed of. Regarding the items... Again, we were lying over the phone just to keep Georg alive. After we stole the items from the Shadow Cartel, we divided up all the winnings amongst ourselves. The items got split 5 or 6 ways, and one bag was stolen from us. We (me, Phil, and John) never had the total items that we agreed on. Tbh, I don't think I have 20 AK's lying around, nor do I have 50 heroin. The items got split 5 or 6 ways before RP was paused, and we were robbed of one bag also before RP was paused. At no point during our negotiations did John, Phil, or I have the assets that were discussed. So you're probably going to have to make a refund request getting the rest of the stuff back, or take the items from people who weren't involved with the scamming. The next time I'll be on is kinda hard to say, my schedule varies every day and I have only been able to get on twice in like the past 2 weeks or so.
  11. Dashingly

    No way to turn off the music in game

    yeah word i got the same issue. very annoying
  12. Again, this $15,000 limit is regarding bringing goods to a location, and then robbing the player of the goods. Read the rule here: Players may trick their victims into delivering their valuables to a specified location and rob them afterwards, however, the scam value must not exceed $15.000. Scammers cannot not lie to their victims in OOC form. What goods did we rob off you of?
  13. I didn't have time to type up a /me and /do which would have taken like an excess of 10-15 seconds. You would have pulled guns on me by that time. Let's not get this twisted, I was typing up the /me, you discover that the bags are empty, so instead of typing a /me I drop the item (which would have been Georg's parachute) on the ground and jump down. Not even a few seconds after I hit the ground I type the /me, because I was forced to jump down or get guns pulled on me with no opportunity to type the /me. Who's powergaming now? You walked Georg over to the other side of the bridge (like 5 feet away, don't know why your making it sound like its a mile), cut his restraints so that he could come with us, and now you're saying that he was lying on the ground? In what world would he be lying on the ground if you didn't rp forcing him to the ground? He's given us the option of either redoing RP of the scenario or voiding it entirely, instead of dishing out punishments because he believes that the situation would be mended if Georg was at the situation. I did do /me's, only after the fact so that I wouldn't have had guns pulled on me. In place of the /me's I dropped Georg's 'parachute' on the ground, which if he was there he would have picked up and equipped before you knew the bags were empty. Let's not act holier than thou, who cares what the Shadow Cartel deem appropriate RP, we've seen what takes place behind the scenes with your gang. In a 4 hour twitch vod, your gang is seen MG'ing nonstop, DM'ing, mercy killing, breaking NLR, mixing OOC and IC and more. This "terrible RP" of using the Phantom was deemed a game mechanic and desync throughout the whole time we used it. As soon as it was announced that shooting out of the truck would be considered power gaming, we stopped using it. Lol, this is Phil's whole point. This thread was just a sad attempt to get your items back that were stolen fairly. Harmdone (the developer) was with us when we stole your guns, he has not found that we're guilty of breaking any rules there, so can you drop it? Word play for an ooc scam? You PM'd us basically asking us if we were going to scam you, how are we supposed to reply to that? We agreed that we would give you 2 bags in exchange for Georg, and that's that. IMO it should have never went OOC. No. This is an absurd claim, it's not guilty until proven innocent, it's innocent until proven guilty. The onus is on you to prove that we broke the rules. EDIT: Also, the scamming rule that states that you can't scam over $15,000 is regarding robbing goods off of the player after tricking them into coming to a location. No good were robbed, we traded 2 bags in exchange for invisible Georg and that's that.
  14. Why are phil and john getting punished? they just jumped from the bridge, i typed the /me.
  15. Dashingly


    How are any admins able to help you with this information? You give a rough description of a player's outfit and say that he DM'd you. Like seriously, what do you expect to come from this thread? If this player DM'd you, how would the admins know who it was, and if they even DM'd you? How are they supposed to check your character death logs when you haven't even posted your character's name? Even if they did check the logs, how do the admins know that the player killed you for no reason? This has to be like one of the most pointless threads on the forum right now. I'm sorry if you got DM'd but like man, describing a player's outfit and then saying that he broke the rules and expecting the admins to do anything about it doesn't make any sense. Before you even post a thread on this forum, the very top of the topics has a thread titled "Player Report Requirements [MUST READ BEFORE POSTING]". How do you miss that? If you have no evidence of someone breaking the rules then the admins can't do anything for you, it's not a lot to download a program that records the last 5-10 minutes of gameplay, or that saves screenshots. If it happens to you as often as you say, download a recording software. If you do have evidence, remake the thread following the rules of the forum. sheesh