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  1. Account name: Character name(s):Rex Gregor/Randy Savage Admin who issued punishment:BallinByNature Date of punishment:01/July/2018 Reason given for punishment:OOC cyber attacks, failure to report rule breaches, gross misuse of authority Your explanation of what happened:I was in a discord which had members in which were banned and not to interact with, I had interacted with them after the announcement was made. I was then asked to leave which I did after that. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I understand I shouldn't have been in there, a picture was photoshopped and taken out of context which I assume is related to the "ooc cyber attacks" which i never took part in and im not sure what rule breaches i failed to report as i was away when all that went down and i assumed everyone who was apart of it was already punished and not sure what authority i missed either, i understand i made a joke in bad taste and was in a server i shouldnt have been in but i feel that the perma ban is unjustified for them things. removal from staff i understand but i hope we can all discuss this. Just dont want to be known as someone who "OOCly cyber attacked" eclipse and i hope this can all be discussed in voip, i have no ill will towards anyone on the server, its where i have been for over a year and staff for almost a year as well. Post any evidence or further details:Ive already spoken to ballin and nobody and shown what evidence i have
  2. Account name: Character name(s):teamspeakuser#3110 Admin who issued punishment: NobodyLTU Date of punishment:01/07/18 Reason given for punishment:None Your explanation of what happened:This is just related to the discord ban, I was just trying to show evidence of what happened, just put it in #nsfw-memes and tagged Nobody and ballin as I was out most of the day and got back to all of it, so I quickly got evidence what I thought was the reason for my ban in the first place and posted it there, shortly after I was banned from discord. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Spoken with ballin and Nobody and explained my side of it and what happened, this isn't about the main permaban as I've already told them I didn't DDoS the server or have anything to do with it. Would just like to some how stay apart of the community I have spent the last year and a bit playing with and making friends with. Post any evidence or further details: I'm trying not to mix this up with the main appeal, just want to get back on the discord server.
  3. TeamSpeakUser


    I have given you the ban because the reasons you have stated are not valid or are poor reasons to kill someone as stated in rule 5.3.2 Killing someone just because they are part of a rival gang is also not a valid reason to kill on sight as stated in rule 6.2.2 and 6.7.3
  4. TeamSpeakUser

    Mask 8460_615 RDM

    @Sten_Lohk You will be receiving DM Offence #3 for breaking rule 5.3 Deathmatch and will receive a 168 hour ban.
  5. TeamSpeakUser

    Mask 8460_615 RDM

    Thank you both for your input, the topic will be locked untill a decision is made.
  6. TeamSpeakUser

    Mask 8460_615 RDM

    @LaCocke You can now stop responding as this report no longer involves you.
  7. TeamSpeakUser

    Mask 8460_615 RDM

    @LaCocke sorry for the tag it was the name of the reportee, @Sten_Lohk would you please give your side of the story?
  8. TeamSpeakUser

    Mask 8460_615 RDM

    Hi and thank you for making the report. @LaCocke you will have 24 hours to respond with your side of the story and any evidence you have.
  9. TeamSpeakUser

    Stranger 3920_3679 Combat Log / Fail RP

    Thank you for making a report but can you please make a new report with the correct format:
  10. TeamSpeakUser

    Failed Fear RP

    @Mcguinness has not replied in the 24 hours given and with the evidence received will be receiving a Fear RP punishment. Report and accepted and archived.
  11. TeamSpeakUser

    Failed Fear RP

    Hello and thank you for reporting. @Mcguinness You have 24 hours to respond. Please describe your side of the situation.
  12. TeamSpeakUser

    David Fibonaci FailRP

    @david fibonacci you will be receiving a punishment for FailRP. @Angrez You will also be receiving a Non-RP for ramming Matt Truston's vehicle when he was stuck with no roleplay. Ramming a car, especially on the drivers side door, at the speed you were going at would have seriously injured your colleague. Report Accepted - Topic Locked
  13. TeamSpeakUser

    David Fibonaci FailRP

    You said you went afk, but you were in fact just watching a second monitor ignoring the RP?
  14. TeamSpeakUser

    David Fibonaci FailRP

    Hello and thank you for reporting this. @david fibonacci could you shed some light on this situation. You have 24 hours to respond
  15. TeamSpeakUser

    [BETTING] Selling Torero

    $88,001.00 - Rex Gregor #2349862