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  1. King Zaki - How I became a 'REFORMED ROLEPLAYER'!

    LOLtyleronedotcomdiscountcodealpha #reformed @King Zaki is very reformed man I have found many RP with him made some mistakes but now all he is here for is the role play
  2. AFK script

    maybe typing or speaking should cancel the afk timer so then you don't have to move around all the time which would still be as effective against people who are tabbed out anf afking
  3. Renaming VIP and Donator announcements

    Bump good idea plus sounds like an easy QoL fix
  4. not roleplaying randy savage

    Also i'm sorry that you feel that my action in the situation were inappropriate
  5. not roleplaying randy savage

    I didn't want to self incriminate myself by replying to or trading information the person i crashed into, this was all done within roleplay. My roleplay reason for my action was that at the time I was roleplaying as a poor husband and father trying to make as much money as possible to help my family through life. During my roleplay as this character, i decided to not trade insurance information as i knew i was in the wrong and it would've cost me a lot of money in damages. This was my valid roleplay reason for not furthur engaging in roleplay.