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  1. Marco Davis (6.7. (5.1) Fear Roleplay)

    After looking at the evidence it's clear that @Marco Davis broke Fear RP and will be given Fear RP Offence #2 Report resolved/archived
  2. Stunt Jump and FailRP

    I will be giving @SuBDivisions23 and @chapster29 failrp/nonrp for the evidence shown in the video. If you feel as though other rules were broken and have any evidence of it you may make a report about it. Case closed and resolved.
  3. Stunt Jump and FailRP

    @SuBDivisions23 and @chapster29 if you have any evidence please post it in a reply to this post so I can see both sides of the story.
  4. Stunt Jump and FailRP

    Pending @SuBDivisions23 and @chapster29 Will give 24 hours to respond.
  5. i cant log in

    You need to create an account on the panel and that is the account you use to sign on with.
  6. Wishing you all a good farewell!

    Hope to see you again see bro, have a good one mate. Rico Rodriguez Julio Van Estebar Con Chile Chulo Antonio will miss you InvalidSun And I'll miss all seven of you :(
  7. All name tags to be white

    Simple suggestion, no idea how hard it will be to add. But just to make everyone's name white no matter if they are on duty or not that way it can't be meta gamed knowing if someone is on duty accidently or otherwise.
  8. Happy Holidays!

    Bit late but Happy Holidays and have a good new year mate!
  9. I can´t log in the pinel pls help

    The panel account is different to your forum account, you will need to create a new account on the panel and that account is what you will use when you log in game.
  10. Where are the mining spots?

    Mining has been taken out and you are unable to do it anymore
  11. King Zaki - How I became a 'REFORMED ROLEPLAYER'!

    LOLtyleronedotcomdiscountcodealpha #reformed @King Zaki is very reformed man I have found many RP with him made some mistakes but now all he is here for is the role play
  12. AFK script

    maybe typing or speaking should cancel the afk timer so then you don't have to move around all the time which would still be as effective against people who are tabbed out anf afking
  13. Renaming VIP and Donator announcements

    Bump good idea plus sounds like an easy QoL fix
  14. not roleplaying randy savage

    Also i'm sorry that you feel that my action in the situation were inappropriate
  15. not roleplaying randy savage

    I didn't want to self incriminate myself by replying to or trading information the person i crashed into, this was all done within roleplay. My roleplay reason for my action was that at the time I was roleplaying as a poor husband and father trying to make as much money as possible to help my family through life. During my roleplay as this character, i decided to not trade insurance information as i knew i was in the wrong and it would've cost me a lot of money in damages. This was my valid roleplay reason for not furthur engaging in roleplay.