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  1. bruh moment

    1. HaminLord


      That's pretty cool

  2. opa

    1. Tagor


      Get banned kid.


    2. smiley:)


      epic gamer moment

  3. Sorry for responding to a punishment appeal, but this is legit copy-pasted straight from my appeal. He just changed two lines. You can see my appeal here:
  4. But what's the point of adding a realistic timer if people are going to get rid of it anyway
  5. Account name: Spook#8565 Character name(s): N/A Admin who issued punishment: No clue Date of punishment: Some time in March? (Unsure) Punishment received: Permaban Reason given for punishment: Toxicity towards another member Your explanation of what happened: I posted some memes about another member, which I should not have done. I was very annoyed at this person at the time and I thought it was a bit funny. I realised shortly after that it was wrong and I deleted it. I was banned after a short while. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I realised my mistakes and tried to undo them but the mistakes had already been made. It has now been a couple of months since I was banned and I feel like I'm ready to return to the community. I don't have anything against the person anymore, or any other members on Eclipse for that matter and I think I should be let back in. I regret my actions and I will not be toxic towards another player again. Post any evidence or further details: -
  6. or just drive slowly without your cruise control on
  7. I got so much jewelry

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    2. Bakmeel


      Im DJ now, it could have been So good

    3. Tagor


      pass me the kush neighbor 

    4. Eriksen


      yooo stop fleeexing 😠

  8. Don't you have a GPS on your phone though
  9. Hello friends 🤠

  10. Spookie

    Los Zetas

    You have the banana man's respect 🍌
  11. 💔

    1. Tagor


      Go to sleep little shit.

  12. Someone hurry up and revive the original Banana man...
  13. Spookie

    Los Zetas

    Most epic faction 👌
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