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  1. Hello friends 🤠

  2. Spookie

    Los Zetas

    You have the banana man's respect 🍌
  3. 💔

    1. Tagor


      Go to sleep little shit.

  4. Someone hurry up and revive the original Banana man...
  5. Spookie

    Los Zetas

    Most epic faction 👌
  6. OI lad i joined the club 😯rip

  7. Account name:Spookie / Spook#8565 Character name(s): Spook#8565 Admin who issued punishment: NBDY Date of punishment:22/MAR/2019 Punishment received:Discord ban Reason given for punishment:I don't really know why I got banned to be honest. Your explanation of what happened: After I resigned, I went out for about an hour and 20 minutes. When I got back, I noticed that I was banned from discord. I've always stayed friendly towards everyone and I resigned as peacefully as possible. The ECRP discord is where I spend most of my time just reading or chatting with the other members. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I feel like I didn't do anything wrong and I would at least want an explanation why I got banned from discord. I am sorry if I did something wrong and I think I deserve to be let back in. Thank you. Post any evidence or further details:
  8. This is the end... 😞

    1. HaminLord


      we still havent killed @MarcoD pls no sir 😥

    2. BrockOlly


      🦀Spook is gone🦀

  9. banana man is back boys

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    2. Femo


      go back to roblox 

    3. nateX


      Banana man and lil banana gonna rule this city. Updates coming soon

    4. BrockOlly
  10. Have you seen this man?

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    2. verydoge12


      yes he hrob me

    3. Spookie
    4. dever


      no but ive been looking to talk to one of the guys in your crew but never see anyone..

  11. It's a bit strange to attack a prison because you want to steal radios from guards. It feels like you guys are just changing your stories constantly; First you say it was a prison break but then you say it was a robbery. And now you say you were taking our radios but before you said you were taking our guns. Feels like you are just changing your story in an attempt to make it look better than it actually is.
  12. It's pretty hard to believe that none of you meant to hit me but I will leave it up to the staff member reviewing this to decide. I also think it's a bit weird to attack the prison twice in such a short period of time. Will await response from a staff member before responding again.
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