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  1. Very thoughtful project, I love it!
  2. The thread looks perfect! Best of luck to the russians ^_^
  3. I believe there is no limit since I've seen people with 7+ chars
  4. +1 it will persuade players to do more civ jobs
  5. This is now available, could also sell it if I receive a good offer.
  6. Hills

    The Rooks

    Looks fantastic, best of luck!
  7. There a few things that still needs to be clarified an example would be the bus depot as some people are claiming it is while NCZ while other parties are claiming it is not.
  8. Hills

    Delete - Please

    Best of luck with the street gang.
  9. Again, you should've placed your gun away inside the vehicle before getting out by using TAB instead of getting out and putting it away as a criminal I would be IC'ly afraid as your doing something behind your back. as soon as I saw your hands up I immediately stopped shooting to initiate some role-play but you were shot by another person. To the admin reviewing this, keep in mind there was a situation beforehand in which he was told to place his hands and he failed to comply evidence can be posted if required and as soon as I saw his hands up I stopped shooting. https://imgur.com/uVQHcfb.png This situation was earlier when I told him to put his hands up but he evaded in which I have the full rights to shoot him since he failed to listen to my demands in which we chased him for 5 minutes where we boxed him besides Bayview and it looked like he was pulling out a gun when I began shooting but as soon I saw his handsup I stopped shooting and was about to start role-play but the player next to me was the one who shot him to death which makes this report false and your trying to frame me by showing that I am saying handsup and immediately shooting you afterward and not providing beforehand where you were being chased. You claim there was an officer but an officer only arrived you have died and you have never dialed 911, which makes me think you are using some kind of third party software in order to get assistance and for the two witnesses, they were going to be handled separately by the other guy but the other guy shot you to death which led us no choice but to leave you there.
  10. As you can see that as soon as I saw his hands up I immediately stop shooting regarding the officer I did not see him till the player was dead and he was pretty far away.
  11. Posting as I was one of the players who shot, it looked like you were pulling out a gun which is why we immediately shooting you. You never warned us about having a gun in your hand which is why we thought you will be shooting back. We were always chasing you for a while and asked you to place your hands earlier in which you didn't comply and we had the rights to kill you. Can post my POV if required.
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