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  1. PLAYER REPORT PENDING RESPONSES Thank you @shimo for your patience while this report is under review. After reviewing this report and the evidence attached to it, I have decided that this report cannot be concluded at this time. The following players will be required to provide their side of the story from this situation within the next twenty-four (24) hours: [Niko_Roberts [ID #79]] - [Player will be notified in-game.] [Jamal_Dequavis [ID #112]] - [Player will be notified in-game] [William_Lee [ID #24]] - [Player will be notified in-game & via forum @hubbkezz12] William_Lee, Why did you run over Frost_Jack? Jamal_Dequavis & Niko_Roberts, who shot at Frost_Jack and why? If the players above fail to respond to this report within the next twenty-four (24) hours, this report will be concluded based on the evidence that has already been provided, to the best of our ability. Regards, Brawnkoh
  2. “I am not accepting offers, if you want it, go pick it up. Otherwise, I will keep it. Thanks for looking.“
  3. I keep putting this on the market, then changing my mind. I'll be out of town for a few days, so I've given it to my real estate agent to sell. You can pick it up for $235k. The house is unlocked, so if you want to see the inside feel free to walk in. It's on the ground floor, South East corner of the complex. The working garage on the street is all yours for privacy parking. ((one of the very few that work in that garage)) There's a nice community pool, and the place is directly across the street from the back bank parking. There's also a lot of parking available on the West side of the building right next to the bank in case you decide to throw a pool party. I am not accepting offers, if you want it, go pick it up. Otherwise, I will keep it. Thanks for looking.
  4. I'm not sure why you are arguing your point to me. I have been on your side throughout the entire thread. XD
  5. To my knowledge, the system used to be much more like this. I don't know the specifics exactly, but I know there were many more factions. However, that was before my time. So I can't really speak on it. I'm not sure what worked, and what didn't work, that caused the change.
  6. I get where you're coming from, and here is my counter. Just for reference, I am not in any official faction. Police, Weazel, DCC, SD, DOC, etc all have a script advantage. There are scripts in place that allow them to do whatever specific job they have to do on top of the standard Treasury and script based wages. In my opinion, it doesn't make sense to take away a gangs official script advantage, yet keep advantages for "government factions". If I were to decide I wanted to start a legal business today and work it into an official legal faction, those already established have a much easier time than I. It's a long grind, and I'm at a disadvantage due to no treasury or scripts to help maintain payments, jobs, etc. I think looking at the big picture, in my opinion, it's either all okay, or none of it is okay. If we want to argue regarding factions in general, I think there's some merit. But I don't believe taking away only illegal factions script advantage is right.
  7. Brawnkoh

    The Rooks

    Glad to see the thread come up boys. Good luck!
  8. The gangs that are official, have become so for a reason. It's a goal to achieve, and work for. Look at groups like The Wanted that have been around for months and still are not official. I personally don't see a point in adding an easy pathway to heavy weaponry, treasury, and faction chat. You want the gangs with access to heavies to respect their position, and make sure it's something they don't want to lose. Otherwise, the server becomes overly choatic. I want to see people earn it, not buy it. Just my opinion. Take it with a grain of salt.
  9. House no longer available
  10. Property is sold.
  11. Hey, congratulations! I think that house is missing some storage, so if I'd be willing to give you back 5-10k so you can buy some storage containers. Give me a ring at 216-5777
  12. I'd like to see the ability to change house interiors for a credit fee. Obviously, it would be restricted to garage amount we currently have and would just allow us to choose between new interiors of houses and old ones of the same garage size. Afaik there is no alternate 4g interior, but i'm sure one could be found fairly easily. I'm not sure if this is something that can be done on the fly based on Rage functionality. But it's something I'd definitely spend a few shekels on that doesn't allow for any sort of pay2win imo. Opinions?
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