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  1. ill let you live in my closet for 50k
  2. aim a gun tell him to shut up lol, i bet he won't do it outside of jail. just keep it ic and contact a guard to deal with it icly so they move him to another cell or give him a longer sentence for disruptive actions.
  3. the issue could of been that since it's a big building and there might be other tenants/players living there it is considered a public driveway, especially if it's a sidewalk, unless you guys own the entire building/lot like if its a public entrance to a condo with multiple people living there
  4. yeah but it's over priced who going to import armor for like 100k that's insane makes no dam sense on top of the fact that it's half effective.
  5. +1 We need more crim stuff asap, makes no sense legal jobs earn you more money then criminal work, on top of the fact that there is no risk for legal jobs.
  6. +1 there needs to be another social area to hang out other then the bank, we need kind of like a mall location where people can go and shop and hangout this would be great
  7. Eema ass nigga, all jokes aside like who are you? Like why would i give you a private bidders numbers?
  8. Current offer is 4.2 mill will be sold if no other offers received within 12 hours
  9. Can we please limit the amount of vehicles we can spawn per person? Currently with VIP it's only 4 i feel this is way to little, i want to RP having a car rental company business.
  10. apology accepted i would like to cancel this report hope to have more rp interactions with you in the future.
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