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  1. Enza Denino old DCC days! hook me up!
  2. All the mods combined are like 80k
  3. +1 we need more gas stations and player owned business
  4. Player(s) being reported: ID(79) Date of rule breach: 1/20/2019 Time of rule breach: 2:00 PM EASTERN US Your characters name: Enza Denino Other players involved: Specific rule broken: Powergaming 6.4.1 Forceful roleplay, that does not give the other player a chance to roleplay their own response is considered powergaming. For example, a player may attempt to knock the other player unconscious by roleplaying it (using the /ME command), however the other player must be given a chance to roleplay the outcome of that action. 6.4.2 Roleplay of unrealistic actions is another form of powergaming. For example, roleplay of having super powers, driving a vehicle while your character is handcuffed, shooting a weapon while your character is injured. Non-roleplay 6.6.1 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule?: I parked my car properly and within the lanes at the bank for less than a minute when a tow trucker instantly pulls and takes away my car away with little to no RP, The only thing he rped was lowering the tow hook and attaching it to my car not even giving me a chance to speak to him even though i went up to the car and tried to get in and spoke to him, he did not even rp checking my vehicle for a parking ticket so he's just freely towing cars from a NCZ without rply checking if the car even has a paid parking ticket, i know there a command to check for a ticket but he not once looked at my plates to see if they had a paid ticket and time for parking at even glanced inside my car to see if he saw a ticket. I feel him just taking cars using a /checkparkingpay command to check if there is a parking ticket in the car or not is considered power game, plus the fact i was at the car and he did not even bother to speak to me when i confronted him, which i feel is poor RP tied in with him not properly rping checking for a parking ticket. He just instnatly pulls infront of my car and goes for an instant tow. He lowerd the hook and attached it without even checking for a parking ticket and drove off Evidence of rule breach: The only edits in the video are text and freezes on the raw footage
  5. SOLD house was bought at buyout price front from door
  6. ops i got confused haha, i meant mirror
  7. If no new bids within 24 hours or buyout price from the front door, it's yours.
  8. thesilentwrath


    I am selling this amazing two g home with pool and city view! Starting offer is at 260k, Buy out price is set to 350k or willing to trade for a trophy truck
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