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  1. hey other guy withdrew if no new offers in 24 hours its yours
  2. hey if no more offers within 48 hours its yours
  3. like 180-190 dont remember
  4. i dont think your ever going to find a fullly maxed flash gt for 440k on HE there is another one for 520k
  5. hey sorry cash only, its up at high end for 439k fully maxed stock price on this car is 520k, i need the cash now this is an easy flip in the future
  6. hey sorry i had it at HE for 265 already sold earlier today
  7. open to offers aswell let me know!
  8. as the title says Looking to buy Paragon R, will not lowball just give me a decent offer.
  9. if i dont get no more offers in 3 days its yours for the 1.3
  10. thanks you are the highest offer, no one had left any decent offers up until now. That is why i never sold it.
  11. I mean you can take over anything if you have enough man power/control the area...
  12. Because the wall colour did not match the surrounding area it hat to be another type of wall
  13. thanks will keep in mind so far you are highest offer
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