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  1. thesilentwrath

    The Street Reapers (WIP)

    so sad i could not be here for this one!
  2. thesilentwrath

    Forum Panel

    hey we can close out this poll thanks reseting my password fixed my panel
  3. thesilentwrath

    ReapersGas @ Paleto Bay

    The best gas!
  4. thesilentwrath

    Please implement Toys

    +1 it would be cool maybe they can even be donator only items like it use to be on an old samp server i use to play on back in the day
  5. thesilentwrath

    Forum Panel

    https://gyazo.com/2dbba166458d926c251abaac13315b07 https://gyazo.com/8c9d9441ad7d2603bcda4b825f0cfa03 i log in using my IC information on the panel but once i am in the panel i noticed its a new username on the top then the once i used to log in with
  6. thesilentwrath

    Forum Panel

    Is the panel log in the same as my Server log in info?
  7. thesilentwrath

    Forum Panel

    Can someone help me please, i can log in perfectly fine in game and on my forum account, but i can't log onto my panel. I want to buy VIP but i can't.
  8. thesilentwrath

    Remove the 30k price for engine repair

    +1 can we get more details on how this works?
  9. thesilentwrath

    The Street Reapers (WIP)

    I am so excited for this!!!!! btw i made the graphics guys 😛
  10. thesilentwrath


    the man issue i have is the bright glare the snow gives off during certain times of the day it makes my screen so bright i cant see anything
  11. thesilentwrath

    Removable license plates

    +1 I think i would be a cool idea to hide your plate/remove it
  12. thesilentwrath

    [Complain] Enza Denino

    ((the first time you came i had just logged backed in after crashing my game was loading hence the taxi spawned on me 2nd there are no active calls and i am at a 10-9 location my windows are up i can't hear you need to rp /window status))
  13. thesilentwrath

    Vehicles i would like to see added (Opinions):

  14. thesilentwrath

    Player Owned ATM Machines

    +1 This is actually a pretty cool idea, the only thing is maybe make it so you can only buy things from stores with cash on hand so people use atm machines more.