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  1. Is there room to build outside the property? Need room for storing vehicles.
  2. This has been brought up previously so I'm putting it back on the burner. Paleto Bay has become increasingly busy. Citizens demand a fully functional bank. We need long term parking and also a barber shop. It's a long haul to the city for us country folk to take care of our daily business!
  3. Drkgable

    Outlaws MC

    Absolutely brother! Looking forward to the future 1%!
  4. Drkgable

    Outlaws MC

    There we go boys!
  5. Drkgable

    Outlaws MC

    Looking good Outlaws!
  6. I made contact with the previous individual.Call me or my VP at the numbers listed above. ~ Bastards Prez
  7. Thanks for the feedback! I will be aware of similar situations in the future. Sorry for posting here. I will use discussion next time.
  8. I was speeding on a rural dirt road but maintaining my side of the road. The other vehicle crossed over in to me. All good though. Just saying Fear RP doesn't seem like a priority when you bleeding out dying.
  9. I was hit buy a vehicle while riding my motorcycle. I sustained major injuries from the crash. The individual that hit me then decided to pull a weapon and Rob me. I RP that I was seriously hurt and dying can you call the medics. He considered this action of me not complying to his demands and I was shot and killed. In reality it would seem if a person is hurt severely they wouldn't be worried about trying obey the demands of an attacker. I have no issues with Fear RP but if someone is already dying on injuries what's the point. He can take my items after I die.
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