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  1. Whoa there. This issue was concidered. Now the access to guns in ammunition is more strict, you have to pass an Personal Firearm application in PD site. But newbies who have PF still can buy newbies weponry, this being a IC PD issue.
  2. Qumran


    Can't wait to meet you guys. 🙂
  3. Met the Russians. Nice fellas, but they brang some bad news. Fuck cagers anyways. Ride or Die.
  4. Yellow Jack Inn. Decent place, maybe could use a paint job, but decent. Hard to spell "Anarchy" on the bars. Making cash the only way Hugh knows how.
  5. Qumran

    Show yourself

    Ble seniuk, nzn ar pameni, bet mes seniau kartu dxja lošdavom 😄 In topic: There is a picture of me in this topic -
  6. Hello, my nickname is Qumran, QMRn, and if you roleplay more than 3 years, our paths must have been crossed at some point. I roleplay for 10 years now. From a munchkin that mixes OOC and IC, to a lead admin of aprox. 150 daily players. I've RP'ed it all, you name it: Gangster(black, white, mexican, oldschool, newschool), mobster(Italian, Mexican, Cubian, Columbian, Romanian, Russian, Lithuanian), Mafia(Tradicional, Italian, Yakuza etc) , police(not so much), medic(got bored fast), all other legal faction jobs and of course, for the last 4 years - as a biker. I fell in love with the culture, and I am actually planning to open up a club in real life, just waiting for my yearly bonus to buy a chopper bike. I know all about it, and now I'm trying to come up with new-school consepts. A little about myself: Here's me - guy with spiky hair (in the photo I'm 22, but currently I'm 23 years old). I am an IT project manager in an IT firm, we make CRM's for business, apps, websites, plugins, main stuff with PHP, React, C#, all web languages. Now I have few big projects (their values range from 22k to 250k euro), but because I'm at my academic vacation, I do have some free time to get back to roleplay. I live with my girlfriend, who don't fancy me gaming much, but eh', she enjoys the stories I come up with. So yeah, that's me. Hi!
  7. This is beautiful, guys.
  8. If there will be talk about someone paying someone, it will be all IC. :) Find us, but you might end up paying us.
  9. So much violence. There is a lack of emotion and dialog, at least from my perspective.
  10. Good screens, good stories. Keep the war to the minimum.
  11. Looking forward to have some high quality Role Play interaction with you fellas. Don't let the masks fall.
  12. Chris Bluestone -> Love the Quality.
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