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  1. Bald heads . Return of the business . Ghost from the past . Hugh got caught by surprise by the return of his uncle. Someone relative, someone close is back to Hugh's life. He didn't hesitate, he gave the best for his uncle, buying him a new bike. In return he exchanged it for Daze's hair and his old moonbeam, which Hugh used to do business with. Things would be looking up for the old biker. Hugh cutting Uncles' Dazes' hair He quickly noticed that there were more bikers around the city, as he met one by the city mechanic hive. Hugh had a good chat with the Diablos, but as t
  2. The Return ⁍ The shot ⦿ The near miss Hugh once wore a patch, that was his pride, that was his identity. He got it from Adam, more than half a year back. It didn't just grew on him, it stuck hard, evolving with 'Enforcer' patch. But after one drunk and drugged out night he woke up with his cuttie torn, a bottle up his ass and a note "You're done" stapled on his jaw. He just knew he fucked up, so he found his bike and left the state. He tried making ends meet elsewhere, finding various jobs as a trash-collector, mechanic assistant, but it was just not the life for him. So he decided
  3. Damn, this gang rises again. I wish you to keep up with the legacy.
  4. 2021-03-22 Just a quick update to the community that I respect and love <3: I left roleplay half a year ago, cause I got kicked out of Lost MC OOC'ly. My life was a wreck to say the least it gave to my behavior. It took me a while to get back on my feet, but now I'm happier than ever. Coming back to roleplay with you guys for a week, since I got a stomach infection and am off work. Please say Hi if ya' meet me! Take care and I am always wishing you best.
  5. For a flower to bloom a second time, it needs to wait out the winter. Adam reaches to Hugh, and takes a paper bag with 13 grand cash inside of it. Club was not doing well, members being out of town most of the time, just Adam, Dre, few prospects, Hugh and Paul was holding the burden of the club on their shoulders. Since club needed money to survive, Adam walked on a limb and brought Hugh into gun business. At first - they started small - selling few pieces in the street, for 13 grand a piece. Alongside supplying streets with guns Hugh did casual runs with few member/other mee
  6. Thank you for providing quality role-play. When my character met you for the first time, I literally got chills in my spine, surroundings and timing was just perfect. I am grateful that you've allowed me to share some of our moments in your topic. ♠ Poker ☠ Booze stolen vehicle and bars |||| Hugh came back to Los Santos after a poker tour in which they both participated and got kicked out, after a drunken fight that erupted by the 8th table, when a player caught Paul gesturing Hugh to fold. They got busted cheating, and after a brawl with bunch of security officers (al
  7. My wife and I talked and we decided I should not RolePlay any more. The kids are scared that "daddy will start doing meth agian" and my psyciatrist dont want that. Lock and archive this thread.
  8. Qumran

    Anyone Else?

    As a LS-RP player since 2011, I've noticed that RP level of this server is not yet up to LS-RP quality standards. But we are getting there, with more RP orientated factions rise. Like my own faction, based solely on IC events (not to brag about myself).
  10. This faction pushed forward quite a bit. New screenshots are comming.
  11. Now the name of this organisation is just amazing.
  12. This is not character section. You should write this story there. Here you should intro yourself OOC.
  13. Hey, hunt me down on Discord Lukas#9140, I'm lookin for bros.
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