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  1. -1 I love the mullet to much for him to lose it
  2. +1 so many times cops have saved me but noe LSEMS are on so I have to take the L
  3. #FreeAndyMcCarty


  4. Cars you buy from dealerships shouldn't already come registered. I feel that when you buy a car from a dealership you should have the choice of going to the DMV to get the car registered or be able to keep it unregistered so the police cant detect the car, but driving an unregistered vehicle could result in jail time.
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    Dudes RPing Women.

    a r e y o u a s s u m i n g m y g e n d e r ?
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    I should let you  know  that  I am Tanner Colletti and not @BRAYDEN my dude