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  1. You can do anything at a drug lab. Why limit it to making drugs. Got of video of you aiming and not shooting at me? I've never heard of that bug. Seems like a lie to me.
  2. I did not make drugs at all. I have proof of that. If you were to shoot a gun at someone IRL and they were driving a car I would think they would run you over. To be honest I wish I just killed you. The video I posted shows me exiting as you enter the tunnel and then I reversed to let you pass. It's called common sense so that my vehicle was no damaged and I avoided an accident. You then used your vehicle to try block the tunnel, So i went to go around you, as you pulled out a gun and shot without saying anything at all. You didn't say it was a robbery or anything. I then went back to get your ID so I could report you and you continued to non RP-ly ram my vehicle. Which costs money Why would you damage your vehicle to try mug someone that doesn't have anything on them? I had no cash, no items on me that were worth destroying your own vehicle for.
  3. Player(s) being reported: Mask 2297_1529 Date of rule breach: 11/3/2018 Time of rule breach: 2am UTC Your characters name: Daniel Harm Specific rule broken: Deathmatch Vehicle Deathmatch How did the player break the rule?: Daniel had never this person before, but he walked up and then pulled out a gun and shooting at Daniel and then chased him in a vehicle and used his vehicle to try stop me. I asked him in /pm why he did that and he said "cause i ran" but I ran cause he aimed a gun at me Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/s/Lxo9eQQseMUY
  4. Harm

    Nicholas Harm Daniel Harm Metagame Appeal

    I understand that but he didn’t do what I suggested. And the situations rp was also voided due to lag. So I don’t see why someone would be punished for metagame when the ooc advise given wasn’t used icly and the situation never happened. Can another admin view this as nateX seems to want to stick to being strict when it’s not needed. No one at the situation agreed with me being punished for metagame
  5. Harm

    Nicholas Harm Daniel Harm Metagame Appeal

    After posting this appeal complaint if found out that that rp was voided due to lag/desych. So why would I be punished for metagame when the player didn’t even do what I suggested in /pm and the entire situation was voided. I understand what I did was wrong and it won’t happen again
  6. Account name: Nicholas Harm Character name(s): Daniel Harm Admin who issued punishment: nateX Date of punishment:21/10/2018 Punishment received: Warning for Metagame Reason given for punishment: Your explanation of what happened: I was dealing with something IRL so i was not RP-ly involved and I was just giving him advice. I was sure thats what he was going to do anyways Why should your appeal be accepted?: I was just giving him advice and other players that were not involved didnt seem to agree with the punishment either Post any evidence or further details: I just think it was a bit strict when I could have chosen to get involved and robbed him too but I wanted to stay out of it because i was dealing with something out of game and couldnt help. And he didnt even do what I suggested in /pm anyways. So no one was effected IC-ly by my /pm https://puu.sh/BOzMs/af27669f3b.png https://plays.tv/video/5bcc63a906df044d16/metagame-
  7. Harm

    Harm's House Warming Party

    ((If you can't work out what time it is go in game and type /time and it will be midnight saturday night 22/9, Tonight for most. This will not turn into a DM fest as I'll be organizing admins to watch and I'll be recording the whole time. This is also not a way to "get an officer back". If a cop arrested you for 20 years jail, you should still be in there. Lets just have fun. ))
  8. Harm

    Hello. Ancient SAMP player here

    I only just saw this Known as Daniel Harm and Nicholas Harm on NGG and the first SARP that became NGG ❤️
  9. Do you have the 3rd players name or stranger/mask id?
  10. Player(s) being reported: Mask 5101_182 Mask 6222_5158 Stranger 4963_6022 Date of rule breach:10th September 2018 Time of rule breach: 7:20am Your characters name: Nicholas Harm Other players involved: Specific rule broken: (6.1.1 Deathmatch) How did the player break the rule?: Killed me with no reason Evidence of rule breach: http://plays.tv/video/5b961b788a098a4c04/mask-5101-182-mask-6222-5158-deathmatch