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  1. attacking

    Grabcash cmd

  2. attacking

    Postal code map

    1+ I saw something like this in FiveM and this is a really good idea
  3. attacking

    Dynamic Fishing

  4. Character to be refunded: Jack_Kelly Date and time of incident: 19/11/2018 Requested refund (what and how much): my house at Description of incident resulting in loss: I gave my house to "Cody Baxtor" to sell for me at LSA , but unfortunately he got banned from the server (sadly) . Evidence of loss: Musket can confirm that he was working in LSA, and log can confirm that i sold my house for 1$ to him
  5. attacking

    Please implement Toys

    1+ more details for the server, SURE
  6. attacking

    24 hour KOS time should be increased

    +1 it must be 48H or 72H its really better not more
  7. Let's improve a little details for server #1 I hate this picture and this object because we can see this everywhere on the ground in a drug lab in the shell and .... let's change it to something else (This is only for the object (on the ground)) Aceton Marijuana Ammonia Sodium Powder_Lime Sulforic_Acid Toulene Lysergic_Acid (LSD) Drug I will update this suggestion soon Marijuana Bag Plastic Tape Let's don't carry a lot of marijuana weed something like this and let's craft them to something like Marijuana Bag with Tape and plastic it can be two type Marijuana bag, one small (less than 5 marijuana is inside the bag) and one big (between 5 and 10 inside) and its not working like a Backpack you have to tear plastic to can get X marijuana from inside a marijuana bag
  8. attacking

    House stash vol adjustment

  9. attacking

    Remove the minimap

    +1 this is a very good idea
  10. attacking

    Mask 1798_7369 , Mask 6049_7891 Deathmatching 7.2

    maybeeeee you didn't break NCZ but definitely, that was super poor RP & This is not Rule Play this is RolePlay Edited: Or maybe it is Rule play, let's wait for admin response
  11. attacking

    Removing the weight system

    -1 weight system is more realistic and more useful for inventory, but it's not completed yet some item is so big like Radio(10slot) but why AK is taking 1 slot? some cars must have more inventory slot like Dubsta & Contender or some 4 seater and House Inventory must be bigger, The player must be able to take the item from on the ground (as much as he can) example: there is 20 burger on the ground (each burger is taken 5slot & they are not splitted(1 object) ) so he can take 10 burgers and 10 burger still is on the ground
  12. attacking

    Mask 1798_7369 , Mask 6049_7891 Deathmatching 7.2

    doing a crime near NCZ place considered as very poor RP
  13. attacking

    Temporary Side Inventory spelled incorrectly on crates

    This is happening randomly
  14. attacking

    There should be a rule for UNRP driving!

    -1 The problem has to be solved by the police, not the Rule.
  15. attacking

    some side of Client-side crash

    I got crashed again for Cef ( Error and instantly game closed Check the Cef.log file) https://we.tl/t-R0baUfMfml