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  1. Taedolf

    Airport jobs (ground jobs)

    Low priority does not mean bad. +1, More civ job content is something we should be striving for when the list of things to do frees up.
  2. Taedolf

    Rule concerning PD and Drug Labs

    +1. We should need a reason. Mind you, most of the times we raid them while I'm online and witness it there was absolutely probable cause whether a 911 or people being dumb (looking at you, people that stand on the roof at LSD with your weapons drawn.)
  3. Taedolf

    Lawyer faction suggestions

    Any government factions like this, I believe devs/commissioners would be open to it if an individual/group of individuals approached them with a solid plan and write-up. Provided they were confident it'd be able to add to the server positively, I don't see why it would be turned down. (On a side note, feel free to report police officers that break protocol to internal affairs. We take quality control seriously.)
  4. Taedolf

    MDC Cursor

    yes pls if it is. +1 to both of these.
  5. Taedolf

    Chop Shop needs fixing

    Whoops, thanks for the correction. I may just be tripping and remembering something wrong, then. In that case, I don't really see a reason not to +1 this. Gives criminals more to fight over and restores a viable way of making money.
  6. Taedolf

    Chop Shop needs fixing

    I believe the main thing I read a while back was that vehicles shouldn't be able to be chopped for more than their insurance worth. So we would need to make, for example, a warrener cost 4.5k to pull out of Mors for 3x to be a thing. I think this is probably to combat things like a person chopping their expensive car with a friend, riding back to mors with them, rinse and repeat. I'm not sure though. I do agree there's not enough for crims to do right now though. I mean I can see that as PD because the amount of stupid things we see is mainly from boredom, which I get.
  7. Taedolf

    Automate police impound

    Impound is a rather fun situation because if we make it super easy to get your vehicles out of impound, there's really not a point to impounding them in the first place. It's a major pain in the ass, speaking as one of the officers that actually does it. Know how many cars/how long it takes me on average a night if I decide to actually impound vehicles? My record is 21 vehicles straight. Took me an hour and a half+ of mindless driving back and forth for a grand total of $0 and 0 enjoyment, but I do it anyway. I usually impound vehicles for stupid things like having unpaid citations on your vehicle on top of being illegally parked, being parked (locked) in the middle of an intersection for 4+ hours, or abandoned in an NCZ without parking pay so nobody can steal it. I also usually impound the same peoples vehicles. Don't want your own car impounded but want to commit a crime? Steal a vehicle. Keep getting your car impounded for crowding NCZ parking spots without paying for parking? Park somewhere else or pay for a ticket. We're very lenient towards responding to impound, ignoring things like the 3+ 911 calls I've personally gotten from someone in the span of 20 minutes while all officers were occupied in a situation. Hell, even one 911 call is a misdemeanor you can be arrested for. We know it sucks for you, but it also sucks for us. Nobody cares for their cars enough, really. Just imagine how much less they would care for them if it was beyond easy to get them out. I've had my vehicles impounded on an alt and look at it much like going to the DMV. I'm going to be there for a while and it sucks, but if I want to drive I need to put up with it.
  8. Taedolf

    3856 8373, 1477 8066 (7.3.4, 6.6.1)

    I'm confused, were you involved in this situation or not?
  9. Taedolf

    3856 8373, 1477 8066 (7.3.4, 6.6.1)

    Do I need to post the video of your group driving by while they were down on the ground from getting shot up? Matter of fact, your group witnessed the shooting to begin with. And I have 1477 literally walking up to us while they're bleeding out and we're providing aid.
  10. Taedolf

    3856 8373, 1477 8066 (7.3.4, 6.6.1)

    True enough, possible non-rp behavior there. I mean he rammed my car solid on the passenger side where his buddy they were trying to rescue was. Not to mention both of them were just stabilized with first aid, waiting for MD to take them to the hospital. I originally just made this for the VDM but yeah I'm not seeing the justification here. For reference, the other person involved was 1477_8066. Updating thread.
  11. Player(s) being reported: Stranger 3856 8373, Stranger 1477 8066 Date of rule breach: 22/NOV/2018 Time of rule breach: ~0900 UTC Your characters name: Dorian Tshudy Other players involved: Nicholas Harm, third player on their side that I didn't catch on the video. Specific rule broken: 7.3.4 If there are multiple players on a scene, the driver can hit each one of them only once, however, the driver is given only one attempt to do it. This means, that a vehicle cannot be used to drive through a scene multiple times with the purpose of hitting more players. 6.6.1 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule?: Stranger 3856 8373 rammed Officer Harm once, circled back and rammed me. Pretty textbook case of a violation. Notified player to expect a report, went offline before I could ping him after posting this though. Both reported players seemingly attempted a rescue on two downed individuals crudely stabilized despite, for all they knew, they would not be able to save them. They did not know MD were on the way. Additionally the threat of further harm was almost inevitable from vehicular ramming and discharging firearms directly at the people they were trying to rescue. (see the VDM, additionally when I was taking fire directly behind where the man was sitting in the cruiser.) If it was a rescue ambush, it should have been done after they were stabilized at the hospital properly. They directly interfered in preserving their friends' lives in the name of keeping them out of jail, which is non-RP behavior. Evidence of rule breach:
  12. Taedolf

    Gun & Ammunition

    I agree, I think they're working on additional activities just like they're working on the updated prison system and such. With the current state of things though, this would just make the DM focus worse. We need a mix of additional activities and harsher penalties on crossing the murder/attempted murder line before I'd even consider supporting body armor.
  13. Taedolf

    Panic Alarm suggestion

    /me smashes +1 audibly
  14. Taedolf

    Gun & Ammunition

    +1 to 2 and 3. Others have already summed up my views for the others I'm -1'ing. I used to be in favor of vests for crims and will be again if the quality improves but I don't see it going any other way than encouraging shoot-outs which are already highly disproportionate to what they should be. Perhaps when prison faction is made and jail time makes people look at murder as a last resort in most cases I'll re-consider.
  15. Taedolf

    medical marijuanas and license.

    Uhh.. You do realize this is a medicinal marijuana suggestion, not recreational, right? Anyway. ACTUAL addict here, marijuana especially medicinal is no more of a gateway drug than alcohol is. The only reason marijuana is truly a gateway drug is two things: it can trigger predisposed addiction, like alcohol can, and its illegal footing. Many of my drug dealers sold marijuana in addition to my DOC. Marijuana being illegal made it easier to access other drugs after finding a connection for marijuana. As far as the former reason, alcohol is widely used and awakens so many addicts I've heard speak of their first use and the change they underwent. Arguing against marijuana for that reason is, quite frankly, not an argument with any substance or ground to stand on unless alcohol is made illegal. Remember prohibition and all the good that did? Not going to happen. Now let's get to the fun bit, numerous beneficial uses for marijuana from a medical standpoint. Seizures, pain, increasing appetite and QOL for cancer patients, etc. It's legal for strictly medicinal use in.. what was it, ~22 states despite federal status? Including where Los Santos is modeled after, California. Hell, California is now completely legal for recreational but that's not what's being asked for here. Marijuana is NOT a harm reduction drug like methadone or anything else if that's what you were saying at the end. Marijuana is a potential replacement for vastly damaging opioids that caused this epidemic going on right now, and a legitimate drug for treating numerous other conditions as well. As a healthcare professional conscious of the addiction crisis, would you rather throw somebody suffering from long-term pain an opiate or some THC, provided it's sufficient? I think you're simply suffering from a case misinformation, but that's okay. rant aside, +1 for me. Could do with an alternate means of dispensing as honestly I think taking up MD's time for this wouldn't be cool. It's also not really how it's done IRL. Perhaps a store you can only purchase items from with the aforementioned license. PD has already laid the groundwork law-wise for potential limited legality, but the penal code requires something to actually say whether or not the use is medicinal I believe. (Note I'm not speaking on behalf of PD, just my interpretation of the penal code.)