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  1. I imagine it was enacted to prevent metagaming someone you didn't have alias'd by their ID, or metagaming their mask ID. That being said, I would be curious to hear from staff on how this has affected them.
  2. I mean we already get plenty of people who don't know how to RP at all because of the lovely characters that fill out quizzes for their friends. Such people are usually not here to play for theirs AND others enjoyment as well. Don't think we need to make that problem any worse, sorry.
  3. Yup. Frequently happens. 😛
  4. If you want it to be an actual government faction, you'll need to put more effort into a write-up. Like, substantially more. However, feel free to create an unofficial faction like this and explore the opportunities ICly.
  5. Perhaps that's why they don't disclose it OOCly, because of people like you that would then refuse to RP with them? If you're worried about later ERPing with one and it actually being a man, I would advise abiding by the golden rule of the internet.
  6. That's because nobody wants consequences that force them to behave intelligently instead of acting invincible 😉
  7. rather bigoted of you but, so long as you're aware, knock your socks off with that bub. Female speaking in a mans voice on a character that is not a transgender is equally weird but, ya know what, this is RP. RP a little. In the same way that we don't meta someone being the same as their other character because they have the exact same voice, you cannot meta a female not being a female IC because of VOIP unless it is found out otherwise. If people want to use voice changers to make just a bit more realistic, hats off to them. Limiting a man to play a man and a woman to play a woman is not only restriction of an RP that does not harm the server, but it also brings up current socio-political issues. As seen above. In conclusion, you're a big boy,
  8. Yup, pls. In regards to the impound ones, those are because 911 calls about non-emergencies are illegal. Yet they forget that PD sees their /release messages every time.
  9. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/7-server-suggestions/ This has already been suggested, I forget if it was on a thread or a thread by itself though. I believe we're going to be getting a prison time increase after there's a little more to do in prison, so that would make this more relevant when that happens. As is, two hours ain't bad really. Can already spend it by RP'ing now that there's DOC about.
  10. It's something I've always assumed was the case since the impound workers would likely take care of it IRL, whether that be flagging it to make sure you come with proper paperwork to get it released or getting rid of it if all the VINs are scratched off.
  11. Odd that we would allow that, script-wise, tbh. Getting a fraudulent vehicle released back to you is interesting to say the least.
  12. Really now? Guess I'll have to start running plates before releasing vehicles.
  13. We already have scrapyard vehicles for this purpose. I imagine any benefit would be rather short-lived as well because, once you're pulled and impounded, if you want it back you would need to register it. that upon what I'm thinking would be some work with the impound lot (scrapyard vehicles cannot be unimpounded, they are lost once impounded) is just kinda.. eh, why spend the effort.
  14. Okay... Let me try to respond to your main issues here then. In my experience, I haven't seen police "making up rules." Without the scenario(s) in specific referenced, I can't really respond to that claim well. I've never witnessed something like that, nor have I done it. My character IC'ly is the type that would report that type of situation to IA. Again, I can't really comment on using lethal weapons when not needed as I don't know the situations. What I will tell you is what generally determines lethal force being used in a few situations. #1: During a pursuit. If the suspects open fire or are wanted for previously violent crimes, we could fire upon them. If they are actively shooting or a threat to civilians/other officers, we will shoot to kill. If they are not, we may go for tires. We will also open fire to disable the vehicle if the pursuit is becoming excessively dangerous and then they move to a non-populated area. Such calls have to be approved by the ranking on scene. #2: Responding to a call. If we're responding to any kind of gang/heavy violence call with a low number of units on scene, safety and fear RP may determine whether or not we wait for them to shoot first. If you have a gun out and you don't surrender when told to, you're probably being neutralized if it's 2-3 officers vs. 6-7 suspects. edit: Keep in mind, in these situations where we do shoot first we've usually positively ID'd them as the suspects or are VERY confident. One situation I'm thinking of in particular was in a drug lab where they had a dude on his knees getting robbed and two others down. Once we moved in, they scattered to defensive positions instead of surrendering. 2 officers vs. 5 people in this situation w/ more officers about a mile out. #3: Just about any situation. If you have shot or directly endangered the life of somebody knowingly and we know you to be armed, we will probably shoot to neutralize unless you are actively surrendering. As for officers introducing themselves.. We display our badges on ourselves for a reason. Unmarked vehicles still have uniformed police officers inside unless it is a detective unit in plainclothes. It is not just a nameplate we throw on ourselves. We are actively displaying our badges. Officers are required to give you their badge number if you ask for it, iirc, but not their full name or any other information. Finally, for pulling over a vehicle containing 8 people to be non-rp.. How, precisely? Unless it's a 10-66, utilizing 2 officers for that is perfectly fine. If they were making an arrest, additional units should be called for safety definitely but that is not poor RP to perform a 10-55 on a vehicle occupied 8x.
  15. Vehicles are defined as unroadworthy when they fail to meet Minimum Safety Requirements, Lights, Indicators, Seatbelts (Excluding Motorcycles) Side and Rear View Mirrors, plus they cannot cause damage to road surface. Utility vehicle operators are expected to be conscious about road accessibility and to operate with as little harm to traffic flow by keeping to the right most lane possible, driving within safe speeds, and waving traffic around them in the event they are causing a disturbance. Utility vehicles causing traffic issues may face fines for misuse. Utility Vehicles are defined as Money Transporters, Delivery Services, Waste Transports, Tractors, etc. The vehicle in this case would be deemed unroadworthy as you are utilizing a 4 seater car to seat 8 people, 4 people outside of the vehicle. It is indeed in the penal code.
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