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  1. Whitelist I've been a part of this community for nearly the last two years. Playing it off and on and bringing more players to the community during which. Since I had joined a long time ago, I hadn't seen what the new whitelist system consists of. Which I must say is quite excessive. Frankly, I see Eclipse as a Light RP server. Mainly being the voice chat removes the solidity that text RP holds since voice chat quickly becomes OOC and makes it difficult for players to roleplay something aside from how they sound IRL. If they're attempting to use strictly text chat, they are at a severe disadvantage compared to someone using their mic. Such being that, If I'm a frail little lad IRL, I can't roleplay a tough irish gangster ingame. Simply because I have the voice of a young boy; IRL. Which would force me to use text chat if I want to be in character all the time (Which is ideally how a RolePlay server would be) but the next issue arises, someone using a mic can quickly yell instructions and move through roleplay quickly, while another person who is typing may already be dead or surrounded. So I think the whitelist should not have a biography and should be a little more focused around "here's a couple questions, answer them in a few words" and a slightly longer quiz. Next; No Crime Zones. No Crime Zones. Frankly, one of the most unrealistic/Un-RolePlay things that a server owner could put in place on players. Strictly limiting RP in certain areas with the assumption that someone wouldn't do anything there, In Real Life. I agree about PD/Hospital. I don't agree with the Airport, Tequil La La, Yellow Jack. Because you are now limiting things to be only friendly at a place where things are commonly not friendly and commonly where illegal things happen. Since in my basis, The Lost MC did loads of illegal RolePlay and killing at Yellow Jack, you have now turned what we did for RP into a server offense. Which, doesn't make sense. If players want an area protected and secure, then they should have to secure it by themselves, not have the outside force of the community owner put a rule on it. I have been actively RolePlaying on grand theft auto based multiplayer mods for the better part of 8 years and from my experience have come to these conclusions. Since one things I dislike most is when rules are put in place and inhibit roleplay from happening.
  2. Giuseppe

    The Lost MC

    Yes sir. Message me on discord, I'd love to talk about it.
  3. Giuseppe

    The Lost MC

    Being the original Lost MC President for the last year and a half.. At least follow some of my back story if you're going to take over the Faction name... Best of luck. If you need any support or whatnot you can contact me on discord. Bobcat#5648
  4. Sorry, I was waiting for Ballin to respond to a discord message. I don't get on the forum much and I haven't played the server whatosever since my faction has been ruined by all of my treasury and weapons being taken. Frankly, it takes a lot out of me to have all of that taken within 24 hours. I also am not around a PC much. Scott Gomez and Scot Gomez both are around eachother constantly. I see it as a wrongdoing by Scot_Gomez and the other party just being a follower for an IRL friend. The evidence and things stolen were all done by Scot_Gomez since he was the only one with all of the privileges to do it, Scott was just involved as a bystander. The turf report was stated by a conversation myself and Ballin had. I believe I gave the needed evidence of why I chose to report that within my report. But basically to get the jist. It can't be proven if he was in the LMC or DD at the time of declaring war, since he has no screenshots and no logs have been brought up (It's nearing a month later) But to my knowledge I was told that he did everything while the rest of the faction was offline, so that he wouldn't meet any resistance. I can't state whether he was apart of LMC or DD whilst doing so. I assume it'd be pretty irrelevent as he was taking the turf RPly as a member of the DD. So, if he was even in my faction. He left after the turf was taken and joined the other side. Or he was OOCly apart of the other faction during the turf capture to speed it up. Frankly. There's not even a point of me getting my turf back since this was so long ago and we don't really play anymore after this went down, since again; it ruined us so horribly. All I'd like to see is admin action on him, being fined for the items/money taken and myself getting reimbursed for the losses. In hindsight it was a tragedy that I trusted him and spoke of him so highly, giving him nearly all of the power over my faction and from this I can only take it as experience dealing with untrustworthy people and better myself for future endeavors. Thank you for re-opening the report.
  5. Player(s) being reported: Scot_Gomez Date of rule breach:9-1-18 Time of rule breach: N/A Your characters name: DALE MILLS Other players involved: Scot_Gomez, Scott_Gomez Specific rule broken: 6.7.1 6.7.4 How did the player break the rule?: Scot_Gomez ordered $300,000 worth of items with faction treasury money. Thereby draining the treasury nearly entirely. Scot removed several Assault Rifles and 900 AR AMMO from a house shared by himself and I. Valued at a bit over $100,000. Scot then joined Devils Deciples, had them goto war and claim The Lost MC turf (APAR) while all of the rest of myself and my faction members were offline. Myself personally has had zero interaction with DD and their member base. As could be said for other LMC members. Thereby ruining all faction assets, my assets and NONRPly taking the faction turf. Evidence of rule breach: Logs can be aquired and verified. Post made made as directed by Ballin.
  6. Thank you for your reply.
  7. Sorry no can do, has private information on it. Can be handled like adults via PM. I'm not looking to make some big forum argument since that's childish. I'd rather it be resolved and done with.
  8. Yup definitely capped the turf thanks. Admin can PM me on here or on discord for the videos and screenshot evidence of this player's faulty claims and injustices. Thanks.
  9. +1 A much needed improvement for the criminal side of things.
  10. Something to add more immersion and RolePlay support to those who really want to generate and carry it out. Basically something a Dev/HA can place which would allow players to enter an interior that is used from story mode. It would yield the ability for a player to have an RP bar, RP business, HQ, Warehouse and hangout to call their own. The list is endless with what players can come up with. They will be used for player on player interaction and possibly as a place of storage for items with a stash spot. Which could then be used for farther RP. Players will have to make a administrator request on the forums which will then be reviewed depending on if the Dynamic Door (DD) location is RP or not and if the interior they've chosen is RPly correct for the building they've chosen. Then, a player who is already VIP will be able to purchase 2-3k credits and purchase to door from the shop. An admin can then place the door at the agreed location, which will lead to another virtual world and the interior of choice. Example. I have a motorcycle club and I'd like to place a door on a building that I'd like to RP as my headquarters and hangout, an admin can place a Dynamic Door and name it "The Lost MC hangout" which, when entered would lead to the multiplayer expansion interior that is used for motorcycle clubs. I can then use this for RolePlay with my faction and others. The admin can place where players will enter the DD whilst being inside of it. Incase I wanted two enter/exit points. One being at the front door/bar area of the interior and one being at the garage portion of the interior. Although vehicles may be difficult to sync inside of the interiors, the second entrance could be for members to bring their motorcycle into the garage portion of the clubhouse interior. By doing this, it will attach the players more to the server, other than just driving around all day, slaving at their scripted faction and shooting eachother. I'd like to improve the atmosphere which improves and generates RP and player interaction. While still making the server income, by donations. Examples gained from my previous SAMP experiences.
  11. The Lost Brothers grow everyday. Because without a brotherhood, you're merely a lone soldier who has no one to back themselves up. Together we stand. Today we ride. Forever Lost, Lost Forever.
  12. Agree that the server does lack medium to heavy RP entirely and it is very hard to be not in a money making faction such as LSC, MD or LSPD. The police also are much much stronger than players, since average players can't get the armor like the police have. Excluding police obviously getting free weapons as well.. Which makes many players angry since there's nearly no fighting LEOs. Because they're far too strong. I've been back for a couple days now and I've already had numerous people tell me that it's worthless to even try to interact or avoid cops and shootouts. Which, quite frankly is saddening because shootouts and whatnot is what people enjoy, police being the common enemy of all criminals.. Maybe create criminal Armor shipments at a reasonable price to fight this issue? Although there is a string of issue that are also tied to this one, such as it being so hard to make money as a criminal, where as a police officer/mechanic can just hangout and drive out whilst getting paid more money than any criminal could dream of making, unless they come on the server and grind the entirety of the day whilst playing. Officers have told me that they have well over several millions of dollars from just collection paychecks and cruising around ingame. Aside from the basis of negative issues, the server is on a good route and I'm glad to see that there's a dev team that keeps up with issues and rolls out new content. Since the UI menus and whatnot really bring out a modern feel, instead of majorly text based commands and functions, which is what I'm used to.
  13. Sons of Chaos have had a merger into The Lost MC. Please be directed here for farther information.
  14. Ascending back to greatness. Where did you go? After the death of Dale's brother, Willie; Dale went into a dark spiral downwards. The Lost MC got lost in time, the hierarchy fell apart and Dale himself was in a state of disrepair emotionally. He found himself sleeping in run down houses, day drinking and snorting away his pain. The once powerful man lost both of his houses, his club, his riches and many of his weapons caches to police raids. Life never looked so bleak. It wasn't until one dark morning in June that Dale hit rock bottom. Finding himself laying on a street in Los Santos, incapacitated after a rough night of partying. Confused as a beautiful voice started speaking to him in a worried tone "Sir are you alright? Try to speak to me." The clarity of the voice seemed to have no end and in a way brought hope back to his wounded body. "Steady pulse, looks to just be some drunk." No words had ever hit home harder than those. Being referred to as the complete scum 'Just some drunk'. Disgusted him. Dale went back to the dump that he'd been staying in after that and sat awhile. Just thinking about the last 8 months. He'd essentially disappeared from earth and succumb to his own worldly order. On that day, he decided it was time to stop feeling bad, right himself and push out of the hole he'd dug. It was time to come back to reality. Dale dug through his belongings, where he found the tattered and worn out leather jacket he had proudly once worn. He ran his fingers over the patch 'President' and felt a spark inside of himself. Because at that moment, he understood that he had abandoned his brothers and that the club was the only true family he had. Standing up from where he sat, he put the jacket back on. Although it was tighter than it once was; he immediately felt the desire to right his actions and start to rekindle the club. Dale spent the next few days speaking to old members, restructuring the club and rebuilding the empire he once had. At one time he had 25 active soldiers and brothers in his club and now he's starting all over again. Wiser than before.
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