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  1. Hello and thanks for taking care off the report! Unfortunately I don't have my POV because of i had just loaded into the server and forgot to turn it on So I was around checking some labs for some plants and too see if there was any people inside doing anything suspicious such as selling drugs. I gave Sealab a quick check and started heading out and thats when I saw Apollo. I understood that this guy was a Russian and I saw his gun in the back. At first I didn't care too much and was on my way out but then I saw Apollo turn around and he started to follow me. That's when I turned around again and Apollo stopped. Now I understood what his intentions was - he wanted to rob me or kill me, otherwise he would off continued too the lab but he instead turned around and started driving out after me and then stopped when I turned around again. This is when I decided to take the first step and gave Apollo demands to put his hands up. He didn't comply - saw me aiming a gun at him and probably heard me saying hands but he decided to drive off. That's why I started to shoot at him. I missed a few shots and he decided to jump off and shoot back instead off driving off and fear for his life. I wan't too add that I feel like I gave him a good time too comply with my demands, even though my demands started to faint away because off him driving further away he new what I wanted and he saw it. Otherwise I wouldn't have been aiming a gun at him, and he wouldn't have started to drive away for his life. About the Nonrp crouching while aiming, I understand that this isn't allowed as it gains speed while moving but that wasn't my intentions. I wanted to crouch under/behind the cliff to hide myself and not get shot by Apollo, while not standing still so that why I moved while crouching. So too clear it out, I didn't crouch and aim too gain any speed (even tough I did), I did it to try hide behind/under the cliff. I also want to add that the reported party used the tree as a peak which I see as a bug abuse, the reason for this is that you can walk through trees because they're a bit glitched. Apollo used this as an advantage and hid behind the outer part off the tree where I couldn't see him and shot me from there. Basically he shot trough a tree, and I understand that you can use a right hand peak but he didn't do that, just in some shots. He instead just straight shot me trough the tree. One example is him doing it at 0:40. At this point I feel like the reporting party decided too report because he died and lost a few stuff, which made him make this petty report (what I think). You can clearly see his intentions in the video, he checks my XP (probably too see that I wasn't too new too rob), he takes out his gun, he follows me when I start too drive out and stops when I turn around again. Screenshot/evidence off him shooting trough a tree:
  2. id 242. We/I didnt have any interaction with them before this happend. I dont have any pov of that
  3. unfortunately i didnt save my pov because i wasnt asked to. but in albertos pov u see me shouting demands and i tought you ran away because you heard them. I also didnt want to go to your face and say demands because my friend leon jan told me you guys had guns out. After i shot that one shot i ran behind and I saw Kaleb shooting at my friend thats when i killed him. im also sorry if you guys didnt hear our demands.
  4. ๐•ฎ๐–๐–Ž๐–ˆ๐–” ๐•ท๐–”๐–‘๐–‘๐–Ž๐–™๐–” Chico Lollito was adopted by Aleksandr Ivanov and Sofia Ivanov. They were born in Russia but they moved to Los santos. They moved because it was too hard to live in Russia and they wanted to have a good and successful life. But when they came to Los santos it was hard being russian there. The people of Los santos started calling them communists and they didn't want to hire them because of where they came from. Except one guy that owned a grocery store. He only hired Aleksandr because he was a man and didn't take much in salary. When they adopted Chico. He knew they were struggling with money so he started hitting stores with his friend from the orphanage, Bogdan. Bogdan taught Chico some Russian so he could have it easier to communicate with his family. They started robbing the stores that had enough money and not the ones that were poor. Then they thought that it would put them in the same situation that my family was in. His Friend Bogdan started making new connections with bigger gangs. So one day he told Chico we are going to start selling guns. Chico was a bit skeptical because it was a very big step from robbing stores to selling guns but his father had gotten sick so he had to make more money. So Chico told him let's do it. They were standing on the corner of the street and a guy came up and asked Them if they sold guns. Chico said yes. He said โ€œmeet me at the corner shop at 8pm with a kalashnikovโ€ Bogdan and chico said okay. It was Their first time selling so they didn't know what to do. 8pm was closing in so Chico took the weapon and put it in his backpack and met Bogdan at his house and we went together. They were approaching the guy that wanted the weapon and out of nowhere the police came. His friend grabbed the bag and took out the kalashnikov and started shooting. Chico just ran as he heard the shots behind him and then it suddenly stopped. But he was still running. Chico ran back to the gang and begged them to get him out of the country. they said they could because they had a private jet. The gang flew HIm to Mexico where I lived for 7 years. Chico was very sad because he didn't know what had happened to Bogdan or his family. But finally he Had enough. Chico told the gang to fly me back and they did it. He wanted to know if his family is still alive. So he went to the location where his family had lived but they were not there. So he went to the hospital where his dad had been in and they said that both of the parents had died. So on the way back he met a guy called Marquis willie that took him into the family. The Russian Mob and its leaders showed him the way of the russians. Chico lollito has been in The Russian Mob since.
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