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Found 23 results

  1. We are known as the ‘Los Santos Disciples‘ (LSD). Currently a small cartel that is operating out of RV’s to sell drugs at a low scale. David Disciple decided to start up the cartel as he believed the city needed a new face to the run the drug industry. The brothers discovered it was hard for people to get their hands-on drugs or to find dealers. This is when David had the idea of changing the way drugs are disrupted and to start selling on the streets, deterring from the drug dropoff points. David and Wes where the off spring of the notorious Blake Disciple, a famous drug lord during London’s 90s. Blake had 5 children, 3 of which unfortunately died during a chemical misfunction in one of his laboratories. Blake would have all of his children start work from a noticeably young age. He wanted his bloodline to continue his empire successfully which meant every child had to know exactly how to run it, when the time comes. With his secret recipe, he provided the highest quality LSD London had ever seen. After Blakes death in 1995, his son David was the only person that knew it. Blakes death ignited wars between all different cartels across England. So, David and Wes flew to Los Santos to take refuge. 10years went by and no one had heard from the brothers. Were they killed? Retired? Or, were they only just getting started… During this period of being invisible to the world, David Disciple had been teaching his brother all about their fathers’ great LSD recipe. Once they had perfected this design, David Disciple went on a mission to recruit only the best members to begin his new drug empire in San Andreas. Los Santos Disciples (LSD) have an extremely strict ranking system. Each rank comes with its own tasks and responsibilities. As soon as your pass our “Trial” phase you will be depended upon. Our structure is very top to bottom, there will be no discussion if a rule is put in place by our Drug Lord. Its unheard of to defy or even question the high command, those that do are never seen again… Drug Lord The Drug Lord is the leader of the whole operation, David Disciple. Their job is to set in stone how the cartel will succeed and to decide what direction everyone should be heading in. Disciples In other words, an Underboss. They oversee everything the cartel is working towards and help meet deadlines. When the leader is not intown, it is a Disciples responsibility to fully take charge, run meetings and keep all the operations working smoothly. Each Disciple runs a division such as, Recruitment, gang relations, drug trafficking and security. Falcons A falcon’s job is to always be on the watch, they are to scout out areas and protect the higherups. Falcons are in charge of the Runners and the runts. They have to pick the best trials to join the runts, the ones who don’t get picked get kicked from LSD. Hitmen A highly skilled team of professionals that take out high value targets given to them by Mr Disciple himself. These men/women run a team of Mercenaries that are deployed when needing to fight off police or other threats. They have to pick the best trials to join the Expendables, the ones who don’t get picked get kicked from LSD. Runner Directly under the Falcons. These guys scout areas that we are either heading to or camping at. You will often see the runners guarding higherups or being on security while a meeting is being taken place. After ranking up to a runner, you can now cook in our lab. Mercenary Mercenaries are basically our cartel’s troops. To become a Mercenary, you will need to leave your morals behind you. Under direct leadership of the Hitmen, the Mercenaries are sent out to fight battles, kill off competition or to ambush enemy drug labs. This rank is now trusted with cooking in our drug lab. Runts After successfully finishing your trial period, you can become a runt. If you prove yourself worthy to the Falcons, you can become a runner. A runts main job is being on lookout, distracting officers or infiltrating other cartels. Expendables After successfully finishing your trial period, you can become an ‘Expendable’. You will always be put on the front line of fights and have a job of risking your life to save others. This role is extremely daring but is vital to the cartel. Trial You have a 7day period to prove yourself a valuable asset. You will be tested by our high command in 3 categories to see if you have what it takes to join our cartel. The ‘Los Santos Disciples’ cartel has ambitions to grow strong in numbers, recruiting chemists to work in our labs, thugs to handle security and distributers that will sell on the streets. We hope we could gain a good reputation in the crime industry and be able to supply gangs with drugs for their parties, gatherings, or meetings. Our cartel has no desire to get involved in any gang war and hope to create a good relationship with all. · Reach 20 members. · Establish our name among cartels. · Purchase a hideout for the whole cartel. · Setup a functioning drug lab in our hideout. · Have meetings with smaller cartels to arrange an alliance and support. · Secure a strong relationship with the council for heavy weaponry. Gang Story: Bankz: Finding My Path Journey To Orange Korean Triads A higher calling Kaito: A new chapter Chump Change Mac: A new Beginning Russman Disciple Training Mason Ismail: A new page of life Loyalty Anthony Hunt~The Start Of Something New A Disciple Falls Jhian DeGuzman - Revenge Restart Connor Hughes Story. Chopshop Decisions
  2. samo


    In progress... Founded by Samo. Narcos although in a group setup (Similar to the council) has it's own gang, relying on it's connections over the years spent in the city to provide it's allies and friends weapons all sharing the same goal, take down the council. They will stop at nothing to achieve this and has spent months planning, infiltrating and meeting with the correct people to get the job done. Story Backstory Narcos have been around for years, they used to own the city and had no enemies left to destroy and began to just fight the police and selling over $1,000,000 worth of drugs and guns a DAY to people on the street and other gangs. They just partied and made money. Samo still lives from the $400,000 a day profit he used to make to this very day a few people tried to take there turf but they just sat and partied while claiming it back. The story of this war starts with Jay Gamble when he first joined the city and was taken into Narcos where Samo would give him a job and a way to progress in the city, after he had learnt everything he knows from Samo he betrayed him and left to create the Los Zetas, Jay Gamble has always been a talker and managed to use the money he made from Narcos to recruit some men and form what is now 'Los Zetas'. After he formed this he felt threatened by Narcos and went to his old Don Samo and told him he would be in charge of the city and that I would have to bow down to what is now known as 'The Council'. He went around to multiple allies of the Narcos lying strategically to get them to turn and destroy Narcos so he could take there spot. Narcos could see what was happening everyone was just listening to Los Zetas so they left into hiding until the truth would reveal it's self and Narcos could strike back. This time came and after months of building legitimate businesses and gathering weaponry stock over months and they had a meeting with his old and new allies. Week 1 The meeting The first day of forming Narcos was gathering allies and members for a meeting to discuss the future of Narcos. This was, in short, take down the Council. The grasp Los Zetas has managed to develop on the city is disgusting and not acceptable to any sane individual or organisation. The twisted ways Los Zetas fight and manipulate people and organisations to believe the 'Council' is a group of gangs on the same level is ludicrous and now that this has been proven by, The Irish, Wanted, WCA and many more smaller groups, people have realised what Narcos could see before anyone else that the Council is simply a way for Los Zetas to gain power and are joining to fight the council. After the meeting Narcos gathered it's members and got heavy weaponry to prepare for the first attack against the council. The attack was on the Aztec HQ and after raiding the compound Narcos could find barely any survivors and left with it's first of many victories to come! After the first attack Narcos continue to grow and plan small and large attacks on the Council and plan some unique strategies to get valuable information, they also have links for imports so they continue to get weapons ready for the future. Attacking from the shadows and anonymously until the correct time for the next large attack. 1. You must have no relations with the council and be dedicated to stopping them at all costs. 2. You must be dedicated once you're with Narcos you're part of the family. 3. You must listen to people above your rank but can still give input. 4. You must be a good player and experienced in war. 5. You must always be ready for action. 1. Be dedicated and loyal to the gang, update a superior on any situations ASAP. 2. Must follow all requirements and rules or you will be removed. 3. Attend all training sessions and major operations or give notice of absences. 4. Must not give out the gangs information to any outsiders. 5. Must not speak about any operations, plans or data outside a safe zone. 6. Must keep all communications up-to-date independently. 7. Must study and understand all plans or operations before execution to ensure success. 8. Must maintain and push personal development along side the gangs. 9. Do not commit any crimes outside of the gang we must be in the loop where possible. 10. War is a last resort for us, it costs money and time. Useless bloodshed will not be tolerated. 11. We are businessmen and women first, we make deals and negotiate. 12. Follow and respect the hierarchy. 13. The gang is your family, betrayal will result in torture and death. 14. Do not do anything that could potentially have a negative outcome on any fellow member. 15. Failure to follow any rule will result in the corresponding punishments. Don The Don, is head of the organisation, the Don is a director and has the power to order anything. The Don makes all the important decisions, much like a CEO of a company would. Although each mob Don may run his outfit in a different way, they have one thing in common: they are greatly respected and widely feared by their subordinates. Underboss The Underboss, is head of the organisation other then the Don. The Underboss is the second director and has the power to order the majority of things. The Underboss makes all the important decisions when the Don is not around. More then anything they're greatly respected. Captain The captain of a crew. He heads the crew of soldiers and can order them to do anything, such as murder, assault, bombing, witness intimidation, bribery, picking up cash, making deliveries and other criminal and organised crime activities. The captains report directly to a Don, who hands down the instructions. He ranks much higher in the hierarchy. He is also in charge of handling most of the money. Soldier The lowest-ranking members of the hierarchy, the grunts of the organisation who do the majority of the work, making deliveries, picking up cash, committing murder, assault, battery, witness intimidation, killing jurors, bribing Law Enforcement, Politicians, Government Officials, and Federal Agents, and generally sticking out their neck in the hope of making a name for themselves by demonstrating their loyalty to the organisation, and protecting the organisation at all costs. Recruit The first week you will be on probation, this will involve multiple tests at low and high levels, you must impress to stay in the gang. This doesn't come easy, but hard work will pay off and you will show your loyalty and dedication to success within the city. Clothing Narcos have rolled red for multiple years, they do anything to make everyone know it's their colour. The mix in characters and ranks naturally means the vehicles vary. The general outline is that they're red and the more expensive the higher then rank. The required vehicles are as follows: 1. Captain + Super or sports car for speed 2. Soldiers - A get-away bike for personal use. 3. Potentially a 4 man get-away car if your role requires it.
  3. ((OOC RULES)) Upon being recruited we would like to see your admin logs as we expect high levels of RP from our members and we need clarification that you know the basic rules of the server. You must be active in the MC; if for whatever reason you are unable to attend any rallies or meetings, please notify us in the faction discord and for how long you'll be inactive. If you don't notify us and you're not active, you will be kicked. NO OOC beef or drama will be tolerated in our MC, as we expect all of you to be respectful and welcoming to all. We expect our members to be familiar with the server and thus we most likely deny anybody that has less than 4500XP across all characters so be aware. If you receive an admin log, we would like to know as to why and if we deem it as a serious offence or a repetitive one, then you will be kicked.
  4. Starting from 80’s and till late 90’s Varrios Los Aztecas was one of the most powerful gangs in Los Santos alongside their rivals Grove Street Family, Vagos, Ballas and other criminal organisations. Sadly due to the power came danger and attention from governmental institutions such as LSPD and FIB. The 90’s when law enforcement officers, such as the C.R.A.S.H unit, were desperate to benefit from all the gang violence and the corruption level in police was at its highest, came to an end and 2000’s came with a new generation of officers who were keen to silence and put everyone behind the bars who were involved with guns, drugs and gangs in general. Some members from VLA were not willing to surrender and went out with a bang. Cesar, Gal and Hazer were arrested and sentenced to 55 years in prison while Jose and Sunny chose to leave this world free and died in a shootout with the police. Most of the gangs including VLA were either destroyed due to the fact that their leadership was dead or imprisoned or went into hiding, losing all their previous power in the town. Almost 20 years have passed since Varrios Los Aztecas were on the streets of Los Santos and new generation have grown up meanwhile. Salvadore Rivera, Hector Mendoza and Raul Guerra - whose fathers helped build and shape the once great Varrios Los Aztecas with Ceasar in the lead. Back then they were young boys, but they saw the benefit of the gang around the block. Families that lived in the area were slowly pushed out and all the homes were purchased by white people who had money. Now having the resources, power and the wish to build up what once was Varrios Los Aztecas, they have returned to the Barrio where they grew up and are going by the name of Novo Los Aztecas! Novo Los Aztecas are an extremely proud Mexican/Latino street gang like it was back in 80-90’s when they were calling themselves Varrios Los Aztecas . Novo Los Aztecas are re-building back the old Barrio, controlling El Burrio Heights again. They are following their ancestors by being anti-narcotic gang, trying to keep their streets clean, setting automatic death sentence to anyone who deals drugs in the Barrio. Novo Los Aztecas are seeking different ways to get that dough rolling in to support the families and kids who live in the community by trafficking arms into Los Santos and selling them to smaller criminal gangs, organizing - illegal street races, extortion, assaults and robberies. They are easily identifiable by their classic collection of vehicles, turquoise colored bandanas and 90's "cholo" style clothing, also covering their right arm with ‘Tribal Sun’ tattoos which symbolizes life, power, strength, force, and rebirth. Their weapons of choice include Pistol, Shotguns, Micro-SMG, SMGs, and knife. el Jefe - Oversees legal and diplomatic aspect of Novo Los Aztecas. Searches for new business opportunities upon which his gang can strive and prosper. Hosts meetings - inviting his la Mano Derecha, where they shape the future of Novo Los Aztecas, discusses internal Barrio rules, collects money which he deposits in gangs budget and gets rid of weak links based on reports of el Capitans. Besides internal meetings, el Jefe also hosts or attends to bigger meetings with other faction leaders where they discuss political situation. Makes or breaks alliances to strengthen Novos Los Aztecas numbers. la Mano Derecha - Middlemen between el Jefe and el Capitans. They assist el Jefe in various diplomatic tasks, sourcing for information and constantly strategizes how to expand Novo Los Aztecas in all directions where they take part. Makes sure the gangs financial budget keeps growing by collecting money from el Capitans, in return they invest money in real estate, weapons and bigger activities for the greater good. el Capitan - Looks after everyone in la Guerilla, el Soldado, el Asesino ranks. Makes sure there is no weak members in Novo Los Aztecas. Gives out different tasks to each group, recruits, trains and tests them to maintain discipline. Provides members with bigger jobs, weapons, vehicles and safehouses, and collects money for la Mano Derecha. el Asesino - Specifically chosen member from el Soldado ranks, who shows incredible skill of murdering and tactics while being an el Soldado. Works with small crew of 2 men. Scouts and gathers information on rival gangs and its leaders, obtains necessary weaponry, getaway vehicles, plans out the routes, tracks down the target and executes the plan. Focuses only on assassinating or kidnaping specific targets, given out by his el Capitan. el Soldado - Recognized and accepted member of Novo Los Aztecas. Does basic work within gangs territory - hangs and cruises around the Barrio. Protects local businesses and attempts to rob other businesses in rival territories. Human trafficking, weapons trafficking. Follows his el Capitáns orders as instructed and overall participates in bigger activities. la Guerilla - Unofficial Novo Los Aztecas member. The one who shows affection to the gang, hangs around with its members and possibly joins in to do some gang work as a hired gun and after the fact split ways when not required anymore. These are a few examples of the clothing we wear. List of vehicles we approve.
  5. =- The Family -= Kihara was a simple man, born to hardworking American father and a loving Japanese mother, and led a simple life. The job market proved to be tumultuous at home, and Kihara found himself bouncing job to job quite a bit. One morning he saw an ad for Los Santos, the golden city of opportunity, on social media. And so his mind was made up. He packed up everything he had and moved, excited to find a city of chances waiting to be taken, but the reality was a harsh surprise. Kihara was stripped of his belongings and money almost immediately, and he saw a large split in the city. There were those on the bottom, either robbing or grinding out any living they could manage, and those who had made it to the top, driving nice cars and living in penthouse lofts. It was a rough sight to see, but he knew that no-one would just put a silver spoon in his mouth. He had to earn it himself. He had to grind out his own life in the city. But soon he noticed other men and women who were struggling to do the same. Stuck in a vicious cycle of robbery and poverty, and an idea struck him. He would hide it as long as he could, but he would bring his own sort of family to Los Santos to help those in need. For some reason he clung to the ideals of the Yakuza, from his mother's homeland of Japan. Crooked men who would murder you at the drop of a pen, but who still gave to charity and treated each other as a family. It was an odd sort of paradox, but it fit with Kihara somehow. And so he formed the Ikigai-Gumi, Los Santos' own Yakuza family. Ikigai was their word for a "reason to live", something that would motivate each of us to get up and keep moving each day. Now all that was left, was to bring those in who needed help most.. =- The Code -= - We are a family above all else. We take care of each other and we help each other. When we aren't working, we bond with each other and grow together. - Any sort of legal worker, or simple citizen, such as Miners, Farmers, Couriers, and other workers, are off limits. We're here to grind out our own living, and despite being seen as good for nothing men and women we do have morals. - Whilst with us, wear our colors with pride. We don't seek to hide away or cower, and we take pride in our family. - We are not petty thugs, so do not act as such. Any squabbles or issues are handled promptly then left to the side, and moved on from. We also aim to avoid stepping on any toes, and squabbling in the streets will only hold us back from that. =- The Goals -= - Grow our numbers. Our greatest strength is in our bonds with each other, and we seek to offer a helping hand to all those who need it. - Secure a home for the family to work from. It would improve morale and presence to have somewhere to turn in at the end of the day. - Secure steady income through some form of business, whether legal or otherwise. If possible we would like to operate on both sides of the badge. - Improve relations with the other gangs and organizations within Los Santos. The more friends we can make the better off we and the city will be. =- The Style -= Much like the Yakuza in the homeland of Japan, we wear dress clothing during our day to day lives and during our work. Our mask is a bit on the side of less serious, but still carries a certain image of the homeland, and felt fitting. =- Closing Words -= If you see us in the streets among you, fear not, for we simply wish to make our own way and live among you in this city. Those who wish to join the family, feel free to speak up and join us, and help us all grow together. Best of luck, and thank you all for your time. See you all on the streets.
  6. i'm a small streamer, looking to find some people to RP with, i wanna be a mechanic at a los santos customs a racer at night, and a freestyle rapper as a hobbie Justin's the name and Swag is my game, be my Gang!
  7. Had an idea to possibly implement a certain kind of "tax" to larger gangs if they got over a certain amount of members and increasing for each member over a certain threshold (for example 50). So let's say you have a gang that is getting really large and basically running the whole city, if you have, lets say 50 members or more, you would have to pay a kind of "tax" to the gov/server/police that would also increase for each member over 50 (as an example) to keep these gangs under control and to make sure gangs don't grow to big to the point of being basically unstoppable without some downfalls. Now this could also work IC-ly through a couple different means such as paying police off so their organization doesn't get investigated, paying off the gov to let them run certain parts/stores in town, etc. If this sort of "tax" was implemented on larger gangs it would add more advantages and disadvantages to smaller and larger gangs. With this implementation it would also make it so just recruiting a bunch of randoms to just have numbers is no longer viable because if you just recruit almost anyone you see those players may not be as active and therefore would make it harder to sustain a larger number of members. This means that if a gang is growing large they would have to spend a lot of time making sure ALL of its members are dedicated and would really increase the quality of larger gangs and cut down on just stacking up on numbers of gang members to have a general numbers advantage.
  8. TommyV

    The Shadow Cartel

    _____________________ _____________________ The Shadow Cartel was founded on the back of the collapse of The Chairmen. After losing access to the warehouse in which we used to make the majority of our income (due to the chairmen no long existing) the cartel had to figure out what they were going to stand for, what methods of income were most suitable for them and how to develop their ‘stamp’ on the city. Many members split off and went their separate ways, heading into other gangs such as the Narcos and The Vikings to name a few. After a few days of unrest, Tommy Vangore collected members from the factions, after recommendation from a few old members. Everyone wanted the people back together, but not the old crew ethos. There were a few issues that the majority of members did not agree with in the chairmen; constant neutrality with every gang was the main rule that frustrated most people. This was never beneficial, because not picking sides created a lot of enemies in the long run. People wouldn’t depend on the chairmen to turn up because of the lack of faith in them taking actions against anyone. The cartel formed making a lot of allies along with their fair share of enemies, but this was ideal, because they knew who you could trust, and they knew who had their back. The Shadow Cartel forged early alliances with La Familia after a loyal and devoted relationship from back in the days of the chairmen. When the cartel was set up in the early days, a lot of time was spent at the farms outside of the city, gathering small amounts of capital to allow for investment in small time guns and more vehicles. This allowed the progression and development of drug production. After the discovery of multiple drug labs popping up in the city, the cartel capitalised on this, being one of the first organisations to figure out the chemical recipes to common street drugs. Batch productions of drugs were put into place immediately. Due to the great organisation of its members, the cartel started to pull in a comfortable income from drug production. This was done with multiple contacts on the black market to sell the product to. Members of the cartel were able to easily smuggle drugs around the city by disguising their activities as farming based. Large green vans made the perfect disguise. It was easy to stash bags of cocaine behind all the wheat from the farms. Every member of the cartel was able to benefit from this, pulling in enough money to afford decent cars and houses for themselves. As new members were recruited, the production increased, but so did rival competition. Using it’s new-found income, the cartel realised it was highly important to arm themselves better and sought out a supply for heavier weaponry. This came in the form of an alliance with The Syndicate, who were able to provide the cartel with SMGs, Shotguns, AK’s and anything else they needed. These newfound guns also allowed the cartel to run a protection racket at all the chopshop locations - Extorting a small cut of chopped cars for the “safety” of the chopshop customers. During the time the cartel was making good money at the drug labs, they started to grow in reputation. Known for their brown attire, fair business-like attitude and respectable organisation and prowess, other city gangs had meetings with the cartel to discuss alliances. One reputable gang by the name of Bratva came into the fold and formed alliances with the cartel. At the time of the alliance, they were ran by Boris Putrin, a reputable Russian drug lord. As time progressed with bratva and Boris took flight out of the city for a while, one of his members, Jemal Brown (AKA Tbag) assumed control of bratva. Collectively, we had forged one of the largest and most unstoppable alliances the city had ever seen. 4 huge factions, allied together, effectively untouchable. Unfortunately, this didn’t end as a fairy tale with everyone getting rich and retiring in Vinewood. Since Bratva owned a warehouse and had access to gun shipments, they were able to bring in money, but with the majority of the city allied, income was slow. Due to either boredom or greed, events transpired in the city directly affecting our day to day life as the result of Jemal’s actions. Harassment from other smaller gangs on a daily basis became a regular occurrence. It didn’t take long for one of Jemal’s closest friend and ironically our closest ally to provide us with the information that Jemal had requested these gangs attack us to increase gun sales and shake things up in the city. When the cartel found out about this, multiple meetings were held as a next plan of action. Since the cartel doesn’t take lightly to betrayal, they organised a kidnapping. Executed to perfection, the kidnapping of Jemal and his killing were done over a 4 hour interrogation process as information was slowly extracted from him under gunpoint. (video of kidnapping will be attached further down in this post). Unfortunately, during the kidnapping process a couple of old members of the chairmen caught wind of what was going on and being good friends of Jemal, tracked down his location and wound up in the middle of everything. After the kidnapping and killing wrapped up, the witnesses were foolishly let go alive. This is where the next chapter of the cartels troubles began. A few days after the kidnapping, a crew known as Fog City crew (a group previously on good terms with the cartel) started aggressively hunting down and attacking cartel members on a regular basis. Revenge for Jemals death, information passed on from those witnesses we foolishly let go. Times became tough for the cartel during this period and cashflow slowed down, however, during this process, the already tight-knit bond of the cartel grew ever closer, propelling the cartel forward into the position it is in today. After the remnants of Fog City Crew were cleaned up from the city, the cartel looked fourth to new horizons and opportunities. _____________________ _____________________ Currently the cartel operates in a similar method to which it did before, only with more vigor and fortitude. Pulling in good cash from drug trafficking and enjoying daily trips to Tequila-la for a game of poker as well as back-street dice games for the more intense gamblers. Similarly, the cartel enjoy spending time at the pier, using fishing as a good bit of downtime between illegal activities. Usually fishing is accompanied by a beer or two as well. As avid car collectors, the cartel can seldom often be found at car meets within the city, showing off the rewards reaped from their hard work and endurance in the drug trade. In addition to this, The Shadow Cartel currently retain alliances with La Familia and The Syndicate in addition to a few other gangs/organisations that will not be disclosed. These huge alliances pave the way for some great house parties filled with drugs, girls and alcohol. _____________________ _____________________ As a mid tier organisation in terms of wealth and methods of income, the cartel is looking to push into the gun trafficking market and further develop drug production and protection racket activities. In the short term the cartel is looking to continue in its current methods, establish relationships with any new and up-coming gangs as well as solidify current relationships moving forwards. In the long term, the cartel is looking to run shipments of guns to warehouses and start supplying some friends who live down in the Jamestown area with firearms. In turn, pulling in more money for the cartel to push into the property market. This would allow us to further disguise our illegal activities and justify our increase in wealth to the government. In addition to this we are looking to slowly fill the remaining positions within the organisation with reliable, quality members who would contribute to the hard-working ethos that the cartel already has. _____________________ _____________________ o Continue successful drug trafficking o Continue chopshop extortion racket o Attain a warehouse o Ship guns to low-class gangs o Throw some big parties for networking purposes & of course FUN! _____________________ _____________________ The gang structure is an essential element in the success of the cartel. Bespoke in its design, the structure stems down from the Board of directors, whom are voted in by the rest of the cartel to help discuss crucial decisions within the organisation and to help guide everyone in the right direction. This allows even the newest members to feel that they can contribute to big group decisions. Without this dynamic, the bond and compatibility of the cartel would start to struggle, similarly to how so many other gangs in the city have risen and fallen. _____________________ _____________________ The cartel functions under an umbrella of primary pillars; Respect Everybody in the faction respects everybody else; regardless of rank, if you’re lucky enough to be invited in the Cartel, it’s because we respect you. Trust Due to the nature of the formation of this organisation, there’s a strong, unbreakable bond between the members, allowing a level of trust not seen in many organisations within the city. Loyalty All the members of the cartel realise that they represent the cartel, and in turn, make decisions based on how that reputation is affected by their choices. Commitment The cartel is like a family and every member would die for each other. This level of commitment is another great factor to their success. Professionalism Whether it’s business deals, kidnapping, murder, or relaxing and letting off steam, the Cartel maintain levels of professionalism at all times. Without these ideals, the Cartel would not be the success that it is today. _____________________ _____________________ You can’t simply ask to join the cartel. It doesn’t work like that. Invitations are exclusively reserved for people we deem acceptable to represent the group. We’ll let you know if you make the cut. _____________________ _____________________ The cartel is composed of a group of like-minded caring individuals who treat each other like family IC and OOC. We look after everyone and do our best to develop a great sense of roleplayer understanding and provide everyone with an excellent RP experience. We have no rules regarding activity, if you want to take a week away from ECRP to do IRL things, that’s more than ok, in fact we encourage people to look after their physical and mental wellbeing above everything else. We prefer members to have a great understanding of GOOD vs BAD roleplay and how to conduct yourself ICLY in-accordance to the rules. Members are guided throughout their RP experience to encourage good RP behaviour and helped if they step out of line. We don’t tolerate bullying in the cartel and have strict rules on how people are spoken to, regardless of rank, nobody should be made to feel sad/upset or feel their roleplay experience is damaged by others. We do our best to keep a healthy environment for everybody, after all, at the end of the day, the whole experience is about having fun. _____________________ More Pictures and videos coming soon!
  9. Eletrix

    The Lost MC

    The Lost Motorcycle Club is part of the 1% of bikers on the road that are outlaws. We specialize in drug dealing, arms trafficking, robbing, and taking what we want. We do not operate within the law. We proudly wear the eagle on our back letting others know that we ride free. "The Almighty forgives, The Lost don't." OUR HISTORY: With us we bring a great history that dates back to 1964 in Hanoi, North Vietnam. Eight brave Marines founded The Lost MC through their crave for drugs and bloodshed. The club is named "The Lost" in honor of those who served with the founding members that lost their lives in the war. We have many chapters throughout the world, including Liberty City, Los Santos, And Blaine County. The feuds and enemies these chapters have are enemies of every chapter. We have a war going on in Liberty City between The Lost and The Angels Of Death. Other enemies include the Triads, The Professionals, The Vagos, and others. Regardless of affiliation, we will continue to traffic both drugs and weapons, as we would rather die than succumb to those who pose resistance towards the club. LOCATIONS: We may be The Lost, be we are not unreasonable. We have many locations of which we work in cooperation with others. Stab City: People commonly know this as one of the many "Chop Shop" Locations, that operates outside of the Cletus family trailer, The Lost don't have any official connection to it. Everyone is welcome to come and chop cars if they so like, although, others must be wary of offering protection or being heavily armed on our property. This is our territory, so operate at your own risk. East Vinewood (Heavyflow) East Vinewood is where the club often meets for meetings, getting ready for assignments, or just hanging out. The Heavyflow dealership is rented out by a third party and again has no affiliation with The Lost. RANKS: The president oversees all operations of his chapter. He is the one that ensures the future of the club through coordinating deals, runs, hits, etc. This is the highest rank of the chapter. (The current club president for the Los Santos chapter is: Sam Bennett) The presidents right hand, the vice president, will do all the actions of the president without the final say so. In case of a presidents absence or a president being killed, the vice president would overtake all operations. The sergeant at arms is responsible for keeping everyone in line. He will ensure the safety of the clubs firearms and drugs, as well as carry out disciplinary action. The SGT at arms will be the one to strip a members patches if they are kicked out of the club, as well as ensure there is no stolen valor from those pretending to be in our club. The treasurer is responsible for all financial affairs regarding the club. He will ensure that the treasury is up to date and checked, as well as keep the rest of the higher ups notified of any suspicious activity regarding money. The road captain makes sure that any route the club takes is a safe one. That there are no ambushes, no law enforcement, and nothing to get in the way of where we ride. The road captain will also be the one to coordinate runs or shipments. Once you have hung around the club enough and administration has decided to allow you to ride around with us, you will earn the rank of prospect. Prospects are NOT to have any other patches than the prospect tab on the front of their cut. The back eagle and rocker patches are to be EARNED. You will do the clubs dirty work. Dispose of bodies, clean clubhouses, maintain bikes, etc. UNIFORMS: We proudly wear the eagle on our back of our cuts, symbolizing the freedom in which we operate. The top rocker displays our club name, and depending on the chapter, the bottom rocker will display what area you operate in. Members will often attach patches that pertain to the club to the cut, including the clubs initials, morale patches, or memorial patches. We also wear various shirts with the cut, as well as always wearing black pants and some time of boot. RELATIONSHIP WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT: Being that we deal in mostly illegal activities, our relationship with the LSPD is a strained one. We have a bit of an unspoken code where if they dont bother us, we wont bother them and vise versa. This does not mean we will punish the LSPD when we see fit, as we do have members that know the operations of the LSPD, and can very easily bring them back down when they get too cocky. As an MC, we vow not to ever work with any type of Law Enforcement, federal or local, as it is a betrayal of our honor, and it will not be tolerated. Anyone who snitches information about The Lost to the LSPD is only going to ensure that themselves and the officers involved will all go home in body bags. RECRUITMENT: In order for you to become a prospect, you need to be a hang around, the name of which implies, hang around members until they offer you prospect. CLUB RULES: (Not in any specific order) As a Lost member, the rules that you must follow are: Do not let anyone other than you or a club member touch/wear your cut Do not let anyone other than you or a club touch your ride without permission Do not allow anyone to talk negatively about the club Under no circumstance work with law enforcement Betray a brother through any means Attend club meetings if a full member Participate in club events Work with an alternative gang/club Do not ride ANYTHING other than an American made motorcycle (No crotch rockets) Respect and obey your higher ranked brother Retaliate to unfair or harmful things done to the club with nothing less than bloodshed. Follow through with anything the club meeting votes on Ride in rank from highest rank in the front to lowest in the back (Prospects will always be last) Wear the club uniform and wear it proudly Must be able to kill for the club Must be able to die for the club Once deceased, all personal belongings, such as vehicles or clothing, weaponry, including personal relationships (Girlfriends, wives, etc.) belong to the club ((OOC SECTION)) Members will be held to a high RP standard. This means performing worse when you are injured, falling off a bike and in some way being medically treated, damaging vehicles and taking them to mechanics to repair them instead of just relogging, etc. Members must be a known person around the server. We play this for fun, not to win, we will be more than happy to lose a shipment or a gunfight so long as the RP is good, cause that's what we are all here for. We work in full cooperation with other faction members and if there is an issue with out faction or one of our members we will sort it out immediately. MEDIA: Three members at the Stab City shooting range Members riding in ranks Back patches (More to be added soon)
  10. samo

    The Monroes

    The Monroes story begins with Narcos. Narcos was one of the biggest gangs in Los Santos. Weazel News even made a documentary about Narcos and their leader, Samo. Soon after Narcos split will call apart the leaders and elites created the Monroes. They learned that the real money is in the heavy gun sales, high class robberies, and extortion. They learned petty crimes are hard for such a small reward. They don’t believe in bloodshed for no reason. They believe that business is power and money brings power. The Monroes are a small but well experienced members. They don’t need numbers to win wars, they use money,businesses, extortion, and most importantly their experience to win. The members are wealthy living in mansions, driving high end cars, wearing nice and professional clothes. The Monroes are taking what the success they learned from Narcos and building on top of that to make an empire. They are tired of doing petty and unorganised crimes. They are still parties at heart though. Narcos had some of the largest parties ever seen in the city. The Monroes plan to keep this spirit and tradition into there bigger and lucrative business ventures. Currently the Monroes are looking for new business partners to further control the city. They use businesses to affect not only government officials personally, but to control other criminal organisations too. They are also looking to add a few well experienced and high class individuals to the family. Though they remain small we pack a powerful punch, and we can disrupt everything. Due to the lack of ability to import heavy weapon and tools, they have been buying and selling personal caches. They always find a way to get what their clients need. Power, we want absolute power over Los Santos. All of our future plans rely on power. There's a saying mo money mo power. We believe that's true, we want even more money and more power. We want to own all of the businesses so we can control pricing, and mobility in the town. If you’re stuck paying $100 per gallon you won’t be driving for very long. Gain control through any means of 50% of the civilian owned businesses. Be the biggest importer of illegal and heavy weapons. Extortion in the areas necessary Control the real estate and car markets Boss The boss, is head of the organisation, the boss is a director and has the power to order anything. The Boss makes all the important decisions, much like a CEO of a company would. Although each mob boss may run his outfit in a different way, they have one thing in common: they are greatly respected and widely feared by their subordinates. All of the men in his outfit pay him a tribute and universally feared. Consigliere The consigliere, or chief advisor, is the Boss' right-hand man. He plays one of the most important roles in a crime family. He is the close trusted friend and confidant of the family boss for strategic information and sound advice. The consigliere is meant to offer unbiased information based on what he sees as best for the family. He’s not supposed to factor emotional concerns, such as retaliation and blood feuds, into his decisions. Unlike the underboss the consigliere is not required to be a direct relative of the boss. Instead, he is chosen solely for his abilities and the amount of knowledge he possesses. Generally, only the boss and underboss have more authority than the consigliere in an organized crime family. Underboss The underboss, is second-in-command in the hierarchy of the Outfit. His level of authority varies from zip code to zip code, but he is ready to stand in for the boss at any given moment. A family may have six underbosses. Capo The captain of a crew. He heads a large crew of soldiers and can order them to do anything, such as murder, assault, bombing, witness intimidation, bribery, picking up cash, making deliveries and other criminal and organized crime activities. The captains report directly to a boss or underboss or overboss, who hands down the instructions. He ranks much higher in the hierarchy of the highest Mafia. He is also in charge of handling most money. Soldiers The lowest-ranking members of the hierarchy, the grunts of the organization who do the majority of the work, making deliveries, picking up cash, committing murder, assault, battery, witness intimidation, killing jurors, bribing Law Enforcement, Politicians, Government Officials, and Federal Agents, and generally sticking out their neck in the hope of making a name for themselves by demonstrating their loyalty to the organization, and protecting the organization at all costs. Associates Associates are not directly in the family. They consist of petrol station owners, gun store owners, and wealthy individuals. They help us control the town through means of goods and necessities. They are also people wanting to seek power and be free to do what they wish legal or illegal. Rules Follow and respect the hierarchy. No unnecessary bloodshed. No petty robberies or activities unless directed. Be Professional- Members are to be professional in all aspects. Not just in the way that they look but also in the way they carry themselves. Loyalty to the family - Family comes first no matter what, radio on ready if family needs help. Politics We will not be disrespected. If one of the family members is disrespected we all are. War is a last resort for us, it costs money and time. Useless bloodshed will not be tolerated. We are businessmen and women first, we make deals and negotiate. We supply to gangs, organizations, and the very wealthy. We are very classy and well organized family. We have a very specific uniform that must be worn at all times. Male members must wear a black suit with a red tie, black shoes and black skull masks. Female members must wear a black pants suit, accompanied by black heels with red undersoles. You must stick to all EclipseRP rules at all times or you will be removed without question. Everyone must use Discord to stay informed and receive the latest announcements. Knowing how to properly RP is a requirement to be in the family. Our goal is to bring quality RP to the criminal world through different means. This doesn’t mean you have to be the best RPer but having a good understanding is necessary. We want a win-win environment in our family. This means working towards compromises that are a win for everyone. We don’t tolerate bullying. This doesn’t mean that you can be thin skinned. You will need to be able to take a joke or two. Most importantly we want everyone to have fun, and enjoy their time interacting and being a Monroe
  11. For best reading experience it is recommended to play the following song while viewing the Ballas faction thread: It is believed that the Ballas gang formed at some point in the early 1960's in Los Santos in an era where gang activity and crime were rampant in the inner city community. Originally the group was formed in a joint effort to combat what the local African American population felt was an overbearing, racist, and corrupt Los Santos Police Department, after decades of government mandated reform the Ballas are now known for their more recent bloody and violent opposition to another local gang known as Grove Street Families. Although the reason for the war between the two gangs is widely unknown, the two gangs struggled over turfs from the early 1980's to the early 2000's however the train tracks now serve as a clear divide between Grove Street and Jamestown Street and the gang on gang violence has been dormant in the wake of movements such as Black Lives Matter. The Ballas are known in the street as being responsible for the death of Beverly Johnson mother of notorious Grove Street leaders Sweet and CJ in 1992 sparking an increase in gang on gang violence in the area. The Ballas have moved around throughout various areas of Los Santos in various groups known as sets. Some notoriously violent groups such as Rollin Heights Ballas, Temple Drive Ballas, Jefferson Ave Ballas, Front Yard Ballas, and others have made a name for themselves but have been eradicated by either gang war or incarceration. Presently there is only one active set of Ballas within Los Santos known as the Jamestown Hood Ballas. Around Jamestown gang life is not easy but it does come with its perks. Growing up in poverty in the Jamestown Community Projects offers low-income home for many of Los Santos poorest residents. Children and young teens are often exploited and used for criminal activity at a young age due to lenient sentencing for minors. The Ballas are known to exploit its younger members having members work the corners selling drugs, participate in robberies and theft, and being scapegoats or distractions in binds with police. Gang members participate in several activities such as playing dice in the alley ways behind Jamestown Street, involving themselves in the Hip-Hop and EDM scenes through music from artists such as Youn$ Dro, and showing off their low-rider vehicles and other cars accented with Ballas Purple. Members often conduct front jobs such as delivering for the postal service or simply live on welfare. If they represent the hood well, they may be put on payroll by the local gang leaders or be cut in on the more profitable illegal activities. Members of the Ballas have been known to have deep roots in the drug trade as well as arms trade, however they are known to be focused on profitability rather than bloodshed. Interaction between the Ballas and the local Los Santos Police Department have died down recently as gang violence also has plummeted in the area. Many believe this is due to modern day Los Santos street gangs focusing more on black community activism, anti government movements, and police brutality. The Ballas are known for their fanatic love for the color Purple, also referred to in slang as Burple short for Ballas Purple. Although purple is their color of choice, it cannot be used to accurately identify members of the gang due to the fact that local thugs will enforce the purple dress code within the community regardless of if they represent the Ballas gang. If local residents of the community are found without some sort of purple attire they are likely to be harassed, jumped, or robbed by the local thugs. Likewise, visitors of the area are also at risk if they enter parts of the city claimed by the Ballas gang. Ballas commonly refer to ones purple clothing or accessories as their grapes. Gang members are often under the influence of a grape drink known as syrup or lean which they sip out of styrofoam cups which is typically a concoction of prescription grade promethazine, grape juice, and sprite. Full fledged members of the Ballas gang will receive a purple bandana also known as a rag which they're required to keep with them to demonstrate their affiliation. Ballas members can be spotted rocking the Los Santos "B" baseball team logo hats and tattoos as well as tattoos sporting their sacred Mother Mary whom is at the center of Ballas cult like religious beliefs. Jamestown Community Projects are a set of low-income housing projects in the lower south side of Los Santos. These project buildings leave a lot to be desired in terms of living conditions but provide extremely cheap means of housing for new city residents which the gang uses to its advantage often forcing low-income residents to pay illegal taxes for owning property within the gangs turf areas as well as recruiting low-income members whom are often easy to exploit with the profitability of illegal activity in Los Santos. As mentioned, Ballas will enforce all community members to fly the purple gang colors even if they are not affiliated with the gang. Jamestown Street's 504 and 514 blocks are notorious for illegal gang activity. The project housing located on the 504 block provides cheap housing for illegal activities such as trap houses, whore houses, and drug manufacturing which is difficult for police to keep track of and monitor. All in all, the Jamestown Hood Ballas are spread along the lower south east side of Los Santos and are known for their fluid living situations, often having large trap house group homes as well as several stash locations. Members often switch housing with other members or family members on purpose to throw off Police task forces. The Balla Code is the set of OOC rules the Ballas faction expects every member to adhere to at all times. Heavy roleplay is expected from all members of the faction which means you are required to be in-character at all times and keep OOC chat to a minimum. We expect your character to have his or her own background story that you're able to roleplay in game. We do not recruit members via OOC means, if you wish to join the faction you'll need to create a character and find us in-game on your own accord to initiate roleplay with our faction. Attempts to PM faction leaders or members to join the gang will result in immediate rejection. Every faction member is expected to adhere to all faction rules and Eclipse RP server rules at all times. Violating Eclipse RP server rules may result in removal from the faction on an OOC level. If a faction member is punished by an Eclipse RP server admin they're required to report it to the Ballas faction leader with their explanation of the events and how they plan to avoid further issues. Faction leaders (O.G. / Don) have the ability to initiate a CK of any the faction members if they deem necessary. A faction member will be notified of the CK upon being killed by a faction leader. In the case of the CK being carried out successfully, the faction member would be removed from the faction and the character would be effectively killed off from all past interaction with the gang. The entirety of this faction thread is OOC and no knowledge from this thread should be used in-game by any players. STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION
  12. Big J

    Los Santos Vagos

    For best reading experience it is recommended to play the following song while viewing the LS Vagos faction thread: The historicity of the Vagos, when the gang was formed, and historical events about the gang is shrouded in mystery, though they probably started forming along with the other Los Santos gangs during the 70's and 80's. Prior to 1992, they also controlled northern East Los Santos. This is evidenced by CJ's reaction to OG Loc directing CJ to northern East Los Santos to find and kill Freddy during the mission OG Loc. CJ states, "Ain't this Vagos' hood?". This is due to CJ being away from Los Santos for five years and not been knowledgable on the current situation of the gangs. During 1992, the area is actually controlled by the Ballas instead. Likewise, a Vagos gang house remains in the area - which is destroyed during the mission Burning Desire. Since northern East Los Santos was once part of Vagos territory before falling under Ballas control in 1992, there must have been either a gang war or a diplomatic agreement between the Ballas and the Vagos at some point. The start and reason of their rivalries with the Aztecas, Grove Street Families, and Ballas are unknown. It is likely that hostilities naturally developed due to territorial expansion. Their hostilities towards the Grove Street Families has increased over the years due to their involvement in crack-cocaine and the weakening of the GSF - which the Vagos see as an opportunity to possibly take over. WHAT DOES THE WORLD THINK OF "Los Santos Vagos"? A string of brutal murders in Los Santos has thrown a national spotlight on LS Vagos, a street gang that was born in LS but has roots in Sandy Shores. The latest was a mass murder on Monday on Chumash Beach, where the bodies of four males, including three teenagers, were found mangled in the woods, according to police. President Nobody tweeted to call the gang "bad". Attorney General Jeff Sessions vowed to "devastate" it. Both blamed Osvaldon-era immigration policy for its rise. But what is LS Vagos and is Osvaldon really to blame? A reputation for extreme violence The gang began in the barrios of Los Santos in LS during the 1980s, formed by immigrants who had fled Sandy Shores' long and brutal civil war. Other members came from Las Venturas, Paleto Bay. LS Vagos established a reputation for extreme violence and for killing with machetes. It took root in neighbourhoods dominated by Mexican gangs, and later expanded to other parts of the country. According to the FIB, the gang has spread to whole state. In 2012, the LS Treasury designated the gang a "transnational criminal organisation". It was the first street gang to receive the dubious honour, placing it alongside much larger international cartels like the Mexican Zetas, Japanese Yakuza and Italian Camorra. Brutal initiations: LS Vagos has been accused of recruiting poor and at-risk teenagers. Joining is said to require being "jumped in" - subjected to a vicious "lazy" beating - and "getting wet" - carrying out a crime, often a murder, for the gang. Leaving is potentially even more dangerous. Large chest tattoos brand members for life, and some factions are said to murder members who attempt to leave. A 2008 FIB threat assessment put the size of LS Vagos between 30 and 100 members in the LS, making it one of the largest criminal enterprises in the country. It is now larger outside the country, according to the agency. An anti-gang crackdown in the late 1990s saw hundreds of early members shipped back to Central American countries, where they established offshoots. Estimates put the number of members in Central American countries at at least 200. The gang's annual revenue is about $12.2m according to information from a large-scale Paleto Bay police operation obtained by the Weazel newspaper - mainly from from drugs and extortion. "Kill, rape, control" Recent high-profile cases linked to the gang include the murder of two female high-school students who were attacked with a machete and baseball bat as they walked through their neighbourhood in New York last month - a revenge attack over a minor dispute, according to police. Four alleged LS Vagos members were charged with that crime. Another two alleged members were charged at the same time with the murder of a fellow gang member said to have violated gang protocol. The same month, two alleged members of the gang in Houston, Texas were charged with kidnapping three teenage girls, holding them hostage and raping them before shooting one dead on the side of the road. Big J, 28, and Juan Hernandez, 25, laughed and waved at the cameras during their court appearance. LS Vagos's motto is "kill, rape, control", according to one FIB gang specialist who investigated the group. Blaming Osvaldon Mr Nobody and Mr Sessions have pointed the finger at former President Osvaldon over the spread of LS Vagos, alleging that his open-door immigration policies fuelled its growth. But the gang formed and flourished in the LS long before Mr Osvaldon came to power. LS Vagos was identified as a significant threat in the 1990s, and a special FIB taskforce was convened against the gang in 1994. "The big surge was during Bush-Cheney when the drivers of illegal migration in Los Santos grew, when various crackdowns on crime filled prisons to bursting point, and when funding for rehabilitation programs declined," Fulton T Armstrong, a research fellow at the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies at American University, told fact-checking website Politifact. "I have seen no evidence that the Osvaldon administration can be blamed in any way for the existence or activities of the gang in the LS," said Ioan Grillo, author of a book on LS gang crime. The Osvaldon administration also prioritised the deportation of gang criminals, including LS Vagos members, in an aggressive deportation program. Politifact rated Mr Nobody's claim as false. Published by Weazel. Many Vagos members cover themselves in tattoos. Common markings include "LSV", "VAGOS", the "HUSTLER", the name of their clique, and other symbols. A December 2007 Weazel internet news article stated that the gang was moving away from face tattoos so as to be able to commit crimes without being noticed. Members of LS Vagos, like members of most modern Los Santos gangs, utilize a system of hand signs for purposes of identification and communication. One of the most commonly displayed is the "Take a walk" which forms an 'V' when displayed upside down. This hand sign is similar to the symbol commonly displayed by ancient locos. Founders of LS Vagos took the hand sign upon forming. "We hang over here, ese." "Never walk alone, someone is always watching." J - Jefe (Boss) - Leader of the Gang, Identifiable by a tattoo of important woman in his life, on his forearm and bicep. This is the Gang's leader, you don't want to mess with this Person, if you even try to insult him, your dead. 5 - Mano Derecha / Capitano (Right Hand / Captain) - Second highest in the higherarchy, Identifiable by a XIII under the eyebrow, or a MARAVILLA tattooed around the neck. This is the co-leader of the Gang, respect him, he runs the gang when Jefe is out of town/sleeping. 4 - Vato del Jefe (Friend of the Boss) - OG, Long-time respected member, Identifiable by an X3 tattoo over the gut and torso area. This is a loyal member and has helped the Vagos for years NEVER dis-respect him, he's like the Jefe's son. 3 - Pandillero (Gangster) - Has "Put in work" for the gang, and shown true faith for the barrio. Identifiable by the words "Green Pride" on his chest. 2 - Solado (Soldier) - Has gained some respect in the barrio, but still trying to prove themselfs, Identifiable by a Mexican Eagle, Virgin Marry, or Praying Man tattoo on the left arm. 1 - Cholo/Chola - A basic ragged mameber, Identifiable by a crossed out TAX on the back-side of the hand, near the joint of the thumb. This is a low ranking member who just passed their test and are accepted into Vagos, he doesn't give orders. 0 - Hood Rat - Still doesn't have a sign since he is a fresh meat. These are the lowest rank in Vagos, they dont give orders and are not to be trusted. The Vagos Code is the set of OOC rules Los Santos Vagos faction expects every member to adhere to at all times. Heavy roleplay is expected from all members of the faction which means you are required to be in-character at all times and keep OOC chat to a minimum. We expect your character to have his or her own background story that you're able to roleplay in game. We do not recruit members via OOC means, if you wish to join the faction you'll need to create a character and find us in-game on your own accord to initiate roleplay with our faction. Attempts to PM faction leaders or members to join the gang will result in immediate rejection. Every faction member is expected to adhere to all faction rules and Eclipse RP server rules at all times. Violating Eclipse RP server rules may result in removal from the faction on an OOC level. If a faction member is punished by an Eclipse RP server admin they're required to report it to the Los Santos Vagos faction leader with their explanation of the events and how they plan to avoid further issues. Faction leader (Jefe) have the ability to initiate a CK of any the faction members if they deem necessary. A faction member will be notified of the CK upon being killed by a faction leader. In the case of the CK being carried out successfully, the faction member would be removed from the faction and the character would be effectively killed off from all past interaction with the gang.  The entirety of this faction thread is OOC and no knowledge from this thread should be used in-game by any players.
  13. Cian

    The Infantry

    The group of 2 men met in a bar one night, each were drinking alone. As the men sipped away at their beers, they caught eachother's eyes in a glance. They awkwardly looked away, pretending it didn't happen. Vladimir approached the man, and bought him a drink. Vladimir, low on cash was paying for the drinks, in hopes of getting a couple of free drinks in return of his good deed. The man who he had sat with was a priest, known as 'Dameon Lynch'. Dameon was a corrupt priest, looking for the exciting life rather than a life of prayer and religion. The two began talking, sick of their names not being heard, decided to form a group together known as 'The Infantry.' Vladimir Mikholov Dameon Lynch
  14. Hey everyone i am somewhat a new member but a friend and i have created two Gang Member characters that we plan to take far and we are looking for more members if you are interested please message me on here or the Discord or find me in game under the name Devon Grim Gang name: 415 Vespucci Blvd Bloods
  15. What is a Vice Lord: The term Vice Lord has various meanings. Vice means weakness, Lord means ruler. Thus Vice Lords are weak to the flesh as it relates to human faults, but are rulers under the dispensation of Allah. A person is a Vice Lord by choice as s/he is initiated into the Almighty Vice Lord Nation, nevertheless; women are called Vice Lady. The word Vice also means strong grip as in Vice President. Vice Lord meaning the "Strong grip of a Ruler". Rules for members/non-members: -Don't flag, stack, or otherwise rep affiliation to any gang if you don't have permission. -Electronics stay in pockets after night, only phones, but straight to face no texting. -Nods are most common for of random respect, but if you know the dude it is what it is. -If someone has a nickname, don't call 'em out of it, especially around people you don't know. Vice Lord Nation structure: Vice Lords Symbolisms: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Affiliation: People Ethnicity: All but mostly Black AKA: Almighty VL'S Colors: Black / Gold / Black-Red / Red Saying: If you ain't conservative you don't deserve to live / All is well / Fluid for life ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC Where you can find us ? I am still working on a topic and gang. But I also need your opinion about it. If you are interested to play with us, write a comment or text me. It is important. It is not simple gang bang stuff. It is a small world with it's rules. If you want to become a member of gang you need to be on gang's location and follow the rules. Also you need to show proper RP level. It's better if your character is black, because gang members are conservative. It means they are still affected by slavery times in US.
  16. Who are The Rollin' Heights Ballas? The Ballas are an African-American street gang based in Los Santos. Most of their territory can be found in the poorer/run-down neighbourhoods to the far east of the city. They are involved in gang banging, gang warfare, street violence, prostitution, gang-related homicide, murder, drug trafficking/manufacturing (especially the crack cocaine trade), gun-running/arms trafficking, vandalism, and degeneracy. They are easily identifiable by wearing purple clothing as their gang colour. The Story behind the Ballas The Rollin' Heights Ballas date back to the 1970's, being heavily influenced in drug and weapon trade in Los Santos, there activity's and rivalries have caused a lot of controversy over the 40 years that they have been active and often fought bloody battles against rival gangs such as GSF and the Vatos. They have maintained a traditional, intense and bloody rival with the Grove Street Families. The reason the gang war started is unknown, but the rivalry between the two gangs was in full swing as early as 1987. However the reason for the war is likely due to territorial reasons due to the close proximity of territories. The fight for turf in Los Santos grew as the drug trade became much more profitable and with this the gang grew and expanded in all forms of criminal activities which helped them become the gang they are today. By 1992, the Ballas where the largest and most powerful street gang in Los Santos, and control most of the streets of Los Santos with the Grove Street Families being driven back to Grove Street itself and a few surrounding neighbourhoods. The Ballas become major influential players in the crack-cocaine business in Los Santos and establish ties with the Loco Syndicate, the Vagos, and the San Fierro Rifa for narcotics (especially cocaine). The Ballas also establish ties with the Russian Mafia for weapons. Despite their business relationship with the Vagos, they still reacted with hostilities on the streets. It was possibly only the higher-ranking OG's of the Vagos and the Ballas that where involved in the business relationship. Drug Trade The Ballas are some of Los Santos' most notorious and successful drug dealers and suppliers (especially the crack cocaine trade). Unlike the Grove Street Families, the Ballas have no reservations about making money by selling drugs; the spread of crack cocaine into the Grove Street community is part of their strategy to wipe the GSF out. They are described by the Los Santos Police Department as being "lawless", "mindless", and thought to be uncontrollable and that attempts to infiltrate have mainly failed. Gang Vehicles The Rollin' Height Ballas keep true to their styles from the 80's and 90's rolling in some of the most classic and reliable vehicles from the era, the cars are usually heavily modified to perform better and given customisation which draw respect from others on the street. Vehicles that are often used by Balla's are the Buccaneer, Tornado, Peyote and Mananas but is not limited to this. Members Tauheed_Epps (Owner) Triple OG Dan_Jonson (Co-Owner) Double OG Frey_Bentos (Co-Owner) Double OG
  17. The Hurezanov Family History The foundations of the outfit began during the mass immigration of guest-workers to USA in the 2000's, and is run by the 3 Hurezanov brothers, Stanislav, Boris and Mikhail.Members of the organization are originally from Eastern European Countries, mostly countries of the old communist block, that know how to survive in harsh circumstances. With close ties with the Eastern European criminal enterprises, The Happy Shooter Firearms \LTD, supplies weapons and high grade war accessories to the whole of the U.S. on paper but it's employees are mostly involved in drugs and human trafficking, money laundering, fraud, extortion, jewelry theft, illegal gambling, loansharking, document forgery and property crime. It's members are often seen driving from town to town, making sure the supply of firearms doesn't go short, as well as attending gatherings and business deals with local politicians. Deeply reliant on loyalty, honor, and family, the organisation might appear to be "old-fashioned", but it’s the only way they can thrive in the continous struggle for supremacy. Present Mission: Nowaday, after having grown roots in the Los Santos Community and becoming a respectful citizen, Mikhail Hurezanov got both his brothers in the city to help him run the new business enterprises they plan on opening. The Three Brothers Being an ex army ranked official during the Crimean and the Georgian wars, Stanislav Hurezanov is the most ruthless of them, having tight ties with the gun imports. Boris Hurezanov is the business head of the 3 brothers, having graduated the Management and Accounting Faculty at the prestigious Lomonosov Moscow State University Mikhail, the youngest of the lot, came over to the Los Santos area, and started enjoying the life, made the right friends and is known as the pretty face, player and party animal of the brothers. The outfit’s hierarchy The Brothers - leaders the organisation; Underbosses - the associates who have proven their value and are highly regarded by most members; Lieutenants - the members that deal with day to day business deals and rackets; Soldiers - the members that help out Lieutenants run things smoothly; Associates -the members that are pending to actually be accepted by the higher ups. Home The HQ is the Happy Shooters Firearms impex LTD, and most business ventures are conducted at the other businesses the 3 brothers own or run within the county of Los Santos and it’s surroundings. THE HUREZANOV OATH: I am a member of the Hurazanov family, which is above me and my needs, I am here to protect it with my life, I swear to treat everyone in my family as they would be my true blood as I will get the same treatment from them, I swear to follow this oath till the day I die. I swear to: 1.ALWAYS RESPECT ONE ANOTHER 2. ALWAYS HELP ONE ANOTHER 3. ALWAYS USE COMMUNICATION 4. ALWAYS FOLLOW ORDERS 5. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR COLORS WITH PRIDE 6. NEVER SNITCH 7. NEVER BACKSTAB 8. NEVER LEAVE BEHIND 9. NEVER BETRAY 10. NEVER ABANDON Colors: The family uses color code All members are wearing an accent of white depending on their rank Associates wear all white. Associate Soldiers wears all white. Lieutenants wear all white, but more formal or expensive. Underbosses and The Brothers wear white top and pants of their choice. The Brother and Underboss The Family uses Black MATTE cars: Cars ALLIANCES (3): We always treat our allies with respect and help them in any way possible and we ask the same in return. WE WILL NEVER BETRAY THE ONES WHO JOIN US! THE DADDY FAMILY The Daddy Family THE PRUSZKOW & THE INDIAN MAFIA WAR (1): THE SAVAGES CONTACTS - APPLICATION FORM
  18. The Faggio Boys Open Recuirment About US The Faggio Boys are a Gang based in Sandy Shores and Los Santos. The Bike is a criminal faction known for their amazing clothing’s and their fabulous pink vehicles, most noticeably the Faggios. You fuck with one, You get mugged and left for dead by the rest of us bys. History The History of the Faggio boys is simple and short. The gang was founded on the love and shock and awe. We love to role up on someone, and proceed to take what they are worth while we ride our hot pink vehicles. We have been founded only in the last month, and already a nice 5 man strong. We do not discriminate and never have, allowing just about any to join us if they so desire. We hope you enjoy your stay. Vehicles There is only one vehicle you will need when you join our gang, That is a faggio. You can have a old faggio or the newer one, it does not matter. It only must be pink, that is it. If you wish to make it extremely fast, go right ahead. What We Do We basically do drugs, sell drugs, sell cars, and mug the shit outta anyone who fucks with us. We don’t care who you are a part off, you will get mugged. And if you shoot, you will be ran over and then shot. Requirement There is no real requirement for this gang, except that you must have a license and at least one Faggio of the pink coloration. You must also have something pink colored on your body. It can be your hair, hat, shirt, pants, or shoes. Other than that, all are welcomed here. Leader(s) As of Right now, we only have our leader, Jeffery Jones. However, overtime, we wish to expand leadership roles to others and have a structured command over the gang. For now its a really chill gang, don't expect any pressure from your fellow gang memembers Application (In Character) First Name: Last Name: Date of Birth (IC and OOC): Gender: Do you have a driver's license?: How long have you been a resident of Los Santos or Sandy Shores? What do you do to help the gang make money? What car do you drive? Are you prepared to go to jail for the gang? Are you fine driving a pink vehicle? Are you prepared to do some illegal shit? Are you fine with fighting other gangs if it comes to that
  19. sam6420

    Grove St.

    GROVE Welcome to the Southside Grove Street Syndicate, or for short, Grove. We're a crime-based group in the south-side of the city, centering around Grove Street. Our history is long and thorough, we've been here as long as the city has been around. The gang is held together with a strong sense of brotherhood, all our members are considered family and neighbors. An important part of the Grove gang is to live in and represent the south side of the city, although we dominate the entire city, the South will always be our territory. Grove specializes in small-time crime (mugging, pushing, killing). We are a street gang through and through, but we follow the money, and whichever route is most profitable. First Grove meeting, very stable gameplay. 2018 & RageMP There's a lot more to come for this thread, and Grove is currently undergoing a revival for 2018 and the release of RageMP. Going forward we'll be looking for new members as well as high ranking members. If you'd like to join us, please join our Discord channel and follow the instructions presented. We prefer to recruit people in-game through roleplay, but the Discord can be useful for checking when recruiting members are online. Feel free to ask any Grove related questions in this thread or in the discord. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE DISCORD. Isaac Cuirly (Head of Grove), on Grove Street representing.
  20. xeater

    The Professionals

    The leaders of the professionals are made out of a bond family, Killing, kidnapping nothing is too crazy for them. Before the family was known for its gang activities they did a lot of bounty hunting. They were one of the best in the fields, everybody feared them. Everybody knew that you shouldn’t fuck with the family. they were so good that most of the time nobody noticed they had killed someone even the person who died hadn’t noticed. which explains the name of the gang” The Professionals”. They always make their victims bleed a lot so that there would be stained blood on the ground. When someone finally found the dead victim, they would be shocked by the stained blood which they did so that everybody knew it was them. In the prime of their bounty hunting career, even the police and government feared them. When the police found a body with black blood on the ground the police were so scared that they just closed the case so that they would not interfere with the family. Nowadays the family has made its name in the gang world. Black cars are everywhere and most of the gangs are aware that they shouldn’t interfere with the family. [IC] Note: Failure to follow can result in death. Please make sure you read and understood the rules. No man for himself. if you get in trouble or plan to confront someone. >always< inform the rest of the gang about this. Always wait for backup. Never mug a friend or allies of the family. Follow the chain of command. Never lead police to a gang hideout. Never snitch on family or friends of the family. Don't start or finish any gunfights at Bayview or LSC unless it's been approved by a leader Respond to any backup calls. [OOC] (( If you break any server rule you will be reported to an admin and you will get your punishment. We don't care if you're in the gang. Server rules need to be followed. If you break multiple server rules will result in getting kicked out of the faction. NLR: Our family is for life if you decide to leave, leaders decide you're not made to be part of our great family, or you have something holding you from being a member of the faction can and probably, if you don't have a strong enough reason to leave the gang, will be resulting in your dead.)) Not everyone can join this Family. Only people that we trust can get in. If you can gain our trust you're in, if you can't... Well, if you can't it will be a really sad end for you. If you're interested in joining the gang you can. You can find our contact on my business card. Contact today. Discord: https://discord.gg/T4Z5gSC
  21. So, multiple issues regarding all this, I'm sure its been cut across potentially in other posts but I would have thought it would be more public knowledge so that we don't waste money or disabled, but anyways here goes. We just recently got access to warehouses and the like and ran in to the following issues and have lost (roughly) 140k into thin air. 1. Lost $75k because the server 'crashed/restarted' (I was present for this one) Ordered a 10x pump shotguns for $75k money taken, get a message about it being delivered 10 mins later or so and while on the way there the server 'crashed/restarted', returned to server went to the delivery spot anyway (We had previously collected something from the same spot) waited about half an hour nothing appeared. 2. Lost a further $61k on weapons and ammo (I was not present for this) Been informed that after I left that the other gang members attempted another purchase of weapons and ammo and this time there was no server crash/restart in between that all that happened was that the money was taken and no information was given regarding a delivery whatsoever, they waited again for about half an hour and got no information about that. 3. 100x Ammo purchases give you 5? bullets So A few videos here, one of me purchasing the bullets which clearly to me say 100x Pump Shotgun Ammo x10, which to me says 1000 in total right? Well, nope I only got 5 bullets. https://clips.twitch.tv/PolishedAcceptableShieldCclamChamp - Ordering the ammo https://clips.twitch.tv/AmazonianEvilSparrowKlappa - And the surprise. And finally finding out about the above ammo issue I went and purchased more ammo and the server 'crash/restart' thing happened again and so lost that shipment as well. So that was another I dunno like $2000 down the drain again. So so far, drug delivery and purchases have seemed to have been working fine, guns and ammo on the other hand..... just a waste of money. Hopefully, some of the others may have some info that I may have missed and will be filled in accordingly.
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