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  1. New TF2 update looking lit 👌
  2. Happens daily to me Agree with everything you said
  3. Heck yes! Still waiting for the ammo imports to be fixed tho
  4. we out here 😤😤😤😤😤😤
  5. Can we please get Comethazine - Walk starring Marco Davis
  6. Huge +1 "Civilians are an asset; you kill them, they're gone."
  7. I agree, the whole NCZ thing makes you helpless and I think it should be changed, but then again maybe it should be different at the MD,PD and the Bank also In the past I was very annoyed of the police literally robbing my vehicles after arrest taking my burgers etc but I got used to it +1
  8. Fellas would you rather get a metagaming offence or be FUCKING GAY?
  9. What does this mean sir 🤔 ((also owning a wh doesnt give you permission to order weapons ))
  10. Yo @Psych0neurotic, we got a problem
  11. Is it okay if I come in a bikini too?
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