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  1. verydoge12

    Mask 8107_7450, Mask 3797_7496, etc DM, FailRP

    Not included in the video but I did arrive after anyways I believe that jay's issue with radio is similar to this one https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/11678-radio-and-bag-bug/
  2. verydoge12

    The Shadow Cartel

    All in the day's work!
  3. verydoge12

    Legal vests for the public!

    I'd rather have them imported by a gang wh
  4. verydoge12

    How to combat warrants ?

    If Im doing a crime with a mask, and then get chased in a vehicle and then after im safe report my vehicle stolen and then still get charges on me without them knowing it was 100% me would I be able to make a forum report for metagaming?
  5. verydoge12

    How to combat warrants ?

    Are these reports IC? because that would make no sense it literally shows me doing the crime
  6. verydoge12

    How to combat warrants ?

    Have the same issue, keep wasting my time in jail because of their meta gaming I even called 911 and said my car was stolen but apparently that didnt help all you can do if you have proof is make an IA report that will never get looked into
  7. verydoge12

    [ACCEPTED] Mask 5300_1732 Non-RP, FearRP

    sorry for commenting again bud but these vids, that are currently in your report are 4 hours old and this topic is 10 hours old and when it was created it had vids. What you've done after seeing that comment which was exactly 4 hours ago you made a new plays.tv account with a different name and uploaded those videos from the new account checkmate?
  8. verydoge12

    [ACCEPTED] Mask 5300_1732 Non-RP, FearRP

    Changed his plays.tv account name from b3paulius to pw5 after that comment LOL
  9. thats because only 2 people are dealing with this, elisabeth and toony and osvaldon when its a credit refund or something I agree that this needs to be solved
  10. There were some cases where some staff members were reported for breaking fearp (etc.) and higher ups gave them a punishment and the punishment itself wasn't shared with anyone, not even their own moderators and I feel like the community should know what punishment was issued also I think chopshop was bad BEFORE the change and I felt that you need to get more money for risking stealing a car and then risking your life while choping it (if you are not a member of a larger gang there is a good chance you will just get shot) and then thinking how are you gonna get to the bank or to the town. So I think the chopshop prices should be x3 of current prices and I have no problems with mors prices being increased. And I believe that we should get to vote what do we want and what we don't, like in my opinion the impounding system is terrible, I've been wanted for 12 days and my main vehicle has been impounded for 10 days which just sucks, and I would be okay with this if there was a way of me getting it back by doing criminal stuff, for e.g. making an officer get it from the impound for me but I can't because its a NCZ and I heavily dislike that
  11. This was a thing about a month ago but I believe it's removed because some people used it to metagame because if you see someone give someone a stack of money you wouldn't know how much $ is in that stack
  12. There was a shootout at taco 4 days ago we've killed many officers, 2 of the them complied were not shot and one of them placed a charge on most of us, including Jay Gamble, and most of us were wearing a mask at all the times and most of us were not in our own vehicles ( so vehicle registration plate doesn't help, but if the driver is masked you can't know if its stolen) I was also pulled OVER by an officer that is a moderator on the server at one of the checkpoints and I've realized I don't have a drivers license so I just drove off and I call 911 and reported that my car was stolen. Later I find that I'm wanted for felony evasion and I /pm the officer how did he know it was me and he told me that " Wearing a mask doesn't make you invisible" There is completely nothing I can do expect go to jail or not get arrested as long as I can because of their metagaming and somehow when I /report this I'm told its an IC issue. I also had cases where I was shot 3 times in the head and they did not let me RP Death
  13. verydoge12

    New Police System Ideas

    I see PO II with MP5s all the time, where do I report this and how often are these reports looked into?
  14. verydoge12


    There was a big car meet event near DCC and I am 70% sure that there were 4 tempestas
  15. verydoge12

    Femo Jonsson (Carbine Rifle)

    I heard that you could import them