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  1. verydoge12

    Mercia [REWORKED]

    we out here 😤😤😤😤😤😤
  2. verydoge12

    Comethazine - Bands (Eclipse:RP PARODY)

    Can we please get Comethazine - Walk starring Marco Davis
  3. verydoge12

    Add Zipties to stores

    Huge +1 "Civilians are an asset; you kill them, they're gone."
  4. verydoge12

    RP Involving Police

    I agree, the whole NCZ thing makes you helpless and I think it should be changed, but then again maybe it should be different at the MD,PD and the Bank also In the past I was very annoyed of the police literally robbing my vehicles after arrest taking my burgers etc but I got used to it +1
  5. verydoge12

    ID 96 Fear RP, Water Escape, Possible PG

    wrong section nub
  6. verydoge12

    Voice Changers

  7. verydoge12

    Voice Changers

    Fellas would you rather get a metagaming offence or be FUCKING GAY?
  8. verydoge12


    What does this mean sir 🤔 ((also owning a wh doesnt give you permission to order weapons ))
  9. verydoge12

    Selling Super and (Sold the Boat)

  10. verydoge12

    Hello I'm Samo!

    Yo @Psych0neurotic, we got a problem
  11. verydoge12

    C&J Bikini car meet

    Is it okay if I come in a bikini too?
  12. verydoge12

    Jail time

    If I'd get a pat on the back IRL huge +1
  13. verydoge12

    Your desktop screens

    the pic is cropped because Im unable to find the original and all the folders on my desktop look ugly
  14. verydoge12


    Wtfffffffffff epic gang
  15. verydoge12

    Hoxton (Shotgun / 23 shots)